Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 10.09

Loved Steve’s handshake with Junior’s mom. About time they met, I mean, her son enjoys the hospitality of Steve, Steve’s the man who helped him, dragged him out of the shelter and gave him a job. One would think… she already said Thank You with some cookies.

But at least she raised Junior perfectly, taught him manners, empathy and how to behave as a guest and as a friend; no fake once in a while alibi pseudo concern to make himself feel better.

Team Junior!

Team Eddie!

Team Steve!

Team Mary’s room is out of bounds!

Woof! ~leiCa

The moment you realize the Hemsworths and the Skarsgaards are the Baldwins of our time.

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Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 10.08

Words by Alex O’Loughlin

I was surprised by a pretty good episode. I even enjoyed the second storyline.

But what was really excellent was Alex’s portrayal of Steve, a Steve still in shock, a devastated Steve, a Steve so full of hurt and pain. His Steve was kind of ‘reduced’ for a lack of a better word, he was more quiet, had a low voice and you could feel that Steve desperately tried not to lose it. It made me feel for him so much. The continuity was so very well done by Alex! Thank you, Mr. O’Loughlin. So I thought some quotes of the man himself would be very fitting for this episode. Hope you enjoy. ~leiCa

“I think really if there’s nothing out there in the dark, then once we’re dead we’re just dead and all religion, all spiritual belief, is redundant. So there has to be something else, or what’s the point? And if we accept that there has to be something … then there can be anything.”

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A plea for H50 Season 10 DVD Package

A Plea for H50 Season 10 DVD Package

We, as fans of Hawaii Five-0 have a heart-felt plea for this season’s DVD set. 

Please consider adding the lost (cut) scenes from Episode 10.07 to the Season 10 DVD set. Knowing so much more was written and directed by Alex O’Loughlin, we feel certain much was left on the cutting room floor. We wish you could share with the rest of us!

Maybe we can even hope for a director’s cut of this amazing episode?

Your consideration of our request would be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely and thank you,

Mostly Five-0 Blog

(Visitors of this blog, if you agree with our request, please either comment or simply sign this post. Or like the post on Twitter. Please spread the word.)

Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 10.05

Horror Movie Quote Edition

Now this was an episode I enjoyed – if you can say that for a Halloween episode. But I have to say I liked the storyline with Steve, Junior, Duke and Noelani way more. The other one was over the top, predictable and with a really weird unsatisfying ending.

But how awesome is it to see Duke more involved? And how incredibly awesome are Steve and Noelani together? And just thinking I could have more of the wonderful McJunior if someone else finally decides to go back to Jersey? These four actors bring it! In every scene. So I am a little bit miffed we clearly got robbed of Steve and Junior scenes at the end. There’s something on the editing floor, I am sure.

I am not convinced of the Quinn/Tani pairing. It was their second time, and their second failure. Tsk tsk.

Another thing: The boy who played Tunde was great! This kid can act!

I was disappointed that there was no Steve/Max hug, but we got these awesome Steve/Noelani moments instead, so all is good in my world.

Now let’s go. Read the captions with a deep and raspy voice. It’s scary times! Muahaha! ~leiCa

Good evening students of the macabre!

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