LD – Let’s forget that ever happened?


Do you remember way back in Season 3 when the team referred to Magnum as a TV show? Even back then I thought that was an odd thing to do; I mean with being a reboot of a well known TV-show itself. I thought, someday it will bite them in the ass. 😉

And now we will get the crossover Five-0/Magnum on January 3rd. Of course, some fans see that as a big problem.

Personally, I couldn’t care less about that problem. I actually think it’s laughable with all the other problems like lack of continuity and dropped characters on this show.

Magnum has really grown on me, and I enjoy it very much. I am looking forward to the cross-over.

So, how about you? Is this reference from years ago bothering you now? Or do you ignore such things?

And what would you like to forget it ever happened on the show?

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LD – Spoilers, yes or no?


With the highly anticipated 10.07 just hours away, it’s time to talk about spoilers.

Do you want them, or do you like to be surprised?

Well, honestly, I am ambivalent about them. On one hand, I am perfectly fine with general spoilers. For example, like Doris will be in the episode.

But I don’t want to know what will happen in detail. Yes, I do know about the leaked pages, but truly hope they were leaked on purpose. As a red herring.

I never watch the sneak peeks, and I try to avoid the promos as much as possible. I like to be surprised. I guess it also depends on the mood; sometimes I like them better than not. 😉

It’s very difficult to give the viewers enough so that they want to watch, without spoiling the fun. Unfortunately, CBS is very bad in finding that balance. 😉

So, how do you handle spoilers? Do you seek them out, or are you mad when you stumble upon them by mistake?

LD – D-Lightful


OK, people, I think the time has come to talk about the elephant in the room. Danny.

What is your take on where they are going with the character? Have been going for quite a few years.

Personally, I think the character had potential in the very beginning. But his behavior and his constant negativity and calling Steve names got old really quickly. I didn’t like that, and I failed to see the great detective in him. I think they failed to portray him like one.

And in later years he just got nastier and nastier. In 3.15, Hookman, he was called “a nasty human being”. And not by one of the bad guys. I think that hits the nail on the head. That is what Danny has become to me, a nasty human being. A person I wouldn’t want to spend any amount of time with.

And quite frankly, I think the show benefits greatly from his absence. It feels more rounded, smoother and way more relaxed.

So, what is your take on the character? Please remember, this discussion is about the character. At a later point this season we will have discussion posts about various actors. But please remember to separate the actor from the character.

LD – Your choice of change


Here is our next question for our discussion “forum”: What one thing would you have changed in the first nine years of H50? How would that have impacted how the story progressed?

OK, ONE thing is really hard to do, so we expand that to THREE things. 😉

Here are my three I would have changed.

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LD – Character discussion


Our thanks go to Mamayorkie, who came up with a few interesting topics to discuss. The question for today’s discussion: Which character/(s) have proven to be the most ill conceived and unworthy of screen time?

Remember, play nice. 😉

About the above picture, I hope we will get some great new promo shots soon.