Checks Five-0h 4.14

FI 4-14

4.14 Na hala a ka makua / translated by CBS toSins of the father 

It’s three weeks now that the last new episode of Hawaii Five-0 aired. Let’s recap before we have the pleasure of a new episode next week.

Do you still remember what it was about? Steve and Danny are carjacked by a criminal on the run. That is the short version of it. Guess that is not enough for a review? Fine, then let’s get into it.

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Checks Five-0h – 4.11


Hawaii Five-0 – 4.11 – Pukana – Keepsake

a review by COKIE

Sam has graciously asked me to review Episode 11 of Hawaii Five-0 which premiered on December 20, titled Pukana.

First off, it was a Christmas episode. I heard the holiday music and I saw the decorations. Other than that, was there really anything dealing with Christmas? Yes, it showed Danny and Grace at the end and she was opening a gift. But I was hoping for a bit more Christmas shown. Although I suppose there were some Christmas miracles involved in the show.

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Most clicked picture – June 9 to 15

There was very little activity on the pages, but that was to be expected without a new post the last week. The clicks were again all over the place, which I actually really like. I think it’s really interesting how often an old post is opened.

And I can tell you that the winner this week is one of my favorite pictures. 🙂

On number three is this one, it was opened 8 times.


Number two, opened 13 times:


And the winner this week is this glorious one. It was opened 21 times. Was BUP on TV or something last week?

BUP 006