5.01 Promo Pictures

CBS released the first ‘real’ promo pics for the season premiere episode. It’s not even that long now anymore. Couple of more weeks and season 5 starts.

Credits to CBS and AOLww where I saw these first.

Random thoughts on 3.24

This is post number 100. And I think the season finale is a worthy topic for it.

Let’s start again with the poll.

SPOILER ALERT ! Do not read if you haven’t watched the episode yet. All screen captures are my own. And thanks again to Global who airs the show without their logo.

Now episode 24 has aired and it still feels like the first one of season three had just been aired last week. And again we have four months without any new episodes of Hawaii Five-0 in front of us. I’m sure the first pictures will surface at the end of July. Not counting the ones we have already seen.

Let’s dive right into the episode, just like Five-0 did. The chase we got as the sneak peek was actually just the first two minutes of the episodes. Danny and Steve saving Kono from getting arrested. I had to smile at Duke. First that he was not Mister Nice Guy anymore, but most of all for popping the trunk. Really Duke, you thought she was in the trunk? That made me smile, but in a good way. I truly like Duke, and I’m very happy that we saw him so often this season. I hope they will keep that up.

Before they can start clearing Kono of all charges Five-0 is called to an airfield where an abandoned plane waits for them. With lots of dead bodies in it. That was actually a pretty gruesome site, with lots of blood splatter all over the place. Clearly the work of a highly train person. A trained killer, a serious threat to national security loose on the islands. Well, seems that they have their work cut out for them.



It’s a good thing that Catherine is only a phone call away, so the boys get their information on the plane and the people in it. And we learned that the steering wheel of a plane is called a yoke. Thank you Steve. 😉

Okay, now here comes my first complaint. Uhm, yeah, you’re guessing right, it will not be my last one. You know me; I always have something to complain about. All in good fun, mostly at least.

What do we need Billy Harrington for? Seriously, if he was introduced to create tension between Cath and Steve in future episodes, than I will be really miffed. Simply because that is worthy of a cheap soap opera, but not of a great crime show like Five-0. I really don’t need a jealous boyfriend, or an ex-boyfriend who tries to break up a couple. That is cheap and lame. And if he was introduced to come to work with Five-0 as a temporary replacement for Kono, well, frankly I don’t need that either. Point is I don’t need that guy at all. And I think his introduction with that scene was simply completely unnecessary. Why throwing him into the mix and never even mention him again during the episode? That is something I don’t like. Something like that creates only a tired smile in me about the lameness of such a move. Oh, and one more thing, of course he has to be a SEAL too. A lieutenant commander to boot. Shaking head here. Okay, rant over. One more thing. Why the heck can’t we get Steve in his dress whites? That is my real complaint seeing this scene. 🙂

Well, at least it gave us a little more information about Cath and Steve. Five years ago their relationship was temporarily over. Guess they made up and realized they were the real deal after all. Take that Billy boy. LOL



I loved it that the CIA had no idea that their prisoner on the non-existing flight had landed in Hawaii. Don’t those people keep tabs on their own people? They are so secretive that they don’t even know what their own planes are doing at any given time? A little bit strange, don’t you think? But anyway, it gave Five-0 the advantage to get to Salgado first.



I know I should be really interested in what is going to happen to Kono and Adam, but I’m just not. I can’t pretend I am when they simply don’t manage to hold my interest. And that has nothing to do with the actors, they are doing a good job. Really, especially Ian Anthony Dale. I loved his bad boy Adam, but this good guy he tries to be? Sorry, he is simply boring for me. And this whole Kono storyline is so lame. I can’t even begin to tell you how boring I think that is. One of Five-0 on the run from the law, wanted for murder. Sounds familiar? Even the injury is almost in the same spot. Really guys? That is all you could come up with for the drama around Kono? Sorry, but no points for that.

And another thing about Adam trying to turn his father’s empire legit. Adam, maybe you should try to really cut the ties to the Yakuza and not use your father’s empire to make more money. That empire will never be a legit one, since it was built with the old man’s blood money. This whole story part is just illogical.


Okay, back to Five-0. They manage to find a lead and storm the possible hiding place of the terrorist. Of course he is not there. But they find out that his son had been kidnapped. Possibly by his own father.

Okay, now we see Wo Fat again. And can I just say, make-up did a great job with him. Even though I had to laugh at the dramatic turn to face Steve. That was a tiny little bit too much. 😉

First I thought why go to Wo Fat for that information? But Steve is probably right, he would be the one to know such things. And it was a nice power play. Guess Wo Fat didn’t want to lose his meds, which would be a really miserable time without the good drugs. Smart move to tell Steve what he wanted to know.

Oh, and please keep this first picture in mind for later.


Great security system, loved the scan. This whole security facility with Wo Fat behind the glass is very Star Trekkie, a bit darker, but none the less it reminded me of Star Trek.

I guess Doris has some explaining to do. But I’m sure we won’t get any. What else is new?


Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Kono supposed to be a member of Five-0, and didn’t she go to the police academy? Then she should know that finding evidence for your own case doesn’t do you any good. Any first year law student will toss that case out of court because he would simply say, she planted the evidence. The gloves she found have no value whatsoever, and that they will clear her name is simply ridiculous. Not even to mention how convenient that she knew what to look for and that Michael was stupid enough to leave them there.

But I enjoyed the scenes with Michael and Adam. Michael should have a bigger role.


I must say I love Steve’s dance with the suspects, but I love this Steve even more. The no nonsense one. Who has no time to waste on a stupid suspect who thinks he has all his tracks covered. Loved those scenes in the blue room.

I liked Danny’s concern about Steve being played by Wo Fat. But, Danny, Steve is right, Wo Fat was not helping Steve or Five-0, he couldn’t care less, he was only helping himself.

I think Alex O’Loughlin and Christine Lathi are just brilliant together. They nailed every darn scene they had this season. So good. And this one was no exception. One complaint though, not about this scene, but the storyline in general. I must admit I’m not interested anymore in what Doris’ and Wo Fat’s connection is. It dragged out way too long in my eyes. And that we didn’t get an answer in the finale was the final nail in that coffin. I don’t care anymore. Whatever it is, I don’t wanna know anymore. It was dragged out all season and we were told we will learn about it in the finale. Yeah right, we didn’t even get a shocking revelation from Wo Fat that was also promised. Really, whatever they did together, or whatever their connection is, I don’t care. That does not mean I don’t want to see her again, on the contrary, I really like her. I’m just not interested in her secrets anymore.

I’m totally with Steve on this one. Don’t give us the ‘hurt-feelings-thing’. Because as Steve said, I don’t buy it and I don’t care. That was actually really great.

I absolutely LOVED that Steve switched to calling her Doris. That whole conversation about her lying to him ALL his life, never telling him the whole truth, and about trusting each other? That was just brilliant. Kudos to the writers and the actors.

And darn you Danny for coming in there in that moment. I think the writers have no idea what their connection really is and therefor they simply can’t give us an answer. LOL

And now we got another car chase. I love that. Yeah, I know, I’m easy. 🙂


And I truly enjoy that Catherine is more often involved in the cases. And now even in a more or less official capacity. At least her CO knows what she is doing.


Of course they got their guy, just to discover it was not him who kidnapped his son. It was the group he had been working for.



Yeah, Steve, Danny hung up on the CIA. He doesn’t have the best relationship with them. LOL I actually liked that they went about it their way.



There is actually something kind of funny about these scenes, or rather about their tac vests. Look at their name tags. Danny’s is still shiny and new, and Steve’s is barely readable. Guess his vest sees a lot more action than Danny’s. Just a silly observation.

Didn’t take them long to convince Salgado to cooperate. But he really didn’t have any other options.



After they are on their way we switch to Charlie and what he had found out. Of course the DNA belonged to the victim and Michael. That Michael came in there and tried to kill Fong? I must admit that was a surprise. Obviously they’re not big on security at the crime lab.



Of course the exchange didn’t go as planned. At least they could save the little boy, but they still need to know what the target is.



When they bring in the shot terrorist they learn that Charlie Fong was stabbed.



I think it was great that he gave up the information on his death bed. Not sure how realistic that was, but I don’t care, he kept his word. And he gave his life for his son.


And after this we have to go back to Kono and Adam again. It was clear how that would end. I actually think it’s a shame that Michael died. He was a cool, powerful and interesting character. And what a shame that he had no scenes with McGarrett. But is he really dead? 😉



Disaster averted and family reunited.


Okay, the scenes at the harbor were quite nice, but frankly I think that was really not necessary that Adam left and goes into hiding until they put everyone behind bars. Yeah, right, that would mean he’s never coming back. As if it would be that easy to destroy the Yakuza. This whole plan was not really thought out. Well, it’s clear why Doris is leaving. That way she doesn’t have to face her son and give him any more answers. But quite frankly that was another ridiculous thing. Do you really think Steve would let her walk out without telling him her connection to Wo Fat? I don’t think so. But maybe he is like me and simply doesn’t care anymore. LOL

So, now we get a repeat of season two with Kono a few episodes missing, or what? But you know what, I don’t care about that either.

And what the heck is wrong with Steve and Cath? Can’t they at least hug or hold hands? Jeez.

And now we’re coming to the end. And what was I thinking? Everyone gets a nice scene with his girlfriend, and I though, yeah great finally some Cath/Steve time. I know, silly me.

I’m happy for Chin and Danny. I hope Gabby will stick around for a bit longer now.



Of course we don’t get a happy Steve and Cath. No, we get Steve and Wo Fat. What I do love about this is that for the third time the season ends with Steve’s shocked face. Love that.

But tell me, doesn’t Wo Fat know that Steve is not really a magician? He might have magic breath, but he is no Houdini. How does Wo Fat think Steve will get them out of there? Snip his fingers and voila, or maybe beam them out? How in the world does he think Steve could protect him? For me it’s not really clear why he even called Steve in the first place. Doesn’t make much sense. And you remember the picture from the beginning with all those guards? How the heck would someone, or a group break in there to kill Wo Fat? And who would even want to do that? And the most important question, how will Steve prevent any of that? He is not even armed.


So, 44 minutes are over and what do I think about this season’s finale?

Well, I do think it was a great episode. Was it a worthy season finale? Yeah, sure. You hear a ‘but’, right? Yeah, there is one. The season one finale had me on the edge of my seat, and the ending was really shocking. That was fantastic. The season two finale was not quite as shocking but equally good, and a total thrill ride for the first thirty minutes. Both of them left me eagerly, impatiently waiting for the season opener in the fall.

Even though I think season three was the best season yet, the finale was a bit disappointing. Not in its execution or acting. But it didn’t leave me on the edge of my seat and I can calmly wait for season 4 in the fall. There is simply nothing that needs a solution right away. Kono and Adam on the freighter on their way to Shanghai? So, what? I don’t care about that storyline one bit. Doris gone for now? Okay fine, I’m sure she will be back with more lies. Danny and Gabby? Happy for them, but nothing I need to worry or even think about. Same for Chin. Steve and Wo Fat? Yeah, I like to know who is coming for them, but really do I have to worry even one bit? Nope, not at all.

So, was that a nail-biting cliffhanger finale? No, it was not. It was a great episode, but that was it.

Still it gets an A, sure, but I expected more from it. Way more. And I’m very disappointed that we didn’t learn anything about Doris this whole season. Nothing about Wo Fat and Doris. And because of that, the storyline of those two is simply dead and boring for me. They simply dragged it out way too long without giving us anything.

What do I wish for season 4 to happen? Simple, equally great episodes like this season. But most of all I want to see more of Steve and Catherine. They obviously spend a lot of their free time together. We learned that they go surfing together on a regular basis, they sleep together, they eat and live together. I want to see that. I want to see some passion like we had in season 1. I like to see some contact, heck I would be happy with a touch here and there at this point.

I want to see a less grumpy Danny. I’m sick of his constant negativity and ranting. I want to see him happy once in a while. A happy Danny is NOT a boring Danny. Give this character something different to work with.

I want to see some great scenes for Chin. He is my second favorite character and I think DDK is a great actor and deserves something more. I like to see him work with Steve more often, they are great together.

All in all I LOVED season three, and simply hope that the show can keep this up. Entertain me on a weekly basis. So that I have something to love and to rant about on occasion.

I like to thank all of you who are reading my little reviews. Thank you. I hope you will stick around during the summer and of course later in the fall when Five-0 returns.

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And because of that the daily post will be changed into a weekly post with the three most clicked pictures.

Season 3 poll – 3.16 to 3.20

Just one more week and season 3 of Hawaii Five-0 will already be over. Time for us to take a look at the last few episodes of season 3.

Credits for the pictures to CBS and as credited on the pictures. Thanks again to mycoven.com for some of the screen shots. If there is no credit on the pic, it’s my own screen shot.

Episode 3.16 – Feb. 11, 2013

Kekoa (Warrior)

Five-0 connects the murder of a local businessman to a fight club, and McGarrett asks an old friend to do surveillance work on his mother.

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Episode 3.17 – Feb. 18, 2013

Pa’ani (The Game)

McGarrett and Danny’s plans to go to the NFL Pro Bowl are interrupted when a computer executive is murdered during a team-building exercise at a corporate retreat.

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Kinipopo peku



Episode 3.18 – March 18, 2013

Na Ki’i (Dolls)

Five-0 discovers that a murdered kindergarten teacher had a secret life as a roller derby star, and sends in Catherine undercover at the local roller derby. And some very important information is stolen from Doris McGarrett’s safe and could put her in danger.

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Episode 3.19 – March 25, 2013

Hoa Pili (Close Friend)

After an explosion on a shark tour boat, one of the boat’s owners is found dead in a submerged shark cage. Meanwhile, McGarrett helps Kamekona get his helicopter pilot license.


Episode 3.20 – April 15, 2013

Olelo Pa’a (Promis)

McGarrett and Catherine go on a secret mission to North Korea to find the body of one of McGarrett’s fallen SEAL buddies.

The Episode Serves as a Prequel to the Series’ Pilot

H50 - 3x20-2


H50 - 320


H50 - 3x20


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And there are two stories for this episodes:

Along day Apopo




Season 3 poll – 3.11 to 3.15

We’re coming very close to the end of the season already. Only two more episodes to go.

Here are the next five episodes for the poll.

Credits for the pictures to CBS and as credited on the pictures. Thanks again to mycoven.com for some of the screen shots. If there is no credit on the pic, it’s my own screen shot.

Episode 3.11 – Dec. 17, 2012

Kahu (Guardian)

After someone foolishly tries to carjack McGarrett, he and Catherine meet a boy whose father is missing and may be in deadly trouble in the backwoods of Oahu.

The team helps find the boy’s father, and discovers that his disappearance is related to moonshiners and a reclusive bank robber.

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Episode 3.12 – Jan. 14, 2013

Kapu (Forbidden)

Danny and McGarrett investigate the murder of an Oahu University professor whose body is found decomposing in a tub of acid and his boss, his teaching assistant and a student who he busted for cheating are all viable suspects.

Meanwhile, Kono is assigned to protect an annoying witness released from federal prison.

Episode 3.13 – Jan. 20, 2013

Olelo Ho’Opa’l Make (Death Sentence)

When Chin is kidnapped in the night and dropped in the middle of Halawa Prison dressed as an inmate, he must fight for his life to escape before the other prisoners recognize him as Five-0.

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Episode 3.14 – Jan. 21, 2013

Hana I Wa’la (Scandal)

The governor asks Five-0 to handle a delicate investigation involving a dead prostitute, but is he really trying to cover up the case for an important political ally?

Meanwhile, Danny goes to court to determine if he will get partial custody of Grace

H50 - 3x14 01

H50 - 3x14 02

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Episode 3.15 – Feb. 4, 2013


Five-0 investigates when a mysterious man targets select police officers for revenge and McGarrett is the next one his hit list.

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