LD – Your choice of change


Here is our next question for our discussion “forum”: What one thing would you have changed in the first nine years of H50? How would that have impacted how the story progressed?

OK, ONE thing is really hard to do, so we expand that to THREE things. 😉

Here are my three I would have changed.

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LD – Character discussion


Our thanks go to Mamayorkie, who came up with a few interesting topics to discuss. The question for today’s discussion: Which character/(s) have proven to be the most ill conceived and unworthy of screen time?

Remember, play nice. 😉

About the above picture, I hope we will get some great new promo shots soon.

LD – Wishes for season 10


Season ten is almost here, time to think about what the wishes for it are.

After being pretty disappointed with season nine, I have high hopes for season ten. Here are my wishes for the next season. This is not what I think will happen, but hope to see at least some of it.

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Let’s discuss


Welcome to our first “Discussion-Post”.

You probably ask yourself what that is. Well, since Hawaii Five-0 reached its tenth season, which is an amazing accomplishment, we thought it would be cool to celebrate this with a very active blog.

We plan to enjoy H50’s maybe last season to the fullest with reviews for every episode. And with lively discussions for various topics.

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