LD – Danny / Quinn

A guest post by SUNNY.
The Danny/Quinn discussion is in full swing, so it’s clear that we can’t be quiet about it. 😉

Many, even diehard SC fans, are wondering if Danny is there to stay on 5-0, or is Scott Caan preparing for his exit from the show?
Let’s face it – his original “five episodes off per season deal” has been expanded to already seven episodes last season. Not to mention the many “light-D-eps”. By now, he has already missed four out of ten episodes, he will also miss number 15 – how many more?
If he continues at that rate, he will miss half the season.
We haved talked about Danny’s character and his absence from the show, but we haven’t taken a closer look at the new character Quinn Lui.

While we don’t know much about her backstory yet, we saw McGarrett very quickly offer her a spot on the team. By now, we see her spend a lot of time with Steve, as if she were to become his new partner.

In 10.10 we hear her banter with Steve, much like the old Danny did. There’s a “cargument”, they grill the suspect in rendition together, and so on.
It looks like she is taking over the detective’s spot.
Is Scott Caan on his way out?
What are your thoughts?

42 thoughts on “LD – Danny / Quinn

  1. I may have said once or twice ( or twenty) times that SC was leaving and I have been both wrong and right at the same time. He really started out the door in Season 4 thought the Danno-philes denied this was happening. So he has missed 40% of the first ten episodes this season and he made only a fleeting appearance in the rest. I think he has effectively left the show so that brings us to his replacement, Quinn, whom I still do not trust or really like. She is a bit unpolished as a character, just like Tani. I would have loved the actress as the Jerry replacement at the smart table and it would have made sense since Adam will be occupied with his own problems with the family business. It is doubtful to me that Adam will go over to the dark side and will more likely infiltrate and try to bring the bad guys down from the inside. I would love if the show wrote him as returning to his roots but I don’t think the writers will go that way.

    So, it does look like Quinn is the new Danny cargument person and ride-a-long partner for
    McGarrett. I would prefer it to be junior.

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  2. I like Quinn, so I’m good if she becomes McG’s partner. She seems more than qualified for the job…which hasn’t always been the case with new hires. She’s also got a snarky sense of humor BUT she totally respects McG as a person and a boss, and seems to be impressed by him and to actually admire his accomplishments in life. Like all the other *decent humans* on the team, as opposed to the indecent one.😉

    Plus she’s female, which Show is way behind that curve, so good! (And yes I know there’s a few of you kinda bored with my misogyny narrative, but I got a daughter and I myself a career, and there IS still a problem with gender equality in America that I experienced just this morning, and it is super duper evident right now in politics here, and is definitely evident on this silly show. So apologies for boring y’all, my sisters, but this is just that real to me.) So I’m hoping Dannoying is on his way out. But if the airtime he’s currently getting is the new norm, I can also live with that…

    …but that hairstyle…🙄

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  3. I think that SC has already checked out of the show emotionally so if the physical follows I am good. I don’t know how any actor worth their salt would want to deliver the lines he’s been given over the last several seasons. There is very little “acting” going on with him when he is on the screen. He seems to mumble through his lines and smirks a lot. Not much to like there unless you are a diehard fan of the actor. I am willing to see how Quinn develops before judging. I too would prefer Junior paired with Steve but the show insists on it being Tani and Junior.

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  4. They give him one maybe 2 meaningful episodes a year. The rest is smoke and mirrors that he’s actually a lead character. I’m good with that.

    PL said last year the new character was going to change the dynamic of the team. There ya go.

    I’d have preferred it be Junior also – I like their interactions. But alas, Junior is going to be busy in an interoffice romance it seems. It’ll be interesting seeing the hypocrites turn themselves inside out after moaning that they don’t like to see that (but really that was only about one couple)

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    1. Yes, the term this show is not a ‘Soap Opera’ was regularly used with THAT relationship, but Steve/Lynn, Chin/ Abby, Adam/Kono, etc….. and now Tani/Junior, is just so great.

      And I like your ‘smoke and mirrors’ – describes that situation perfectly.

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  5. So far I like Quinn. I would like to know her back story though. I’m fine if Danno leaves permanently. His character doesn’t add anything to the show & hasn’t for awhile now. It’s too bad, because season 1 & maybe season 2 were still pretty good as the character was written.
    It went downhill after that I feel. I haven’t seen SC in anything else, so I can’t judge his acting ability. Alex always gives 100% so there is no comparison.

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  6. Can we talk about the bastardization of McGs character in the next LD? From not touching malasadas “with out bypass surgery” in s1 to drooling over them with his high cholesterol in s10. Just one example. Sorry off topic but it irritates me.
    I don’t miss Danny at all. I hope the actor is enjoying his family in LA permanently Jury’s still out on Quinn for me.. they are trying too hard to making her witty, all knowing and snarky IMO.

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    1. Actually, SEALs have intense, crazy nutritional requirements. There are specific guidelines of what they eat, how much and how often to accommodate over 4000 calories a day. They’re prepared special meals and have their own designed MREs. There’s a specific handbook on the science they must follow and it’s intense. So, after years of thinking of food as fuel, I think it’s great development that Steve can actually drool over things like pastries.


      1. I get that he has changed his lifestyle a bit. Good for him to enjoy malasadas now once in a while. I’ve got no problem with this. But drooling to get them, begging for them? That is totally ooc. Same goes for his high cholesterole, it is stupid. If someone in this team cares for his body, his fitness, it’s Steve. I am sure he gets tested a lot of times because of his medical issues. And I don’t get the fun of mocking someone who has to take tons of meds (liver, radiation) because he put himself in harms way several times to save a lot of people.

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    2. Got the same thoughts as you, Deb, when I watched this episode yesterday.
      I know people change and they can do things differently over the years. But there has never been any indication that Steve McGarrett let his health go. He might be a liver transplant person, who was exposed to radiation, but that the show conveniently and thankfully forget.

      But exactly because of that medical history and the great athlete and active person he still seems to be, I can’t see that he would eat so unheathily that he would now suffer from high cholesterol. And then argue over a malasada.
      Just because a person is over 40, he now suddenly have high cholesterol?

      Also had the same feeling about Quinn, trying to hard. Whenever the writers and or the actors start trying too hard be funny , the show gets uncomfortably for me.

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  7. Quinn came in worked with Steve to help establish her story line onto the team. Since then she’s worked with Tani a lot, Danny once, and Steve last week. I don’t see her being set up as his new partner when it seems like it
    it’s been pretty balanced.

    As far as Scott, he’ll miss half the season, but given how NCIS New Orleans lost a main cast member b/c he wanted to spend more time with his family, I see how the network has worked out a compromise which seems to be working well. He has good screen time with Steve when he is around which is always great as well as mix with the rest of the team.

    But like data numbers, people will read into things however they feel about his character. He’s on his way out or he’s trying to balance family and show. I’ve enjoyed the show, and lets face it, most of the cast is working less now, most of them have kids. Good for them.


    1. But is it working well? For me personally it is, as I prefer the episodes without him. But for people who enjoy the character and AREN’T on social media, I think it is very confusing to them.

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  8. As I have said many time before, I don’t see SC leaving the show before the final episode. The deal is just too great.
    As for Quinn replacing Danny’s spot. I also got that vibe with some of the stuff happening since the beginning. Like for instance her introduction which happened in the same manner as when Steve and Danny met – drawing guns on each other.
    But to keep with my first statement here, I doubt if she will replace him. You can see with many episodes, the other characters all get to say Danny’s lines when he is not there. Some just do it better and with more ease than others. Most of them of course get the lines across with less venom than he would have.
    As I said in another comment, Quinn just tries to hard. Whether that is the writers or the actress that cause it, I am not sure. Maybe time will tell (or not)
    She comes across as clinical to me – I do not get any warmth from her character. Maybe that is perfect for her military background? But then again Steve is also military and his character is filled with warmth…

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  9. Of course Quinn is a replacement for Dannoying. But the same goes for Lou.
    They are both there to step in all the zillion times when he is missing.
    They have to say the same stuff Dannoying has to say, but they do it in a much more pleasant way. I am okay with Steve being paired up with Quinn, I am enjoying these two, but I think the Quinn character needs more layers, more dimensions.
    I cringe every time I see SC mentioned second in the credits. It is utterly ridiculous. His character became more and more irrelevant since S4. (And please spare me this ‘he wants to be with his family, he wants to be with his daughter’. He didn’t have a daughter back then and there is always the option to move. Families do this all over the world.)
    I don’t know if he hates the show like one of his fans a few months ago claimed he told her, but for sure he does not care. He doesn’t care much for Hawaii, he doesn’t care for the team, he doesn’t care for the people who are having a job because of 5-0. For him there’s an I in TEAM. Once in a while he stumbles in, mumbles in so to speak, phones in his lines, takes the money and runs.
    I’ve got zero respect for these kind of people and I have no freaking idea why the PTB put up with this. Episodes without him work very well, most of the audience doesn’t even care, or realize that he’s gone and the writers don’t even bother to explain his absence. Understandable.
    He was never emotionally, or at least respectfully involved in the show and he never put his heart and soul into this job.

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    1. Thank you leiCa, you took the words right out of my mouth.
      Absolutely straight forward. There is just no sugarcoating SC’s absence anymore. Period.
      And the few times he is there it feels often out of place. I, too am more than annoyed that someone is listed as a main character, when he has long reached the status of recurring or guest.
      It is JUST NOT FAIR to those who make every effort to be there for less money.
      But I am with FoYeur, while I put the question out in the open if he is about to leave the show, I also think he will not let go of the big paycheck for very little work. My guess is he will stick around until the end.
      I often wonder why the diehard fans make every excuse for him while by now it must be clear to everyone, that 5-0 is not a priority for him (anymore)? Ok, I get it that you have a crush on someone. I admit I liked Danny in the early seasons, mostly enjoyed his and McG’s dynamic and banter. But that changed. And I don’t blame the writers, who have to juggle around to fit him in. Plus I am flabbergasted that a cast and crew of more than 200 people bend over backwards to accommodate one person’s wishes, like filming out of order (switching .24 and .25 for the past couple of years so he can start his hiatus earlier is just one example). Really?
      I don’t hate the guy (I absolutely condemn this word, for me there is no room for that, especially if it comes to a TV show), I just wish he would stick to the things he obviously enjoys more and would stay in L.A.
      He never promotes the show, doesn’t want to be asked about it in rare interviews, doesn’t show up for SOTB…
      Why are there multiple reports of him telling others he dislikes the show, why does his father say in an interview “Oh, he’s done”…?
      There probably is an element of truth here.

      But again, I don’t think we will see him leave. Though I don’t believe for one second the McDanno’s are the majority (they’re just really vocal), I tend to think PL loves to cater them and will lure the actor with yet a better deal so he will stay and the EP can continue throwing the queer baiting at us.

      So far I like Quinn, but I feel uneasy about who she really is. We don’t know her full backstory, McG offered her that badge way too quickly. At the moment I am not worried she will take over Catherine’s place as a LI for Steve – but there are still striking similarities, including that the writers have both Steve and Quinn use terms which formerly were reserved for McRoll.
      After Jerry left, I thought they might hire someone specifically to fill that gap. But Quinn basically just showed up and was promoted to full team member from one day to the other. I think PL tried to cater those hoping for another female character and wanted someone with potential to fill the huge Danny-holes and maybe some of the Adam-holes, as it looks like he might not be part of the team for a while/anymore.

      So yes, in a way Quinn is replacing Danny, because even if he’s there – overall he really isn’t anymore.

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  10. Just a couple of words about Danny… Buh-Bye.

    As for Quinn, like many others, the jury is still out. I like her, but I am hesitant to like her. I feel like something just isnt right but can’t explain it.

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  11. Looks around this thread and others, over the last few days. Wow, you guys seem so angry all the time. I mean, I get it, the show has issues, but have you scrolled through all your comments before? It’s so toxic here. Was hoping for a site where there’s discussion, and of course mutual disagreement, which is great. 🙂 But man, maybe take a step back if you hate something you watch regularly. I mean I love Steve, but so much Danny hate is very disconcerting for a new person. Take care and no hard feelings.


    1. Welcome to the blog, Kate.
      Every input is welcome here. It just surprises me that you are the one using words like “hate”, “angry” and “toxic”, while we are not. We are talking about a TV show here, not real life dramas. All of us are here for fun and sometimes avid discussions, but not more.
      Yes, we do read the comments and often respond to each other, have a lively way to share our opinions. I think we all agree here that we wish the actor well. But if you are realistic and read the comments with an open mind you will see that people here are not wearing rose colored glasses (like many diehard fans do), we simply look at facts. And each one has a different way of expressing that, which is fine.
      Most of us have been around this fandom from the beginning. Things have simply changed and pointing this out, being frustrated at times, does not make one toxic. People here are simply stating the obvious.
      Most of us still very much enjoy the show or at least many aspects, which have us stick around.
      Feel free to voice your opinion though, just try to be open that to the fact that there is not only black and white, good fans and bad fans…

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    2. Please don’t use the words hate or toxic, because nobody here does that. (Just you…)
      Who hates a TV show or a fictional character? Seriously? I think there’s enough REAL stuff and people out there who deserve these kind of feelings…
      You think we all would watch a show we hate? Write fanfiction about it? Create blog posts and communities? Do fan sites, screen caps for all to enjoy, edit pics? For more than nine years?
      No, we love the show. And if you love something you want it to at least try to be best. Just finding everything wonderful and oh so good – that’s just a crush.
      As for the character Danny I once called him Dannoying and that is just what he is in my opinion.
      The actor? I wish him all the best. I just don’t think he cares much about the show, shows no commitment and that hurts the show I love. I am honest, I enjoy the episodes he is not in or is rarely seen much more.
      But I hope my opinion, my feelings don’t take away your enjoyment of the character. Because why would that be?
      If I trip, do you twist your ankle?

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    3. Nah. That’s just snark. A type of humor, in case it’s new to you. We laugh a lot here and don’t take Show seriously. Cos Show doesn’t take itself seriously.😉

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  12. Kate:
    We are not angry. We play nice here. We don’t call each other names when we disagree. This site tends to be a bit more intellectual and humorous than others because we accept that this is a make believe show we are watching and sometimes the silliness we are asked to buy into is downright hilarious. We call it like we see it and what we see is the same thing every other viewer sees. But some fans are in denial and cling to their hope that if they cover their ears, eyes, and mouths, the truth will fade and their fantasies will become reality. Never gonna happen. PL is driving this train, not the fans.

    Perhaps you are a McDanno shipper? An abC? What you will NOT find here is hate toward the actors themselves, like on some other sites or twitter. You will not find rumors, or lies about the actors. We stick to the characters and the storylines. In my opinion, McDanno is just a myth. THAT is a toxic relationship. And it is written that way deliberately, because you can’t write a great story for someone who is not there. The writers have a tough job trying to make the Danny character relevant and have given up.

    Are you suggesting that we stop watching a show we love because we don’t don’t toss our Pom Poms and jump with joy at yet another kidnapping, or Danny’s absences when things get tough for the team? It is precisely because we do love the show that we want better. We want quality and care enough to demand it.

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  13. I’m so incredibly tired of being called negative, or angry, or delusional or WHATEVER by people who seem to be overly sensitive about this show, simply because I am not afraid to call out the ridiculous, or the idiocy, or the cringe-worthiness of some parts of it. I used to think the show was phenomenal, I now watch it like it’s Mystery Science Theater, or something like Sharknado – because as I’ve learned through the 10 years, TPTB aren’t trying to churn out good, thought provoking TV. So, I’ve managed my expectations – but I will still reprimand it when it is naughty.

    Kate, I don’t know what you are looking for, but I get a feeling that you aren’t truly “new” to this site – why would someone who happened upon a site decide to berate the site owners and followers? It’s an odd thing to do. We enjoy this space that Sam has created, despite your disapproval.

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    1. Kimphin:

      My thoughts exactly. New posters to the blog don’t come in guns blazing and insulting people they don’t know just to prop up their failing ship.

      R.I.P. McDanno

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    2. Hey Kim you are not negative at all or delusional or angry. Just expressing your opinions. And you as all of us are just love this show. As really I know first hand experience as been called that too myself. But at least we are entitled to it and it is about agreeing to disagreeing I go by. But really we are all fans!

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  14. Would not be surprising if Scott wanted to leave. He has not been on at least six episodes maybe even more this season.
    But Quinn could be the new Danny. Quinn is one that will put up with Steve. Willing to accept him as a control freak must be a military thing.
    And really she does not whine. Notice she in the first episode of hers says wished Steve could drive the car faster. Say what you will but love Quinn!


  15. I “met” Alex through Moonlight, and we ML fans have a long history of criticizing the errors and plot holes in the show, while not letting those criticisms dampen our enthusiasm in the slightest. “Moonlight math” was a big joke, even in the early, heady days of the fandom. And I think the same thing applies to 5-0 fandom. We love the show, but we’re not blind to its faults. Yes, we offer criticism, sometimes quite vocally. But we wouldn’t bother to criticize the show if we didn’t love it, right?

    I would have preferred a less acerbic personality for Danny, even in the beginning, but I was cool with it because I just wanted this show to succeed, for Alex’s sake. He worked so hard on two TV shows and a movie for CBS, and none of them was a big success. Scott wasn’t really that invested in the show. Even in the early days of 5-0, he made no secret (in interviews, etc.) that TV acting wasn’t really his first love. I think he’s the type of guy who does TV because it pays the bills very nicely, and let’s face it, when you’re James Caan’s son you have a better chance of getting hired than some guy off the street would have. And also, when you’re James Caan’s son, you have a lot of leverage to get really, really lucrative contracts. Better than a guy who, even though he works 5 times harder than you, just came off of 3 failed projects (from the POV of the studio). So Scott got paid as much as Alex for a lesser role, and he kept on making boucoup bucks even as he pulled away from the show more and more. As a person who only watched the show in the first place for Alex’s sake, I get a little wistful that Alex doesn’t get the respect he deserves, even now. But he seems pretty content with his lot, and that’s what matters to me.

    I wish Danny were a nicer character. But he’s not. And the showrunner seems perfectly happy with the way things are, including Danny being missing a lot and barely there when he IS there. Personally, I prefer the episodes without Danny, because I think he’s an unlikable person, and the rest of the cast really does have an “ohana” feel that he kinda stomps on with his negativity. If he goes, I won’t miss him one bit.

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  16. Omg, Alle, you just totally spoke my mind on all of this!!!❤️

    And you’re totally right that we can love Alex, yet critique Show, yet still watch it loyally and enjoy the “Alex” of it. And Scott isn’t worth the time we spend commenting on him, is he? He’s just not worth much at all, anywhere, any time, except to note he is a big-time celebrity’s lesser son.

    But man! Alex maintains his humble self, his acting genius, and even as he ages, his gorgeous. ☺️

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    1. Btw, y’all, Alle and I go way back to the beginning of Moonlight. We’ve interacted on several web sites… including one she’s still overseeing. She’s awesome!


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