14 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0

  1. It’s on their cover photo, but on fb it’s shows me a picture in the news feed, my mistake. It is the same photo, at least I can find any differences.


    1. Well, since I don’t even tag most of my wallpapers, I don’t really mind if someone is using them. As long as they don’t say they made them. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. These are great Montage, the Season 2 montage, the bottom picture from the left, 3rd one in, next to Steve in the neck brace, he is staring at something, or someone, has a scratch on his right cheek, scratch on the left forehead, where is that picture from??


    1. Oh, you mean one of my favorite Steve pictures. That is from 2.22 when he’s looking into the cell of Wo Fat after he closed the door. An absolute great scene and perfect shot.


  3. i love the one withe syeve danno and governor dennings because in one pic it is just steve’s face and he is being all creepy like and i just thought it was funny


  4. Can you make a wallpaper with all of the scenes with Catherine and Steve 8.20 just checking. I love ALL of your wallpapers VERY GOOD


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