Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 10.12

Sorry, but I’ve got neither the energy nor the time to do captions. My dog got seriously bitten by a – and here it comes – Mastiff! on Christmas and is still a little bit cranky because she is not allowed to walk that much. And that’s no fun with a Husky. She is getting husky.
So here are some Alexpressions, caption them if you like. 😉













Caller: I’d like to report missing property. Steve: Please describe… Caller: Yellow, round, fuzzy. Steve: A tennis ball? Eddie, is this you again? Caller: *hangs up*

Till next time! ~leiCa

LeiCa, thank you for taking the time to post these pictures.

We don’t have time to do a review either. So, please use this post to discuss both the H50 part of the crossover and also the Magnum part.


17 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve!

  1. So sorry to hear about your pup. Huskies do love their walks. Your pics are gorgeous and while I love your captions, this selections of Alexpressions are amazing. Thank you for taking time to post.

    I enjoyed the H 5-0 portion of the crossover but it didn’t feel right to not have the whole team on the Magnum half. I did love Eddie’s appearance though. Funny they found it necessary to mention Danny in the second half. So I assume he shoes up just in time to be detained by the CIA?

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  2. Ok…ima try.

    Pic#1: WTF! LeiCa’s doggie got attacked?
    #2: I gotta come up with something awesome to comfort her.
    #3: Anybody got a good suggestion for me?
    #4: No, I’m not gonna get her a meet & greet with Dannoying…dumb suggestion!
    #5: No more suggestions from you, Blondie!
    #6: I’m thinking she needs something only I can give her.
    #7: Yep. That’d be my best bet to cheer her up.
    #8: Nope! Nobody gets to look.
    #9: Well! Here goes nuthin!
    #10: Yo, leiCa! I’m on your front porch! Open up, Sweetheart!
    #11: Well uh oh! She fainted. I forget I make women faint for some weird reason.
    #12: Ima make this up to you!
    #13: Eddie, get over here stat! You gotta nurse leiCa’s dog while I nurse my favorite fan. And bring a 6 pack of Longboards! Prost!🍻

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        1. Oh yeah. That wasn’t my normal ladylike self, right? But may I remind you of the clothes I had to wear on the motorbike? For hours? What was your’s and Sam’s excuse, hu? You took the train! 😉
          And I remember the only one not sweating was the guy in fur. And on top of this he was annoyingly active. Jumping up and down, crawling on everybody’s lap. He was such a show off.


  3. Love this post, love your pics, love Alex’s expressions, (he has the most beautiful, expressive face and makes the best expressions) and your caption is awesome, love Eddie!
    Can I safely make a complaint? Here goes anyway, everyone is ogling over the Jan. 31 “Danny-centric” episode and how does he get his own episode if he is only on set 6 days of the month (I listened to the podcast) (doesn’t it take longer than six days to prepare and shoot an episode?) and if I understand the description, they are out in the wilderness, far away from help so I guess he is surviving on his own? Not working again, how does Danny not have to work with Five-0 when he is there, because he is hardly ever there? Also, according to the podcast, he makes fun of Hawaii Five-0 and the fact that he’s never there. I know it’s just a tv show but the actors that are present and working take it more seriously, I mean the show does employ a lot of local people. And Alex takes the show more seriously, he’s a writer, actor, director and producer for the show and he seems to be more proud of the show. I know I’m ranting and my thoughts may not mean much but… I do love the Hawaii Five-0 and Alex just makes the show!

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    1. I completely agree with your comment about Danny/Scott. For me Scott Caan’s behaviour is disrespectful. Very disrespectful. It seems like he’s only interested in the money and he thinks it’s funny? Not a likeable trait if you ask me…
      Alex always emphasises the fact that the show is so important for so many (local) people and their families. He is fully aware of his responsibility, thinks of himself as just a small cog in the works (I disagree!). He once said something like “he just comes to work and tries not to run into the furniture.”
      About this big Dannoying episode, there is a second storyline and I think we will see a lot of Eddie (and hopefully Steve). I am looking forward to this part of the episode. Eddie having PSTD… seems the dog isn’t as tough as its human. 😉

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      1. I suspect the Danny fans will be disappointed once again when the episode airs.

        I have said this before. You can’t write great stories for someone who is not there. Perhaps his limited availability would be an opportunity to increase the presence of another underutilized actor instead of just hiring random guests to fill up screen time because he is off doing “Danny things”.

        When the writers explain he is missing because he is in the bathroom you will know they have had it. I am waiting for that.

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        1. The writers and the crew are accommodating Mr Caan’s special schedule, his ‘extrawurst’ (means special treatment, translated: to get one sausage more than the others). I am pretty sure they are annoyed. And I am annoyed that – even if he’s in an episode – I don’t see that he is committed to his craft. Not in the slightest. It looks like he finds it really difficult to not look at his watch because he’s waiting for his workday to be over.
          There are two decent possibilities. Moving or leaving.
          FOYeur remembered us about a wonderful quote from Alex these days: “Never mind that the project you’re in isn’t good; shine as bright as you can.”

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          1. That doesn’t mean that if the deal becomes too much of a burden on the show that they cannot change it. So, the ball is squarely in the show’s court and they can’t complain if they are complicit in their own difficulties. The question becomes is the Danny character necessary any longer to the show’s success to balance the problems his unexplained or inadequately explained absences cause the story lines. I don’t believe so, and I know others will disagree. That’s OK with me. It is just my sincerely held opinion.

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            1. Yes, for some reason TPTB think he is necessary for the show’s success. I’m sure show works perfectly fine without him. It already does. The ~8 Million “normal” viewers don’t seem to mind if he is not in it. And the same goes for the audiences in other countries and for those who pay for it.
              I think it is no secret that I’m enjoying the episodes with no Dannoying pretty much. For me the character has become not only incredibly unlikeable, but totally irrelevant for the show. Him being in an Elite Task Force is a joke.


  4. Hope your dog feels better. As a dog is really becomes a member of the family
    Just hate that your dog is feeling that way
    BTW, speaking of Steve he looks awesome in blue my favorite color on him
    Hate that he and Lou were not in the Magnum PI thing but really wonder if Steve hauled off and hit the so called CIA agents more like thugs
    Crossover first half was great but the second one despite being great missed the lead characters. But at least Quinn and Tani gave them girl power. Hope they do more crossovers.

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  5. I liked the H50 crossover although the Tani Higgins bla bla was going on my nerves. The relationship discussion felt odd, same goes for the Adam phone call (I had totally forgotten about Adam, and honestly I don’t care one bit.).
    Absolutely loved the scene with McGrover talking about the Ferrari. Hilarious. Oh these two actors are so awesome!
    And I loved the scene in the car with Rick and TC. They knew Steve, the legend, like Junior did. They had the utmost respect. Wished that Tani would have heard this!
    I didn’t watch the Magnum part of the crossover. This show does not hold my interest.

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