Guests on Five-0

If you remember, Sam promised that today we would have a post about “future guest stars she would love to see on Five-0”.  That was her post, verbatim.

So far, she has come up with zilch. I suggested someone and suddenly, I was asked for a post for the blog. So, here it is. Very professional and very thought out… in the 20 seconds it took to type the above.  🙂

Have you had your thinking caps on? Who would you like to see on Season 9? Do you have a specific actor you would love to watch? Or do you have a character you would like to either see again or to introduce?

I thought of a couple I will throw out there.

First, I loved Jason Dohring and Alex playing in Moonlight together. I would love seeing Jason as a former Navy friend of Steve’s. A friend who (a) is good and doesn’t turn bad; and (b) doesn’t die.  I would love a flashback, but have them friends in present day. You know Steve has friends in the Navy and also on the island. It would be fun to see some of them. NOT Dog… I’m not sure how he ended up on there.

My second thought for guest stars are none other than McBear and Captain Lou. I’m sure they could add a thing or two to the ensemble and teach Danny a thing or two about acting.


Say what?!

Take your last chance to enter the poll to win a cool Alex prize. Next week we will start the poll and show you what the winner will get.

No, I’ve not gone off the rocker with this picture. I’m not a huge Danny fan, as most know, but I really love this picture. So, to give the Danny fans a chance to win something, here you go. OH, IF a die-hard Danny fan would be the winner, the prize could be adjusted accordingly. Well, we’ll come to that when the time comes. 🙂


“Say what???”

Sam has been picking my brain for some fun things to do on Mostly Five-0 this summer, and I have to tell you, all that poking around in there hurts!!! But we thought of something we hope might generate some fun participation.

Now, be honest… how many times have you seen a photo and wondered what the person in it was thinking at the time? We all have, right? So, you will have an opportunity this summer to “Say what??” on some photos we will post.

Photos will be posted on Tuesdays. Your comments can be funny, snarky, serious, whatever you think, but we want your participation. Starting on August 12, we will have a poll to judge the best captions. The person who submits the best caption will win a wonderful surprise delivered directly to them. No… I’m sorry but it won’t be Steve all wrapped up in a bow!!!

Let’s have fun. Here is your first photo. Now… “Say what???”

Give it your best shot

By the way, Cokie, I still think he’s looking at me. 🙂


Horse fun and research

So, Cokie and I are doing some research. Yeah, on horses and… other stuff.

We thought YOU all could be a great source for any fun info about your experiences with horses. Tell us your entertaining encounter with your first horse, your first riding lesson, or your first fall off the horse, or just a great and wonderful horseback ride you did. We’re interested in everything you like to share.


It’s the Thought that Counts

Cokie is just having some fun with our favorite couple. 😉

“Hey, I bought you a scented candle today.”

“Ooh, well, aren’t you sweet!   Which scent did you get? I’ve heard their new summer scents are great.”

“Yeah, look at it. Isn’t that cool?”

“Camo? You bought me a camo candle?”

“Yeah, how great is that? Who knew camo even had a smell? And I know how much you miss your camo.”

“Uh, yeah, right. Thanks, Steve. Really, you shouldn’t have.”

“Anything for you, Cath. You know that.”


Mourning a loss

I guess everyone by now knows that Michelle Borth a.k.a. Catherine Rollins will not be back for the fifth season of Hawaii Five-0.

I’m not normally one to jump to any conclusions, and that is why I was very reluctant to agree to the rumors that she would leave. Even though it has been obvious for weeks now that something was not right in paradise. Call it denial if you want, but I call it common sense.



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