A look back at 2.04

Mea Makamae

The team discovers that a dead salvage diver was looking for more than sunken treasures, Chin Ho discovers that Kono accessed his police account, and McGarrett becomes curious about what’s delaying the DOD findings about his father.


Please keep in mind that this review was written right after the episode aired. And it’s not really a review, more like some random thoughts sent out by email. So, all knowledge from now… well, you get the picture. 😉

Pictures are from CBS, AOLRocks, MyCoven, and my own screenshots.


I have to say that I really like the season so far and this episode was excellent. Really liked it.

Most important thing first, I think Cath and Steve are not over at all! On the contrary, they were both pretty devastated that she had to leave. And Steve is willing to fly half around the world to meet her on her leave, he is willing to wait for that for however it may take. You don’t do that if you see your friend just as someone you can ask a favor and to jump in bed on occasion. And Steve is not someone to just say something like that if he doesn’t really mean it.

Yes okay their first meeting was a little awkward, but I felt like Steve is very aware that he is asking a lot of favors and that she could get the wrong impression. I think he was a little embarrassed to ask her again. They both did a great job with their scenes especially in the office. That was very touching. I’m convinced that we didn’t see the last of Catherine.

That brings me right to the next point – Lori. I like her! She fits in very well, she is good with Danny and Steve. I like it that they mix it up a little. Besides we have Steve and Danno back in the car, that was great. I don’t see her as a love interest for anybody. No way, there is NO sexual tension whatsoever and I don’t think they ever intended that. She is a coworker but that’s it. Nothing else going on and I don’t think there ever will be. Steve and Lori are way too professional for that.

About Danny, well he is just Danny. Nothing out of character about his reaction to the doctor from the museum. All season one he was like that, the episode with the comic convention or the one with the models come to mind right away. He needed to be reminded to focus a few times. Even Kono said in one ep ‘he is so busted’ when it comes to women. So nothing new there, besides I think it’s great for him to get back in the saddle as Steve put it. Good for him to listen to his friend and ask her out for a coffee.

About Peter Fonda, well blink and you’ll miss him. But hey I can live with that, his role was really not important. I would have thought that they would give him something more to do.


Well, well, Joe what are you up to? I’m not sure what to make of him. I’m certain that he will not betray Steve, they wouldn’t do that, would they? I mean wasn’t he betrayed enough in the past, how can he ever trust anyone ever again? Not Joe too. Come on Mister Lenkov you don’t really want us to believe that he is hiding something? I think his motives are good, I think he wants to protect Steve and the name of his friend. Of course I could be totally off.

I wished there was some more diving, I mean jump in dive down, that’s it? We saw the whole diving stuff in the sneak peek, that was pretty lame, sorry to say so.

Now with that all said that leaves Kono. I really don’t know what’s going on with her. I’m pretty sure that she’s working undercover, guess we really have to wait and see. The promo for next week, well it doesn’t look good for her.

At least we see Chin is worried about her. Even though I’m sure the others also tried to reach out to her, but she’s not allowing that.

I’m really curious how they will solve this matter with her and I’m even more curious how she will fit into Five-0 again. Because quite frankly I’m still not missing her. I think the show is doing a great job to take her out of it and letting us guess what’s up with her.

Well that probably wraps it up, this episode was another example why I love this show so much. It is great entertainment with not just the solving of the crime of the week, but the serial character of it is what I really like. All the little stories involving all the characters, were really well done. Another A minus for me.

A look back at 3.02

3-02 Kanalua

Really? Two minutes? The paddle out took just two minutes!


I mean somehow it IS kind of fitting since it feels like we haven’t seen Malia for more than two minutes in the last two years. It feels like we got introduced to her in the episode with the head in a box (back in season 1), and then suddenly there was a marriage ceremony in 2-12, which also took only two minutes. And next time we saw her she got killed off. I think that also didn’t take more than two minutes. Guess all in all she might have had 10 minutes of screen time, tops.



As you can see this time I start with the complaints. Well, you should take them with a grain of salt. I’m not really serious here. 😉


What’s the matter with Steve and Cath? I mean what the heck is their deal? Last we saw them they were always at it like bunnies, and now they are not even touching. Come on! Not even a friendly hug? I could live with it last week, because Steve was too shaken from the impact of his mom being back. And Cath felt uncomfortable because his mom was watching. But this week? I mean I don’t need to see them doing it all the time, that would get boring pretty fast, but at least act a little bit on your friendship. A hug, a kiss, a phone call, a smile would go a long way. So, here is to seriously hoping that they will find their way towards each other. It seems to me that TPTB are a bit too careful about it right now.

Okay, what I love about Five-0 is the action. This car chase was pretty cool with the big bus and all. But I really mean the ‘personal’ action. Chases on foot (I confess, I love seeing Alex running), close quarter combat, fist fights. That is the action I love. We didn’t have that in season 3 yet. Okay, a shootout with more bullets than one can count, I give you that. But in this episode there was no action at all for our boys.


I think this one was pretty slow, not that it was bad, but it was lacking a bit of pace.

And what the hell is Danny’s problem? What kind of stupid crap was he spouting about Steve losing control of the situation? That whole speech was just dumb.



If someone was stupid during that plan with the hostages it was Kono. I mean, seriously? There is this half dead guy, barely able to stand and she is not kicking the gun out of his hand? Come on! I could have knocked him out. I think Steve should have a word with her. That was a poor job she did.


I think Danny was nothing but annoying in this episode. At least I’m talking about his constant nagging and ranting. That is so going on my last nerve. Mr. Negativity indeed. He’s an idiot. Sorry, but I have no idea why the writers write him like this. It was funny in season one for maybe three episodes, but now it’s just annoying.

But you know what I love? The closeness between Steve and Danny. These two are touching more than anyone else on the show. Loved it how Danny put his hand on Steve’s shoulder and was right in his personal space. And Steve looked completely comfortable with it.


I just love these two. I would even love them more if Danny would just shut up, at least let him rant something that makes sense. 😉 No, seriously, they need to let him grow up. His childish behavior is not funny anymore.

I totally loved Steve in this episode. Man, he is one cool guy. I love his patience and his knowing smile. I love it how he handles suspects and Danny. So cool.


And I loved it how long he kept hugging Chin. And his look was so full of compassion and friendship. Did I mention that I love Steve? Yes? Well, it can’t hurt to say it again. I love that guy.

Loved Cath, again. She does a great job. I really like her, and I think she is not taking any time away from the others. They are doing this really well. So, is Tony Almeda still trying to revenge his dead wife? Well, he should get together with Chin. They would be a cool team. If you didn’t watch 24 you have probably no idea what I’m talking about. 😉


The case. That was pretty neat, and I didn’t quite know how August March was involved in it. I’m still not really sure. Did he hire the baddies in the first place? Don’t think so. He did hire the guys who killed the baddies. But on the other hand, how did he get a photo of the girl in the trunk? So, maybe he did orchestrate everything after all. Anyway, I think he was brilliant.

I think he knew that he will get busted when Steve told him that they always get their guy. You know, when they were on that outlook watching the surfers. I think that were great scenes.



And they got me with his plan in the end. Killing himself? I didn’t see that one coming.

Loved the team in the end, at the Tropics Bar. But I wished for Cath to really be there. I just hope she will get back to the table with Steve.


Wonderful scenes with Chin and Danny. Loved Chin’s story how he met Malia. Very touching scene.


I think this was a good and solid episode. I’ll give it an A minus.

A look back at 3.01

It was again time to sort through my hard drive. Before I had this blog I shared my reviews via email with a few people. And today I thought why not put them up on the blog. So, I will do that. I’m starting with 3.01 and 3.02 today. Later there will also be a few for season 2. It was actually fun to read them again with today’s knowledge.

Credit for the pictures as always as indicated on the picture, otherwise it’s my own screen shot.

I hope you will enjoy them, so, here we go.

3.01 La O Na Makuhine

Okay, four months of waiting are over. Was it worth it, the wait I mean?

Heck, yeah!

Was the episode like I expected it to be?

YES, even a little better.

Do I have anything to complain about?

Hell, YES. Loudly so. But we’ll come to that later.

First things first. Steve and mom.


Wow, very powerful scenes. Alex was brilliant in all of them. I think he portrayed the lost son in such a great way. And lost son is the perfect word for Steve for most of the episode. I loved it how he stubbornly refused to call Doris mom, even though it was so tempting to do so. I think it freed him when he finally did.


I absolutely loved every single moment with Steve and his mom. And I loved Catherine. Her and Steve together is just too great. Loved her little slip about ‘as if it was her own mother’. Steve’s look was just so great. And full of happiness and love. Steve telling her that he didn’t think it came out wrong was so sweet and I think the first declaration of love she ever got from him. I loved that moment. That was so cute and sweet. And it is probably my favorite scene.


I don’t trust Doris one bit. What the heck is she pulling? I’m sure Steve doesn’t trust her either. What is her connection to Wo Fat? Why did she let him get away? That was very strange. And please don’t let Steve and Wo Fat or Doris and Wo Fat be related in any way. Don’t you dare do that Mr. Lenkov.

About the part at the end, why the heck didn’t Danny call Steve with that information? Yeah, sure for the purpose of the show it was important that she was already gone, so they couldn’t question her. BUT that is just not logical that Danny would not have called Steve right away. I think that was a bit stupid and simply too easy.


Kono. Well, what can I say? This played out exactly like we all thought it would. Which is a bit disappointing. I can live with Adam saving her, that’s okay and the logical choice. What I find ridiculous about this scenario is that they push a former professional surfer into the drink and she is not able to stay afloat? Pleeeeaaaase. That was just stupid with a capital S.


Chin. Brilliant. I must admit I was a bit shocked that Malia really died in the first three minutes. Wow. I didn’t expect that. I thought they drag it out and Chin makes the sacrifice of shutting the machines off or something like that. To declare her dead on the scene without even shocking her once was a bit of a rushed job. I think they should have taken her to the hospital. This is just not a likely scenario, since she was still alive when EMS came to the scene. But it was rather dramatic, I give you that.


I’m not quite sure what I think about Chin’s behavior at the end of the episode. Delano made him a dirty cop. He killed an unarmed man. Out of revenge. But I must admit those scenes, him following Delano and the shootout between the two were awesome. I think he didn’t even care if he would get hit. He was willing to die. But still I’m not sure if I can accept that he killed Delano in cold blood.


I think this will be very interesting to see how this will develop. Chin and Danny are very much alike in my eyes; they both would switch to the dark side to revenge their family. This again lets me smile about all the people writing about Steve being the one out of control. He had every right to lose control twice. First with Hesse and then with Wo Fat. But he never did. Danny and Chin in his place would have both lost it and killed the men.

I loved it how Chin was kind of Zen about it, but totally out of control regarding his moral beliefs. He did his revenge in a very controlled and Zen manner. So cool.


Danny. Well. There really isn’t much to say about Danny. Simply because his ‘cliffhanger’ is totally boring, at least in my eyes. I don’t care either way, I mean we all know that he’s not going anywhere. No matter if he wins the battle or Grace moves to Las Vegas. I liked the scenes with Doris and Danny, nice of her to call him on his shit. Smart ass is my new favorite name for him. Loved the scenes with Steve and Danny, but what else is new? But frankly, if he was in the episode or not? I don’t think it would have been a big difference.

Maybe I need to watch it again to have another opinion about his role in this one.


Catherine. I’m sure she will be a great addition to the show. She is a kick-ass woman, who can play with the big boys. I love that. She is an equal to McGarrett, and that’s why they work so great together. She is not some stupid woman just hanging on his arm. She is a person in her own right, and doesn’t need Steve to validate her existence. You know what I mean? I love her. And I truly hope that the viewers will like her too. She will not take time away from the others, but I feel like she is adding immensely to the show.


Okay, so far everything is just peachy and I loved it.

Now, what do I have to complain about? I was laughing out loud over the stupid escape of Wo Fat. Please tell me I dreamed that stupid thing with that stupid ‘claw’ and the helicopter. What the hell was that? Mission Impossible gone wrong? That was so ridiculous and such bad computer graphic. God, that was embarrassing. I’m sorry, but I think that was THE most stupid thing I’ve ever seen on TV. Okay, to clarify that, the most stupid action sequence I’ve seen in a long time.


And it was totally illogical too. Delano told Wo Fat he didn’t have the resources anymore after his stint in the joint. Excuse me? But he has the resources to pull something like this? That is just dumb.

Okay, and one more thing. Steve and his dad were trying to figure out who and where Shelburne was for twenty years, and Delano sits in prison for a bit and figures it all out? Who Shelburne is, what Shelburne did and most of all where she is right now? AND he even has some crooked cops on her security detail? Please, how stupid is that?

But thankfully this whole sequence is rather short and there is such a great invention like the fast forward button, so I will forgive them for this ridiculous minute.

All in all this was a great start into the new season. It gets a solid A from me. And I’m really looking forward to see what comes next.

Random thoughts on 3.24

This is post number 100. And I think the season finale is a worthy topic for it.

Let’s start again with the poll.

SPOILER ALERT ! Do not read if you haven’t watched the episode yet. All screen captures are my own. And thanks again to Global who airs the show without their logo.

Now episode 24 has aired and it still feels like the first one of season three had just been aired last week. And again we have four months without any new episodes of Hawaii Five-0 in front of us. I’m sure the first pictures will surface at the end of July. Not counting the ones we have already seen.

Let’s dive right into the episode, just like Five-0 did. The chase we got as the sneak peek was actually just the first two minutes of the episodes. Danny and Steve saving Kono from getting arrested. I had to smile at Duke. First that he was not Mister Nice Guy anymore, but most of all for popping the trunk. Really Duke, you thought she was in the trunk? That made me smile, but in a good way. I truly like Duke, and I’m very happy that we saw him so often this season. I hope they will keep that up.

Before they can start clearing Kono of all charges Five-0 is called to an airfield where an abandoned plane waits for them. With lots of dead bodies in it. That was actually a pretty gruesome site, with lots of blood splatter all over the place. Clearly the work of a highly train person. A trained killer, a serious threat to national security loose on the islands. Well, seems that they have their work cut out for them.



It’s a good thing that Catherine is only a phone call away, so the boys get their information on the plane and the people in it. And we learned that the steering wheel of a plane is called a yoke. Thank you Steve. 😉

Okay, now here comes my first complaint. Uhm, yeah, you’re guessing right, it will not be my last one. You know me; I always have something to complain about. All in good fun, mostly at least.

What do we need Billy Harrington for? Seriously, if he was introduced to create tension between Cath and Steve in future episodes, than I will be really miffed. Simply because that is worthy of a cheap soap opera, but not of a great crime show like Five-0. I really don’t need a jealous boyfriend, or an ex-boyfriend who tries to break up a couple. That is cheap and lame. And if he was introduced to come to work with Five-0 as a temporary replacement for Kono, well, frankly I don’t need that either. Point is I don’t need that guy at all. And I think his introduction with that scene was simply completely unnecessary. Why throwing him into the mix and never even mention him again during the episode? That is something I don’t like. Something like that creates only a tired smile in me about the lameness of such a move. Oh, and one more thing, of course he has to be a SEAL too. A lieutenant commander to boot. Shaking head here. Okay, rant over. One more thing. Why the heck can’t we get Steve in his dress whites? That is my real complaint seeing this scene. 🙂

Well, at least it gave us a little more information about Cath and Steve. Five years ago their relationship was temporarily over. Guess they made up and realized they were the real deal after all. Take that Billy boy. LOL



I loved it that the CIA had no idea that their prisoner on the non-existing flight had landed in Hawaii. Don’t those people keep tabs on their own people? They are so secretive that they don’t even know what their own planes are doing at any given time? A little bit strange, don’t you think? But anyway, it gave Five-0 the advantage to get to Salgado first.



I know I should be really interested in what is going to happen to Kono and Adam, but I’m just not. I can’t pretend I am when they simply don’t manage to hold my interest. And that has nothing to do with the actors, they are doing a good job. Really, especially Ian Anthony Dale. I loved his bad boy Adam, but this good guy he tries to be? Sorry, he is simply boring for me. And this whole Kono storyline is so lame. I can’t even begin to tell you how boring I think that is. One of Five-0 on the run from the law, wanted for murder. Sounds familiar? Even the injury is almost in the same spot. Really guys? That is all you could come up with for the drama around Kono? Sorry, but no points for that.

And another thing about Adam trying to turn his father’s empire legit. Adam, maybe you should try to really cut the ties to the Yakuza and not use your father’s empire to make more money. That empire will never be a legit one, since it was built with the old man’s blood money. This whole story part is just illogical.


Okay, back to Five-0. They manage to find a lead and storm the possible hiding place of the terrorist. Of course he is not there. But they find out that his son had been kidnapped. Possibly by his own father.

Okay, now we see Wo Fat again. And can I just say, make-up did a great job with him. Even though I had to laugh at the dramatic turn to face Steve. That was a tiny little bit too much. 😉

First I thought why go to Wo Fat for that information? But Steve is probably right, he would be the one to know such things. And it was a nice power play. Guess Wo Fat didn’t want to lose his meds, which would be a really miserable time without the good drugs. Smart move to tell Steve what he wanted to know.

Oh, and please keep this first picture in mind for later.


Great security system, loved the scan. This whole security facility with Wo Fat behind the glass is very Star Trekkie, a bit darker, but none the less it reminded me of Star Trek.

I guess Doris has some explaining to do. But I’m sure we won’t get any. What else is new?


Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Kono supposed to be a member of Five-0, and didn’t she go to the police academy? Then she should know that finding evidence for your own case doesn’t do you any good. Any first year law student will toss that case out of court because he would simply say, she planted the evidence. The gloves she found have no value whatsoever, and that they will clear her name is simply ridiculous. Not even to mention how convenient that she knew what to look for and that Michael was stupid enough to leave them there.

But I enjoyed the scenes with Michael and Adam. Michael should have a bigger role.


I must say I love Steve’s dance with the suspects, but I love this Steve even more. The no nonsense one. Who has no time to waste on a stupid suspect who thinks he has all his tracks covered. Loved those scenes in the blue room.

I liked Danny’s concern about Steve being played by Wo Fat. But, Danny, Steve is right, Wo Fat was not helping Steve or Five-0, he couldn’t care less, he was only helping himself.

I think Alex O’Loughlin and Christine Lathi are just brilliant together. They nailed every darn scene they had this season. So good. And this one was no exception. One complaint though, not about this scene, but the storyline in general. I must admit I’m not interested anymore in what Doris’ and Wo Fat’s connection is. It dragged out way too long in my eyes. And that we didn’t get an answer in the finale was the final nail in that coffin. I don’t care anymore. Whatever it is, I don’t wanna know anymore. It was dragged out all season and we were told we will learn about it in the finale. Yeah right, we didn’t even get a shocking revelation from Wo Fat that was also promised. Really, whatever they did together, or whatever their connection is, I don’t care. That does not mean I don’t want to see her again, on the contrary, I really like her. I’m just not interested in her secrets anymore.

I’m totally with Steve on this one. Don’t give us the ‘hurt-feelings-thing’. Because as Steve said, I don’t buy it and I don’t care. That was actually really great.

I absolutely LOVED that Steve switched to calling her Doris. That whole conversation about her lying to him ALL his life, never telling him the whole truth, and about trusting each other? That was just brilliant. Kudos to the writers and the actors.

And darn you Danny for coming in there in that moment. I think the writers have no idea what their connection really is and therefor they simply can’t give us an answer. LOL

And now we got another car chase. I love that. Yeah, I know, I’m easy. 🙂


And I truly enjoy that Catherine is more often involved in the cases. And now even in a more or less official capacity. At least her CO knows what she is doing.


Of course they got their guy, just to discover it was not him who kidnapped his son. It was the group he had been working for.



Yeah, Steve, Danny hung up on the CIA. He doesn’t have the best relationship with them. LOL I actually liked that they went about it their way.



There is actually something kind of funny about these scenes, or rather about their tac vests. Look at their name tags. Danny’s is still shiny and new, and Steve’s is barely readable. Guess his vest sees a lot more action than Danny’s. Just a silly observation.

Didn’t take them long to convince Salgado to cooperate. But he really didn’t have any other options.



After they are on their way we switch to Charlie and what he had found out. Of course the DNA belonged to the victim and Michael. That Michael came in there and tried to kill Fong? I must admit that was a surprise. Obviously they’re not big on security at the crime lab.



Of course the exchange didn’t go as planned. At least they could save the little boy, but they still need to know what the target is.



When they bring in the shot terrorist they learn that Charlie Fong was stabbed.



I think it was great that he gave up the information on his death bed. Not sure how realistic that was, but I don’t care, he kept his word. And he gave his life for his son.


And after this we have to go back to Kono and Adam again. It was clear how that would end. I actually think it’s a shame that Michael died. He was a cool, powerful and interesting character. And what a shame that he had no scenes with McGarrett. But is he really dead? 😉



Disaster averted and family reunited.


Okay, the scenes at the harbor were quite nice, but frankly I think that was really not necessary that Adam left and goes into hiding until they put everyone behind bars. Yeah, right, that would mean he’s never coming back. As if it would be that easy to destroy the Yakuza. This whole plan was not really thought out. Well, it’s clear why Doris is leaving. That way she doesn’t have to face her son and give him any more answers. But quite frankly that was another ridiculous thing. Do you really think Steve would let her walk out without telling him her connection to Wo Fat? I don’t think so. But maybe he is like me and simply doesn’t care anymore. LOL

So, now we get a repeat of season two with Kono a few episodes missing, or what? But you know what, I don’t care about that either.

And what the heck is wrong with Steve and Cath? Can’t they at least hug or hold hands? Jeez.

And now we’re coming to the end. And what was I thinking? Everyone gets a nice scene with his girlfriend, and I though, yeah great finally some Cath/Steve time. I know, silly me.

I’m happy for Chin and Danny. I hope Gabby will stick around for a bit longer now.



Of course we don’t get a happy Steve and Cath. No, we get Steve and Wo Fat. What I do love about this is that for the third time the season ends with Steve’s shocked face. Love that.

But tell me, doesn’t Wo Fat know that Steve is not really a magician? He might have magic breath, but he is no Houdini. How does Wo Fat think Steve will get them out of there? Snip his fingers and voila, or maybe beam them out? How in the world does he think Steve could protect him? For me it’s not really clear why he even called Steve in the first place. Doesn’t make much sense. And you remember the picture from the beginning with all those guards? How the heck would someone, or a group break in there to kill Wo Fat? And who would even want to do that? And the most important question, how will Steve prevent any of that? He is not even armed.


So, 44 minutes are over and what do I think about this season’s finale?

Well, I do think it was a great episode. Was it a worthy season finale? Yeah, sure. You hear a ‘but’, right? Yeah, there is one. The season one finale had me on the edge of my seat, and the ending was really shocking. That was fantastic. The season two finale was not quite as shocking but equally good, and a total thrill ride for the first thirty minutes. Both of them left me eagerly, impatiently waiting for the season opener in the fall.

Even though I think season three was the best season yet, the finale was a bit disappointing. Not in its execution or acting. But it didn’t leave me on the edge of my seat and I can calmly wait for season 4 in the fall. There is simply nothing that needs a solution right away. Kono and Adam on the freighter on their way to Shanghai? So, what? I don’t care about that storyline one bit. Doris gone for now? Okay fine, I’m sure she will be back with more lies. Danny and Gabby? Happy for them, but nothing I need to worry or even think about. Same for Chin. Steve and Wo Fat? Yeah, I like to know who is coming for them, but really do I have to worry even one bit? Nope, not at all.

So, was that a nail-biting cliffhanger finale? No, it was not. It was a great episode, but that was it.

Still it gets an A, sure, but I expected more from it. Way more. And I’m very disappointed that we didn’t learn anything about Doris this whole season. Nothing about Wo Fat and Doris. And because of that, the storyline of those two is simply dead and boring for me. They simply dragged it out way too long without giving us anything.

What do I wish for season 4 to happen? Simple, equally great episodes like this season. But most of all I want to see more of Steve and Catherine. They obviously spend a lot of their free time together. We learned that they go surfing together on a regular basis, they sleep together, they eat and live together. I want to see that. I want to see some passion like we had in season 1. I like to see some contact, heck I would be happy with a touch here and there at this point.

I want to see a less grumpy Danny. I’m sick of his constant negativity and ranting. I want to see him happy once in a while. A happy Danny is NOT a boring Danny. Give this character something different to work with.

I want to see some great scenes for Chin. He is my second favorite character and I think DDK is a great actor and deserves something more. I like to see him work with Steve more often, they are great together.

All in all I LOVED season three, and simply hope that the show can keep this up. Entertain me on a weekly basis. So that I have something to love and to rant about on occasion.

I like to thank all of you who are reading my little reviews. Thank you. I hope you will stick around during the summer and of course later in the fall when Five-0 returns.

Random thoughts on 3.23

Let’s start with the poll for He Welo ‘Oihana.

Well, Steve for sure has his hands full with his ‘retired’ mother and her little club of spies. I’m sure he wished that bunch of retirees had another hobby than breaking into buildings with high security systems.

But let’s rewind for a minute and start at the beginning.

I love it when the show doesn’t spend a huge amount of time on the teaser before the credits (unless it involves one or all of the Five-0 gang). Because four minutes spent with the introduction of the crime of the week is a huge amount of screen time for a show that only runs 42 to 44 minutes. I for one rather like to see that time used for Steve and company.

Anyway, this time it wasn’t very long until the credit rolled.


No, Danny, you’re not overdoing it one bit. LOL I actually liked these scenes, and I hoped all season that Gabby would come back. Maybe then Danny wouldn’t be that nasty all the time. I think he should have some happy time. Give him a girlfriend. 😉 I have one question about this scene. He gets a text as soon as she lands? What, and he is now waiting there all day because she might come that day? I mean they must have talked before he went to the airport, right? Wouldn’t you ask your girlfriend what flight she’s on? This felt kind of odd to me.



What I really like about Five-0 is that they have found a perfect balance between the amount of time they spend on the forensic stuff, the procedural and the character stuff. At least it is just the right balance for me. I’m sure there are a lot of people who would love more technical gimmicks or others who want none at all. But I think H50 does a good job with giving every fan a little bit of everything, and focusing on the human aspect of the crime or characters. That is what I like most about Five-0. But that only as a side note.

So, we see Max digging in the hole and discovering that there had been another body in there.

The shooting of the guard was not the crime of the week after all, but only a byproduct of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.




If you like to know more about the work JPAC does and about the documentary “Until they are home” you can follow this link, and can watch the trailer for the movie.


Soon they found out that it was really a grave site with dozens of bodies there. Now missing of course. At least they could ID some of the victims, and found out that the site was obviously a body dump for the Yakuza.


And now we got another little information about Cath and Steve. It seems that they went to the academy together. At least that is what I take from her words: “Do you remember Kevin Hobbs from the Naval Academy?”

Which means that they really know each other for a very long time. Very cool information.



And I really liked how concerned Danny was as soon as Cath showed up with Information for Steve. He simply knew that nothing good was going to happen. Loved that.


So, with the information from the FBI Steve is on his way to confront his mother. Oh, Doris, you are so busted. I loved it how she tried to get ‘Honey’ out of the house. And Steve discovering her senior center in the back of the house. 🙂




I really like Steve’s little outburst and his question where the woman he knew as his mom disappeared to. I think it’s understandable that he is still a bit confused about who his mom really is. I mean seriously who wouldn’t be? Your mom ‘dies’ when you’re fifteen and you have only known her as your mom who loved you. Took you to the football games, told you stories and took care of you when you were sick. And then you find out 20 years later that was all nothing but a lie. I can understand that Steve has trouble adjusting to that new person.



While Steve and Doris ‘fight’ it out, back at the ranch the rest of the team works on the case.

And can I just say that finally something went right when someone was too personally involved in a case? Kono was dispelled from it. That was a great and the right move.



Now our two remaining Five-0, with Kono off the case and Steve playing babysitter for the ‘elderly’, pay a visit to Michael, Adams’ crooked brother. I must admit that I think he is way more interesting than Adam. Adam was an interesting and cool character when he was the alleged head of the Yakuza following in his dad’s footsteps. Now he is simply boring in my eyes. Sorry, but neither he nor Kono can hold my interest for even a minute. And since that is the case, I will not say much about that part of this episode. Let’s just say I’m happy for the Kono lovers to get some stuff to look at. But I’m not going to tell what I think about that. (Guess that actually says it all.)

So, Chin and Danny are interviewing Michael. Daniel Henney is doing a great job with this character. Does anyone know if any or all of the tattoos are real?





I’m doing us all a favor and simply skip through the whole Adam and Kono stuff and her break-in into the warehouse. It would be a waste of my breath and you probably don’t want to hear my rant anyway.  So, I will skip forward to the scenes with the team, which were rather cute, and I liked the worried Steve. But I truly hope he will kick her ass right after Chin does the same.


Now they at least have the missing bodies back and Max can go to work.

I really liked it how Danny asked Steve about Doris. And I truly loved his advice, because face it he is right. No matter what happened in the past or what she did, she IS his mother. And he got to help her. No question about it.




Okay, one might think about Doris what one want. But I believed her when she didn’t want to involve Steve because he had too much to lose. I think this might actually be the first time that she really was worried about him. At least I want to believe that.



Okay, and now Mission Impossible started. What can I say; I simply loved every darn second of it. Can we please have more of the same? Mother and son were simply glorious to watch. And my compliments again to Christine Lathi. She is doing a great job portraying Doris. No matter if you hate Doris, love her or are pretty neutral about her, the character is portrayed brilliantly by Lathi. And can I just say that I loved to see some stunt work done by Alex? Loved that little fight scene.

On the one hand I’m very happy that they don’t let him do too dangerous stuff anymore. And thankfully he doesn’t have the desire to do it all himself anymore. I would hate to see him getting hurt again. But I also must admit it does make a difference if you can see that it is the actor who is running, jumping, fighting or whatever. I think Five-0 has found a really good balance to give us a little something that is reasonable save for Alex to do (Freak accidents can always happen, heck you can break your leg getting out of bed.) but keeping him away from the really dangerous stuff. Kudos to the great stunt team of Five-0. They are doing a hell of a job.

Now just enjoy the pic spam of mom and son. 🙂

Stop, just one thing before we start. How did Mick get into the highly secured building? To roam around freely and doing his thing? And if he got in and out this easily why didn’t Steve and Doris went the same way? Yeah, yeah, I know, we wouldn’t have those great scenes then. I get it. 😉

Okay, no on with the magic show. 🙂

After all this excitement we skip to the next morning to Danny and Steve. And what can I say that were also great scenes. “Makes me wonder what else I don’t know about you.” LOL, Danny, that was really good.

And finally the negligence of letting her gun lying around will come back to haunt Kono.

I think it was pretty much the first time that the crime of the week was not solved?

How to grade an episode with parts in it that I found not even worthy a C? Well, I decided that I will simply ignore it. I’m sure many people found that part really great and were happy to see Kono and Adam and their storyline. For me, that was pure torture.

BUT that didn’t keep me from enjoying the episode. I came to the conclusion to simply ignore the parts I don’t like. For that there is a great invention. It’s called the fastforward button. 😉

This ep gets an A despite the five or so minutes I will always skip through during future viewings.

Random thoughts on 3.22

If you think this was the best episode under the sun and are not willing to read a maybe slightly different opinion, you might like to turn away now.

And as always a spoiler warning applies to this post. If you haven’t seen the episode… you know the drill.

The very few screen captures are my own, thanks to CBS and Global for airing the episode.

This review will be very different from my normal reviews, hope you will still find it interesting. And please don’t hold back with your comments. I can take it. 😉

Let’s start with the poll.



So, now she is pulling her next friend into her web of lies. I thought her request not to tell Steve was really unconscionable. I couldn’t believe my ears.

She is not only pulling her friends (Fong and now Catherine) into her questionable dealings, she is also lying to her cousin’s face.  It is one thing to keep the truth and her suspicions from Steve, but it is a very different thing to outright lie. There is simply no excuse for such behavior.

She should come clean with Chin and tell Steve. Withholding her suspicions or even knowledge of criminal activity is an offense. Yes, it is arguable that there is no proof Adam did anything illegal (even though using his father’s money can’t be legal), but keeping her information from Five-0 makes her equally guilty if Adam is involved in criminal activity.

Honestly? I really don’t care what is going to happen to her or her relationship with Adam. And I think that is a shame really. But the show never managed that I found them interesting. Adam was never really present; I never managed to get interested in his character or in the relationship with Kono.

I think her actions again show how blind and naïve Kono is.

This was surely in preparation for her story arch in the last two episodes. As I said earlier I would rather have someone else in distress and not Kono for the third time in as many years. Maybe that is also a reason why I’m not interested in it.



I really liked her involvement in the story. I think it is great that Kono and her are obviously good friends. I loved her very vehement no to lying to Steve if he’d asked. She obviously has learned her lesson. What I didn’t like was that she was again pulled into a scheme to keep something from her boyfriend. But I think I covered that in Kono’s part.



I always enjoy Chin, and this time was no difference. I truly liked the advice he gave Kono. It’s a shame that she is repaying him with lies.

Unfortunately he was not much in this episode.



Well, to be honest I get a little tired to rant about Danny almost every time I’m writing a review. But to his defense this time it was not his fault.

I’m actually sick and tired of constantly being reminded that Danny is the Dad. I’m sorry, but I’m offended by the very notion that the others might not be equally shocked and appalled by what happened to the kids, that they are not equally outraged. Which is simply not true.

Every time kids are involved in any way it gets showed in our faces that Danny is the dad and oh so empathetic with the relatives.

The only thing it shows me though is that Danny is not in control of his emotions. That he is a danger to himself, his teammates and ultimately the victims.

He lost it in the blue room without any plan. With his action he endangered the whole investigation simply because he didn’t know then if it was the right guy. I actually hope he has to face consequences for his actions. Even if only by Steve. It would have been the right thing to do to take him off the case at that point.

Later, when they did know they had the right guy, I can fully understand his reaction, not condone it, but fully understand.

Danny should rethink his career choice after everything that has happened to Grace. At the very least he should seek professional help for his issues. Because the next time he acts out of control because his judgment is clouded by his emotions he might get one of his friends killed. His partner will not always be there to protect him from himself.

Danny is not a good example for a good investigator. That is my opinion of him based on his behavior. Please don’t forget, he is a law enforcement officer in an elite task force. And no matter what, I expect something better from him. If he can’t handle such a personal case he should have been removed from it.



Yes, Steve has very often been involved in very personal cases. But other than Danny, he never lost it without a plan behind it. If it was the break-in into the Governor’s office (not talking about the outcome, but the plan and intent behind it) or the interrogation on the roof, or his hunt of Wo Fat. Or the stealing of the ten million to save Chin’s life. He had plenty of opportunity to lose it, but he never did due to his training. The closest we got to see him losing control was when he pumped Han Ji Woo full of lead.

Maybe someday he will lose it, who knows, but until this day he was always professional on a case.

And don’t anyone dare tell me he isn’t taking the kidnapping of little girls as personal as Danny. Just look at the guy and you have your answer.

Anyway, I think Steve should make sure that his partner gets help. It’s his job as head of the task force to make sure that his team handles themselves above standard.

None of them is free of guilt to have done something against the law, but I think Danny is the only one who did it because he simply lost it. And I think there lays the difference.

There surely is one scene that plays right into this; Steve taking Danny’s badge and walking away from the scene unfolding. Was that okay? No, it was not. Was it understandable? Yes. But that still doesn’t make it legally right, and you could see that Steve was bothered by ‘allowing’ Danny to go ahead. You could see that it made him sick to do it, but he also knew that it was the lesser evil. But even so, I can’t with a good conscience condone what they did. I don’t think Danny had the same scruples doing it as Steve had. Hell, he shot two unarmed men without a second thought, so why stopping at beating the crap out of an obviously guilty guy. But not everyone is guilty, as we saw in the blue room, and he had no problem beating him to a pulp.

This scene surely gives a lot to think about, I think it was wrong to show it in such a way on TV. Making is look like it was okay. It was not.

It would be interesting to see if that bad guy doesn’t walk because of this.

I absolutely loved the cargument, if you can call it that. That was brilliant work by the both of them. And I really loved the interrogation of the killer’s wife by Steve. Great work.

I do have something to complain though. Who the heck is writing those scenes? Imagine you would stand right next to your girlfriend and would be called back to work. Wouldn’t you lean over and give her a good bye kiss? Of course you would, everyone would. This is getting ridiculous, Steve just turning and walking away. Writers, wake up!



Let me say something right up front, it is always the worst kind of case when children are involved. That is a given.

I think the talk with the first parents outside the ME’s office was the most heartbreaking. Just imagine hoping for ten years that your kid might be alive and well somewhere. And then to find out she was practically in the neighborhood for those ten years and then to lose her again to a violent death. They were right; they lost her a second time that day. Really horrible.

Now let’s go right to the second set of parents. At least they could have real hope knowing that the other girl was kept alive for ten years.

I completely disagree with Danny, oh imagine that, false hope is better than none. He as a parent, as the show constantly tells us, should know that the parents would never ever lose hope. No matter what. As a parent I would question a detective who gives me a guarantee to bring my kid back. That would not make me feel better. On the contrary. How could he be so stupid and make such a promise? That was even worse than Lori in 2.02. Back then Steve wasn’t happy with her either.

Now let’s look at the holes in this whole story. The fake police woman kidnapped those kids, maybe even a lot more than those two. Did I get that right?

Who paid her all that money to do that? And why was she supposed to bring that money somewhere? Wasn’t that hers for snatching the kids? And after the kids were kidnapped, let’s say for a child smuggling ring to the Far East, or wherever. How in the world did that disturbed couple get their hands on two of those kids? How did they pay for them? I’m sure the stolen kids come at a high price on the right market. And please, they got the kids to cash in 500 $ a month? That in itself is ridiculous. You go through all that trouble for 6000 $ a year? Highly unlikely. Besides if that kid was in the system with a fake ID, how come NO one ever checked on them, no one ever checked if she was at school, or at medical check-ups?

But the biggest illogical thing in this episode was to keep Ella alive and bury her. I’m sorry, but that guy would not have done that. He would have killed her. I don’t think he thought he’d get her back at a later time. Leverage? Sorry, but no, he was not that clever.

In my eyes it made no sense to keep her alive. And quite frankly, as horrible as it is, the episode would have been a lot better if she had died. It’s horrible, I know, and I feel bad to say it, but that would have been a more realistic ending.

I think it would have been an awesome and bold move to let Five-0 fail to find the girl in time. Yeah, okay, hate me for it, but that’s how I feel about the ending.

Well, what’s left is the verdict. I’m struggling with this one. Yes, mostly because of Danny. I’m not one for in-your-face acting. I’m more the subtle kind of guy. A look here and there says more than thousand words.

As I said before, I really have it with getting Danny’s anguish about kids cases slapped in the face with. And the ending with his face filling the full screen twice at the end at the crime scene and with the parents, really was too much. I groaned out load. That really ruined the beautiful voice-over for me completely. We really didn’t need to see Danny again at the end. The team ending and just the crime scene and the parents would have been SO much better.

The episode had many good scenes, but all in all I was disappointed. That was my initial reaction and I’m going with that for now. It might get better with the second or third viewing. But at the moment this is one of the weaker episodes for me.

Just because it involves children in a dramatic way doesn’t make it a great episode for me. At the moment this one barely gets a B.

Random thoughts on 3.21

Let’s start with the poll for this episode.

Well, this for sure was a very different episode. Do I need this every week? Surely not. But it was entertaining and somewhat refreshingly different. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’ll continue this train of thought at the end of the review.

When the show starts everyone knows something different is going on. Actually I really liked this.


Seeing this I have to rip into another show for a minute or so, because I had a really good laugh about that one this week. Talking about Castle here. Yes, I do watch that show, so sue me. 😉 Couple of years ago I would have even called myself a fan, now I only watch it though. Big difference. Anyway. I have to laugh at the rip-off Castle is doing from poor Hawaii Five-0. And what a botched up job they are doing. I noticed a few eps back they used the cool thingy Five-0 used in the bank robbery ep a few months back.

This is what I’m talking about.


And a short while ago Castle came up with the same thing. Lame. Now they are wearing thigh holsters. That really cracked me up. As I told Cokie, they can wear all the thigh holsters in the world, that won’t transfer them to Hawaii, or make a McGarrett out of them. I actually think it looks kind of ridiculous. Kate’s holster is so low, she will never be able to even grab her gun; it’s at her knee.


But Monday’s episode took the cake. Really, Castle? One of your main characters triggers a bomb and can’t move for a few hours until it is defused? And in the meantime the partner is staying and ‘entertaining’ the trapped one? And we see flashbacks? Very original. Reminds you of an episode from Five-0, maybe?

But I guess imitation is the highest compliment there is, isn’t it?

Okay, back to our show.

I really liked the start of the show with the fake daytime talk show host. That was really nicely done. And I liked her little speech about her ride along with Five-0. Unscripted, unedited and unbelievable. Well, are you ready for the ride? Are you open minded enough to go into a very different episode of your favorite show? If you are and you are willing to come along, you will enjoy yourself.

I really enjoyed all the different views we got in this episode. It started with the introduction of Five-0 HQ and the information about it. They even managed to show us things we’ve never seen before. My compliments to the show to come up with a totally different style and view.


We start off with entering HQ and the introduction of the first member of Five-0, which happens to be their leader. Lieutenant Commander Steven McGarrett. Loved the introduction with the kid pictures. It was said that the little guy was Alex and the two others his son Saxon. Well, there is no doubt that the one in the football jersey is Saxon for sure. I think it’s really cool that Alex was comfortable enough for his son to do this and to use the pictures on the show. He is normally very guarded about his family. Which I’m totally cool with, but I think he is a lot more relaxed about it since he’s in Hawaii. There were even some pictures of Spike he was obviously okay with. I’m pretty sure we don’t have to wait 15 years to see little Lion. Guess as soon as he is running around. So, not much longer. (The picture with Saxon at SOTB 2012 is an official one and not a paparazzi picture, those you will not find on this blog. Only pictures Alex is comfortable with.)

And I loved it that they didn’t show any pics of Danny. And not for the reasons you think. No, I think it was perfectly in character for Danny not to cooperate. Steve on the other hand gets an order from his boss to cooperate with the talk show guys, and he will do his best to do so. Not so Danny. He tells her openly that he is strongly opposed to the whole idea, and I’m sure he would not provide her with any pictures. Maybe she could have gotten her hands on the Police Academy calendar pic though. LOL

So, no pics from young Danny. Well, Scott Caan didn’t look much different when he was a kid, so really not much we missed out on.

“Ehm, I’m sorry, was I supposed to say something back to you?” LOL I loved it how they all stayed in character and not tried to please the ‘reporter’. Well, except for Max, but we’ll come to that.







I totally loved those little things, like blurring some images in the background. They do that on the news sometimes, when there is something inappropriate or advertisements in the background. They did it here too. I like it that they are thinking about such small things.


There is another little thing I love about H50, they think about what happened to their guys last time we saw them. Look at Steve; you can still see the healing injury from when he was injured in North Korea. I really like it when the show remembers such things. It’s not always the case, but most of the times they do.


Kono was just as reserved as the others about giving out information or even talking to their ‘shadow’.


I was a bit surprised that we got the title sequence for Five-0, I thought they might skip it for this one. That would have been quite cool actually. But I guess that is not gonna happen.


But I liked it that they kept the fonts in the theme like the fake talk show.


Now we come to a part I think was really off. Max Bergman. I’m sorry, but Max was introduced three years ago as the socially awkward genius. And they kept that image up over the years. He got a little better with people he knows for a while, but no one would call him as someone who interacts with people ‘normally’. And to believe that he was a ‘party animal’ in college? I’m sorry, but I have a really hard time believing that. His whole behavior with Savannah was really off.


Uh, Max busted.


Oh, look who was also invited to the party.


Wow, shootout right in front of the camera. I bet Savannah expected something very different to what is happening. But I must say I’m getting a bit disappointed in our guys. This is the second time that they lost in a shootout with Wo Fat. Maybe it is time to send them all back to the shooting range. No one was able to hit him? That is quite unbelievable.

And please can someone tell me why they didn’t go after him when he drove off? They simply thought, oh well, he got away, let’s get HPD look for him? That was really stupid.




I liked it how kind of shy Kono was about her tech skills. Xbox – LOL


Any resemblance? Just kidding. They better NOT go there. Just saying.


First time I didn’t like Max. But as I said I think his character was totally off.


I totally loved Danny’s attitude regarding the camera team. “Beat it, go away.” LOL


I think it was adorable how different Charlie Fong looked during his screen time. Very cleverly done.


I liked it that they didn’t break their pattern and still went to Kamekona for lunch. And of course the big guy tried to use it for his enterprise.



This part I truly really loved. The cargument from the other side. That was great and a totally different perspective. Loved it. And she’s a clever one. They love each other. That is surely true.





And another great stunt from the amazing stunt team of Five-0. 58 feet down into 8 feet deep water.

“Welcome to my world.” Danny, this was a good one.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After they talked to the victim’s girlfriend they found out that the removed skin was a tattoo. So they went to the tattoo shop to hopefully get a copy of it.


Seriously writers? The victim tattooed the map onto his arm so he doesn’t forget where he buried something? I’m sorry but this whole storyline about the tattoo and Wo Fat going after it and the ‘treasure’ is really too far out there, and simply as Savannah told us in the beginning, unbelievable.


Loved how they got Catherine into the episode, and I liked all the information we got. Her CO and Steve going way back is valuable information. And I’m sure they both enjoy their little game playing about breakfast and dinner plans. 😉 And I loved her It’s none of America’s business. LOL


Well, Miss Savannah, 3D printers are great, but they work neither that fast nor that precise to duplicate an engraved plate to print 100 $ bills. But nice try though. That was really a bit farfetched.


After some brainstorming in the office we’re going out to find the hidden treasure and get some more information about Hawaii. Very nice.



Can someone tell what Steve has hanging from the safety hook on his vest?


No, Steve, not fair, we don’t want to stay back. We want in on the action.


I must say catching Wo Fat was kind of anticlimactic, but I actually liked it. He is such a brilliant villain, and getting caught in such a way was kind of cool. And I loved the use of the phone camera.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I really liked her tribute to the task force. I think it was great to acknowledge what law enforcement officers do every day to keep people safe.


Well, looks like Wo Fat is not going anywhere. At least for a short while.

I really liked the ending with Steve at the hospital. He does care. If he wants to admit it or not.



So, I guess it’s time for my verdict? Well, you already pretty much got it in the beginning. I thought the episode was refreshing and interesting. But I felt like an outsider, I had a hard time to connect to what was happening. I like it a lot more when I’m right in the middle of it. Their normal style makes me part of the team, and I missed that this time.

But I still enjoyed it. It had great fun moments in it and some drama. But all in all I don’t need this kind of show again.

Therefore this one gets a B minus.