Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 10.09

Loved Steve’s handshake with Junior’s mom. About time they met, I mean, her son enjoys the hospitality of Steve, Steve’s the man who helped him, dragged him out of the shelter and gave him a job. One would think… she already said Thank You with some cookies.

But at least she raised Junior perfectly, taught him manners, empathy and how to behave as a guest and as a friend; no fake once in a while alibi pseudo concern to make himself feel better.

Team Junior!

Team Eddie!

Team Steve!

Team Mary’s room is out of bounds!

Woof! ~leiCa

The moment you realize the Hemsworths and the Skarsgaards are the Baldwins of our time.

Me after five minutes of peopling.

Once you know all the moves men do to detach their balls from their inner thighs… it is all you will see.

There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.

Truly shocked 6 am is still a thing.

TV has given me unrealistic expectations of how long eyelashes can be.

When you’re wearing socks and step into something wet.

Drink responsibly. Don’t spill it.

Plaid – a dirty trick.


“I was called  good boy today” SAYS DOG

Kids, if you watched this episode please don’t take Dannoying as a role model. Just don’t. And while we’re on it let me quote my grandma: SIT PROPERLY! ~leiCa

“No fake once in a while alibi pseudo concern to make himself feel better.” LeiCa, you’re hitting the nail on the head. This sentence can count as my whole review. Again, Danny is burdening Steve with making himself feel better about a tough situation. This person’s behavior is disgusting, and for me, it by now takes the joy out of Five-0. Steve, again was awesome, taking care of everyone. As usual.

LeiCa, thank you for another great post. 🙂  …Sam

26 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve!

  1. Thank you again for your pic(s), always great read 🙂
    I loved this new term “peopling”, very hard for me too.
    Loved your light/shadow pic, the balls off thighs can never go unnoticed anymore. And doggy news was a nice ending for this 🙂
    (Shame Dannoying is spoiling so many scenes he is in).

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  2. Oh this group of photos and captions is a lovely thing to give thanks for. Nicely done. I finally got to sit through this episode since I was entertaining my daughter and granddaughter on Friday. I loved that Eddie didn’t want to give up the couch. Am I supposed to come away with the the idea that Danny just made himself a house guest so HE can watch over Steve? Junior and Eddie are there but only Danny can heal Steve’s pain over his mom’s death? Boy am I glad I don’t have him for a friend. Steve is a saint to put up with him.
    Rant over, thanks for the work you put in on this.

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      1. Mama, that thought is really sad. If the writers dislike a main character that means they are not invested in the show. That disappoints me because the relationship between Steve and Danny could have been great. Two men coming at law enforcement from different directions could have had natural, funny results. It didn’t happen. Now they just try too hard to fix what they broke in the first place.

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        1. If he was still a main character I would totally agree. But he has not been that for a very long time and can you imagine just how difficult it is to write dialogue for the character when they are unsure exactly how long the actor will be available to shoot scenes? They write throwaway junk that has no impact on the story. We never see him in the big shootouts and take downs because those scenes are time consuming and require coordination between the actors, their doubles, the stunt people blowing tings up, etc. There is a lot of sitting around and waiting as opposed to showing up, saying a few lines and popping open a cold one. So, my take is that what we see of Danny and how he is written is just the writers frustration. Writing for this character must be like sitting in front of their laptops during an electrical outage and having the backup batteries all run dead.

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          1. I would never blame the writers. They have a hard time writing for this character.
            Writer A: Now Danny… the shootout, is he there?
            Writer B: *laughs hysterically*
            Writer A: Ok, *sigh*, the raid?
            Writer B: *falls on floor* *clutching at carpet* *crying*
            Writer A: Standing outside the Camaro? Talking to Steve?
            Writer B: *conniption*
            Writer A: Standing outside the Camaro? *whispers* Just saying Neanderthal?
            Writer B: *hickups* D- D- Double… blurry outline.
            Writer A: No words?
            Writer B: *sniffs* We- *coughs* -use old *lets go of carpet* taped material.
            Writer A: Works. It’s always the same anyway.
            Door opens and Alex comes in. “You’re okay guys?”
            Writer B: *stumbling* *hugging* I love you, man.
            Alex raises one eyebrow quizzically.
            Writer A: *shrugs* Usual meltdown.
            Alex: Ah, it’s one of these episodes. *thinks* *face lights up* Pair me up with Chi!
            Writer A+B: McGrover!!!! *doing a happy dance*
            Alex: Problem solved! Awesomeness will come. Stay tuned. *doing a happy dance*

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            1. ROFL! I almost spewed my coffee reading this. So funny.
              Yet sadly, so very true.
              People often say they don’t blame the actor and claim how much they understand his wish to be with his family. Well, his wish has affected the show big time. Snippets of Danny here and there and an EP who throws out queer baiting editing scenes to keep that part of the fandom on board.
              I cannot deal with him anymore.
              Will I stop watching? Do I care what the superfans say? Hell no!
              I still love my weekly “trip” to Hawai’i as luckily there’s is mostly a lot to enjoy about 5-0.

              This episode was good overall, though it had too little Steve.
              Steve… who ALWYAS looks out for the others, puts up with Mr.ItsALLAboutMe (heck, did it occur to him that Steve’s SEAL brother Junior and Eddie in the house might’ve been enough comfort?), who hosts a party, who’s an understanding and supportive boss… was once again perfect.
              Plaid, plain, whatever – McG for the win.

              Thanks for these pic(k)s leiCa.

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              1. This ‘he wants to be with his family’ is pink glasses talk. Why?
                -He is MIA since season 4.
                -People all over the world commute. Pretty normal.
                -People all over the world move to their workplaces. Pretty normal too. I don’t live where I grew up and my parents are living, Hubby doesn’t, my sister doesn’t, brother-in-law doesn’t, most of my friends don’t live in their hometown and nobody ever complains. It’s how life works.
                But then, we are normal people, no need for a little extra. (Sorry, this is a topic that really makes me angry…)
                For the stop-watching crowd: Nope. Won’t happen. Because guess what? I love the show. And if something/-one hurts the show I love I am getting annoyed. But seeing Alex (first and foremost, I confess), Chi and Beaulah doing their thing is just so much fun. Commitment, heart and talent. That’s what I want to see. And the scenery. The scenery isn’t that bad either. I would commute…

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                1. THIS! So much!
                  And his commute and little work are sweetened by a huge paycheck…

                  I also absolutely love Alex, Beulah and Chi doing their thing. That combined with the beauty of O’ahu is my reason to stay.

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              2. I am waiting for the McDanno crowd to start blaming Steve for Danny’s poor behavior. They will excuse their fave anything and blame every one else for seeing the character as he is being written and not through their myopic rose tinted lenses.

                After all, they likely expected Steve to kick Junior and Eddie out.

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            2. I can envision the writers sitting down and tossing ideas around. Someone suggests that they need to do a Danny centric episode and they all groan. One smiles and says “let’s have him kidnapped. We only need a scene where a bad guy grabs him, then one shot of him tied to a chair, his mouth taped shut. We can use that shot sprinkled throughout the episode and then finish with the words on the screen that say….to be continued.” Everyone applauds and they move on to the next episode which will not even remember that Danny was kidnapped since they are always dropping storylines.

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    1. Yep, because Danny thinks it’s okay to waltz in, drop his bags, slouch in the armchair, annoy and insult your guests, housemates and Best Furry Friends, not care about your friends wish instead of a heartfelt, concerned and repectful talk like Juns did it.
      Even if your friend is absolutely okay and not in mourning, do you behave like that coming to a friend’s house? I hope not because I would kick you where the sun doesn’t shine…


      1. Nobody in real life would ever like Danny. In fact, most of those who aren’t on the team on Show dislike Danny. So I guess Show wants us somehow to believe that McG and his hires are all masochists. They just alllll *happen* to be.

        And my beef with the character is the actor. Instead of being sarcastic, and a bit testy, Scott reads the lines as if he means all the ugly crapola he spews. Scott could have chosen to play him differently, more sarcastic than obnoxious, but Scott seems to revere obnoxious.

        Im enjoying him being just a wee troll who bops in and then quickly out of only 2 or 3 scenes an ep. That’s enuf, even a little too much, for me.

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        1. I totally agree. If the acting would be different, the character could be way more likeable. As I said a lot of times, when Dannoying is elsewhere (yeah!) they often have Grover saying the lines usually written for Danny. But Chi does it very different, he does it with a certain twinkle, all in good fun – and the outcome is way better, loveable and funny. Chi is the king of lines, talented and committed to his craft and his responsibility towards the show.

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  3. Thanks for the pics. Glad Junior and his father made up. Time that happened. Glad that family is there for Steve. He needed it. He has lost everybody except for Mary and Joanie! Happy Thanksgiving!


    1. Yeah, maybe that was okay for Steve, all the folks in his garden. But sometimes, when you’re mourning you just need some peace and quiet all for yourself. Junior was right with that.


  4. I actually liked this ep, much to my surprise. Danno was very limited, I enjoyed Junior’s family reunion, and I enjoyed both Steve’s intelligence in the case and his team rallying around him…tho yes, Dannoying just HAD to be Dannoying as hell. He has no other way. Tho interesting convo the little shite had with New Girl. I hope that is foreshadowing the Williams reunion and a move away from the island. Even if this is Show’s last year, we could all exhale knowing McG is free from his pathetic, and my stay absent, excuse for a “partner”.😝

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  5. Now, to the pics!

    Do y’all notice he looks particularly awesome this year? Look at Leica’s pics…I mean 🥰.

    And I love em all, but “lushy”…😘. Spot on.❤️

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