Welcome to the change


Mostly Five-0 is changing. And that is a good thing! We are bursting at the seams and have run out of space with our current configuration.

Therefore… drumroll, please… we are splitting up! No, not in that sense – we are still all one big, happy family. But the site is dividing. All data from Seasons 1 through 9 will be located in the archives. A newly generated site MostlyFive0old. All of it. Nothing has been deleted. Season 10 (and beyond, we hope) will still be here on the Mostly Five-0 site. Here, you can find the link to the site in case you want to access any of the old, really good stuff.

The last couple of years we have spent good money on this site, since we had run out of space. Now is the time to make other arrangements that won’t cost any of our good money. So, we decided to move the old stuff elsewhere. That way it will still be there for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to this change, there will be some formatting changes which we hope you will like. On the new and improved Mostly Five-0 site, there will be sections for team participation. If you want to post any travel news, hometown news, interesting stories about yourselves (you don’t have to divulge your real personas), any other shows you enjoy watching, etc. We will have links to our stories and to McBear and his adventures. He already thinks of himself as part owner, so he wants more say in his adventures. And with all this new stuff, we are pledging to you that our current, ehm… long overdue story will be finished. We discussed it this morning and have a plan of action.

As time goes on, we will inform you of more information to up and coming additions. Thanks for your ongoing participation and welcome to Mostly Five-0 2020!

7 thoughts on “Welcome to the change

  1. OK— so I read “Welcome to the change”, paused to reset my brain and realized you didn’t mean t h a t change!

    Thank you for this site and all your hard work. I am so looking forward to great things this year.


  2. Thanks for all the work you put into this site. I can’t imagine administrating and organizing all this stuff, all while creating content to keep your fans satisfied!


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