So, we finally watched the episode. I really liked it. I loved Eddie, but was a bit disappointed about the amount of screen-time. I hope we’ll see a lot more of him.

Looking forward to the integration of Junior, I think he will be an interesting and likeable character.

Loved Steve and Grover, a great pairing.

The case was way too predictable to be interesting.

The highlights surely were Steve and Eddie. Such an adorable pair. 😉 Their scenes were the best parts of the episode.

All in all, I have nothing much to complain about. It was, for me, a very enjoyable episode.
(By the way, this was Sam’s POV)

Update on Sam

Hello all!   I heard from Sam a little bit ago.  She was out of surgery and back in her room, but the doctor or nurse hadn’t been in yet to speak with her.   Surgery was delayed a couple hours this morning, so everything was set back.  I will post later after I hear more from her but just wanted to let everyone know that surgery was over.