Chloe’s Story


Let us tell you a heart warming story about a sweet little creature named Chloe.

At Thanksgiving, a stray cat showed up and helped herself to the cat food outside. You see, we provide cat food and shelter and health care to a few stray cats. They have been living for years in our garage, knowing that they always have a safe, warm place to come to.

Anyway, she was cute and very friendly but had a runny nose and was dirty, so I didn’t invite her in, at least at first. We assumed she had been dropped around here from someone who didn’t want her.

My two grandkids played with her and took pictures, videos, etc. My grandson asked people on his YouTube channel what to name her and they decided on Chloe.

So, the stray cat had a name. You know where this is going, right?

After the kids went home, my grandson would call or text, asking how Chloe was, so I shared some pictures between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We would always feed her when we fed our other outside cat and she ate like a little pig.

One day before Christmas, I went outside and she marched herself in the house like she owned it.

So… at each mealtime, Chloe started coming in the house.

She was still dirty, had a crusty nose and didn’t smell very good, but she was one of the most loving cats I have ever seen. After eating one day, she took up residence on an afghan on the couch and took a nap.

Sam arrived before Christmas and Chloe quickly made another new friend. Oh, yeah, you wouldn’t believe my surprise when she was the only one greeting me at the door when I arrived that Sunday morning. 😉

The kids also came back and they were happy to find Chloe in the house. She did sleep in the garage at night… I didn’t trust her totally. Yet.

Sam and I gave her a much needed bath and she was so good, almost like she wanted to get clean. Because of her crusty nose, we washed her face before and after every meal. Every morning when I got up, she was waiting at the front door, knocking to come in and she headed straight to her food bowl, expecting it to already have food in it.

I noticed on Tuesday that she wasn’t eating and her cold/respiratory issues seemed worse, so I became worried and called a vet for an appointment. They said that given her symptoms, she might be contagious so we set an appointment for 6 p.m.

They looked at her and then took her back for fluids and some tests. She has a respiratory infection and infection in both ears.

But…. they discovered she was chipped and got her information and called her Momma who couldn’t believe she had been found.

This little cat has been missing from her home since 2015!

Chloe’s momma and dad came later that day to pick her up. Her name is really Sallie and they were so happy to find her.

This isn’t the outcome I had expected but I am so happy for this little ball of fluff. She knew she needed someone to take care of her and made sure we took notice of her. I am so glad we decided to take her to the vet.

A huge shout out to Banfield Animal Hospital 1177 and all the people there. They kept thanking us for bringing her in.

So, Miss Sallie, I wish you much love and happiness in your future. Please don’t ever leave home again. And, just for the record, as my grandson said tonight, you will always be Chloe to us.

Sweet dreams, Baby Girl. You have had a rough life in the last few years and deserve all the love you can get.

If you think this is the end of the story, we have to disappoint you. 🙂 Yes, this would be a happy ending for Chloe, eh Sallie, but we promised a happy ending for all involved. So, the story continues.

So, Sallie went home to her parents.

But I got a call a couple of days later. Sweet Sallie wasn’t enjoying her life with dogs and another cat that her owners got after she went missing.

So we were offered the opportunity to adopt her.

I say all of that to introduce you to our new little girl! When she was with us, my grandson named her Chloe so everyone wanted to call her Chloe.

My daughter said she needed a middle name and chose Chloe Grace. Grace references the fact that Chloe is a wobbly little kitty who sometimes loses her balance.

Here is our little Chloe Grace. A sweet little cat on her way to be healthy and beautiful again. See, we promised a happy ending. 🙂



12 thoughts on “Chloe’s Story

  1. Awe, this is such a sweet story! She really wanted to live with you and she chose yours as her forever home! This made my day! Thank you!❤️🐈

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  2. Chloe chose well, and now it is the way it’s meant to be. I love the dark spots on her nose and on her chin. ❤

    If only I would know how to win over a cat, I don't speak cattish, I'm more fluent in doggish.
    I am a catsitter this weak, a friend had to go on a business trip and now I am looking for Flori, a cute little cat from a shelter. She lives with my friend for 10 weeks now and some weeks ago she got a thick chin.
    She had countless appointments at the vets, surgery where there pulled some teeth and took a bone sample, because the bone didn't look good and they think it is cancer. We'll get the results today. Fingers crossed!
    My problem? This cat hates me. She hides every time I'm coming into the house, although I am the one who feeds her. And that is because I was the one who helped to put her into the box when she had an appointment at the vets. A lot of times. So she thinks when I am entering 'her' house, shitty things will happen. Sigh. So I am the a//hole here. I get that…
    She hides behind the couch while I am preparing her food (and antibiotics) and when I am in the bathroom, cleaning her litter box, she rushes to her bowl. But when I come back she is behind the couch again (although it is a really small space, but if it fits, she sits). I am smart, I see that some food is missing. 😉
    I would love to play with her, entertain her a little bit because the cat flap won't be built in until Friday. But nope, no chance… Any ideas?


    1. Patience is the only way with cats. When I got my little ones almost four years ago, one of them took seven months before she let me touch her. I will never forget that Christmas Eve when she decided it was time to be touched. I shed tears of joy. Best Christmas gift ever.
      Cats are smart and stubborn. You will win her over when she is ready. 😉

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  3. Awwww Cokie! You’re a hero! You saved that baby like she was on her last of her nine lives! I ’d really love to give you a hug right now. I guess it will have to be virtual. 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

    And I love the Grace part of her name.😉

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