Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 10.11

Dayu Mei? Oh show, how subtle you are. Die you may? Ho ho ho.

But I loved THIS storyline, very intriguing. I was really okay with the death of Wo Fat, he became boring and repetitive and I needed him dead. Boom. But his ‘comeback’ in this way is interesting and exciting. I feel some awesome Steve scenes coming.

Now onto the last Steve pics of this year. Have fun. ~leiCa

Flashback Friday. Focus found.


Mystery solved. Now we know where D’s been all the time. Giving his Bonsai a new hairdo. Poor Bonsai.

When you’re about to lose your shit but need to chill because you’re at work.

Wait, what? There is another one on this island with that hairdo? A hairdo twin? Don’t tell me it’s contagious.

Sidekick? It’s all smoke and mirrors.

Be aware of red balls.

Iron sights. Soft heart.

He knows his way into the light. Always PosiSteve.

I loved the way Alex plays a McG who has to deal with a friend who is “tedious and annoying” (Alex O’Loughlin). His Mr. Miyagu comment was delivered perfectly. It is so obvious that he doesn’t take this man seriously. My husband did watch this episode before I had the chance (that’s a first, I can tell you) and he didn’t want to spoil but the only thing he said after watching was, “‘he’ is not only annoying from the start, he even is so OOC”. And I have to agree. Mr. Jumping to conclusions now giving someone the benefit of a doubt. Oh please… Sigh. I think they don’t know what to do with this character. It is so hard to involve him into the team. Some days ago I watched an old baby-Alex show. His character Ian said the line: “He is useless as tits on a bull.” Well there it is. My summary, lol.

I am sad about the Adam storyline, it destroys everything. Adam has destroyed everything, every reputation, every friendship and every trust. I hope he will never come back into the team again. He should have told Tamiko about his suspicion, he should have told McGarrett and the team, they would have found a way. But now? He is nothing but an idiot, a traitor (again) and a jerk. Remember, he was the ‘man’ hiding in a cabin while his wife was taking out the bad guys.

But as I said the Dayu Mei (lol, I can’t stop giggling hearing this name, I wonder if it is real) storyline is really great. Hope she lasts a little bit longer, not as long as her husband, but longer.

So this is it. A good episode to end the year and I am happy that they didn’t make one of these special Christmas episodes. ~leiCa



20 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve!

  1. Leica, what a wonderful post with a great review. Again, you hit the nail on the head.
    I enjoyed this episode very much. Hope Adam stays on the dark side, but he probably won’t, even though there really isn’t a way to get him back on the team. At least not without being ridiculous.
    You are right, who can take the detective character seriously. His behavior about the Adam issue was just plain stupid, to say it mildly.
    Looking forward to more about the bad ass lady.

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    1. Really think that they do not know what to do with Adam. Just really hope Adam can decide. As really you took the words out of my mouth Mostly Five 0! BTW, hope the bad as* lady will stay. But not overstay her welcome like her now dead husband letting the story drag along. Just hate Steve has to look over his shoulder constantly.
      BTW, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020!

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    2. Would you please sign my request for some weeks off? My brain may melt. Sometimes I feel like I have to ram a pencil into my eye to wind up my brain’s spaghettied tape. 😉
      (And you know how I feel about Magnum…)

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  2. Since when have the writers shied away from being ridiculous? Who on this elite team has not been kidnapped?

    How many viewers actually know Adam’s “mythology”? (love that term we hear thrown around these days.) I wish he would embrace the family business because at least he would be interesting. But they will never do that because they need to make McG suffer a little more before Adam jumps out of the cake and says ” I was a good guy after all!’

    Bah Humbug!

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    1. Adams mythology is basically, how did this character stay in the show when the main character he was associated with left?

      If we look, I’m sure the answer to the riddle is

      P E N I S

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      1. Kimphin: My husband trying to figure out why I am laughing so hard. He refuses to watch the show and if I try to explain then this becomes a conversation that can take forever. And I need to wrap presents!


  3. Love your McPics, LeiCa! And always love your McCaptions.

    The ep was meh for me. I’m literally just there for the Alex right now. He doesn’t disappoint. As to the new villain, I like she’s a woman. I hope she outsmarts the dudes many times. Tho I hope McG is brilliant in the end.

    One final year end thought…Show likes to kill everyone McG loves. Right? It seems we’re stuck with Dannoying. Ergo he’s clearly not someone McG loves. 😉

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  4. leiCa, once again you outdid yourself. I love these. And I love your review. I liked the ep and really liked Mrs. Fat. I hope they dont get rid of her in the first few minutes of the next ep. She could be a very good antagonist.

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  5. Oh these were a nice early Christmas gift. Wonderful pics and great captions so once again I can’t pick a favorite. Mrs Fat looks to be very interesting and I hope the writers don’t blow it. I have reached the point where I tune out Danny whenever he opens his mouth.

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    1. Your support is very much appreciated so thank you! Hope you enjoyed the little Santa on Steve’s shoulder for Christmas. Yep, my drawing skills are extraordinary, lol!


  6. I guess you all like ‘Die u may’ more than I do.
    The same people who made Wo Fat boring and repetitive still produce/write bigger arcs of the show. I have no high hopes that she would be written any better.
    I already place a lot of queries on her introduction of how and why she is doing what she is doing – randomly killing associates with no real obvious motive – unless it is all just to get Steve’s attention. And even then, it all just seems pointless to me. Just another crazy woman, with some senseless revenge? And no real substance.
    BUT, there is always hope.

    Thanks in for the Pic(k)s. Always great. And captions always stir a giggle or two. Sometimes even snorting with laughter 😀

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    1. It looks like contract negotiations may have started or are ready to start for a possible season 11. Depending upon what demands are made and what CBS is willing to live with will determine what the outcome is going to be. The weekly ratings are not terrible for a Friday night. They are not great, but being not terrible is acceptable these days.

      There are a few other aging CBS shows like Blue Bloods, NCIS NOLA and NCISLA who are in the same boat. Can they all survive? Maybe or maybe not. All of them are expensive to make and some of the lead actors make large salaries. More importantly, many of the shows are tying up loose stories just in case. That is what I see happening on H50.

      PL always leaves himself some wiggle room when writing this show. If all goes well and the show is renewed for S11 then even if some cast members leave, it will continue but if the network does not want to go forward then there will be a rush to end story lines. And if that happens, I believe we will see AOL and possibly some other cast members make occasional visits to Magnum which will be possible since they all know each other in this universe. Just forget about the old H50 helicopter ride episode with Kamekona and Max singing the Magnum theme because that never happened, remember, or rather don’t remember. I get so confused. .


  7. I was disappointed that there was no christmas story. Thanks for the captions and the review. May I remind the writers that Steve is a navy seal and leader of an elite task force, Please for the rest of the season whether it is the last or not, can we have Steve be smart , and heroic. It would be great if he somehow knew what Adam was up to. I hope he dispatches Mrs Fat in a timely manner. And PLEASE no more people hurting Steve . Let’s get some story lines that we will remember Hawaii 5 0 from here to eternity. Merry Christmas Everyone and aloha

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