Sunset On The Beach 2019


Earlier this week, the SOTB 2019 was held on Waikiki Beach. Oddly enough, as far as I heard, the stars didn’t sit through the screening. I am sure they had their reasons.

I am sure the private screening on Friday with Alex’s episode 10.07 was the much more interesting event anyway. 😉 (Check out Instagram for some very cool pictures and videos from the event)

Here are a few pictures and interview snippets. All credit goes to Hawaiian News Now. Link to the orginal site at the end.

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Guests on Five-0

If you remember, Sam promised that today we would have a post about “future guest stars she would love to see on Five-0”.  That was her post, verbatim.

So far, she has come up with zilch. I suggested someone and suddenly, I was asked for a post for the blog. So, here it is. Very professional and very thought out… in the 20 seconds it took to type the above.  🙂

Have you had your thinking caps on? Who would you like to see on Season 9? Do you have a specific actor you would love to watch? Or do you have a character you would like to either see again or to introduce?

I thought of a couple I will throw out there.

First, I loved Jason Dohring and Alex playing in Moonlight together. I would love seeing Jason as a former Navy friend of Steve’s. A friend who (a) is good and doesn’t turn bad; and (b) doesn’t die.  I would love a flashback, but have them friends in present day. You know Steve has friends in the Navy and also on the island. It would be fun to see some of them. NOT Dog… I’m not sure how he ended up on there.

My second thought for guest stars are none other than McBear and Captain Lou. I’m sure they could add a thing or two to the ensemble and teach Danny a thing or two about acting.