Happy 2020

We wish everyone a Happy New Year.

We wish you happiness, laughter and love. Most of all, health, so you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

Thank you all for coming by in 2019. We always enjoy your thoughts, how you agree or disagree with us. Always a pleasure hearing different opinions.

We appreciate every single one of you.

For our show we hope for good stories and great episodes.

We want to thank everyone working on the show for giving us ten fabulous years.

To everyone, may 2020 be all you wish for.

A special thank you to our contributors, the ones posting, and the ones behind the scenes. Thank you to LeiCa, Sunny and Cokie. Without you this blog wouldn’t be here.

Rest In Peace, Dad

Yesterday at six p.m. my dad passed away.

He died at almost 88 years old. His life was full of laughter, life and love for his family. He went through good times and bad times, but never lost his sense of humor.

He met his wife when they were just teenagers, and he had been heartbroken when she died two years ago. Now they are back together. Forever.

Dad, I will always love you, I will always miss you, but I know you are at peace now.

Thank you for all you have given me.


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Merry Christmas


To everyone a wonderful and peaceful time. I hope you will be able to spent the days with family and friends.

Thanks to all who will work at this time of year. Especially to everyone who is there to help others in need. Thanks to all those great people who help make this world a better place. Thanks to all the people giving their time to serve others. You are real heroes.

Blog update

As I mentioned I had, or better still have to deal with a family emergency at the moment. On Saturday morning, my dad suffered a stroke.

Thankfully, I was there at the time; thanks to that the timespan until treatment was very short. Not even 30 minutes after the event he was in a bed in the special stroke unit and received treatment. Since he was way in the three-hour time window the doctors are hopeful.

But of course, a stroke is not really predictable, so we won’t know for sure until later how permanently handicapped he will be. Or if he will even survive it. Unfortunately, one out of five don’t survive the first four weeks.

He is aware of what has happened, can answer questions and engages in conversations. But his left arm and leg are affected by the stroke. We have to wait and see what will happen in the next days.

I have now not only to deal with my own treatment, but also with visits to my dad, who, of course, is in a different hospital than where I get my daily radiation therapy. (I will give an update about my situation later.)

And I have to integrate my dad’s dog Lotte into my household with three young cats. Lotte is a well-behaved Border-Collie-mix, and she already lives with my dad’s cat Kasi. So, the first meet and greet with my three Ninjas was pretty cool. But I guess we will need another week before she can stay with me all the time. So far, I pretty much live at my dad’s place. Thankfully, we all live on the same grounds.


So, you can see, I am kinda time restricted at the moment. As we all know, our passion for H50 and AOL is a really nice and cool thing, but real life comes first. But I’m sure I will make updates when something interesting happens.

Thank you for your patience, and remember to always enjoy life as if it was your last day. One day it will be.