Happy 2020

We wish everyone a Happy New Year.

We wish you happiness, laughter and love. Most of all, health, so you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

Thank you all for coming by in 2019. We always enjoy your thoughts, how you agree or disagree with us. Always a pleasure hearing different opinions.

We appreciate every single one of you.

For our show we hope for good stories and great episodes.

We want to thank everyone working on the show for giving us ten fabulous years.

To everyone, may 2020 be all you wish for.

A special thank you to our contributors, the ones posting, and the ones behind the scenes. Thank you to LeiCa, Sunny and Cokie. Without you this blog wouldn’t be here.

14 thoughts on “Happy 2020

  1. Thank YOU!
    I appreciate the shout out 😊
    Grateful to have this place where we can come together to share, discuss, praise and even criticize. All in good fun and often with a wink.
    Happy to have met so many great people thanks to 5-0.

    To friends, health and happiness –
    All the best for 2020!

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    1. That’s what makes this site so special–we can disagree with each other intelligently here while still maintaining our own opinions. No bullying allowed.

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