Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 10.14

(with a little bit of McPlaid from 10.13 because – you know – just LOOK!)

I absolutely loved the McEddie parts of this episode. I just wish we would have had a whole hour of this man and his dog. The incredible talent of this dog and the wonderful subtle acting of Alex O’Loughlin touched me. The starting scene was exciting, so full of anxiety, palpable desperation and energy. On the other hand I had tears in my eyes as Steve was talking about his shitty year and how much this dog means to him. AOL never disappoints. He knows how to create emotions, with finesse and without overacting it. Various facial expressions, a variety of vocal tones. That’s the way it works. ~leiCa

Plaid hair day.

Beautifully plaid, crossing the lines.

Ashampoo_Snap_2020.01.15_16h11m19s_105_ (2)
Chest hair. Checked.

Steve had to stop him from going to a flea market.

Eddie discovered eBay. Sold the cat.

Hopes the Lab report comes back okay.

Wait, you mean my Labracadabrador turned the cat into a bookend?

*tilts his head like Eddie* *thinks he’s cute*

Getting some infurmation.

Eddie went into a flea circus and stole the show.

Hurry Steve, all food must go to the Lab for testing.

Smoothdog’s day was ruff.



Sadly Eddie’s got PTS.

Hopefully D gets a STD.

Because really, WHAT was that?

This woman had a questionable taste on so many levels…

And where did he go at the end? Why didn’t he talk to the meds? Showed them the way? Maybe she wasn’t dead, maybe there was a little bit of hope? How did he know for sure? He is by far no Steve, never was, never will be. Steve fights till the end, never loses hope, stays strong – D wouldn’t have survived a minuscule part of what Steve has gone through in his life. And yet Steve’s still strong, doesn’t need any nooners, doesn’t need to puff his chest out to hide any insecurities and to fake masculinity.

Steve’s a real man.

I hope the neighbor is single.



24 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve!

  1. I loved Steve and Eddie in this episode. They have such a great connection. Eddie is Steve’s best partner, and I wish he was in every episode. Thanks for the great photos.

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  2. “Tilts his head like Eddie” he is so cute and adorable! These are great pics and captions! Thank you! I could have watched Steve and Eddie the whole episode, the other storyline totally confused me! Girl of his dreams, he didn’t even know her name. The beginning scene was so nerve-wracking! I’ve seen it too many times, a dog runs out into traffic and gets hit, I’m so glad Eddie and Steve were okay!

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    1. Nerve-wracking is right. I once had a situation like this with a dog and it’s horrible.
      And every time I hear ‘girl of his dreams’ I can only shake my head. If only Rachel knew, she wouldn’t have forced a car accident. She just needed to meet him in a bar at broad daylight and have a quickie with him in the public restroom. Would have saved her some money. And a divorce. Because… nope. No wedding material.

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      1. Yet Dannoying was supposedly working his way back into his marriage. This ep only served to show his lack of decency, honor, and loyalty. Once a cheater, always a cheater.


  3. These pics are great as usual. I also enjoyed the Eddie on EBay and the flea market ones. Two very photogenic guys and you gave us all their best sides. I also loved the Dolly Parton Challenge photos you included at the end. Very nice. Steve and Eddie were the best part of the episode, I can’t find the words for how much I disliked D in this episode. Walking away from a crash scene like that is so disrespectful. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, it was so in character.

    Thanks for the lovely visions of our two favorite guys and the work you do to bring them to us.

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        1. Ha, Mama – you just had to rub it in 😉
          It was clear form the beginning Lynn would never be wife material. It only was Cath. Their chemistry was wonderful. They GOT each other, with all the baggage that came along.
          Will she return? The signs are there, but I have more doubts than ever. It’s simply been so (too?) long….
          But – one can hope, right?

          Thanks for the pic(k)s, leiCa. Excellent choices. McEddie did their magic.
          The rest? What was that?? I want D to be happy. Because a happy Danny is a more toned-down/not ranting Danny. It’s that simple.
          Why kill the girl off? Just to pave the road for D + R after all? Had to laugh about the superfans celebrating Rachel and Danny are finally over. How many time have we been there? Yeah, right…
          PL will do what PL wants. Period.

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          1. Sunny: Keep the faith. PL has said many times she will be thee at the end and their story is far from over.

            There will be no HEA for Steve and Cath ( and also Danny and Rachel) until the series ends because PL does not want a married Steve or Danny–yet.

            BTW, there was no way Danny’s girl of his dreams, a stranger who picks up another stranger, was ever a real contender. Otherwise PL wouldn’t have killed her in her first appearance. But some people wee obviously hoping for it until the death rattle.

            It is interesting that Danny always accuses Steve of being reckless. What does this say about Danny’s character that he heads to a PUBLIC bathroom to have sex with this total stranger who could have been carrying a disease, been a Pro who handed him a bill when finished, or even been someone sent to—wait for it— kidnap Danny! So many possibilities. I laughed out loud when she questioned the wisdom of getting into a car with a someone she doesn’t know. She let a total stranger get into something else without any qualms. Pity the next person who had to use the bathroom. Yuck!

            How much did he drink before getting behind the wheel of his rental? Maybe they should have barricaded the bathroom door and waited to make sure he was not impaired.

            The real message here is don’t drink and drive. And don’t leave the scene of an accident. Or have sex with strangers in public bathroom, etc. etc. etc.


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          1. I liked Lynn too, especially when we met her in season 6, episode 7, wish that could have worked out. But I also liked Lori Weston. Maybe she’ll come back!😁😁

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            1. I also liked Lynn. She was someone Steve could have some fun with while Cath was gone. And I think Steve having fun is a good thing.
              Cath is and always will be my favorite for Steve, but if it won’t work out… well, as long as he’s happy I’m good with that too.
              And Lori? She had so much potential, but the actor wasn’t really good for the role. But I think they went the wrong way with her. But hey, what do I know. 😉

              And LeiCa, I think you did another awesome job. And YES, I do care about Steve and his potential love life. And having some nice time with a neighbor? What’s wrong with that? I think it was a very fitting and fun comment. No need for anyone to get pissy about it.


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              1. Thanks, Sam!
                I thought that’s what Let’s pic(k) Steve is about, having some fun with my quick thoughts about the episodes thrown in… But first and foremost it is about my pic(k)s.
                But bitchiness (is that a word?) makes the fun go poof, at least for me. That makes me rethink the hours I spend on these posts.
                Snark is fun, bitchiness isn’t.

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                1. Considering that what I said was intended as a joke and you both chose to take it as “bitchiness” or being “pissy” , there is only one thing to do.

                  Auf Wiedersehen


  4. OMG this one was awesome, LeiCa!!!! Gorgeous pics, hilarious captions, and some lovely sweet captions too. And totally agree with your summation. The Danno part of this episode was just as creepy as Danno always is. He just walks away? Ick! What a jerk. Also, he really shouldn’t be allowed to drive a car…


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