Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 9.09

I think this was a lame episode. The handling of the whole Adam/Tani story was embarrassing. Does Steve know? Does he not know? What the heck? If I hadn’t already I would have to write something about this stupidity. And am I the only one flinching every time I see Adam wearing a weapon and a badge? This is so ridiculous.

But I love Jerry, always have. He has become a valuable member of 5-0.

And Linty Williams’ superpower is indeed dannoying people to death. But he is also The Invisible. Not that I’m complaining. So no, Mini D, your Dad is no superhero at all.

I wish we had the real deal at the chopper at the end and not the comic version of Steve. Because that is exactly something he would have done. Boom! Poof! Bang! Smack!

Let’s have a look at Hawaii’s human, vulnerable, trained, unselfish, altruistic BatMan.

SEAL sign’s up in the sky!



Never had a bad hairy chest day.

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Let’s pic(k) Steve

Episode 9.07

Special Edition

I always wanted to do a movie quote version of Let’s pic(k) Steve and I think this episode would be the perfect choice. So here we go folks, let’s see if  you know movies! I won’t tell which movies the quotes are from until later. So let me hear your ideas!

If you have seen the episode you can certainly feel my struggle to just pick 28 pictures out of several hundreds.

28. I’m nuts.



Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.

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Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 9.06

I absolutely loved this episode! While watching the second time to make the pic(k)s I often forgot to snap because I was so fascinated by Mr. O’Loughlin. Such a fine actor. He has it all. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I’ve got tons of pics but had to hold back the pic(k)s because the more pic(k)s, the more captions. And the more captions, the more my brain goes poof! And hubby won’t like that. At least he told me so. He likes my brain intact. Kind of intact. He is realistic.

Here we go. leiCa


It’s character that makes you respect others.

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Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 9.05

This episode was a pleasant surprise, I really liked it. Both storylines where good.

I like Jerry! He is a wonderful guy, really caring for others, he has a really good heart.

Tani’s behaviour is absolutely not okay. I hope she goes to Steve immediately.

Love Steve’s softness when it comes to little kids. This man has it all.

But all in all there was not enough Steve in this episode, I understand that Alex needs some time out, he carried this show for more than eight years now, but the selfish me needs way more Steve. He is THE reason…

 And he looked mighty fine. leiCa



Who am I, where am I, and why so early?

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Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 9.04

I loved the Steve and Duke scenes! Duke is so lucky to have a friend like Steve. And vice versa of course.

It would have been awesome if the two SEALs in the show had shared some memories, some insights, some experiences…

Here we go again. leiCa


Insert a dark and menacing voice: “I’m not your uncle…” KHHRRR KSHHH.

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