Weekly post – most clicked July 21 – 27

I must say I’m always amazed about how widespread the clicks on the blog really are.

As number three comes this one in. I for sure can easily live with the three boys.


‘Stop playing with your gun’ makes number two this week.

H50 - 58

And number one makes me really happy, because Mick is the one who brought me to Alex O’loughlin. So, he will always have a special place.

ML 010

Most clicked on May 13

Well, this is interesting. I’m really interested in how this came about. This wallpaper was opened to full size 18 times yesterday.

Not that anything is wrong about that, but it makes me wonder why suddenly a wallpaper gets the most clicks. They all had one or two clicks daily so far. And suddenly this one gets 18. Kind of strange. But it is nice to look at, I give you that. 🙂

AOL - 021

Steve is 36 today

Would be nice to see this birthday on the show. If you asked me, I hope that Cath and Steve would just go away for the weekend, so they can finally ‘get some’. 🙂

Birthday Wallpaper


As always click on the image for the full size. (I know it’s not just Steve, but I’m still not over these great promo pics, so I hope you don’t mind.)

Can you resist?

After I have somewhat recovered after last night’s picture overload, I simply couldn’t resist. But why would I even want to? 🙂

Thanks to @MyMaximus (on twitter) we have these absolutely great photos from last November in HD. What a special treat!

Here is the link to the originals.


AOL - 016

AOL - 017

Calendar January

Jan 2013


Normally, I wait to post the Calendar until the hard copy reached the recipients, but since it looks like it will still take a few days I thought what the heck. Cokie, Sherry, this way you can at least enjoy it ‘on-screen’. But the good news is, you’ll get Jan and Feb at the same time. Not here, but by mail. Sorry for the delay.

Christmas caught me by surprise. LOL


And just for fun the corresponding wallpaper for the theme.


H50 - 61