A look back at 3.01

It was again time to sort through my hard drive. Before I had this blog I shared my reviews via email with a few people. And today I thought why not put them up on the blog. So, I will do that. I’m starting with 3.01 and 3.02 today. Later there will also be a few for season 2. It was actually fun to read them again with today’s knowledge.

Credit for the pictures as always as indicated on the picture, otherwise it’s my own screen shot.

I hope you will enjoy them, so, here we go.

3.01 La O Na Makuhine

Okay, four months of waiting are over. Was it worth it, the wait I mean?

Heck, yeah!

Was the episode like I expected it to be?

YES, even a little better.

Do I have anything to complain about?

Hell, YES. Loudly so. But we’ll come to that later.

First things first. Steve and mom.


Wow, very powerful scenes. Alex was brilliant in all of them. I think he portrayed the lost son in such a great way. And lost son is the perfect word for Steve for most of the episode. I loved it how he stubbornly refused to call Doris mom, even though it was so tempting to do so. I think it freed him when he finally did.


I absolutely loved every single moment with Steve and his mom. And I loved Catherine. Her and Steve together is just too great. Loved her little slip about ‘as if it was her own mother’. Steve’s look was just so great. And full of happiness and love. Steve telling her that he didn’t think it came out wrong was so sweet and I think the first declaration of love she ever got from him. I loved that moment. That was so cute and sweet. And it is probably my favorite scene.


I don’t trust Doris one bit. What the heck is she pulling? I’m sure Steve doesn’t trust her either. What is her connection to Wo Fat? Why did she let him get away? That was very strange. And please don’t let Steve and Wo Fat or Doris and Wo Fat be related in any way. Don’t you dare do that Mr. Lenkov.

About the part at the end, why the heck didn’t Danny call Steve with that information? Yeah, sure for the purpose of the show it was important that she was already gone, so they couldn’t question her. BUT that is just not logical that Danny would not have called Steve right away. I think that was a bit stupid and simply too easy.


Kono. Well, what can I say? This played out exactly like we all thought it would. Which is a bit disappointing. I can live with Adam saving her, that’s okay and the logical choice. What I find ridiculous about this scenario is that they push a former professional surfer into the drink and she is not able to stay afloat? Pleeeeaaaase. That was just stupid with a capital S.


Chin. Brilliant. I must admit I was a bit shocked that Malia really died in the first three minutes. Wow. I didn’t expect that. I thought they drag it out and Chin makes the sacrifice of shutting the machines off or something like that. To declare her dead on the scene without even shocking her once was a bit of a rushed job. I think they should have taken her to the hospital. This is just not a likely scenario, since she was still alive when EMS came to the scene. But it was rather dramatic, I give you that.


I’m not quite sure what I think about Chin’s behavior at the end of the episode. Delano made him a dirty cop. He killed an unarmed man. Out of revenge. But I must admit those scenes, him following Delano and the shootout between the two were awesome. I think he didn’t even care if he would get hit. He was willing to die. But still I’m not sure if I can accept that he killed Delano in cold blood.


I think this will be very interesting to see how this will develop. Chin and Danny are very much alike in my eyes; they both would switch to the dark side to revenge their family. This again lets me smile about all the people writing about Steve being the one out of control. He had every right to lose control twice. First with Hesse and then with Wo Fat. But he never did. Danny and Chin in his place would have both lost it and killed the men.

I loved it how Chin was kind of Zen about it, but totally out of control regarding his moral beliefs. He did his revenge in a very controlled and Zen manner. So cool.


Danny. Well. There really isn’t much to say about Danny. Simply because his ‘cliffhanger’ is totally boring, at least in my eyes. I don’t care either way, I mean we all know that he’s not going anywhere. No matter if he wins the battle or Grace moves to Las Vegas. I liked the scenes with Doris and Danny, nice of her to call him on his shit. Smart ass is my new favorite name for him. Loved the scenes with Steve and Danny, but what else is new? But frankly, if he was in the episode or not? I don’t think it would have been a big difference.

Maybe I need to watch it again to have another opinion about his role in this one.


Catherine. I’m sure she will be a great addition to the show. She is a kick-ass woman, who can play with the big boys. I love that. She is an equal to McGarrett, and that’s why they work so great together. She is not some stupid woman just hanging on his arm. She is a person in her own right, and doesn’t need Steve to validate her existence. You know what I mean? I love her. And I truly hope that the viewers will like her too. She will not take time away from the others, but I feel like she is adding immensely to the show.


Okay, so far everything is just peachy and I loved it.

Now, what do I have to complain about? I was laughing out loud over the stupid escape of Wo Fat. Please tell me I dreamed that stupid thing with that stupid ‘claw’ and the helicopter. What the hell was that? Mission Impossible gone wrong? That was so ridiculous and such bad computer graphic. God, that was embarrassing. I’m sorry, but I think that was THE most stupid thing I’ve ever seen on TV. Okay, to clarify that, the most stupid action sequence I’ve seen in a long time.


And it was totally illogical too. Delano told Wo Fat he didn’t have the resources anymore after his stint in the joint. Excuse me? But he has the resources to pull something like this? That is just dumb.

Okay, and one more thing. Steve and his dad were trying to figure out who and where Shelburne was for twenty years, and Delano sits in prison for a bit and figures it all out? Who Shelburne is, what Shelburne did and most of all where she is right now? AND he even has some crooked cops on her security detail? Please, how stupid is that?

But thankfully this whole sequence is rather short and there is such a great invention like the fast forward button, so I will forgive them for this ridiculous minute.

All in all this was a great start into the new season. It gets a solid A from me. And I’m really looking forward to see what comes next.

Random thoughts on 3.24

This is post number 100. And I think the season finale is a worthy topic for it.

Let’s start again with the poll.

SPOILER ALERT ! Do not read if you haven’t watched the episode yet. All screen captures are my own. And thanks again to Global who airs the show without their logo.

Now episode 24 has aired and it still feels like the first one of season three had just been aired last week. And again we have four months without any new episodes of Hawaii Five-0 in front of us. I’m sure the first pictures will surface at the end of July. Not counting the ones we have already seen.

Let’s dive right into the episode, just like Five-0 did. The chase we got as the sneak peek was actually just the first two minutes of the episodes. Danny and Steve saving Kono from getting arrested. I had to smile at Duke. First that he was not Mister Nice Guy anymore, but most of all for popping the trunk. Really Duke, you thought she was in the trunk? That made me smile, but in a good way. I truly like Duke, and I’m very happy that we saw him so often this season. I hope they will keep that up.

Before they can start clearing Kono of all charges Five-0 is called to an airfield where an abandoned plane waits for them. With lots of dead bodies in it. That was actually a pretty gruesome site, with lots of blood splatter all over the place. Clearly the work of a highly train person. A trained killer, a serious threat to national security loose on the islands. Well, seems that they have their work cut out for them.



It’s a good thing that Catherine is only a phone call away, so the boys get their information on the plane and the people in it. And we learned that the steering wheel of a plane is called a yoke. Thank you Steve. πŸ˜‰

Okay, now here comes my first complaint. Uhm, yeah, you’re guessing right, it will not be my last one. You know me; I always have something to complain about. All in good fun, mostly at least.

What do we need Billy Harrington for? Seriously, if he was introduced to create tension between Cath and Steve in future episodes, than I will be really miffed. Simply because that is worthy of a cheap soap opera, but not of a great crime show like Five-0. I really don’t need a jealous boyfriend, or an ex-boyfriend who tries to break up a couple. That is cheap and lame. And if he was introduced to come to work with Five-0 as a temporary replacement for Kono, well, frankly I don’t need that either. Point is I don’t need that guy at all. And I think his introduction with that scene was simply completely unnecessary. Why throwing him into the mix and never even mention him again during the episode? That is something I don’t like. Something like that creates only a tired smile in me about the lameness of such a move. Oh, and one more thing, of course he has to be a SEAL too. A lieutenant commander to boot. Shaking head here. Okay, rant over. One more thing. Why the heck can’t we get Steve in his dress whites? That is my real complaint seeing this scene. πŸ™‚

Well, at least it gave us a little more information about Cath and Steve. Five years ago their relationship was temporarily over. Guess they made up and realized they were the real deal after all. Take that Billy boy. LOL



I loved it that the CIA had no idea that their prisoner on the non-existing flight had landed in Hawaii. Don’t those people keep tabs on their own people? They are so secretive that they don’t even know what their own planes are doing at any given time? A little bit strange, don’t you think? But anyway, it gave Five-0 the advantage to get to Salgado first.



I know I should be really interested in what is going to happen to Kono and Adam, but I’m just not. I can’t pretend I am when they simply don’t manage to hold my interest. And that has nothing to do with the actors, they are doing a good job. Really, especially Ian Anthony Dale. I loved his bad boy Adam, but this good guy he tries to be? Sorry, he is simply boring for me. And this whole Kono storyline is so lame. I can’t even begin to tell you how boring I think that is. One of Five-0 on the run from the law, wanted for murder. Sounds familiar? Even the injury is almost in the same spot. Really guys? That is all you could come up with for the drama around Kono? Sorry, but no points for that.

And another thing about Adam trying to turn his father’s empire legit. Adam, maybe you should try to really cut the ties to the Yakuza and not use your father’s empire to make more money. That empire will never be a legit one, since it was built with the old man’s blood money. This whole story part is just illogical.


Okay, back to Five-0. They manage to find a lead and storm the possible hiding place of the terrorist. Of course he is not there. But they find out that his son had been kidnapped. Possibly by his own father.

Okay, now we see Wo Fat again. And can I just say, make-up did a great job with him. Even though I had to laugh at the dramatic turn to face Steve. That was a tiny little bit too much. πŸ˜‰

First I thought why go to Wo Fat for that information? But Steve is probably right, he would be the one to know such things. And it was a nice power play. Guess Wo Fat didn’t want to lose his meds, which would be a really miserable time without the good drugs. Smart move to tell Steve what he wanted to know.

Oh, and please keep this first picture in mind for later.


Great security system, loved the scan. This whole security facility with Wo Fat behind the glass is very Star Trekkie, a bit darker, but none the less it reminded me of Star Trek.

I guess Doris has some explaining to do. But I’m sure we won’t get any. What else is new?


Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Kono supposed to be a member of Five-0, and didn’t she go to the police academy? Then she should know that finding evidence for your own case doesn’t do you any good. Any first year law student will toss that case out of court because he would simply say, she planted the evidence. The gloves she found have no value whatsoever, and that they will clear her name is simply ridiculous. Not even to mention how convenient that she knew what to look for and that Michael was stupid enough to leave them there.

But I enjoyed the scenes with Michael and Adam. Michael should have a bigger role.


I must say I love Steve’s dance with the suspects, but I love this Steve even more. The no nonsense one. Who has no time to waste on a stupid suspect who thinks he has all his tracks covered. Loved those scenes in the blue room.

I liked Danny’s concern about Steve being played by Wo Fat. But, Danny, Steve is right, Wo Fat was not helping Steve or Five-0, he couldn’t care less, he was only helping himself.

I think Alex O’Loughlin and Christine Lathi are just brilliant together. They nailed every darn scene they had this season. So good. And this one was no exception. One complaint though, not about this scene, but the storyline in general. I must admit I’m not interested anymore in what Doris’ and Wo Fat’s connection is. It dragged out way too long in my eyes. And that we didn’t get an answer in the finale was the final nail in that coffin. I don’t care anymore. Whatever it is, I don’t wanna know anymore. It was dragged out all season and we were told we will learn about it in the finale. Yeah right, we didn’t even get a shocking revelation from Wo Fat that was also promised. Really, whatever they did together, or whatever their connection is, I don’t care. That does not mean I don’t want to see her again, on the contrary, I really like her. I’m just not interested in her secrets anymore.

I’m totally with Steve on this one. Don’t give us the ‘hurt-feelings-thing’. Because as Steve said, I don’t buy it and I don’t care. That was actually really great.

I absolutely LOVED that Steve switched to calling her Doris. That whole conversation about her lying to him ALL his life, never telling him the whole truth, and about trusting each other? That was just brilliant. Kudos to the writers and the actors.

And darn you Danny for coming in there in that moment. I think the writers have no idea what their connection really is and therefor they simply can’t give us an answer. LOL

And now we got another car chase. I love that. Yeah, I know, I’m easy. πŸ™‚


And I truly enjoy that Catherine is more often involved in the cases. And now even in a more or less official capacity. At least her CO knows what she is doing.


Of course they got their guy, just to discover it was not him who kidnapped his son. It was the group he had been working for.



Yeah, Steve, Danny hung up on the CIA. He doesn’t have the best relationship with them. LOL I actually liked that they went about it their way.



There is actually something kind of funny about these scenes, or rather about their tac vests. Look at their name tags. Danny’s is still shiny and new, and Steve’s is barely readable. Guess his vest sees a lot more action than Danny’s. Just a silly observation.

Didn’t take them long to convince Salgado to cooperate. But he really didn’t have any other options.



After they are on their way we switch to Charlie and what he had found out. Of course the DNA belonged to the victim and Michael. That Michael came in there and tried to kill Fong? I must admit that was a surprise. Obviously they’re not big on security at the crime lab.



Of course the exchange didn’t go as planned. At least they could save the little boy, but they still need to know what the target is.



When they bring in the shot terrorist they learn that Charlie Fong was stabbed.



I think it was great that he gave up the information on his death bed. Not sure how realistic that was, but I don’t care, he kept his word. And he gave his life for his son.


And after this we have to go back to Kono and Adam again. It was clear how that would end. I actually think it’s a shame that Michael died. He was a cool, powerful and interesting character. And what a shame that he had no scenes with McGarrett. But is he really dead? πŸ˜‰



Disaster averted and family reunited.


Okay, the scenes at the harbor were quite nice, but frankly I think that was really not necessary that Adam left and goes into hiding until they put everyone behind bars. Yeah, right, that would mean he’s never coming back. As if it would be that easy to destroy the Yakuza. This whole plan was not really thought out. Well, it’s clear why Doris is leaving. That way she doesn’t have to face her son and give him any more answers. But quite frankly that was another ridiculous thing. Do you really think Steve would let her walk out without telling him her connection to Wo Fat? I don’t think so. But maybe he is like me and simply doesn’t care anymore. LOL

So, now we get a repeat of season two with Kono a few episodes missing, or what? But you know what, I don’t care about that either.

And what the heck is wrong with Steve and Cath? Can’t they at least hug or hold hands? Jeez.

And now we’re coming to the end. And what was I thinking? Everyone gets a nice scene with his girlfriend, and I though, yeah great finally some Cath/Steve time. I know, silly me.

I’m happy for Chin and Danny. I hope Gabby will stick around for a bit longer now.



Of course we don’t get a happy Steve and Cath. No, we get Steve and Wo Fat. What I do love about this is that for the third time the season ends with Steve’s shocked face. Love that.

But tell me, doesn’t Wo Fat know that Steve is not really a magician? He might have magic breath, but he is no Houdini. How does Wo Fat think Steve will get them out of there? Snip his fingers and voila, or maybe beam them out? How in the world does he think Steve could protect him? For me it’s not really clear why he even called Steve in the first place. Doesn’t make much sense. And you remember the picture from the beginning with all those guards? How the heck would someone, or a group break in there to kill Wo Fat? And who would even want to do that? And the most important question, how will Steve prevent any of that? He is not even armed.


So, 44 minutes are over and what do I think about this season’s finale?

Well, I do think it was a great episode. Was it a worthy season finale? Yeah, sure. You hear a ‘but’, right? Yeah, there is one. The season one finale had me on the edge of my seat, and the ending was really shocking. That was fantastic. The season two finale was not quite as shocking but equally good, and a total thrill ride for the first thirty minutes. Both of them left me eagerly, impatiently waiting for the season opener in the fall.

Even though I think season three was the best season yet, the finale was a bit disappointing. Not in its execution or acting. But it didn’t leave me on the edge of my seat and I can calmly wait for season 4 in the fall. There is simply nothing that needs a solution right away. Kono and Adam on the freighter on their way to Shanghai? So, what? I don’t care about that storyline one bit. Doris gone for now? Okay fine, I’m sure she will be back with more lies. Danny and Gabby? Happy for them, but nothing I need to worry or even think about. Same for Chin. Steve and Wo Fat? Yeah, I like to know who is coming for them, but really do I have to worry even one bit? Nope, not at all.

So, was that a nail-biting cliffhanger finale? No, it was not. It was a great episode, but that was it.

Still it gets an A, sure, but I expected more from it. Way more. And I’m very disappointed that we didn’t learn anything about Doris this whole season. Nothing about Wo Fat and Doris. And because of that, the storyline of those two is simply dead and boring for me. They simply dragged it out way too long without giving us anything.

What do I wish for season 4 to happen? Simple, equally great episodes like this season. But most of all I want to see more of Steve and Catherine. They obviously spend a lot of their free time together. We learned that they go surfing together on a regular basis, they sleep together, they eat and live together. I want to see that. I want to see some passion like we had in season 1. I like to see some contact, heck I would be happy with a touch here and there at this point.

I want to see a less grumpy Danny. I’m sick of his constant negativity and ranting. I want to see him happy once in a while. A happy Danny is NOT a boring Danny. Give this character something different to work with.

I want to see some great scenes for Chin. He is my second favorite character and I think DDK is a great actor and deserves something more. I like to see him work with Steve more often, they are great together.

All in all I LOVED season three, and simply hope that the show can keep this up. Entertain me on a weekly basis. So that I have something to love and to rant about on occasion.

I like to thank all of you who are reading my little reviews. Thank you. I hope you will stick around during the summer and of course later in the fall when Five-0 returns.

Random thoughts on 3.23

Let’s start with the poll for He Welo ‘Oihana.

Well, Steve for sure has his hands full with his ‘retired’ mother and her little club of spies. I’m sure he wished that bunch of retirees had another hobby than breaking into buildings with high security systems.

But let’s rewind for a minute and start at the beginning.

I love it when the show doesn’t spend a huge amount of time on the teaser before the credits (unless it involves one or all of the Five-0 gang). Because four minutes spent with the introduction of the crime of the week is a huge amount of screen time for a show that only runs 42 to 44 minutes. I for one rather like to see that time used for Steve and company.

Anyway, this time it wasn’t very long until the credit rolled.


No, Danny, you’re not overdoing it one bit. LOL I actually liked these scenes, and I hoped all season that Gabby would come back. Maybe then Danny wouldn’t be that nasty all the time. I think he should have some happy time. Give him a girlfriend. πŸ˜‰ I have one question about this scene. He gets a text as soon as she lands? What, and he is now waiting there all day because she might come that day? I mean they must have talked before he went to the airport, right? Wouldn’t you ask your girlfriend what flight she’s on? This felt kind of odd to me.



What I really like about Five-0 is that they have found a perfect balance between the amount of time they spend on the forensic stuff, the procedural and the character stuff. At least it is just the right balance for me. I’m sure there are a lot of people who would love more technical gimmicks or others who want none at all. But I think H50 does a good job with giving every fan a little bit of everything, and focusing on the human aspect of the crime or characters. That is what I like most about Five-0. But that only as a side note.

So, we see Max digging in the hole and discovering that there had been another body in there.

The shooting of the guard was not the crime of the week after all, but only a byproduct of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.




If you like to know more about the work JPAC does and about the documentary “Until they are home” you can follow this link, and can watch the trailer for the movie.


Soon they found out that it was really a grave site with dozens of bodies there. Now missing of course. At least they could ID some of the victims, and found out that the site was obviously a body dump for the Yakuza.


And now we got another little information about Cath and Steve. It seems that they went to the academy together. At least that is what I take from her words: “Do you remember Kevin Hobbs from the Naval Academy?”

Which means that they really know each other for a very long time. Very cool information.



And I really liked how concerned Danny was as soon as Cath showed up with Information for Steve. He simply knew that nothing good was going to happen. Loved that.


So, with the information from the FBI Steve is on his way to confront his mother. Oh, Doris, you are so busted. I loved it how she tried to get ‘Honey’ out of the house. And Steve discovering her senior center in the back of the house. πŸ™‚




I really like Steve’s little outburst and his question where the woman he knew as his mom disappeared to. I think it’s understandable that he is still a bit confused about who his mom really is. I mean seriously who wouldn’t be? Your mom ‘dies’ when you’re fifteen and you have only known her as your mom who loved you. Took you to the football games, told you stories and took care of you when you were sick. And then you find out 20 years later that was all nothing but a lie. I can understand that Steve has trouble adjusting to that new person.



While Steve and Doris ‘fight’ it out, back at the ranch the rest of the team works on the case.

And can I just say that finally something went right when someone was too personally involved in a case? Kono was dispelled from it. That was a great and the right move.



Now our two remaining Five-0, with Kono off the case and Steve playing babysitter for the ‘elderly’, pay a visit to Michael, Adams’ crooked brother. I must admit that I think he is way more interesting than Adam. Adam was an interesting and cool character when he was the alleged head of the Yakuza following in his dad’s footsteps. Now he is simply boring in my eyes. Sorry, but neither he nor Kono can hold my interest for even a minute. And since that is the case, I will not say much about that part of this episode. Let’s just say I’m happy for the Kono lovers to get some stuff to look at. But I’m not going to tell what I think about that. (Guess that actually says it all.)

So, Chin and Danny are interviewing Michael. Daniel Henney is doing a great job with this character. Does anyone know if any or all of the tattoos are real?





I’m doing us all a favor and simply skip through the whole Adam and Kono stuff and her break-in into the warehouse. It would be a waste of my breath and you probably don’t want to hear my rant anyway.Β  So, I will skip forward to the scenes with the team, which were rather cute, and I liked the worried Steve. But I truly hope he will kick her ass right after Chin does the same.


Now they at least have the missing bodies back and Max can go to work.

I really liked it how Danny asked Steve about Doris. And I truly loved his advice, because face it he is right. No matter what happened in the past or what she did, she IS his mother. And he got to help her. No question about it.




Okay, one might think about Doris what one want. But I believed her when she didn’t want to involve Steve because he had too much to lose. I think this might actually be the first time that she really was worried about him. At least I want to believe that.



Okay, and now Mission Impossible started. What can I say; I simply loved every darn second of it. Can we please have more of the same? Mother and son were simply glorious to watch. And my compliments again to Christine Lathi. She is doing a great job portraying Doris. No matter if you hate Doris, love her or are pretty neutral about her, the character is portrayed brilliantly by Lathi. And can I just say that I loved to see some stunt work done by Alex? Loved that little fight scene.

On the one hand I’m very happy that they don’t let him do too dangerous stuff anymore. And thankfully he doesn’t have the desire to do it all himself anymore. I would hate to see him getting hurt again. But I also must admit it does make a difference if you can see that it is the actor who is running, jumping, fighting or whatever. I think Five-0 has found a really good balance to give us a little something that is reasonable save for Alex to do (Freak accidents can always happen, heck you can break your leg getting out of bed.) but keeping him away from the really dangerous stuff. Kudos to the great stunt team of Five-0. They are doing a hell of a job.

Now just enjoy the pic spam of mom and son. πŸ™‚

Stop, just one thing before we start. How did Mick get into the highly secured building? To roam around freely and doing his thing? And if he got in and out this easily why didn’t Steve and Doris went the same way? Yeah, yeah, I know, we wouldn’t have those great scenes then. I get it. πŸ˜‰

Okay, no on with the magic show. πŸ™‚

After all this excitement we skip to the next morning to Danny and Steve. And what can I say that were also great scenes. “Makes me wonder what else I don’t know about you.” LOL, Danny, that was really good.

And finally the negligence of letting her gun lying around will come back to haunt Kono.

I think it was pretty much the first time that the crime of the week was not solved?

How to grade an episode with parts in it that I found not even worthy a C? Well, I decided that I will simply ignore it. I’m sure many people found that part really great and were happy to see Kono and Adam and their storyline. For me, that was pure torture.

BUT that didn’t keep me from enjoying the episode. I came to the conclusion to simply ignore the parts I don’t like. For that there is a great invention. It’s called the fastforward button. πŸ˜‰

This ep gets an A despite the five or so minutes I will always skip through during future viewings.

Random thoughts on 3.16

I apologize in advance that this is so late and will not be my usual picture spam and thoughts in ranting form. It’s just due to lack of time that I have to do this one a little differently. But I still hope you will find it interesting. I’m only going to ‘talk’ about the parts that really held my interest.

Raise your hand if you didn’t think that one of the girls would be the victim of the week. That’s what I love about Hawaii Five-0, among a lot of other things, they manage to surprise me. I didn’t think that the murder victim would be in the trunk of the car involved in the crash, and the four girls were nothing but witnesses. I liked that.

Mick, the P.I. – I have no idea whose idea that was, but I think it was really cute. Loved those scenes. And it was nice to see that Steve is on good terms with his former colleagues and COs. I love to see people from Steve’s past, and this one seems to be a really interesting one. Of course it was clear from the beginning that it was not a good idea to hire a P.I. to spy on his mother. What the heck was he thinking?

I think it’s great that Kamekona got a bigger part in this one, and I liked every minute of his scenes. He was great from start to finish. If they would just bury the idea of him behind the stick of a helicopter. I’ve seen BTS pics of them filming it. That is SO ridiculous. I’m afraid that will only look stupid, and that would simply be a shame. Never in a million years would he get a pilot license.

Anyway. I liked his involvement in the case. Of course I think we should discuss a few things about it. Kamekona is a parole, as he told Steve in 1×24. He has a record. And it’s an absolute no go for him to be involved in any kind of gun dealings. Not for himself or for others. I can understand that they looked the other way in 1×24 when he was helping out Steve. But what about now? He is obviously still involved in some shady activities. Remember I said they should look into his dealings when he was undercover with Sang Min in Season 2? I’m not so sure they can and should look the other way. There should be consequences for his actions. Of course I don’t want him to go back to jail, but I think something should be happening.

And one other thing, I really wonder how Mr. Williams ever made detective? Every idiot knew what Steve was up to. And he, Steve’s partner for three years, had no clue? What the heck are the writers thinking? They constantly make him look like an idiot.

There is a lot that could be said about Steve’s mom. But I’m not going into that, simply because I truly enjoy Christine Lathi in the role. She is doing such a great job. When we learned about Steve’s mom not being dead, I was dead set on hating the whole idea, and her. No matter how it would turn out. But then Christine Lathi came, and all my resentment flew out the window. I really like ‘mom’. She brought some great scenes to the show, and gave us a lot of emotion for Steve. And even though I can’t understand how someone could let her children believe their mom died a horrible death, I like to see her back. This whole thing she did to protect her family is just stupid. If that was the case she would have taken her kids with her and disappear into wit sec. But that is a different story.

I loved every scene with her and Mick. That was so much fun to watch. They are both great in their roles. And of course she knew from the beginning what was going on. Loved it.

Okay, I’m going to skip most of the COTW stuff. I didn’t find it very interesting. Even though fans were going crazy about Summer Glau guest starring. Well, I wasn’t. She was the only one I didn’t like on Firefly. So, I couldn’t care less about her being on the show. And I thought her character and the whole Fight Club, secret fight technique stuff was not really interesting.


Now we had another confrontation with Kamekona. And I must say I loved to see Steve having his hand on his gun. And Danny trying to handcuff him was rather funny. A citizen’s arrest? Well, Danny and Steve both found that rather funny.

They obviously knew that the house would be empty, or why didn’t they put on any protection? But luckily the only casualty was Chucky. πŸ™‚

In my eyes, the blue room never gets old. Such great coloring.

A little tip for where to put your players. It might not be the smartest idea to put the shortest guy the farthest away from the camera. Doesn’t really make him look taller. Just saying. πŸ™‚


Stevie, I’m with Danny here, this will end badly. If you think your mom will never find out, well then you will be in for a surprise. I enjoyed not only the cargument, but also Mick and Doris at lunch. That was really great, loved Mick’s cover story.

It’s always good to see Max. I think he was kind of missing for a while, wasn’t he?

So, after going back and forth, and investigating here and there. More or less interesting, we come to the final confrontation at the ‘Fight Club’.

I have been complaining a few times now that I’m missing hand to hand combat. Well, we got it this time, but still with the wrong people. And I’m sure many people will disagree with me, but two women fighting? It’s the stupidest thing ever. Like women boxing. Sorry, but that is just not for me. I can’t take it seriously. And I couldn’t take this fight seriously. And I truly don’t mean any disrespect with it. I know they train just as hard, and they would win against the one or other men, but for me, that is just NOT what I want to see.

So, I was glad when Five-0 showed up and ended this fighting stuff. And I simply loved how they did it. Was there anyone who didn’t think about Indiana McJones? πŸ™‚

And now, finally here comes what I was waiting for the whole episode. Catherine and Steve.

I truly believe these two need more screen time. They are so great together, and I for one want to see more of them. And I want to see more passion. I admit I love their relationship. They are extremely comfortable around each other; they simply can read one another perfectly. They know each other, and I love that. But I also want to see the other side of their relationship. I would be happy with a shower scene, or a scene on the beach, or whatever. Just a scene where they are not interrupted by any of their friends or Steve’s mom. That is not too much to ask for, I think. I mean they do spent a lot of time together; they for example go surfing together. As Cath said ‘they’, whoever they are, were missing him yesterday morning. It seems a regular thing they are doing together. That is just the stuff I like to see, and I’m sure I’m not alone with that wish.

But anyway, I just loved these scenes. I totally love Catherine for not making fun of Steve, but using his cravings to her advantage. That was so cute. And I can totally understand that Steve would miss his old life in some form. That it would manifest in wanting to eat an MRE though? Well, ok-ay.

I hope we will see more of Mick and Doris, I really like them together.

Yeah, right, Doris, he should have just asked you. As if you would tell him the truth. Maybe we will learn the truth at some point, I at least hope so.

I’m not sure why Steve is keeping his dealings with his mother a secret from Catherine. Maybe he already knows that Cath didn’t tell him the whole truth about what Doris did. I think he would wait for Cath to tell him, or to confront her at the right time. I just hope this will not be the reason why they break up. At least for a while. But I’m sure that is what is going to happen. Sigh.

So, to get this to an end there is only the verdict left.

For me this was an okay episode, with some great scenes in it. But frankly the COTW didn’t hold my interest at all. And even though I don’t watch Five-0 because of the good crime story, it still needs to interest me. This didn’t at all. But Kamekona, Doris, Mick, Steve and Cath made up for it.

I’m not even ranting much about Danny this time. This episode felt like Mr. Caan simply phoned his performance in. I felt like he was really not interested in giving a good performance. Don’t know, but it felt like he wished to be somewhere else during the entire episode. And I think it showed.

Anyway, I still give this one a B.

I’m sorry it took me a whole week to post this. The review from this Monday will be up before the weekend.

Random thoughts on 3.15

Sorry I’m late with this one.

Well, one thing is for sure, this episode was not as slow as the original. Even though it was pretty much the same, Five-0 had a very different feeling to it.


Thanks to CBS and http://bookemdanno.net/ for this picture.

I don’t think it would be fair to compare these two shows. I’m sure Hawaii Five-0 back then was on top of their game, but today it is almost torture to watch an episode. I kind of remember watching the show as a kid, but I have no real recollection of it. I did watch a couple of episodes now just for fun, but I stayed away from this particular episode to avoid any spoilers. I think the show is very outdated, and their unnatural acting was ‘in’ back then, but today it is barely watchable. Actually, that has nothing to do with one show in particular, it’s the same with all those old shows. That said, I really don’t think that you can compare the modern version with the old one. The characters may have the same name, but that is where the similarity ends. And since this blog is clearly not about the old show, but about the totally hip, fun, and great modern version, let’s get right into it.

Check out the ‘star’ behind the hands. It’s a very inspiring story.



He, or better his prosthetic hands were the stand-in for Peter Weller’s character Curt Stoner.

The episode starts with a funeral procession that is escorted by a police officer on a motorbike. If I remember correctly we never learned whose funeral it was.


Parallel to that we see our killer walking to the spot from where he is going to take his first kill shot. Watching this I was wondering why on earth was he walking over hills and through the valleys to get to his spot? Why didn’t he simply drive there? As we could later see, the spot was accessible by car. That is not really logical, but was the same in the original version, only difference back then was that the scene in 1973 was really boring and loooooong. πŸ˜‰ Oh, and one more thing, this time the choice of music was far better, even though the ’73 version won an Emmy. I think it was unbearable to listen to. But, I guess that is a question of personal taste.


After countless hills and what felt like miles of walking he finally reached his spot. While his target was still driving around. I must say they paid a great homage to the old show, some scenes where exactly the same. Great work.

Let’s have a little word about physics here. If you are driving a car in a forward direction, and it comes to a sudden stop, let’s say because it hits another car, or a wall, everything inside that car will move forward. The casket would also move forward; it would not be pushed out the back door. So if the car hits a brick wall, it stops. However, the passenger, or in this case the casket, will continue to move under conservation of momentum until a force stops him/it. I know it’s not really important, but something like that simply bugs me. You can’t just ignore the laws of physics.


Now we can start the episode. We have a killer and a dead person. And not only any dead person, but a dead cop.

This will probably be the only episode that will have an English title. They even used the old yellow font.


Okay, I have a question for you. When Steve met Danny at the crime scene, I got the feeling that he arrived there after Danny. He said ‘he heard it was cop that was shot’. So, I was looking for his truck, but it’s not there. He came there in the Camaro. Now my question, how did Danny get there, and why didn’t they drive together? AND why is Steve driving the Camaro without Danny? That scene might call for a ‘Fill in the blank’-story. πŸ˜‰


Anyway, Danny informs Steve that the killed officer was Ben Keoki, a bike cop on funeral detail. It was quite a shock for McGarrett to learn that the best friend of his father had been killed. And again we learn something about Steve. In season one he told us that he didn’t always live in the house on the beach as a child. He was talking about his ‘old neighborhood’ when he and Danny went to meet Mamo. And here he is saying that Keoki lived in the corner house of his block. He is obviously not talking about the beach house but about some kind of apartment.

By the way, Keoki was not a very good dead body; he had a lot of facial movement. πŸ˜‰

And as you can see there is a street leading to the spot from where Stoner took his shot. So, why not driving there? Why walking for miles over hills and through valleys, always in danger of being seen. I mean it’s not like he is very inconspicuous, with two prosthetic hands and a silver suitcase.


This doesn’t bode well for the investigation. It’s more than obvious that Keoki was the intended target. Of course that also gives them a lead. If someone went through such planning with even engraving the shell case, that means he left a trail behind. They only need to find it.


I must say I always like the scenes at HQ. It’s my favorite HQ of all crime shows I’m watching, and no, this has nothing to do with the actors or characters they are playing. I just really like Five-0’s HQ.

I just noticed something; don’t you also think Danny always looks like he is half asleep, even when he is listening intently?

And please look at Steve’s desk. Is that a seal on his desk? No, I’m not talking about Steve. Β Look at the bronze figure. It looks like a seal, or something like it.

I think the show did an amazing job with integrating the hands. Even though I highly doubt that engraving like that free hand style is possible. I did a lot of engraving, with a machine and free hand, and that is not as easy as they made it look like. And certainly not with prosthetic hands. The names looked really good, especially later the McGarrett ones. But no matter what, it gave a completely new meaning to the saying ‘a bullet with your name on it’.


And hello to Fong again. It’s great to see him so often, even though it almost feels like he has more screen time than Catherine lately.

What I didn’t like in this scene was Kono. Or rather what the writers put in her mouth. I thought it was kind of ridiculous that she told the expert how the shell case could help them. They have tech experts for that; they for sure don’t need Kono for it. I just wish they would give her something useful to do, this was not it.

I totally forgot lately, but here is another shot of Mr. Gates support of Five-0. Thank you Microsoft for investing into the show. I really mean that.

The meeting with the guy he set up to take the fall, and to get his next victim, was the only scene during the episode that I think was too long. I just think it was not necessary to show all that in such detail. And to put the rifle together was really not needed, but I guess the simply wanted to show the hands again.

After this, we get the show’s best cargument so far. At least, it was for me. As I said a few times before, I love the brooding Steve. I love it when he turns out the world, and you can practically see him thinking. And this time I loved it even more, because he shared his emotions with us. He told Danny what was eating him. About his guilt of not getting in touch with Keoki when he came back to the islands. Of his sadness about his childhood friend’s death.

This was something we can all relate to; we all had people in our lives that we wanted to get in touch with at some point, but never did. For whatever reasons.

Steve is right, time slips away, and before we know it, it is too late. I loved these scenes. It showed the vulnerable and very human Steve, and I really truly enjoy this side of him. We so rarely see it, but when we do it is always great.

Our boys get interrupted by a call from Kono, who tells them that HPD is in the middle of a shoot-out with a suspect. Of course, Steve and Danny need to be a part of that.

I must say I’m getting really miffed at the writers by now. They are writing Danny as a complete idiot. And even I’m getting tired of complaining about his stupid ranting. What the hell is his problem? Why do the writers let him complain that Steve takes the megaphone to tell the suspect to surrender his gun? Isn’t that police procedure? Steve is doing things by the book, and Danny is still complaining? I’m really sorry, that is just not funny or anything. I think that is simply stupid and makes Danny look like an idiot. Not that I have anything against that, mind you, but sometimes I feel they put stupid stuff in his mouth because they are running out of things he can and should complain about. This really pisses me off.

I think it was the right decision not to wait for SWAT. HPD told them that the area was not cleared yet, which means civilians could still be in harm’s way. The baddy was shooting like a mad man, so their job was it to end this as soon as possible. I think Steve took only a small calculated risk. There was a lot of cover, and not even to mention the back-up from HPD.

And if nothing else it will be a really nice drug bust.

I don’t think anyone believed that he was the sniper. As Steve said he couldn’t hit the side of a barn. So, question now is who set him up and why?

The why they will find out right away. I knew that he would die, but still I thought it was really sad.

MAX! For some reason, it feels like we haven’t seen Max in like forever. So glad he’s back, and has vital information about the shooter and the dead cop. He was surely not killed by a stray bullet, but was targeted. Just like Keoki.

And with the help of Fong and his laser thingy, they got the proof that this was a very cleverly planned killing. Their killer is not some stupid hot head. His careful patient planning makes him even more dangerous.

Ups, where did they suddenly come from? πŸ˜‰


It for sure will not be easy to protect everyone who might be on the shooter’s list. For that they need to figure out the connection of the victims. Hopefully, they will figure that out, before Stoner can hit another cop.

I was very happy to see the Governor again; I wished we would see him on a regular basis. I truly like him. But seriously, what was he thinking? Telling Steve not to take it personally, and to keep it professionally. Of course they will all take it personally; their friends and colleagues were killed. But to tell Steve to keep it professional? I found that offensive. Steve never let the personal outrage, revenge or his feelings get in the way to do his job. He could have easily killed the killer of his father, but he didn’t. He arrested Hesse. He could have easily killed Wo Fat, but he didn’t. He arrested him. He never ever lost his cool. Why would he now? Maybe the Governor should take a second look at who Steve is and what he represents, and what kind of training he had. If he did, he could have saved his breath on this one. On the other hand, it gave us a really nice scene.

Uh oh!


You know, the shop owner was right. Danny is a nasty human being. Speaking his mind without thinking about the consequences. The minute he sat foot into the shop he was making nasty comments to Steve and to the shop owner. It doesn’t matter that he has a different opinion about guns, even though we don’t even know what Steve’s stand about guns in civilian’s hands is, Danny was nothing but nasty to them both. He should keep his opinions to himself and act professionally, but he is obviously not capable of that. And that is why I think he is not a good detective. Without Steve, he would not have gotten any information from the owner. Danny is simply an idiot.

But I think the show handled this issue about guns very well, without taking any side.

But I had to laugh at one point. Danny was talking about two real cops. Since when does he think Steve is a real cop? That is news to me, and I’m sure this comment will come back to him in some form.

And LOL about Steve. “Just ignore him.” Steve, is that what you are doing? Maybe you can teach me how to ignore Danny.

I don’t think the next scenes really fit our shooter. First of all, he was always planning very carefully. This time he didn’t know that there would be a witness disturbing him? I don’t buy that. And him being so close to his target, and missing? No way. Besides, all his shootings so far where from a greater distance, why would he suddenly change his MO? And fleeing the scene directly in the line of vision of Steve and Danny? Nope, this was not very well done.

But again, it gave us great scenes. πŸ™‚

We were robbed. Of some great scenes. Look at these two, they are clearly wet. Steve has wet clothes on, and Danny’s hair is still messed up and wet. They jumped into the harbor, and we didn’t see it. Not fair. πŸ˜‰

Now we learn who the shooter is and what happened to him. Hopefully, they won’t be too late for the others involved.

NO! Not Lukela. Don’t you dare let him die.


Nice work, Max. Again, the science guy gives the crucial clue. I like that Five-0 has the CSU department involved but not as heavily as on CSI or even NCIS. I really like it that the show’s focus is mostly on the other aspects of a case.

I have just one tiny question. Why would the state of Hawaii give Stoner such expensive high tech prosthetic hands?

And this is Jason Koger as an extra.


Getting into the end phase of the episode it is picking up speed. Finding out where he is hiding doesn’t take long, but of course he is gone when they get there.

Finding out who the next target is. You better duck!

And we will get a second shoot-out in this episode. Thinking back over the course of the seasons, I don’t think they ever used as many bullets as in this season.

To make one thing clear, of course I don’t want Steve to get hit. Well… πŸ˜‰ Anyway, this shootout was almost as bad as the one with Wo Fat. The Sniper had so many clear shots, and he was not able to even hit the car? Yeah, right.

Yeah, Danny, what’s the matter with you? This worked like clockwork. Perfect, flawless plan. Even your car got away without a scratch.

I loved the ending. Yeah, it might be a bit cheesy, but I’m so happy that Steve finally found some closure. Sure, Wo Fat is still on the run, but he brought the man who actually pulled the trigger to justice. And he caught Wo Fat once, I’m sure he will do it again. And more importantly, his dad told him it was alright. That he is proud of him.

It doesn’t even matter if it was just in his head, or if there was something real about it. Steve found closure; that is all that matters. And that is what I loved about it. He made his peace with his dad.

Thank you Peter Lenkov for that. And for this wonderful emotional scene.

I thought last week’s ending was great, but this one was even better.

So, there is really not much left, just the verdict.

Storyline: I thought it was great how they integrated the past with the present. A job really well done.

Action: Except for again no hand to hand, which I’m still waiting for, this was great. Lots of action, and so very well done.

Awe-factor: I think the last scenes are what this category was made for. That was so wonderful. So emotional and just… perfect.

Steve-Awesomeness: Do I even need to say anything?

Danny-bearableness: Sorry, but Danny again was almost unbearable to watch. Some scenes I really liked, but mostly I wished the sniper would shut him up. No, seriously, I think the writers need to take a really good look at what they are doing to his character. He was kind of funny in the beginning, but now he is only a nastily bitching idiot.

Support group: Fong, Max and Duke are great, and I’m happy to have them. But I’m still missing Catherine. I know she will be back today actually, but I want to see more of her.

Personal Enjoyment: This was one hell of an episode. One that will make it into my top 10 easily. I loved it from start to finish. A + for sure.

Random thoughts on 3×14

I apologize in advance for the picture spam that will be in this post. But the whole team looked so darn good, one guy in particular. So, I hope you will forgive me.

Wow, what a week. Three episodes in eight days. How great was that? Unfortunately, that also means we are well into the second half of season 3. And depending on how many episodes we will get, I heard it will be 24; we only have 10 more to go. Can you believe that? I still remember the long wait over the summer, and how happy I was when the season finally begun. It feels like it was just yesterday. Even though we didn’t win the lottery and didn’t attend SOTB. But there is still hope for next year. Girls, our numbers are still in the game. Just so you know.

Talking about a game. Who was playing a game in this exciting episode? The Governor, Wo Fat, The Politician, The Campaign People? All somehow working together? Or totally unrelated to each other? Huh. And let’s not forget an important part of this show. The custody hearing.

But let’s start at the beginning.

For me, it was no question who this was, but I wondered why she went to meet him. Did she know him prior to this meeting at the lounge? She seemed happy to see him. But I guess her happiness didn’t last that long. Although I have a question about something I don’t understand. Why did Wo Fat pull the trigger? He didn’t shoot her. Just to scare her off? She was plenty scared already, and shooting in the middle of the night would only draw attention to them. So why do it?

Those were two mighty nervous men waiting for the hearing. That was without a doubt one of the best bromance scenes the series has produced so far. How cute was the fixing of the tie, which I’m sure Steve left like that on purpose so Danny could have a little distraction? I mean really, Steve was in uniform half his life; he knows how the tie has to look with his uniform. No way was that not intentional. But no matter what, I loved it. And that way SC could get back at Alex for fixing his tie.

I think this was a great scene to show Steve and Danny’s friendship. The court hearing of course didn’t go according to plan, well actually, I think it did. I don’t even know why Danny prepared a speech and put it down on paper. As if he would have read from it. Danny is neither organized nor in control, so why even bother with something like that? His strength lies in the improvisation, and I think that was a lot better anyway. I loved how Steve stood up as a character witness, I don’t think Danny can do much better than that person standing before the judge. In his uniform and all. I mean come on, she was a goner as soon as she saw him.

Of course, the Governor had to call during the hearing. Steve couldn’t hold him off any longer than he did, it’s not in his nature to ignore a call from his superior. But he said what needed to be said, and I was sure everything was good.

If you don’t want to listen to me ranting about Danny, you might like to skip to the next pictures. Just a friendly warning.

It is surely no secret that I don’t like Danny that much. But lately he has grown on me, simply because season three is so great, and he was not really bothering me. And as my friend Cokie tells me, I have to love him because Steve loves him. I try; I swear; I really try to. But in this episode, he did it again. He p/ssed me off.

Really, Danny? You still hate Hawaii? You’re still in the same place as in the beginning of season one?

I must say I was miffed when he said “I hate Hawaii”. Because for me that is not just the islands, but includes everything associated with it.

I thought it was sad to say his daughter is his whole world. There is nothing there that he even remotely likes? With his words and attitude, he puts everyone down. His friends, his work, even himself. And it doesn’t make it any better that he said it’s his home. Because it is only so because his daughter is there.

He is still just like in 1.24 when he said to Rachel there is NOTHING in Hawaii for him.

It’s just him and his daughter? Well, Danny, I feel bad and sad for everyone who considers you family. It’s a shame that you don’t feel the same way. With words like that you don’t deserve the friends you have.

I thought Danny was at least somewhat feeling like being at home. And that he realized that he had a family outside his blood family. It seems to me that even his words in the hospital last week, or all his other actions showing that he considered his coworkers as Ohana, were just an act. Because his words before the judge belie all his behavior.

When he said all that in court, I don’t think Steve’s face only showed that he thought how stupid it was to say that before the judge, but I also think he felt sad that Danny still feels like that. Not just a minute before he said how important it was for him that Steve was there for him, and now he says that he has no one but Grace. How must a friend feel to hear that from his best friend? I’m sure that was really great to hear.

Okay, rant over. And I would really like to hear your interpretation of what Danny said. What did you hear?

Now we can start with the crime of the week.Β A strangled woman in the Governor’s friends’ house.

Denning’s attitude felt very manipulative, and I was curious how long McGarrett would let him get away with it. I thought it was amusing that Danny wanted to butt heads with him right away, and Steve was willing to play along for the time being. It seems to me that Danny really doesn’t know when to shut up. I loved it how Steve reminded him what the last time happened they went against him. I mean Danny should know that Steve wouldn’t sweep anything under the rug anyway. So why the aggressive stand? Why not investigating first, and then making some noise?

And Steve is right; it doesn’t matter if it’s official or a favor, it’s an order from their boss. I found it offensive to compare Steve to a string toy, following orders without thinking. Getting a directive and follow through with it, that is what the chain of command is, Danny. But maybe that is just me, and others think Danny is funny. Well, I don’t.

It’s nice to see that Chin is back and seemingly well. But I hope there will still repercussions from what happened to him with Malia and from killing Delano. But we’ll see.

‘Houston we have a problem’ is right. Finding a dead hooker in the bed in a house that belongs to friends of the Governor? Not good at all. And nobody liked where this was going, surely not Steve, who realized that he was being played by the Governor. And as we learned in 3.08, he hates being played.

Any of you thought the Governor had something to do with it? I didn’t. I just thought he was going about all this the completely wrong way. Not telling McG the truth was not a good idea. But I never doubted him. First, I like him, and second, we already had a corrupt Governor. Surely, they wouldn’t repeat that? Well, on the other hand, with Peter Lenkov you can’t be sure of anything.

Excuse me, but did anyone else think that ‘student’ was a bit too naΓ―ve? It’s nobody’s business what she’s doing with her body? Well, missy, I hate to tell you, but you are wrong. Last time I checked, prostitution was against the law in the United States. And the IRS might also be interested in what kind of money you are making on the side. How stupid can one person be? And she’s a student? Well, then good night.

While Kono and Chin have discovered they have a tail, Danny has to inform Steve that Governor Denning isn’t very eager to get the investigation forward. Stalling them any way he can? It’s not a hard prediction that he will get an unpleasant visit from McGarrett very soon.

Nice try to catch the guys in the car. At least now they know they were from the government.

I loved McGarrett’s and Denning’s power play. I truly believe that Denning was conflicted and thought he did the right thing. Of course he has no right to intervene with an investigation in that way. Deciding what evidence is legit and what not. That is surely not his job or his right. And trying to manipulate Five-0 in that way is never a good idea.

You know what, Danny? Just stop, just shut the heck up. The investigation is a waste of time, they are not going to tell us anything? It is your job to investigate; it is your job to make them talk and find out the truth. I am so sick and tired of Danny’s constant complaining and constant negativity. How anyone can stand even five minutes with him is a mystery to me. In this episode, he is totally getting on my nerves. I don’t find it funny or even amusing at all. I thought it was… two years ago. But it’s always the same. And now it is only annoying.

I know people will say, well, it’s just how he is. Yes, it is, and it’s fine. For him. But it is a personality trait I could never put up with. I think everyone has things that drive him/her nuts. And Danny’s ranting is my thing. I just can’t stand it. It’s a fine line for me. I love most of their carguments, or wherever they happen, but Danny’s bitching is something I can’t tolerate at all. I know; I should just roll my eyes and move on. Going to do that now.

I loved how they confronted the Congress man’s aid, or whatever his job is. Guess they had questions for him he’d rather not answer.

Okay, seriously, were we supposed to believe that this guy had something to do with the disappearance of Freed? Yeah, right.

But I must say the whole ‘interview’ was entertaining, and I was actually laughing out loud at Steve’s face about the bathroom. Come on, Steve, you never… If that is the case you should rectify that situation really soon. Preferably with Cath, who we will hopefully see soon.

After they had the proof that the teacher didn’t do it, this case got even more interesting.

Amy was back. And what has the opponent politician to do with all of this?

When Amy showed up, it was pretty clear that Wo Fat was somehow involved. The question only was, was he manipulating one of the candidates or also the Governor? Or was his game something completely different?

It was pretty obvious that Amy was lying; question was why. And what does she really know? Fong, thanks for having him again, solved another piece of the puzzle. It seemed that Freed didn’t have anything to do with the killing. That begs the question was he even ever with her, or anyone else like her?

What I liked most about this episode was how they pieced together every little detail until they had the big picture. Pulling in all resources to figure this one out. And we learned when this was supposed to be, on December 2. And that Amy spent quite a bit of money. And I loved it when they found out that Wo Fat was trying to get back into the game with buying another Politician.

I really liked it how Freed stood up to Wo Fat. He reminded me a lot of McGarrett and the Governor actually. I think those three are very much alike.

From now on the talking is over, and we progress rather fast towards trying to free Freed and capturing Wo Fat. That sure doesn’t happen without casualties.

If I were a sniper leaving a crime scene, I would not speed out of a parking garage and draw every attention to me. How stupid do writers think criminals are? I mean, fine, we got a little shooting and a bit of jumping, but really, that was not very clever.

Oh, and by the way, remember Steve last week? Danny doesn’t open his eyes either while shooting. πŸ˜‰

Criminals shouldn’t use cell phones. At least not in Hawaii. Five-0 always seem to be able to track them down. Last week, they found out where Chin was, and this week. they figure out where Wo Fat is. All due to a little phone call.

314 087

I really loved it that the guy got away. Didn’t think of that, huh, Wo Fat? πŸ˜‰

His list of crimes gets longer and longer. Now we can add kidnapping to it. Again. And there is a witness alive that can testify to it. Bad for you Wo Fat.

How did he know where to go to? Freed could have gotten in any direction. Best not to think about it, or that he stumbled over the hunter.

Well, I could say that the confrontation with Wo Fat was kind of ridiculous.

That Steve should have put the helicopter between Freed and Wo Fat, put it down on the ground.

I could also say how ridiculous it was that Danny didn’t make Swiss cheese out of the bike and Wo Fat. Or that Wo Fat didn’t hit Steve with his rifle, or a vital part of the helicopter.

But I’m not. πŸ˜‰ Instead, just enjoy the rescue. But next time, please make his escape more believable, because this, well, it was not.

I wonder who is responsible for the props? Or maybe this was the responsibility of the stunt coordinator? Did you notice; Danny was with harness, without harness, with it again?

First of all, someone should watch out for stuff like that, and second, if I were the actor, I would realize that something is missing. Wouldn’t you? I know they are filming this mostly on a platform, but still, these are stupid goofs.

I’m sure Wo Fat left his cell phone intentionally for Five-0 to find. That way, he made sure that he wasn’t the only one going down.

314 103

So, in the end, they got everyone except Wo Fat. But what else is new?

I read on a few posts that people were wondering why Steve didn’t do anything to protect his mother when he learned that Wo Fat was on the islands. I didn’t need to see that. He did it either off screen, or Doris is still with her friends on Maui, or he simply heeded her words that she will take care of herself. Besides Wo Fat made it very clear that he was not after Doris. I’m sure Steve made arrangements, but I don’t need to see every little detail on screen. And I think he is way past the stage of freaking out because danger might come near his mother. And I’m absolutely okay with that.

And now we can finally come to the end of the episode. One of the best endings, if not THE best ending. I simply loved it. I loved the serious Steve, brooding over what happened that day. And I’m not sure it was only about Wo Fat; I think he also thought about what Danny said in court.

And no matter how often Danny says they had no choice but to leave; he’s wrong. This was a botched up rescue, and Steve knows it. There was no need to abort, Freed was not seriously injured, and five minutes wouldn’t have made a difference. They had the power to get Wo Fat, and they made the wrong decision, if Danny wants to see it or not. They had more firepower and were in the better position than Wo Fat. Aborting was wrong. And that is something Steve has to come to terms with, and Danny seems totally blind to the fact that they screwed up. He is pretty big on excuses and talking until he believes what he’s saying.

Anyway, I loved that Denning came to clear the air, and apologize. And that Danny won his case. This was truly a great ending. Just enjoy the pictures. Guess I got a little overboard with this episode. So many absolutely glorious pictures.

Oh, and one more thing, thank you Global for again giving us a lot of this episode without the logo. I greatly appreciate it.

Well, I guess all there is left now is the verdict.

Storyline: I truly enjoyed this one. Wo Fat trying to get some of his earlier power back, and Β a murder mystery, kidnapping, and corrupt Politicians. I truly liked how everything came together and how everything was slowly revealed. For me a solid A.

Action: Except for any hand to hand, this one had it all. And again, Steve flying a helicopter. Seeing that makes up for everything. But actually, they didn’t even need to make up for anything at all. This was an A for sure.

Guest-Star: This is a category that won’t live past this episode, just because guest stars are unimportant in my eyes. If one makes an appearance, I will pick this up again.

Fun factor: Well, not really much fun, except maybe before the court started.

Awe-factor: Can they be any better than before the court, or at the end? I loved them. YES, I can love them together, no matter that I shred Danny to pieces from time to time. I love them together, but not him alone. It’s just how it is.

Steve-Awesomeness: Oh my goodness. That man in a uniform is beyond words. And we had not only that, no he was behind the stick again. And I just LOVE him brooding. I could watch that for hours. So, this was just awesome with a capital A.

Danny-bearableness: This was the episode where I could barely stand him, and in other scenes loved him. But sadly, barely stand him out weighted this time. Sorry, Danny, lost a lot of points with me. No matter the cute beginning and the great ending.

Support group: Where is Max? And please find something to do for Catherine. Pronto. She’s a regular now; I like to see her regularly. If you can’t find anything legit for her to do on the show, besides lending technical equipment, then show her in other ways. Hell, she has a boyfriend. I would be happy to see them in the shower, in bed, in the ocean, hell, having lunch together. That shouldn’t be so hard. She could even bring lunch for all of them. Spend a few minutes, listen to their case and leave. But show her!

Personal Enjoyment: I LOVED this episode. From start to finish. There is always stuff in every episode that I will question. But even my ranting about Danny, or plot holes, or whatever, very seldom lessens my enjoyment. And this one I enjoyed immensely. No question about the verdict here. Absolut A.

Oh boy. Now, after this is done I like to hear what you thought about this episode. Or any of my ramblings.

Random thoughts on 3×13

I’m almost worried to tell you my initial reaction after the episode.

‘I want action like that with McGarrett!’ πŸ˜‰

This was one darn great thrill ride. A solid A for me. You are probably wondering why is she giving us her verdict up front? Well, simple, there was no warming up in the episode either, we started right in the middle of it. So, here we go, let’s just dive right in.

I am not an expert on cars, well at least not as much as to tell the difference between a model from 2010 and 2012. Didn’t they say during SOTB that they would get ‘new’ cars? And wasn’t Alex even pointing to ‘his’ new Camaro in the background? At the one with a two colored hood? When are we going to get those new cars, or are these the new ones, and nobody told us? πŸ˜‰

313 - 001

I must confess I’m not a fan of any of the Baldwin brothers, but I think it’s very cool that they were able to get the real brother to play this part. Way to go show. One other thing. Do any of the bad guys really think a gold chain around the neck looks cool or any kind of bad ass? Really guys?

313 - 002

Okay, just some silliness here. Steve, you might hit your target even better if you opened your eyes. πŸ˜‰

313 - 003

Okay, here is my first tiny little beef I have with the show. How deep must one sleep to not wake up if you get handcuffed to the bed? Oh, and have you noticed, Steve and Chin bought the same bed? And they were obviously both unable to put it together properly. Both beds are shaking like crazy even if no acrobatics are happening in it. I would get seasick in a bed like that. πŸ™‚

313 - 004

As I have mentioned numerous times, I am not a Kono fan, and I must say I’m already sick and tired of this ‘romance’. I just don’t buy it. It is not believable in my eyes. Even though I think Adam is a very cool guy, and I wonder what he is up to. But Kono? Well, at least it seems that she is not as stupid as she was since we saw her first with Adam. Maybe there is still hope for her. Maybe. I think their relationship is pretty much over. Now that she broke Adam’s trust.

And of course I would like to know who he was talking to.

313 - 005

Yeah! Catherine’s back. And in uniform. Double YEAH!

313 - 006

Okay, here is a little hint for the wardrobe department; could we please not put Danny in stripes? I don’t know who spread the rumor, but stripes do not make him look taller. He is as tall, or short, for that matter, as he is. Live with it.

And really, Steve, expand your horizons? Wasn’t it you, who almost ran when Kame cooked you breakfast with spam in it in season 1? Now you like it? I think the writers were kind of confused here; I would bet that Steve would never eat spam, unless someone forced it down his throat.

I like to petition for something. Can we please have Steve eat in every episode? I don’t know why, but I simply love it. And talking with his mouth full? He can pull it off. Spam wrapped in a sock. Sounds delicious. LOL

This is for sure not a very nice place for a vacation. Chin Ho locked up inside Halawa? Not a good thing. By the way, does anyone else think that Halawa must be the most unreliable Correction Facility in the entire United States? It seems that everyone can come and go as he pleases. Wo Fat even murdered Hesse in there completely undisturbed. Hess stabbed Steve, and no one was watching. Chin took Delano out without any problem. It seems to me that the institution has a huge problem.

313 - 009

I just realized something. I watched this episode on my big screen without seeing it. But now doing the screen caps, I realize there is no logo on the screen. Why is that? Maybe because the episode was aired at the same time on all coasts? My version is from Canada and normally there is the Global logo on it. Could we please have this more often? Without the logo, I mean. Did any of you watch it with the logo?

313 - 010

Sorry, I couldn’t resist using one of my favorite Steve shots to show the logo. Hope you don’t mind.

313 - 011

Well, hello. Friendly face in an impossible environment. Or is he a foe? We’ll see. One thing is for sure, things will get interesting with him around. Sang Min. He is probably the most popular villain (if you can call him a villain) in the Five-0 fandom.

313 - 012

I’m always amazed what a little difference in haircut and such a nice suit can do for a person. I think Chin looks very different to his normal persona.

313 - 013

And is there anyone out there who didn’t know that he was a bad guy? Didn’t think so.

313 - 014

I’m not so sure what I think of Kono pulling friends into her mess. If she wants to do things that are clearly against the law, like tapping a phone, that is her problem. And hopefully one she will have to pay for later. No immunity and means, and certainly not for her private stuff. I hope this will not get swept under the rug. But to pull her friends into it? She is using Fong, and I don’t like that. She at least should come completely clean and tell him what he will be a part of.

313 - 015


I like to have a little word with the writers please. I get that Chin doesn’t have a good stand in prison. He is a cop. One who put a lot of people behind bars. So, it is clear that a lot of people want to see him dead. I get that. What I don’t get is why doesn’t the same apply to Kaleo, and before that to Delano? That is simply stupid. Kaleo is a dirty cop, yes, but he is still a cop who put people in the very same prison he is in now. Same goes for Delano. And excuse me if I say that Kaleo doesn’t strike me as THE man. He was not a big wig when he was arrested; he was only a small stupid guy who got paid to warn the drug cartel of investigations or raids. And suddenly he has free reign in prison and practically runs the joint? Sorry, but I think that is ridiculous. And it looks like Chin is also a bit surprised about it.

Chin said something interesting before they started their fight. He said that good men died because of Kaleo, and he surely is right about that. And he said ‘you belong here. I don’t’. Well, Chin that is debatable. Does that mean in your eyes it only counts when ‘good’ men get killed? May I remind you that YOU killed a person in cold blood? I think it is very questionable if Chin belongs behind bars or not. Shouldn’t every human life be worth the same? Is it okay to kill a bad guy, but punishable to kill a good guy? I think the writers’ moral is pretty screwed up. I can easily overlook crimes in the name of the greater good, like stealing ten million to get Chin free. Or lying to the Feds, or other ‘crimes’. But Chin killed a person. He fired his shot gun into the person’s face. That was cold blooded murder. And if he is getting away with it, the writers should at least not paint him as if he didn’t do anything wrong and didn’t belong behind bars.

But I must admit these two fighting was pretty cool.

This next scene totally made me laugh. How stupid did they cuff these two together? Look at the handcuffs. They are cuffed above the pipe. They only need to get up and walk around the pole, and can move freely around the room. Why not cuff them below the pipe? This is just stupid. I know, I should probably not care about such trivia things, but I do. Because I would never get away with writing something like that. πŸ˜‰

313 - 020


I loved that they brought up The Pilot; the scene that plays right into my opinion that Chin, despite his Zen attitude is pretty uncontrolled and of a violent nature. I’m not even starting to talk about his preferences to shot guns. Back then he hit Sang Min with an ashtray, an act that was not called for in any way. I liked it that Sang Min got back to him for that. Maybe I should clear something up, I love Chin. But he is not what he seems. And I’m looking forward to see what else will be happening with this character.

313 - 021


She didn’t actually break privilege; it is her duty to call in help if she sees a danger to her patient. I think it’s great that we learned that Chin went out to get help with his grief. It is just a pity that he thought he would look week if he told anyone.

Alarming Five-0 finally gets the search for Chin going. It’s about time.

Meanwhile at Halawa Chin and Sang Min fight for survival during the riot in the hope that help will be coming from the outside. Those were pretty cool scenes. Lots of extras, lots of stuntmen doing a great job.

I liked it that Fong was so busy in this episode. He is a recurring character I really like. He and Max are great additions to the show. Thinking about it, I think they are generally doing a pretty good job finding the right guys for the roles. Except for the one or other guest star, but that should be a different post.

Now they pull in all the help they can get. And they better do, doesn’t look good for Chin right now.

One thing is for sure, they will be looking at one hell of a clean-up job after this riot. I think the set department did a great job making us believe we’re looking at a prison under attack from the inmates. Great job, guys.

Look who we found. Of course Chin has to help that doctor; he wouldn’t be Chin if he didn’t. Every decent person would have gone to her aid. Do I even want to think what would have happened to her in the next few minutes? No, I don’t think so.

313 - 029


I’m a little bit torn about this stylistic device they were using for the second time after 3×06. On the one hand I like the colors and the fast-forward of the scenes, but on the other hand, we have already seen what has happened. They are kind of wasting valuable time. Time which they could have used for new material. What do you think? Do you like to see those scenes twice?

313 - 030


Steve was right. Find Delano… find Kelly. Didn’t take them long to figure out where he is.

313 - 031


I think this is where Chin made a stupid, almost fatal mistake. Why send her to open the door and stay back? To ward off who? There was no one there yet. It was just stupid to separate and stay back. That is what I really don’t like in writing a scene. This simply wouldn’t happen. All three would have gone to the door, open it as fast as possible and slip out. No one in his right mind would stay back and wait for inmates who they can’t even see yet. And of course the guard is back and Chin gets captured. Could have told you that back at the door.

Now we’re talking! Five-0 on the scene. What kind of lame ass Chief of Halawa was that? He was totally in over his head, and I hope this will have consequences for him. They didn’t really think they could stop Five-0 from getting to their man, did they?

Could I get another petition going? Please put Steve in a helicopter every other episode. I just love seeing him fly.

Really doesn’t look good for Chin. His team mates better hurry if they want to get him out of there alive. And seeing these scenes I got really worried that they would kill off Sang Min. That would have been a shame.

This is my favorite scene of the episode. Five-0 flying in to the rescue and Duke smiling knowingly. I just loved that. And I’m so very happy that we see Duke so often.

Those were some great fight and rescue scenes. ‘One more’ – I was really hoping that Sang Min had waited for Five-0. He had a real good chance to get out of there legally. Now he is on the run again. I’m a little disappointed about that.

After all the action and drama it was time for a little light ending. Even though it felt kind of rushed.

Poor Chin. He also had to be subjected to Kamekona’s new experiment, hopefully it will not hinder his recovery. I don’t think there is a new love interest for Chin in the near future, but I wouldn’t mind to see her again.

With all the excitement going on I almost forgot about these two. As I said earlier their relationship is doomed. Frankly, I never saw the love between them. You don’t gag and bound the one you love. You don’t threaten to kill the boss and friend of the one you love. You don’t spy on the one you love. And I think they both know it is over.

313 - 053


Storyline: I guess there wasn’t really a crime of the week. But the storyline was great. Put a cop in prison and see how he’s faring. Great idea, even though they make it all look so easy to get him into Halawa. But after all that happened there I don’t question that anymore. πŸ˜‰

Action: I don’t think anyone can complain about lack of action in this one. This was one hell of a ride. Great stunt work as usual.

Guest-Star: none to mention.

Fun factor: Well, fun might the wrong word, but this was an episode to enjoy.

Awe-factor: That was for me when they flew in to get their man. They don’t care about protocol or anything when one of their own is in danger. And it was a great scene with the helicopter over the prison.

Steve-Awesomeness: I’m going to change this to Chin-Awesomeness for this one. Chin for the win.

Support group: Call in all the resources they have, and everyone from Fong, over Kame to Cath is willing to help any way they can. Great.

Personal Enjoyment: I loved this episode. A solid A for me. Sure, I could have done with more Steve, but I’m always saying that, so it doesn’t count. Chin was great in this episode, and he deserved this one. An episode of his own, and what a great one it was. Well done.


I would love to know what you thought about this episode. Use the comment function if you like to share your opinion.

Please forgive me any grammar or spelling mistakes. If there is anything in it you just can’t live with, please let me know and I’ll correct it.