To Cokie and Alex O’Loughlin. You wonder why I have to thank them both at the same time? Well, without Alex I wouldn’t have gotten such a wonderful gift.

But let me start at the beginning.

We all know that Alex loves to cut his hair as soon as the last scene is filmed and they are officially on hiatus.

We have seen some very short hair, and also some very strange hair.



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The plot thickens

I’m pretty sure many of you have heard the ‘rumors’ by now.

Alex and Malia tied the knot on April 17. Seems that it was just confirmed. 🙂


I wish them all the love in the world, and a happy and long marriage.


Couldn’t they find a better picture than this? 😉

Still not shaved off ;-)

As I said to Cokie, this year, with a wife and three kids the hair will not be shaven off. I should go and collect my win. 😉

A very cool Alex sighting by Miss Hawaii. Thank you for sharing. And thank you Alex for being a good sport and letting her take that picture, fully knowing it would end up all over the place. I love it that he’s so relaxed and cool about this.

… Soooo last night while I was dancing at the Halekulani I walked by a private party that didn’t have any live entertainment. Not knowing whose party it was, I offered to dance a hula for them and they graciously accepted. Come to find out it was Alex O’loughlin’s family function!!  I’ve never been so nervous to dance a hula in my LIFE!!! Clearly you can tell from this pic that I was star struck lol. Such a nice guy and beautiful family. It was an honor. Do something nice for others and good things will come to you! #alexoloughlin#hawaii50 #mcgarrett #bigfan #misshawaii#halekulani…

Skyler and Alex


Yes, I know there is at least one more, but I don’t think that one was authorized by Alex, so I won’t post it here.