Your favorite episodes 2014

OK, you asked for it. Here is the voting for your favorite episode of 2014.

As a reminder here are all episodes that aired this year. Click on the picture if you want to read the review for the episode again.

You can vote for three episodes. Let’s see which ones will win. The poll will close on Friday.

Tomorrow I will post my three favorite and worst episodes of 2014.

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The winners are in


After the last episode of season 4 aired you could vote for your favorite five episodes.

796 votes later we have the winners. Thank you all for participating in this.

Before you take a look at the winners please remember this voting was not about the best episode but about your favorite ones. The ones you loved the most for whatever reason.

Nine episodes are pretty much the ones people concentrated their votes on. With two of them off the chart. These two alone got more than one third of all votes. Pretty amazing, but they both were amazing episodes. The next one is far behind but no surprise to fetch third place.

Are your favorite episodes among the winners? Let us know in the comments.

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