LD – Let’s forget that ever happened?


Do you remember way back in Season 3 when the team referred to Magnum as a TV show? Even back then I thought that was an odd thing to do; I mean with being a reboot of a well known TV-show itself. I thought, someday it will bite them in the ass. 😉

And now we will get the crossover Five-0/Magnum on January 3rd. Of course, some fans see that as a big problem.

Personally, I couldn’t care less about that problem. I actually think it’s laughable with all the other problems like lack of continuity and dropped characters on this show.

Magnum has really grown on me, and I enjoy it very much. I am looking forward to the cross-over.

So, how about you? Is this reference from years ago bothering you now? Or do you ignore such things?

And what would you like to forget it ever happened on the show?

From TVLine:

For as long as there have been rumblings of CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 staging a full-on crossover with sister series Magnum P.I., fans with good memories have been quick to note one very big problem with that idea.

The proverbial fly in the poi? At the close of the Season 3 Five-0 episode “Hoa Pili,” as Kamekona gave Steve, Danny and Max a helicopter tour of their island home, Max likened the scenario to the 1980s TV show Magnum, P.I., even assigning some of his friends their Magnum counterparts. What’s more, “They started singing the Magnum theme, there in the helicopter,” notes Peter M. Lenkov, the showrunner for both of the Aloha State-based dramas.

The issue was arguably easier to ignore as Five-0 side characters popped up here and there on Magnum. But once you have Steve and Danny actually interacting with flesh-and-blood private eye Thomas Magnum, it is a very different ball of wax.

“We did do that,” Lenkov affirms. And now that his Five-0 and Magnum will actually cross over — in back-to-back episodes airing Friday, Jan. 3 — “We’re going to forget that episode happened,” he says with a wink.

Reflecting on the March 2013 Five-0 episode that would years later come back to haunt him (or at least raise the hackles of continuity-obsessed viewers), Lenkov says, “That was at a time when I had lost hope that I could get [my Magnum reboot] launched. I had been trying to do it for so long, I thought there was just no way it was going to happen, so I did a little tribute in that episode.

“But we’ll take that one out of rotation,” he jokes, “now that you’ve brought it up!”

You can read the original article HERE!


27 thoughts on “LD – Let’s forget that ever happened?

  1. Frankly, I don’t care about this Magnum ‘issue’. Not just because there are other continuity problems, but because I don’t care about this crossover at all. You know, Sam, I am no fan of this new Magnum, but I will watch because of Alex. Crossovers are never a thing for me, neither on TV nor with fanfiction. They mostly are never fish no fowl, because it is hard to do justice to all the characters and shows.
    What I want to forget? Hm… Liver. Radiation. But first and foremost I would like to forget every offensive, rude, mean and insulting comment coming from Danny and his behaviour when it comes to women. But I can’t.

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    1. Girrrrrllll! I second third and fourth your *want to forgets*! Especially the Dannoying part. Tho I’d love to go even further. I’d like to forget there ever was a Dannoying. Fat chance, but it’s a lovely daydream.😉

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  2. The vast majority of viewers won’t remember the helicopter ride in that episode, so who really cares?

    I agree with Leica regarding liver and radiation. Let me add the restaurant story, Charlie’s paternity, the death of Joe White, the killing of Wo fat without a suitable replacement, the never ending expansion of secondary characters whose presence is unnecessary, the inclusion of guest stars with stories which provide a paid vacation for the actor without also providing a reasonable story to justify the expense, the death of Steve’s ability to get a date on his own, and Cath’s leaving at the end of 603 without explanation and the failure of the show to post a warning that some episodes may require a bottle of TUMS to endure the ride.


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    1. Bingo. It’s not this particular event that is so egregious. It’s just another manifestation of the illness. They don’t care to put out good product, I don’t care enough anymore to give a #^$&%.

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  3. Love your comment Mama! The Magnum thing is just a symptom of a much bigger “illness” IMO. Continuity has always been an issue. Show is driven by whims and patronage nowadays.
    Oh and from a few tweets I’ve seen.. one of the writers is a big fan of fanfic so YAY.. that’ll go well….
    Someone should take the words of Charles Emerson Winchester (M. A. S. H.). to heart. “I do one thing at a time and I do it very well then I move on.” Instead someone is spread too thin without any sense of direction in his 3 shows. Guess he believes the hype of his superfans that he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. JMHO

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    1. Totally agree. Yet the *rick still has all the jobs, as badly as he does them, and they keep giving him even more shows to mangle!!! I just do not get it…


    2. I am a bit worried that one of the writers may be a fan of Fan Fic. It speaks to the ability to be creative in one’s own right without inadvertently “borrowing” someone’s else’s ideas . Let’s hope said writer avoids H50 Fan Fic just to be safe and retain the purity of one’s own product.

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  4. I couldn’t agree more with all your comments.

    While I cringe about the Magnum helicopter scene I do believe PL really had no idea that it would come back to “haunt” him.
    And yes, I am willing to forget about that.

    But I am with you all, so many other things I’d wish we could forget they ever happened.
    My top picks are: Cath’s departure in 6.03 and the failure to redeem her (clearly she was forced to go and keep up that cover), the restauRANTs, liver, Steve’s sudden insecurity, Joe’s death…

    Mama and HeyD, you put it perfectly.
    What I can’t forget are the lack of continuity, the crew bending over backwards to accommodate one cast member, the dropped SLs…
    I still love 5-0, but as Mama said – sometimes you need something strong to stomach certain scenes/episodes/SLs.

    Well, then – cheers!

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  5. Happily ignore!
    Well, Steve managed to be in two different countries over Halloween this year, so singing the Magnum theme song a few years back seems kind of not really relevant.
    I personally do not care about it. It is all fiction. Not that I won’t make fun of it, if I get the chance or wish to do so. 🙂
    I’m not big into crossover in any case. It is absolutely great in places where these two shows are actually broadcast one after the other. And I know it is essentially made for USA TV and not for other countries. But it is also sold to many other networks world wide, who do not run the shows at the same time. Some even run months or even years apart. But that is also part of the world of fiction. Who cares.
    Like most of the others, I would also rather forget THE LIVER and the radiation, or maybe even the fact that mother McGarrett came back as Shelburne, just to abandon her kids again…. or the fact that Danny was stupid enough to believe Rachel when she suddenly said that Charlie was actually Stan’s kid, after he (Danny) abandoned her and Grace at airport at the end of S1. Or that single drug addict Mary was given a child to adopt…… or that Kono felt like leaving HI and Adam (after all they had to endure) and that Adam the son of a Yakuza boss now works for Five-0 ……. or that P-Diddy started running around HI a few hours after he had major abdominal surgery ……. and the list goes on and on and on and on ….
    But who really cares – it is entertainment and fiction, I guess. 😉

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    1. 🤣😂🤣You have a great memory for this stuff, Foyeur! Have you ever considered running your own website to keep track of each ep and to celebrate Alex?😉😘

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  6. There are several stupid episodes on the old H50, but probably 98-99% of the shows make sense, despite McGarrett’s constant brainstorms which resolve cases. These stupid shows have science-fiction-like plots or plots which just make no sense at all. Some people actually like these stupid episodes!

    I’m not going to get excited about this crossover. I know nothing about the new Magnum, I haven’t seen a single episode and don’t intend to, so the characters on that show will just be like guest stars from a normal Five-Zero hopefully.

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  7. I’ll ignore it.

    I might be in a minority, but I’m looking forward to this episode. Sure, the new Magnum isn’t as great as the original but I still enjoy it.
    I’m curious how McGarrett and Magnum will get along. Hopefully the writers give us a great episode with 3 SEALs.

    I wish I could forget, Cath leaving in 6.03, liver, and radiation.

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  8. WHAT?!?! Do you mean I have to watch some Magnum show as well (haven’t seen one yet of the remake, very few of the old one, TBH). AUGH!!!!!

    Here are some more explanations of how to deal with this crossover. One of them is based on a Twitter posting, LOL.

    The song in the helicopter was a REALLY long time ago, and they WERE singing about a TV show, but in the interim, in the current TV universe of H50 and Magnum, some guy whose name was Magnum and saw that episode decided to emulate the TV show in every way and came to Hawaii and set up shop as a private investigator.


    “I know there is a big clash here, but I LOOOOOVE #H50 SOOOOOOO much (especially DANNNOOOOOO!), so I don’t care.” :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

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    1. You are making this up, right? Nobody posted those things, right? Please say the fandom didn’t get even dumber than before. Please say it ain’t so. Please.

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    1. Ya know, babe, you could totally write for Show. Cos your stuff isn’t that much more ridiculous. Also WE know you’re being satirical, but most of this fandom would buy snake-oil from a balding blond Little Person and then delude themselves that they’d just gotten a marriage proposal from Scott Caan. So you could literally write up your usual little satires, with all the hysterical details, tweet it from some account you made up as if you were a behind the scenes staffer, and sit back and enjoy the various arguments and implosions.


  9. Thanks for your kind words.

    I have also done some “satire” for the old H50, the 13th season (there were only 12 seasons, I’m sure Boy Wonder wants to surpass that number with his reboot).


    There are a lot of in-jokes with these “episodes.” Maybe I could use these as the basis for reboot reboots, sort of like they did with “Hookman” (S06E01 of the old series, S03E15 of the new) and “Cocoon” (the pilot episode of the old series, S09E01 of the new).

    I actually had a discussion with someone regarding this “13th season” which is kind of amusing. This exchange ended up in the “questions” section of my WWW site (http://fiveohomepage.com/questions.htm — which may provide some more laughs; there are some reboot-related questions there!).

    THEM: Hello – We have bought all of the original Hawaii 50 dvds, 1 thru 12. However the Hawaii 50 Home Page lists a 13th season with episode descriptions. Will this season be available on dvd? If not, is there any way to view them? Thank you very much.
    ME: Look at the top of the page. What do you see?
    THEM: I don’t understand…top of what page?
    ME: Where do you see the 13th season “listed”?
    THEM: Where all the seasons and are listed across the page…..it shows a season 13 with episode descriptions with the first being about a porno sting…..that’s why I’m confused. On the Hawaii 50 home page, you scroll down to where all the seasons are listed in blue across the page…it shows a season 13 to click on.
    ME: Go to the page you have just described about the “porno sting.” Look at the top of the page. What do you see there? [I am talking about the title of the page.]
    THEM: Do you mean where it says Season 13 etc., with a smiley face?
    ME: Yes, what does the smiley face suggest to you, especially since none of the other season anal-ysis pages have this?
    THEM: You are saying this season 13 was a joke on your part?
    ME: Yes.

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