Just a thought


You know, I think it is perfectly OK to rant and rave after the fact. Meaning it is OK to complain after you watched an episode. It is OK to voice your displeasure (or pleasure, of course) with some (or all) parts of an episode.

That is, after you have watched it, and have formed an opinion. But I find it strange to get totally worked up over something you haven’t even seen yet.

People read a spoiler that might or might not come true, and are getting totally out of shape over it. No matter how reliable a source you think it might be, as long as you haven’t seen it in an episode, it is just utter rubbish. And not worth losing your sh/t over it.

Personally, I think it is a waste of brainpower, and a form of disrespect to criticize something you haven’t even seen.

I always wonder why people take something, even the most outrageous things, at face value. I have no problem with people saying “if they are going that route, I will not like it”. The operative word here is IF. But lately, people don’t write in that form, they write like a spoiler is the absolute truth and is what will happen.

Bashing something before the fact is wrong, in my eyes. And kills a lot of the fun.

I also tend to react to spoilers, and I have seen some that I absolutely don’t like. But I will hold my judgement until I have seen the final product. Heck, filming is still a few weeks away. So, why not cool your heels, enjoy the rest of the hiatus and you start ranting late September?

What’s your take on all the spoilers that are flooding the internet? And more importantly, do you think it’s worth the trouble to get nuts about it without any real knowledge? Or should one just lean back and wait for what is to come?

Please keep your comments spoiler free.

Your Top 5 episodes of S 7


I hope everyone had enough time to reflect on season.

So, read through the reminder of the season seven episodes and then make your choice.

As an extra bonus you can name your ONE most favorite episode of season 7. Just type in your favorite episode like this 7.24 or 724, or simply 24; it’s all fine.

And then use the poll to name your five eps in no particular order.

The poll will be open for two weeks.

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New Year


I wish you all a great and wonderful 2017.

Thank you for participating on this blog. I appreciate all of you greatly.

I know that this year had some sucky times for most of us, but I also hope that all of you had times of joy and happiness. My wish for you is that you can look back and say “not all was bad”. I hope that you had some truly great moments.

And I wish you more wonderful times in the coming year. Whatever may come, never, ever lose your passion for what you love.

I wish you happiness, love and health. And to take everything with a bit of humor… it makes life easier. 😉

2016 Favorite

The end of the year is near; time for the annual poll for your favorite episode.

So, what was your favorite in 2016? Was it one from season six, or did you like all of season seven better?

Pick your three top episodes. The poll will be open until the new year.

And yes, I do know the review for 7.11 is still missing. It will come.

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And the winner is…

Well, you have spoken. 🙂

Thank you all for participating in our little, fun poll. Please remember that this poll is not representative. So, if your favorite episode is not among the winners… don’t fret it.

Doesn’t matter what you enjoy most about Five-0 as long as you do enjoy it to the fullest. So, let’s have a look at which episodes made it to the top.

Let’s start with rank 20 to 6.

Rank 20 to 6

Can’t remember which episode number is which episode? Go here and take a look.

And now… the winners!

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… Or Why I Still Love Five-0

I bet for many people there is an easy answer to the question “Why do you love Five-0?”. At first glance that would be an easy one for me too. Yes, like for many others, the main draw to the show, and lately even more so, is my love for one actor.

But as I said that would be the easy answer, and as I found out after reflecting on the past seasons, and in particular the last one, not the right answer.

In this season we’re going from a man in love, ready to propose, to a man losing almost everything important to him. The woman he loves and his liver. 😉 That pretty much sucks.

This season could be called “From happily ever after to happy liver after”.


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