Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 10.10

This was an Alexpressions feast. Thank you, Alex O’Loughlin, for that. It is always a pleasure and makes a lot of stuff worth watching. And thank you Kurt Jones (DP) for this awesome lighting (sometimes just one single light I assume) and the interesting close-ups and angles!

Now I hope you enjoy. It’s a quick and short LpS, because, you know, it is this time of the year. ~leiCa

You spend your entire life waiting for something.

His ‘they are recycling old jokes’ face.

“You will never be as young as any photo of yourself”, they said.
AOL: “And the problem?”

EAT becomes FAT if you don’t draw the line.

Find someone who looks at you like Steve looks at Lou.

Do we do this bad mood thing tomorrow again? I want to be prepared.

We are constantly licking ourselves.

Dogs welcome. People tolerated.

His face when he sees bad eyebrows.

Because 2+2+2×0=4. Fight me on this.

He would step on a Lego for you.

I wish Leonardo da Vinci would still be alive. He should paint this.

So Adam is in a relationship with Tamiko now? When did that happen? And – because of this BTS love affair – why should I care?

So Adam went behind Steve’s and the team’s back, again? Aha. And he achieved nothing but more dead people. Well.

And all this doesn’t make him a bad bad Yakuza person, it just makes him bad at what he is doing. Now he is a traitorous, selfish, lying a//hole and all the Adam/Kono drama went POOF.

But no Dannoying. Yeah!

I hope the next Dannoying-less time I’ll get more McQuinn interaction, I want to know more about her, you know, about Quinn, the one who was really talking to Steve after his loss. Just because she was concerned, wanted to help and understood his feelings. I like her. ~leiCa

9 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve!

  1. Here is some back story for Tamiko, cribbed from my own reviews!

    Tamiko first appeared in S09E22:

    Tamiko Masuda (Brittany Ishibashi), a woman from Adam’s past, shows up at H50 headquarters in a wedding dress, tearful because her husband-to-be failed to appear at their marriage ceremony earlier that day. Turns out that her fiancé, Kevin Okada, is actually an undercover FBI agent who was infiltrating the organization of her father Hajime (Sonny Saito), who is the big yakuza boss in Hawaii (Tamiko knows the stuff about the FBI). Okada is soon found dead, garrotted in his car with a rat in his mouth.

    Adam goes to see Tamiko’s father. He denies knocking off Okada, despite the fact that, like his daughter, he knew about Okada’s “real job.” The father says that he was concerned about the happiness of his daughter, who was married before (which didn’t work out) and summoned Okada to tell him to stop working for the FBI and disappear with his daughter and a wedding present of five million dollars.

    After Okada’s body was discovered, Adam went to visit Tamiko. Because of her yakuza connections and Adam’s (his late father was a big shot in the local underworld) the two of them were once seen by their respective parents as a potential couple. Tamiko is initially tearful when told about her fiancé’s death, but she suddenly seems incongruously cheerful when she and Adam start to reminisce about “the old days.”


    Adam seems to have spent the night at Tamiko’s place. Unlike the first peek at the Adam/Kono relationship in S02E22, both of them had their clothes on.

    Tamiko asks Adam questions skirting the issue of whether Kono is really gone and he replies, “I’ve finally accepted that chapter of my life is over, and I’m ready for whatever’s next.” It looks like Adam is going from being the son of a gangster marrying a cop in a high-profile task force to a member of that same task force now going to get involved with the daughter of another gangster.


    Adam goes to a meeting of yakuza bigshots to see if they might know why Billy Sato, head of the [Chinese] triads was knocked off (maybe because he had criminal connections and was Japanese, DUH!). This meeting was organized by Tamiko’s father. When Adam arrives, the father wonders what Adam is up to, i.e., is he “doing it” with his daughter, but Adam says “Tamiko and I have become close friends. I … I assure you that’s all she is.”


    1. Thanks Mike for the rundown on their relationship.
      At least this time we got more of a back story than with Adam & Kono. With them we did not even know that they knew each other, much less that they were interested in each other or sleeping together.
      With Adam & Tamiko, it is quite different. They were actually destined to get married as youth, they were at least friends and their families knew the other for many years. They showed affection for each other from the start – so them being together was actually the next kind of natural step, once Adam got over Kono.
      Not sure what their future will hold though.


  2. Ahhhh…a DaVinci portrait. Cool cool cool! 😘

    LOVE the bad eyebrows, the someone looks at you the way he looks at Lou, and the dogs welcome/people tolerated.

    I love em all but these are my faves this week.❤️❤️❤️

    The pics are exquisite!

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  3. I want Steve to look at me like he looks at Lou. Dear Lord the man has such an expressive face. Love the eyebrows and da Vinci would definitely get that face right. Well done my friend, you are making my December special.

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