Favorites season 7


In the last two weeks you could vote for your top 5 episodes of season seven. And many people participated.

All in all we gathered 667 and 117 votes. Thank you!

Please remember, this is just a silly voting by fans. It has no meaning for the fate of the show, so don’t get pissy if your episode didn’t make it to the top.

Let’s take a look at the results. In my eyes, nothing surprising there. Personally, I think season seven had some really good episodes, I could have voted for more than five this season. Some that were great fun to watch. Yes, often with silly plot holes and other things to complain about. Liver and radiation poisoning aside, I think season seven was one of the best seasons so far. If you manage to ignore those two absolutely ridiculous plots, you have some great action, drama and fun. But more about that in the editorial which is still in the works. Sorry, but I’m very time restricted at the moment.

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Your Top 5 episodes of S 7


I hope everyone had enough time to reflect on season.

So, read through the reminder of the season seven episodes and then make your choice.

As an extra bonus you can name your ONE most favorite episode of season 7. Just type in your favorite episode like this 7.24 or 724, or simply 24; it’s all fine.

And then use the poll to name your five eps in no particular order.

The poll will be open for two weeks.

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Danno’s Pizza Parlor


So, should Danny retire and open a restaurant as he suggested in the sneak peek?

Would he then maybe become a happy and content person? One who doesn’t constantly complain about everything and everyone? One who might actually be a nice and likeable person?

Or will he bitch and moan no matter what he does?

I think he should retire and try his luck with something else. I never believed he was special task force material. Which doesn’t mean he couldn’t shine at something else. Maybe he simply hasn’t found his calling yet. I would be happy to see him happy and enjoying his life and work.

So, what do you think? Should he leave police work behind and try his luck with something else?

Winners and Losers 2

These 10 episodes managed to get 44 votes in total. As a comparison, the top episode received 54 votes. I think that 6.19, 7.01 and 7.10 are really great episodes, of course, since you could only pick three, they didn’t have a chance to win. At least I think so. I am very happy with the top three, but hey, we’re not there yet. 😉


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Winners and Losers

So, here they are… the winners, or should I say losers? Today, I’ll give you the episodes that no one voted for.

They are not all that bad, OK, maybe Lou in Chicago really was, but the others at least had really good scenes in them. Some were actually quite entertaining.

Of course, calling any of them a favorite would be quite a stretch. 😉 And in that light, I think it is understandable that they didn’t get any votes.

Actually, I find it quite amusing what ‘professional critiques’ think are the best episodes, and then we see what the normal viewer actually likes. Huge difference in most cases.

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