Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 10.15

I can’t believe that there are only 7 episodes left until the season finale. Wow. Looking forward to a lot more of the heart of the show, but I understand that Alex sometimes needs some time off. He deserves it. His commitment to the show and first and foremost to the crew-members made this thing last for 10 years (and more! I’m sure.). Now they are wrapping up the season and I am wondering who the ‘mind blowing casting’ is that is announced to happen in the last two episodes. Obama? Keanu? LOL. ~leiCa

There’s a man with profile.

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Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 10.14

(with a little bit of McPlaid from 10.13 because – you know – just LOOK!)

I absolutely loved the McEddie parts of this episode. I just wish we would have had a whole hour of this man and his dog. The incredible talent of this dog and the wonderful subtle acting of Alex O’Loughlin touched me. The starting scene was exciting, so full of anxiety, palpable desperation and energy. On the other hand I had tears in my eyes as Steve was talking about his shitty year and how much this dog means to him. AOL never disappoints. He knows how to create emotions, with finesse and without overacting it. Various facial expressions, a variety of vocal tones. That’s the way it works. ~leiCa

Plaid hair day.

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Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 10.12

Sorry, but I’ve got neither the energy nor the time to do captions. My dog got seriously bitten by a – and here it comes – Mastiff! on Christmas and is still a little bit cranky because she is not allowed to walk that much. And that’s no fun with a Husky. She is getting husky.
So here are some Alexpressions, caption them if you like. 😉


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Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 10.11

Dayu Mei? Oh show, how subtle you are. Die you may? Ho ho ho.

But I loved THIS storyline, very intriguing. I was really okay with the death of Wo Fat, he became boring and repetitive and I needed him dead. Boom. But his ‘comeback’ in this way is interesting and exciting. I feel some awesome Steve scenes coming.

Now onto the last Steve pics of this year. Have fun. ~leiCa

Flashback Friday. Focus found.

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Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 10.10

This was an Alexpressions feast. Thank you, Alex O’Loughlin, for that. It is always a pleasure and makes a lot of stuff worth watching. And thank you Kurt Jones (DP) for this awesome lighting (sometimes just one single light I assume) and the interesting close-ups and angles!

Now I hope you enjoy. It’s a quick and short LpS, because, you know, it is this time of the year. ~leiCa

You spend your entire life waiting for something.

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Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 10.09

Loved Steve’s handshake with Junior’s mom. About time they met, I mean, her son enjoys the hospitality of Steve, Steve’s the man who helped him, dragged him out of the shelter and gave him a job. One would think… she already said Thank You with some cookies.

But at least she raised Junior perfectly, taught him manners, empathy and how to behave as a guest and as a friend; no fake once in a while alibi pseudo concern to make himself feel better.

Team Junior!

Team Eddie!

Team Steve!

Team Mary’s room is out of bounds!

Woof! ~leiCa

The moment you realize the Hemsworths and the Skarsgaards are the Baldwins of our time.

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Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 10.08

Words by Alex O’Loughlin

I was surprised by a pretty good episode. I even enjoyed the second storyline.

But what was really excellent was Alex’s portrayal of Steve, a Steve still in shock, a devastated Steve, a Steve so full of hurt and pain. His Steve was kind of ‘reduced’ for a lack of a better word, he was more quiet, had a low voice and you could feel that Steve desperately tried not to lose it. It made me feel for him so much. The continuity was so very well done by Alex! Thank you, Mr. O’Loughlin. So I thought some quotes of the man himself would be very fitting for this episode. Hope you enjoy. ~leiCa

“I think really if there’s nothing out there in the dark, then once we’re dead we’re just dead and all religion, all spiritual belief, is redundant. So there has to be something else, or what’s the point? And if we accept that there has to be something … then there can be anything.”

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