A plea for H50 Season 10 DVD Package

A Plea for H50 Season 10 DVD Package

We, as fans of Hawaii Five-0 have a heart-felt plea for this season’s DVD set. 

Please consider adding the lost (cut) scenes from Episode 10.07 to the Season 10 DVD set. Knowing so much more was written and directed by Alex O’Loughlin, we feel certain much was left on the cutting room floor. We wish you could share with the rest of us!

Maybe we can even hope for a director’s cut of this amazing episode?

Your consideration of our request would be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely and thank you,

Mostly Five-0 Blog

(Visitors of this blog, if you agree with our request, please either comment or simply sign this post. Or like the post on Twitter. Please spread the word.)

23 thoughts on “A plea for H50 Season 10 DVD Package

  1. This plea is no pathology. So I co-sign it!!!
    It would be absolutely, tremendously, incredibly, wonderfully awesome.
    Not only is it me co-signing it but hubby too. After watching this episode with me (it was my third time!) he said: I want to see all the rest that’s on the cutting room floor. „Damn (well, he speaks German, so it was another word he used that I don’t want to translate because of delicate readers), that was schweinegeil,“ he said. Now if you try to translate this it will tell you something about pigs being horny… what is totally wrong.
    Signed: leiCa

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  2. I absolutely second this request!! Knowing Alex put his heart into the episode and provided a much longer script, I would love to see what was left out. It was so, SO good – I want to dive deeper into his work, maybe hear him share his thoughts, get BTS clips, deleted scenes, the director’s cut…
    the WHOLE NINE YARDS please 🙂

    Happy to like/share your request on twitter, once the post is up there.

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  3. I don’t have any idea what is involved with making a Series DVD or who make decisions about what should be the content on it etc. But this is worth a try!!

    The one thing that still makes me want to buy dvd’s, is extras provided with it. We have all seen and many times rewatched the show or movie, but what sets it apart is the added value.

    Commentary by especially our favourite actor is always a big selling point. Commentary from Chi and Alex about Epi 4:08 is still one the favourite extras for me.
    This Episode (10:07) is a golden opportunity to make the Season 10 dvd a true collectors item.

    So much of Alex went into the making of the episode and it will be great to experience some more of that with him!!
    PLEASE make it happen.

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  4. Reblogged this on Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study and commented:
    Our friends from Mostly Five- 0 are ask for support to convince the person who compile the Hawaii Five-0 DVD’s at the end of the season to include as much footage as possible from Alex’s episode, including maybe a directors cut version of it. We would like to support them in it. For that reason we also want to share it here on our site.

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  5. I agree completely. I always check the deleted scenes in my DVD and watch the commentary if it is included. It would make this collection perfect to hear from Alex or at least see what he had to leave out to make the show fit the time constraints. Thanks.

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  6. Please include a director’s cut & commentary of episode 10.07 on the season DVD. It was a marvelous episode that still has me thinking about it a week later. Also any deleted scenes.
    Thank you for your consideration.

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  7. LOL, when I first saw the headline on this thread, I thought it said you were requesting a “10-DVD package,” including the ultimate directors’ cut of S10E07!

    It would not be a big deal to include such a cut, because on some past DVD sets, they have accommodated 5 episodes per disc instead of the usual 4.

    If they have 25 shows this season, they could put 25 on 5 discs and use the sixth disc for a super deluxe version of this show!

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  8. We did get a small answer back from David on our Instagram post:

    I will look into it 😁

    Hope that big grin on the smiley face means a big yes.
    I guess he will need to get Alex to agree to it and or have to get permission from the Network to add it.
    But I think at least we’ve got the idea out there now.

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  9. I have all the DVD’s from season 1-9. That would be great to put all of the deleted scenes and the cut out ones on season 10 DVD. I am a die hard fan of Hawaii five-0. So please make this happen. Alex here our pleads.

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