Back from Hiatus

Well, to be honest, the hiatus felt more like hibernation. 😉 But it’s over now, which means back to business.

We hope you all had a great summer, and will enjoy the further weeks until fall.

Most of you will probably already know that there is another SOTB this year. Sunset on the Beach will be on September 14. There still seems to be slight confusion about the night’s program.


There will be the premiere of Magnum PI, which I think can be a good thing. The new show will get a lot of press, which will also be good for H50. Guys, don’t forget, our show goes into its ninth year. So any and all press they can get is good.

Cindy Lauper will perform after the premiere.

Confusion seems to be about if the premiere of H50, which will be Cocoon, an homage to the original show, will air or not. I guess we will have to wait and see.

So, that’s it for today, but we will update with more news soon, and tomorrow we will post a poll about your favorite season 8 episode.

Credit for SOTB-pic to Peter Lenkov on Instagram

Season 9


The confirmation for season 9 is just in. 🙂

Congratulations to everyone involved in the show. Whatever you think of the one or other episode… nine seasons is an enormous accomplishment.

Personally, I am very happy to get another season. Of course, now we need to get the news that the right people have signed on for the new season. 😉

Credit for the news and picture to Peter Lenkov

New ET interview


Alex O’Loughlin Reveals Why He’s Changing His Tune About Leaving ‘Hawaii Five-0’

Alex O’Loughlin is adding another title to his all-encompassing Hawaii Five-0 resume.

The 41-year-old star, who has valiantly led the Five-0 team as Steve McGarrett, makes his directorial debut with Friday’s season eight episode of the CBS action drama, stepping behind the camera for the first time in his career. 

In the installment, titled “E Ho’Oko Kuleana (To One’s Duty),” the ex-wife of the man who shot Danny (Scott Caan) in an early season eight episode finds her way to Oahu, kicking off a slew of flashbacks to a time when the actions of a younger Danny, living in New Jersey at the time, helped save her life. While Danny’s past comes back to roost, Tani (Meaghan Rath) and Junior (Beulah Koale) patrol the island, providing levity to an action-packed hour, and Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) is framed for the murder of the crime boss he’s been hot on the heels of.

Ahead of the episode’s premiere, ET jumped on the phone with O’Loughlin for a candid conversation about his directorial debut, why he’s backtracking on comments he made about his desire to step away from Hawaii Five-0 after the current season and the “trickiest” part about directing himself.

My thoughts are at the end of the interview. Also the link to the original site at the end of the interview.

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Yesterday evening a technician came by to check what is wrong with my phone and internet connection. A nice guy, but he couldn’t help. He at least found out that the main line in front of the house was damaged during work one street over. He didn’t give me any hope that it will be resolved this year. They need to find out where the damage is, then need to repair it. None of that will happen before the new year. That at least was his estimation. “I could be wrong.” His words. Ha. HA!

But that is only half the problem. Inside the house the cables are not able to handle the new fast standard from my cable provider. So, even if they might be able to fix the problem outside, I still won’t be able to get online.

On Monday I have an appointment with Telekom, because a solution to the general problem with the cable provider is not in sight. I might need to change the provider alltogether if I want highspeed access (or any access at all). Of course, that will also take at least four weeks.

So, the year ends just like it started. It SUCKS.

In the meantime, leiCa and Cokie will provide you with fun posts. And Cokie promised to write a review. I can’t, because… see above. No internet means no iTunes.

More doggie news

Peter Lenkov posted a short clip of Five-0’s new member on Instagram. 😉

Not sure, but I think I hear the name Riley when the dog is allowed on the bed. Maybe the dog’s name is Eddie and the character’s Riley? We will see soon enough.

I think it’s a wonderful dog they found; perfect match for McG. I truly hope they won’t screw this up. This could be a great and wonderful addition.

Smooth Dog

Anything on the Hawaii Five-0 team in season 8?
I hear there’s going to be another new member of the team — but it’s definitely not who (or what!) you’re expecting. “There is a story that’s coming up, it actually was Alex O’Loughlin’s idea,” EP Peter Lenkov says. “I wanted to do a story where the victim left in the wake of a tragedy was a dog who lost its owner. It’s a very emotional, really great story. It’s a dog that’s a drug sniffing service dog that McGarrett ends up adopting. It’s a really emotional journey, but it was his idea to keep the dog, and I thought that was a great one.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

That is a spoiler I already like. I just hope they find a good way how McGarrett will find the time to take care of the dog. You know, a dog is not like a cat which you can leave alone for many hours. Cats don’t mind much. But dogs are very different, so it will be interesting to see how they will handle this.