10.07 Review


10.07  Ka ‘i’o

When the CIA informs McGarrett that his mother has gone rogue on her undercover mission and may have killed her partner, Steve goes solo to Mexico to bring her home and prove her innocence, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Nov. 8 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Ka ‘i’o to DNA

Episode Written and Directed by Series Star Alex O’Loughlin

A fair warning upfront; if you haven’t seen the episode, don’t read this review. But I guess it should be clear that with every review there will be spoilers… major ones.

I must confess, my expectations were very high with this episode, other than with most other episodes where I don’t expect much at all. And I can tell you right now, the episode exceeded my expectations.

Hence my tweet right after watching it.


I still mostly stand by it, so let’s get into detail about it. But before that let’s get one thing out of the way. Catherine. I didn’t want her in this episode, and I didn’t expect a mention, or her being in this ep in any form or shape. And the answer to why is very simple. When Steve and Cath find their way back to each other, when they realize that they are a perfect match I want them to figure that out without being in a dramatic or devastating situation. I didn’t want Cath in this episode, because it wasn’t about her, or about Steve’s feeling about her. It would have distracted from the real issue in this episode… Doris.

When this show started its run, we learned that Steve’s mom had been killed in a car accident when he was 16, or maybe 15, the show’s runner isn’t quite sure about that. 😉

Later we learned that her accident was handled as a murder. And we then found out that she wasn’t killed in an accident at all, but killed in a car bombing.

But whatever the case was, it defined Steve. It made him the person he is. With his protected life going on beyond the age of 15 or 16, he probably would never have left the islands and become a highly decorated SEAL. He might have become a teacher, or a marine biologist, or maybe stepped into his dad’s footsteps and become a cop.

But that is a fantasy because his life changed when he lost his mother. Of course, it changed again when he learned that she wasn’t dead after all.

And here is my first question. Why the heck did they resurrect her in the first place? Don’t get me wrong, I loved having Christine Lathi playing Doris McGarrett. She was a perfect fit for it. Her onscreen chemistry with Alex was just amazing. But I always wondered why is she there?

She didn’t really bring much to the table; she was barely there, and before you knew it she was gone again. OK, that might also have to do with availability of Christine Lathi, but I also think it was a plot that wasn’t really thought through. Not the only one, if you ask me. But that is beyond the point.

Regardless, it gave us some awesome scenes with Steve and Doris. They were oh-so-good together. Now that has come to an end with another stellar performance by the both of them.

But we’re not there yet. 🙂

The last few years we haven’t seen much of Doris. I guess TPTB had no clue what to do with her. Show her doing her thing with the CIA? You can do that maybe once a season, but it gets repetitive rather fast. And quite frankly, I can’t imagine Doris simply sitting in an apartment having a normal-week-life and on Sunday dinner with her son. That’s just not her.

But it seemed in the end that is exactly what she wanted. And couldn’t get.

Anyway, back to the beginning of the episode, an on with this double review. Yes, Cokie also has a lot to say about it. 😉

I really don’t have adequate words to use to describe my feelings for this episode. Awestruck I guess sums it up. I have always thought Alex was a top notch actor and loved watching him act. Then, he tried his hand at directing and I thought that was great. But now… knowing he wanted to spend his time off this summer writing an episode he felt needed to be read, acted, and watched… well, I thought it was admirable that he wanted to do this. But to actually watch what he so lovingly wrote, directed and acted in brought another emotion. I am in awe of his abilities; both as a writer and director as well as acting in the entire show.

I couldn’t agree more. It is an absolute joy to watch him do his thing, it is simply amazing; because his acting doesn’t feel like acting. When he’s on the screen, I don’t see Alex, I always, always see Steve. And that is a great accomplishment. 

But what I find even more astounding is that he’s so committed to this show after ten long years, that he is so into it that he gives his time and love to this show. That he so often says how important this is to him. How he feels a connection to it, and that he sees it not just as an acting job, but he also sees the responsibility he has to so many people having a job with this show. And I think that is even more admirable than any acting done on this show.

So, here are my musings throughout the show. 

In the parking garage in the beginning, upon learning about the CIA officer’s death, Steve unwaveringly said his mother was not guilty…  he had heard no facts about the death at this time, but he knew she had not done what they said.

Steve learns that his mother has gone rogue and the agency wants him to bring her in. They offer him the chance to save her life. He doesn’t believe that she would betray her country, her oath, her partners. Well, it’s great that he believed in his mother like that, but quite frankly, I doubt he knew enough about her to make such a statement. And as we see later, he wasn’t right about it.

This is an awful job… going into a job such as this with a threat. “You or your mother can’t come back without killing Carmen.” What sweet people to work for.

And I love the thought process… “I’ve gotta go find Doris.”


Then we had the scene at the computer. Steve knows what he is up against. Doris will be killed if he doesn’t do anything. And this was a one man operation and the purpose was to kill Carmen. Getting his mom out was a much lower reason for the CIA.

I think they couldn’t care less if Doris made it out alive or not… or if Steve made it out. Their priority was to shut down Carmen’s operation and to kill her. I do have a question though. Wouldn’t there be an easier way to kill her? A sniper could have done that job just fine. Doesn’t the CIA have snipers on their payroll?

We see his “contact” shown on the screen. Raise your hand if you knew this guy wasn’t going to last long. He was the proverbial “red shirt” in this show.

LOL, yep, that was crystal clear.


Steve has this all laid out before this meeting with his team and you know he has poured over all these pictures and documents for hours. When he mentions that if he “needs” help from Junior, Junior turns and you could hear the excitement in his voice at the “Sir”. And I love when Junior said “Copy.” He was ready.

Yes, I also loved Junior. Steve knew right away that his brother (in arms) would have his back, no matter what. The bond they share through their service is way stronger than they casually show us on the show. I love that. And I also loved how involved Junior got.


Sam has said that she is OK with Danny in this ep. I still have problems. One is right here. He chooses to not support what Steve feels is his only option in this entire scenario. Given the options, he really didn’t have a choice not to go to Columbia. Instead of supporting Steve, Danny leaves the room. Now, you can say that he did so because he was upset, because he doesn’t want to lose Steve, etc., but bottom line, to me it shows no support for his friend when this is clearly something extremely important to Steve. The look on Steve’s face when Danny was walking away from him was heart-wrenching.  Lou handled it admirably when Steve asked his opinion. No one liked what had to be done but those were the cards Steve was dealt. Get in there or your mom will be killed, too. No doubt about it.

Danny doesn’t have an opinion about what to do. Which I found rather strange writing. Danny always has an opinion about everything. He was written in character though to just walking out on his friend. Not wanting anything to do with it. Not sharing the responsibility coming to a decision. Very sad actually. But I didn’t mind that, it was a good scene.

If you think back, Danny never got involved. Oh yeah, hold your horses, be be with me for a moment. Back in 2.10 he was with them rescuing Steve, but the others, mainly Joe and his SEAL buddies organized everything. In 3.20 Danny sat behind a desk back in Hawaii while Steve and Cath brought Freddie back. In 4.21 Danny tagged along on the plane, didn’t do anything that helped his friend. The list goes on. What I am saying is that he was very much in character, and I was OK with it. And it took him off the screen, what else do you want? 😉

Tani didn’t really say much, which was good, because she hasn’t been there long enough to have any say in the matter.

I loved Lou. He is a real friend. Bringing the whole issue home with one sentence. Not going wasn’t an option for Steve, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

Some wondered where Quinn was. I didn’t. Maybe she wasn’t even there when this script was written and filmed? It would have been difficult to integrate someone who wasn’t even there for the filming. 😉

I loved the fact that the op was done in sepia. Brilliant, Mr. O’Loughlin.  And kudos to Alex for doing the recap in the car explaining to us Steve’s agenda and how the op was going to go down.

Well, normally I’m not a fan, but it was a great difference to the vibrant colors of Hawaii. That was cleverly done. Kudos to the photography throughout the episode. There were some brilliant shots in it.


Lucky for Steve the car burst into flames and the Columbians didn’t go looking for him because I doubt he would have made it far. Yet, he made all his marks and got into Panama to the plane he needed to use to travel to Mexico. And then we have an eight week wait while Steve watches and plans for the op.

I loved those scenes. OK, I am a fan of action, and we had quite a bit of it in this episode. Thank you Alex for obviously being an action fan, too.

And while Steve is working there, Junior is spending those 8 weeks trying to track Steve, working at nights for weeks. And here is another Danny gripe. (Yes, I know I can’t shut up about it).  Upon learning that Junior has spent countless hours on this, he comments, “We’re not doing anything because he asked you not to look for him.” THIS IS YOUR SUPPOSEDLY BEST FRIEND AND YOU GO ABOUT YOUR DAY LIKE NOTHING IS GOING ON? You don’t know if he is dead or alive and that’s OK? I have no words for him.

I agree with you on that. That was very odd. It almost felt like he didn’t want Steve to survive. That was really strange. But again, I think it was perfectly in character.


Junior wanted to know if Steve was dead or alive. Love that the other’s ignored Danny’s crass comment and were anxious to learn what Junior had found. And I thought he used a very smart way to find Steve. When asked what to do, Danny was too quick to say “do nothing”. While he seemed happy Steve was alive, he made it plain that Steve was on his own.  Junior had other plans and already knew what he was going to do and already had a plan of action. “You can bless me and the SEALS to go in and help him out. Danny, this is the move.”

I also loved this, but I kinda hated that Junior felt the need to kinda ask permission. Anyway, this was a great scene, and it showed what potential Junior has. He is way underrated on the team. He’s a freaking SEAL, use that.

Back to sepia in Mexico. Poor Steve when he saw Doris hand over her weapon and watch the man killed on the dock. That look on his face was gut wrenching. And he certainly had valid questions for his mother.

That is what I meant earlier, that he was wrong about his mother not being guilty. She kinda really is. I’m sure she didn’t want that man to be killed, but she participated none the less. And if you ask me, she did turn her back on the CIA, on her country.


A great Steve line: “My life was compromised the day you walked out of it.”  And then Doris had the nerve to actually hit her son in the face.  Poor Steve.

Absolutely right. And this will play a role in how Steve will cope with all that is going to happen.


And when Steve makes it back to his hotel room, he gets jumped on again. I love the “what the hell are you doing here? What did I tell you?” and Junior’s reply of “It’s been so long, I couldn’t remember.”

I think Junior had some of the best lines in the entire show.

He was the absolute hero in this, and I loved that he was written by Alex like that.

OK, dumb question. Do we know Junior’s buddies or not? Are these the guys who went in for Joe White last year? There was really no explanation of who they were but Steve seemed comfortable with them and had no problem that Junior had chosen them.

This were actual SEALs. Friends of Alex. I think it was great to have them in the show, it gave all this an extra kick. They were just “brothers”. I don’t know, but I didn’t need to know who they were.

And another Junior line that was good. Steve asked “How’d you find me?” and the answer was perfect. “Same way you’d find me.”  These two know each other and have each other’s backs.

As I said, their connection is great. And Alex gets that. Wonderfully written.

There were some things in this brief that I couldn’t understand. Steve was talking very low.

And Junior makes contact with the team back home. Steve apparently was OK with it because he was there. Only to hear his colleague call him an animal once again. Sorry, this is not cute. Especially with all that is going on.

I hated that. What a douchbag. But again, I can only repeat, perfectly in character.


I love that Junior confronts Steve about discovering the truth about Doris. Steve’s reply is so sad. Through his nightly nightmares, he realizes he isn’t ready to not have her in his life and prays the decisions he is making are the right ones.

Steve’s attempt at a thank you is great. How can you really thank someone for what they are doing? And again, Junior comes through. “At least we get tortured together.” That boy is a keeper.

This was great writing.

And then we have this battle of epic proportions. Finally… FINALLY we find some SEALs who can actually shoot and hit their targets. Thank you, Alex!

LOL, yeah, sometimes it gets ridiculous on the show how they can’t hit anything. This felt very real, I think Alex had great advisers. I absolutely loved the action.


Once Steve finds Doris, things just keep getting worse. She berates him for thinking “only of himself” and he finally lashes out “you never made sacrifices for us.” Which was so true. She may have thought all these years that she was doing the right things for the right reasons, but in the end, none of that mattered. All he wanted was her.

You know, I never thought she was a hero. She left her family. A hero doesn’t do that. If she really thought her family had been in danger, she should have left with them. I am sure it wouldn’t have been a problem to start a new life somewhere where they could all be save. But in the end, she took the easy way out. She wanted to be the martyr. She wasn’t. She was just a woman leaving her kids and husband behind.

Carmen deserved every bullet Junior put into her.  She surely had no redeemable qualities.  Finally, in Doris’ last moments, she tells Steve she loves him and calls him baby. How sweet was that. And he got to tell her he loved her, too.

Again, great lines.

This is another great directing moment. When Doris died, everything from Steve’s point of view is out of focus. And there are no words as Junior takes charge of everything. That was an absolute perfect scene. Again, I am in awe of Alex’s abilities in knowing how he wanted this to be shown.

This is where I cried. Not because it was so sad, but because it was so perfect. It was just awesome and overwhelming.

Loved the scene of a totally spent Steve, on his own in D.C. trying to protect his mom’s body when the CIA arrived. That was pure instinct. Here’s another question I had. Does the CIA know that he did have help in Mexico or did he cover up the fact that Junior and company came down? And what was the paper he signed?

The paper? Maybe a release form for his mother’s body? I don’t know.


When the bodies have been removed and CIA are gone, you finally see him breaking down. You can see how broken he is.

Alex totally rocked this. And he looked the part. Just wow.


We have Steve after someone finally gets him some medical treatment, sitting alone in a  hotel room in D.C. And now… NOW when it is over, Danny shows his face and flippantly waltzes in, reads Steve personal mail and makes light of the situation before finally saying that he was sorry. And then stupidly asks “Are you OK?”

I absolutely LOVE Steve’s speech about how life isn’t on our own terms and the tears in his eyes. This man acted his heart out all the way through this episode. I know I have said it before, but he just blows me away.

Steve said the wisest words, some that everyone should take to heart. We can try to make good deals out of our lives, but in the end, we don’t really have a say in it. Make the best of every day, take what life deals YOU. Move forward and love your life. That is what I took from this.

I also took from this conversation that Doris did go rogue, in a way. She wanted to put aside money to set up her children. But that was blood money. Did she really think that is a way to get revenge (or whatever you wanna call it) for a lost life? What she believed she sacrificed for the greater good? For me, that is betrayal. She betrayed her country, herself, but most of all her family.

I know I have bashed Danny in this but we didn’t need his humor or flippant attitude. And at the end of the episode, Steve finally answered the much asked question of the last ten years. And the answer is, “No, Steve does NOT want Danny in his bed.”

LOL. No, he surely doesn’t. About his humor, Danny doesn’t have any humor, at least none that is funny. But again, he was perfectly in character. Annoying and useless. But as I said, I didn’t mind because he was barely in it.

I would give this as many stars as possible, or an A+++ or whatever is superlative. Alex outdid himself. His commitment to this show is exemplary. This was an award-winning performance. It is a shame that won’t happen.

No, he won’t get anything other than our admiration. I at least hope he knows how brilliant this episode was.

Please excuse any mistakes, we will take them out when we have the time to go over this again. 😉

62 thoughts on “10.07 Review

  1. Best episode of the season if not the series. It is #1. 10/10 Will miss Doris as really she put Steve put a lot.
    But he has lost everybody in his life. His parents and Joe White a father figure.
    Still it is not that he needed the money as he has his pension from the SEALS and will have from Five 0 when he retires.
    Alex can act, write, direct, and produce. Wonder what he will do post-Five 0 as he has a future there in those if he does not want to act.
    Junior you know would not say no. Kind of wonder if the CIA found out if Junior and other fellow SEALS been helping as that Steve was ordered to only go it alone. As really Junior could not let Steve come home in a body bag. Maybe even if it was payback for rescuing Joe White and giving Junior a place to stay. SEALS are indeed brotherhood there!
    Lou is a true friend. Want to see more and more McGrover. As really both he and Steve have come a long way from disliking one another to being like buddies and brothers. Miss those scenes and want more!
    CIA agent was snide to begin with and really threatening Steve is crossing a line. But in the end he was decent enough to let Steve say farewell to his mother. Though wished he hauled off and hit the agent. But glad he did not.
    All in all it was a 10/10! Happy Veteran’s Day as it aired over the weekend of that. For all of those who have defended and served our country and world!

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  2. Wow. Thank you for being so detailed with this review. I have to admit that I have conflicting emotions about how this episode went down, so I am going to start with that which was absolutely and exceptionally excellent.

    The cinematography and the choreography of the chase and fight scenes was classically beautiful, worthy of the very best praise and I hope this episode gets some professional recognition from industry peers. Alex did a fine job as director and managed to keep all of the balls in the air without dropping any, not an easy task with such an ambitious and important story. I expect that when the time comes for H50 to end, Alex may find he has developed a new love behind the camera.

    The major flaw I found with this story was that it tried to cram too much into one hour when a two part story could have given us a deeper insight into mother and son. In other words, I wanted more of Doris and Steve on the screen especially since this is all that we are going to get. I wanted Doris to give a better explanation of her actions. her husband John’s role and why Joe White was so protective of Steve. We will never know why Hiro (Adam’s father) provided Doris with safe houses. We didn’t get answers because there was no time to do this right and yes, I understand that time constraints and a filming schedule has to be adhered to but maybe we didn’t need last week’s episode with the two annoying guys following Tani and Quinn and could have used that time to flesh out a more complete story. What I am feeling is that this was rushed so I found it unsatisfying.

    I wonder if the show will do anything about Steve’s PTSD? His mother died in his arms, after his mission to save her failed because she would not cooperate. She asked him to leave but he did not. Will he wonder if Doris would still be alive if he turned and walked away when she asked him to go? How does he deal with the knowledge that he might have made a mistake? I pray that next week is not business as usual but past behavior says that the how will choose not to deal with it. Please let them prove me wrong.

    Alex wrote this role for Junior and you can see the faith he has in this character. He understood that if Steve needed help then this is the person he wanted and even though he asked him not to interfere unless he contacted him, Junior was the one who realized that something was wrong and set out to find him. It was up to Steve to tell him to leave but you could see the relief on Steve’s face when three Navy S.E.A.L.S had come to the aid of their brother. So Junior guessed right. Steve needed him.

    Where was the Dannoying one? Apparently he was not too worried that Steve had failed to make contact for many weeks. He didn’t volunteer to join Junior and the others because Steve said not to interfere?! That was a cowardly way for the character to be written especially since Steve went to Columbia with him to try to rescue Danny’s brother Matt without any hesitation. In retrospect, maybe Danny’s presence on this mission and his disregard for obeying the orders of the team leader may have resulted in other deaths besides Doris.

    And no, I don’t think Cath belonged in this episode. This was between mother and son and their very complicated relationship. A two part episode may have touched on Doris and Steve mentioning Cath but there was just not enough time to do it here. There will be other episodes for Cath to return and help Steve deal with the trauma of his mother’s death.

    So was this story perfect? No. Not for me. But I believe it could have been better if Alex was given more time to flesh it out with a double episode. But he wasn’t. So that is moot.

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  3. I really enjoyed Alex’s story and directing. The episode was moving and so very well done. I thought the look on Steve’s face when Danny left the room early on was perfect. It is interesting that Alex wrote that in, along with his clear comment at the end when he told Danny that he wasn’t sharing the bed. Take THAT Mc Dannos.
    I really didn’t miss Danny and truly loved Junior. Of course Lou or Adam would not go with Junior, they were not trained for this mission.
    Thanks for covering all my thoughts in your review. I still hold “If Perhaps” as my favorite but this one is a close second. Alex really does know his “Steve” and gave us a wonderful show.

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  4. I thought this was an exceptionally good episode, though my favorite remains S04E10. I was gonna give this one four stars, but then started thinking about it, and was bothered by several things:

    – McG survives car explosion, flees into the jungle with seemingly nothing, manages to get all the way to the plane in Panama and then to Mexico.

    – McG survives living in Sinaloa for quite some time, though looking totally out of place; the scene where he put his head down as a bunch of cops walked by him was silly.

    – McG and the three seals blow the living hell out of everything; where did they get all the armaments and how could they set all this up?

    As far as the last was concerned, I got the impression that the evil cartel boss Perez would know if someone farted the wrong way in her area, so this made no sense at all.

    (By the way, did anyone think there was something weird about this character’s face? It was very smooth or something; it looked like she was wearing a mask!)

    Despite the above criticisms, hopefully the reception for this show will encourage TPTB to give AO’L more chances to be engaged with large-scale projects like this. It was miles ahead of the show directed by DDK, S05E17, which had a really terrible script.

    Review: http://fiveohomepage.com/2010-log10.htm#7

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    1. Hi Mike
      I will reply here about of a few of the things in your review. Some stuff you mentioned also bugged me, but then I saw they answers were in the episode:

      You: McGarrett yells at Dias to drive away, but the bad guys start shooting””, < < Steve saw that the guy was about to start shooting (Taking his gun of safety) , that is why he yelled to drive.

      You: Dias is fatally wounded and their vehicle flips over and blows up in a spectacular fashion which no one could possible survive"".<< Totally agree with you here. This is the one action scene that they should have redone of used a different scene to edit. It just seemed wrong.

      You: "McGarrett escapes into the jungle; he doesn't seem to have anything with him, like the money he needs for his trip".<< That is why he wears cargo pants with lots of pockets. You can clearly see him getting the money there. I would guess that most of his other stuff needed would also be in some of the other pockets.

      "You: "Despite not looking in the best of shape, McGarrett, a tall, bearded, non-Latin American-looking guy, manages to get to the plane in Panama. How he does this is a good question, because there are no roads connecting Panama City to Colombia through the Darien Gap (it is about 200 miles from Turbo to Panama City as the crow flies). You can take a boat, but this would cost money, and would probably reduce the amount of cash which McGarrett has for the plane ride — which he doesn't seem to have."<<< They do not show us, but it was already answered before. They were close to the boat already (Dias said so). So Steve must have made his way there, take the boat that was organized and I presumed paid for already because Dias only mentioned a password, no money for this one. So in my eyes, Steve made the trip as was planned by Dias. Dias did say that he really trusted all the men on the way with his own life. So I guess they all just did there part to get him there.

      You: "but you have to wonder where this massive amount of firepower came from, especially since Perez supposedly has eyes and ears everywhere. It's not like they would have picked up the explosives and weapons at the local Cabela's or Bass Pro Shops store. <<< This explained very well in the episode. You even have it in the review: "then make his way to a CIA safe house and weapons cache in Sinaloa that should facilitate his needs." He tells Junior that he only got a gun from the ones, but that they would go there the get supplies that night before the op. He also already collected loads of stuff seen in his cupboard for the explosives. The script very nicely explained it all.

      You: "just a bit cynical as far as the writing credit is concerned. As the late Larry Cohen said of these lists of people, "[T]hey're really writers. And what they do is they keep turning the script over from one to the other to the other to the other, till nobody really wrote it and everybody really wrote it."<<<< From all the stuff Alex & others said in interviews I kind of got the feeling that he wrote and rewrote most of it. Not that he obviously did not get help in insight from the rest of the writhing team. But unless he s lying, I would say that he produced most of what we eventually saw.

      As usual I loved your review, Mike!

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      1. Foyeur, your commentary on my review had some good points! However, it is dangerous to ask me to change the rating, you may not be happy with what results, LOL. I watched the show again and rewrote the entire review, incorporating some new insights. My opinion about the last 15 minutes remained the same, though (outstanding), and so did the rating…



  5. I very much enjoyed y’all’s review, Sam and Cokie.

    As to Show, I was very impressed with Alex’s talents, so many of them showing in this episode. He musta been exhausted once it was over! He is much better at this than PLoser is, btw, and I kinda see this ep as him picking up balls PLoser dropped. I hope he will get to do this kinda thing as often as he wants.

    The McJunior was, as it always is, just awesome. I liked Junior’s SEAL buddies too. They were all highlights of the ep for me. 👍🏽 Dannoying served no purpose but to be a total ass. But that is always his raison d’etre.

    Now, to my own obsession, of which none of y’all will be surprised. I’m not happy Alex killed off Doris. They always kill or send away the women. Yeah there’s a new chick on Show this year, but there’s how many freakin dudes? Also I don’t get why Show is obsessed by making McG suffer such huge losses. So, to make up for all the misogyny and the McG emo torture of the past 10 years, I demand the return of Catherine, and a McRoll wedding.

    Those are my terms. Non-negotiable.

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    1. GNP

      I also wish there was another way to resolve Doris’ story but death seemed the only way. My concern was that I didn’t want AOL to be the one to kill his TV mom but I do understand why he wanted a part in finishing the story the writers abandoned.

      The show hires plenty of women but they are usually relegated to one time appearances in minor parts( if they speak at all) or are cookie cutter versions of others. I am looking for quality roles which depend on character development instead of outward appearance. That’s why I loved Governor Jamison and Aunt Deb. They looked and acted like real people.

      We had Kono but we didn’t need her Tani clone or what ever clone Quinn is supposed to be. But I would have liked Quinn to be the new “Jerry” behind the smart table instead of Adam.

      Just respect us as capable women. We don’t need an edge or an advantage. We just want an even playing field so we can roar.

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  6. I mostly loved this episode although I couldn’t completely figure out everything Doris had done or not done. I do think her trying to put drug money away for her children was ridiculous. Why would she think her children (particularly Steve) would want that?
    I would’ve liked a bit more resolution – time for a real conversation with Doris, but I don’t know another ending for her character besides dying. Was she going to settle down somewhere and retire to be a grandmother?
    When Steve made his remark to Danny about all he ever wanted was for Doris to come home, I wondered, “Why can’t Steve just tell the women in his life directly what he wants?” Blame definitely lies on Doris for the decisions she has made throughout her life, but it would have been nice for Steve to be able to tell her to just come home. Of course, he didn’t know she was going to die in this op, cause he probably would have planned to have that conversation on the way home.
    My biggest pet peeve in the episode was Danny’s smirk when Steve opened that hotel door – completely inappropriate. I was okay with the silliness at the end about the bed and the couch because Alex was getting the two of them back to being the bickering guys, but when Danny was mourning his brother, Steve went to find him in seriousness, not ready to crack a joke. Danny is clueless about appropriate human to human behavior, and it is sad that people accept such antics from him. I’m sure there had been some sort of phone conversation so maybe Danny had been serious then, but I still think his first response in person should have been more thoughtful.
    We all knew Alex was talented, but the quickness with which he put out this script is amazing. The fact that he cares enough about this character that he wanted to write it is testament to his work ethic and dedication to his craft. I’ve been at my current job about as long as he has been doing 5-0 and I am at the point of wanting to dial it in at work while I know I should be pushing to better myself. Alex is definitely not sitting back and relaxing in his career.

    Liked by 5 people

  7. Thanks Sam and Cokie.
    Excellent review! As usual you did a great job with.
    Mostly, but just in a different way, you echoing my feelings about it all. Things like why Doris even ever existed.
    And in some instances, you might have even convinced me to feel a bit different to stuff that bugged me and which I did not even mention myself. 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  8. Cokie: OK, dumb question. Do we know Junior’s buddies or not? Are these the guys who went in for Joe White last year? There was really no explanation of who they were but Steve seemed comfortable with them and had no problem that Junior had chosen them”

    Sam did answer you, but I will elaborate a bit more.
    Yes, They were part of Juniors old SEAL team and he got ordered to go with them on a mission in 8:24. So he knows them very well even longer that Steve. And yes, they were with Steve and Junior to save Joe on that spesific mission.
    I watched the episode again. At the time when it was aired, I thought they were actors. Only later found out they were actual real Ex Navy SEAL’s and dear friends now with Alex as well as Junior (And yesterday, saw that Junior (and most probably Alex as well), have a vested interest in their diving business, Trident Adventures)

    Liked by 6 people

    1. thanks, Foyeur. I had not gone back to 8.24 but was hoping those were the same guys. I didn’t know until recently that they were actual SEALs, but I think, from the action scenes, that Alex used them to get it “right”. That was some of the most realistic fighting I have seen in a long time and most of the time, everyone appears not to be able to hit the side of a barn with all the bullets flying.

      Liked by 4 people

  9. Sam: “The paper? Maybe a release form for his mother’s body? I don’t know.”

    Where I come from and I would guess most places world wide, the person who was with somebody who died, need to identify them and sign for it when the body is handed over. And I would guess even more so in this case where the bodies need to be transported across border.

    Cokie”When the bodies have been removed and CIA are gone, you finally see him breaking down. You can see how broken he is.”
    Sam: “Alex totally rocked this. And he looked the part. Just wow.”

    Deep feeling when one need to hand over your loved ones’ body to the undertakers. There is a raw and final feeling that you experience, which you do not even experience at the moment of their death. (I personally had to experience that feeling 3 times in the last number of years with 3 people closest to me) Alex portrayed that beautifully! It ripped my heart out. (But only on rewatch. On first watch, I was to cross about Doris’s death to really feel it then – if that makes any sense)

    Liked by 6 people

    1. FoYeur, first of all I’m so sorry for your losses. The pain of losing someone close is so raw. All we can do is be grateful for the time we got to spend together and hope the good memories will keep us company in those times we miss them most…

      Thank you for all your replies to various comments and parts of the review. Wow, well done. You took the words right out of my mouth, or -in other words- made the same observations I did.
      I enjoy the discussion about such a poignant episode.

      I also saw a band of brothers there, brothers in arms. Not only on screen (for a couple of years now, and Stephen + James also serving as advisors to the show), but in RL too. I’m pleased for Beulah to join Trident Adventures and I am sure that Alex has his part in the company, too.
      The friendship of these men shows and that makes all those scenes believable to me. And speaking about actually hitting something… 🙂

      Alex’ acting not only in the grieving scenes was in another league. My heart broke a little for “his” Steve”…

      Liked by 7 people

    2. I understand what you mean about Doris’ death, Foyeur, but with all that has gone down, I can’t see any other outcome to her story. Which is a shame because it could have gone so differently. I did love her playfulness when Steve and Cath were together.

      Liked by 4 people

  10. Dear Sam and Cokie, thank you so much for putting time and effort into this great and very detailed review. I enjoyed reading it a lot. After re-watching 10.07 and reading this, many things I missed the first time around became very clear. I had the chance to let the many emotional scenes sink in and think about it.
    A lot has been said above both in your review and the comments here, but even mores on social media like Twitter. Since that is a place where many of us met, I took a stroll and looked around.

    Quite a few people seemed underwhelmed, others disliked the color filters/camera work, some hoped for a Cath mention and the usual ones praised the unwavering friendship of McDanno.
    Let’s look at these points closer:

    Underwhelmed?: No! I loved the script.
    The hype was big – would Alex be able to deliver as a first time writer? Would he be able to bring “closure” (as he himself said) to the Doris SL? I think he absolutely did! For so long we knew Doris was out there, doing her thing. After a good 3 decades in the field it was clear as day she wouldn’t be able to return to a normal “grandma on O’ahu” life. You don’t leave that job just like that. We have seen her on an off or heard from her. The “to be continued” talk indicated at the end of S3 never really happened. Or did it? Well, not face to face. But Wo Fat answered all the questions I had in 5.07 (guilt makes people do astonishing things…) and we found out some more in 7.07. Back then Doris also made it clear that she would leave again and stick to her life with the agency. She gave Steve the info on her hidden diary so he could find out more about the mom he knew and loved, the MOTHER, not the agent.
    What more questions would you have liked to be answered? Why do some think she should have died a hero and blame Alex for not writing that? As much as I sometimes thrive for a HEA – there was non for Doris McGarrett. She wanted out so bad, but was at at point of no return. As we learned in the end she “stayed on top”, but she took the blood money. She tried to do good in her own terms.
    I liked the idea Alex went that way. He knew in reality Steve had lost his mom all these years ago and it was time to bring that SL to an end.
    And the remarks about making more females bad? Oh please… I really don’t care if female/male, black/white… whatever… I don’t see that a quote has to be fulfilled and villains/cast members need to be “split” fairly into man/women numbers. No thanks 🙂
    I care for a good story line/arc and that’s that.
    (OK, ducking head now :))

    I absolutely LOVED the camera work and the color filter. I think it was a wonderful idea to apply the filter. Would I want to watch a whole movie like that? Did CSI Miami sometimes annoy me with they glowing colors over and over? Yes.
    But – I loved how this showed us the contrast of tropical Hawai’i versus the “dark” central America route McG took. Also the camera angles surprised me. As a photograph and film geek I was blown away by how Alex had Kurt Jones (DP) orchestrate the camera team. The wavering in and out of focus, just like someone who’s about to black out was fantastic.

    Catherine: I think you covered it at extend already. While I love her and hope to see her again some day, this was neither the time nor the place.

    The elephant in the room:
    I saw people on Twitter absolutely praise the fantastic writing of Alex in regards to Scott (quote: “given Scott’s limited availability – see, it works!”) or things like “They are canon. Period.”. One person wrote the final scene was the best thing about the whole episode (btw, a very active account with over 1000 followers). I’m sorry, that is plain stupid.
    I get that people like Danny, fine by me. But as you so perfectly stated, Alex was absolutely in character writing Danny. The team member who turns and leaves (Steve’s look said it all), who seems not a bit worried while Junior pulls all-nighters to locate his boss and friend, the guy who makes it on a plane to Washington to complain again that he had an uncomfortable ride… I don’t think I need to go on.
    The “McDanno'” see what they WANT to see. What Alex gave them was none of it.

    This episode was a milestone for me. Not for others and that’s ok. It was a masterpiece of a TV show episode. I had to laugh at someone saying why we all get so hyped up, Alex didn’t do a Coppola movie. No, he didn’t and he never intended to. But he gave us a fine piece of TV and a perfect portrayal of “HIS” Steve McGarrett. And I loved it.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Insert applause 👏.
      Quite frankly, the constant bickering about not enough females on the show gets on my nerves. Everyone can have their own mind about it, but I don’t freaking care about gender or color, or who or what someone loves. And honestly, I find women on crime shows mostly boring and really don’t need or want them. I certainly don’t need more of them on H50.
      And I loved that Alex wrote a female crime boss who also loved women.
      I guess no matter what you write, you can’t satisfy everyone.
      I just think it is very sad when people can’t be objective because they can’t see through their rose-colored glasses anymore.
      But as always, I don’t care about any of that. I like what I like because I like it. 🙂 No opinion makes me enjoy something less or more. And I certainly don’t understand why people think belittling other people’s opinion makes their own any better or more meaningful. It doesn’t. It only reveals those people’s character.

      Liked by 5 people

    2. Kudos! Kudos kudos kudos!!!! I would stand up and bow to you, but you can’t see me so naah… But I am sending you an inner bow. Everyfreakingthing you said!
      All my feelings in one comment! Thank you for saying it.

      Liked by 3 people

  11. The truth is glaring. Alex chose to write Danny as the one who who didn’t step up when Steve was in trouble. He was the character who threw his hands up and said that Steve said not to interfere while Junior located him and planned mission to help him. Danny was the guy who shows up after all the work is done just in time for the beer. ” Limited availability” is no excuse. Danny always looks out for number one.

    I cannot understand how anyone in this fandom thinks that MccDanno actually exists especially after they take a closer look at how AOL wrote Danny’s character in the story.

    Liked by 7 people

  12. Thank you so much Sam and Cokie for this double review. I caught myself nodding the whole time reading it.
    Yes, everyone was written in character, the team, Lou with his calm supportive one-liner, Junior with his concern, persistence and reliability, and Danny, who never knows when he should stay or when he should leave.

    And thank you, FOYeur for putting together why this episode has been logic and that AOL wrote it, or all the people who talked about it beforehand (Like Kurt Jones… about the 60 pages he just wrote for the beginning of the epi) didn’t tell the truth. Which I doubt.

    Now here is what I said right after I watched it the first time:

    This was outstanding.
    The cinematography, the coloring, the transitions, the camera through Steve’s eyes, the use of light, the angles.
    The words. THE. WORDS! You know how you feel about a character, a situation, the choices someone makes, but to put it in words is a totally different thing. And Alex did it in an exceptional way.
    And now the acting. The acting. He is always superb but this was on a totally different level. Raw emotion, fear, anger, rage, disappointment, hurt, pain, devastation, despair, loneliness and badass cool collected action. Wow. Just wow.
    This was the best episode and it deserves an Emmy on so many levels.
    It was the first time show made me cry.
    There was no other way out for Doris, this was her only redemption. There was nothing new he could learn about Doris, but he had to face all of Doris’ looks of her world at once. His mother died 30 years ago in a car accident. Doris died in his arms.
    I want to add something because no one has mentioned it, what surprises me.
    The dream Steve talked about was so well crafted.
    He couldn’t hear his mother. Of course not. She wasn’t there for 30 years of his life. She was not only not physically available, even after she was back for a short time, she wasn’t emotionally available as Alex described it so wonderful in an interview.
    And she didn’t hear him. Because she obviously never listened. Her decisions have never been about her family. That was just an excuse. It was always about herself. She manipulated and used others.
    What leads us to the book she read. Moby Dick. That was so fitting! Read it if you haven’t. It was one of the few books I loved to read in English classes. (Oh boy how I hated “Death of a Salesman”. Ugh) Doris talked about life being black and white. No. Most of the time it is not. There is always a middle way, sometimes it is gray. If you don’t find it, if you want to “get life on your terms and not life on life terms” you don’t get it at all. And sometimes it leads to obsession. And obsession makes you blind.
    Captain Ahab destroyed a lot of people, a lot of fates because of his obsession with the whale, the whale who he thought destroyed his life. He didn’t see that the whale had nothing to do with it. He did that all to himself. But he felt like had to strike back at the world in the guise of the whale.
    The Agency didn’t destroy Doris life. She did. Her decisions did. Leaving her family. Getting her husband killed. Preferring a horrible murderer over her own flesh and blood, her own DNA. That was on her. She didn’t see it. Till the end she didn’t see it. So she stroke back at the world, soothing her conscience deluding herself it’s for her kids. It wasn’t.

    Alex wrote this all in such a wonderful way that I can honestly say about Doris now: I loved to hate her and hated to love her.
    Thank you Alex. More!
    Oh, to those folks on twitter here, could you please ask PL or David Naylor for the Director’s cut of this episode on the SX DVD? I would actually pay (more) money for that!

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Wow, leiCa, you captured the dream in words I could not express. This is a perfect description of Alex’s words. I would also pay good money for a director’s cut of this episode. But I won’t hold my breath.

      Liked by 4 people

  13. PERFECTION!!! Definitely one of my favorites.
    Thank you Alex!!👏
    Thank you Sam and Cokie for an amazing review!👏
    There’s not much more I can add that hasn’t already been posted.

    I LOVED this episode! Alex did an incredible job and I hope we get to see a lot more.
    I agree that this would have been a really great two part episode, maybe we would have got some questions answered.
    I love that we got to see Stephen and James again.
    I really hope in next week’s episode this isn’t just swept under the rug. Steve was having nightmares before his mom died in his arms, those aren’t just going to magically vanish. (I know in the world of 5-0 they have in the past, but maybe this time….😉)

    Liked by 4 people

  14. Thank you for your review. This eppie blew me away!! It’s one episode I’ll be rewatching many times, and there have been darn few of those!!
    Alex did such a good job. He deserves an Emmy, tho’ it won’t happen, because cable shows get all the glory from the ptb.
    I’m so proud of Alex, and thrilled that the vast majority of the response to this episode, was positive.
    Alex acting was amazing. His still, contemplative moments at the end spoke volumes, without words.
    I’m glad Junior defied Steve’s orders and showed up with the other SEALS (or rather that Alex wrote it that way, lol). Junior is Steve’s true buddy. He respects his boss. I’m flabbergasted that so many people still cling to the McDanno concept. Scott has always said that he won’t leave until Alex does. He’s stuck, but he must realize that with his reduced schedule, and how few scenes he’s given when he is there, that he really is now a secondary character. I think the writers include him just because he’s still part of the cast. No offence to Danno lovers, just my opinion.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I have not been able to find anything that either Scott or Alex said about not leaving until the other does. Can you please tell me where I can read that? I have heard some people in the fandom repeat that many times but they never cite where either spoke about that on the record or in an interview. If your can give me the link or where you read it then I will keep it with my other interviews for reference. Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have also been looking for those statements from them. And in all the interviews I have posted and read and reread and transcribed of Alex, I have not found it yet. Or maybe I just missed it (I am rereading all of them now)
        But then again, I have not listened to many of Scott’s interviews. For all I know he said something like that at some stage (but I doubt)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. If someone else reading this has ever found this material and could give us the link to it or the citation, perhaps they could share it with us. Any takers?

          Hearsay, I heard and suppositions do not count.


        2. Foyeur and Mamayorkie, I’ve never seen or read anything about this from Scott or Alex, either. I do read the HF-O Facebook site, and there are a few people there who claim to be associated (ahem), with the show, and have attributed such statements coming from Scott. Whether they’re true, or these people are just wannabees, I don’t know.
          Whenever someone expresses a dislike for Scott, and want him gone, these people repeat the same mantra, so you might not have to scroll down too far through the threads, to find them.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Yes Linda
            Have seen those statements so many times.
            Not that I doubt that Scott would stay till the end. I am kind of sure he will be on it until the very last episode.
            He’s got all he wanted. A job that pays nicely and all the time off that he wants. No pressure anywhere or extra responsibility. He does not even need to pitch up for events like SOTB because they are not mandatory or part of what he needs to do to get paid. He would be a fool if he leaves such a job before he needs to.
            I just don’t think he does any of it for Alex or because of Alex or anybody else for that matter.

            Liked by 3 people

            1. I agree with everything you wrote. If Scott did say something like that, it could very well be some assurance from him to the Network, and people are telling tales out of school.
              Regardless, he’ll be around til the end. It’s an easy gig, and nothing to do with Alex.


      2. I would like this statement but it seems my like button is broke. I have also wondered about where these people got the information about the guys not staying without the other. If they are that close why would Scott miss so many days? You never see any non-show related postings that show the two together.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. They still sometimes train together with Egan. I think I remember some pictures a few months back. That and MMA fights have been the interests they share.

          But both of them have other far more closer friends though.
          You often see Scott’s friends posting stuff about him in LA.
          And Alex have many longtime close friends in Oz as well of some real close friends now in HI.


        2. I actually went back to check on that last picture of training together. It was posted by Egan in November last year. But I also don’t think they will post pictures each time they train together.
          And still, outside of work their only real connection is BJJ.

          Liked by 1 person

  15. Sometimes some of these “super” fans invent a narrative to fit in with their McDanno obsession. If they repeat it often enough, then get others to repeat it, the origin of the false story becomes obscure. A lie is still a lie.

    I see these two as work friends who get along on the set but have lives in two different states which are thousands of miles apart. It is absurd to think that either of them is going to link the success of their careers to what the other chooses to do.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I seem to remember listening to an interview with James Caan who stated that he and Scott were under the impression that CBS was going to move filming to LA but then Alex met an island girl and things changed. Now I cannot believe this is true and I don’t remember what season Alex met Malia but I doubt CBS and PL ever intended to move away from Hawaii. It does kind of undercut the idea that Alex and Scott were on the same page. Alex has joked about getting the role of McGarrett that he asked if it would film in Hollywood but he seems to have embraced the island and people.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Mama, for somebody who claim not to be on twitter, you really display a lot of insight into that world. 😀
      I have actually done many posts and “studies”and transcribed many interviews just to stop some of the rumours and stories that people start to belief as real.
      Not really the McDanno ones (mostly because those are set in absurdity of slash fiction, that are then with the tiniest hint of anything or joke made by the actors, seen to be real), but other stuff that people spread as truth in the Alex-fandom.
      And if people really want to believe anything they will find just the right out of context quote to “proof”it, or like you say repeat it enough for others to start repeating it as truth.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I am not on twitter. Nor do I wish to be. But some of the super fans also comment on public sites like this one and some which no longer exist. I have a pretty good memory (although not as good as it once was) for certain personalities and their minions as well as those who maintain puppet accounts which have their fingerprints. Also, there was a time when I used to visit the Facebook one but the level of stupidity drove me away. Sometimes I will look at the tag but not often for the same reason. When people tell me that they go on and come away upset I usually say to avoid them. We are allotted just so much time in this life so why waste precious moments on things which upset you?

        Most of my knowledge comes from direct interviews where the PTB give answers which are in quotation marks. I discount any interpretation which belongs to the interviewer because the person giving the interview does not need to not interpret their own words. They are what they are. Direct evidence and not supposition or biased reporting is the only thing I consider.

        Finally most of this fandom is comprised of women. I do understand women, especially teenage girls. I am terrible at understanding men because they tend to compartmentalize their feelings. Their answers are usually basic and simple like in the case of one of our more annoying fan’s assertion regarding McRoll. “He loves her but he is not in love with her”. Women look for nuances in relationships while if you make that statement to a man his eyes simply glaze over and says there is no distinction between loves her and is in love with her. The pseudo-mental health professionals in the fandom will have a field day dissecting the Steve-Doris dynamic when the truth is the relationship and the writer;s story of what Doris did made no sense from day one. They should have left her dead in the car bombing instead of taking the story into comic book mode.

        Liked by 2 people

  16. Just so I did not confuse anyone with what I mean about men being basic and women agonizing over “nuances” consider this:

    He says: The wine is delicious. It was the perfect choice to accompany a wonderful meal.
    She says: Thank you. I enjoyed it too.
    He thinks: The wine is delicious. It was the perfect choice to accompany a wonderful meal.
    She thinks: What does he mean by that? Does he think I am getting fat?
    He thinks: Why is she looking at me that way?
    She thinks: Maybe I should end this relationship.

    Sometimes we just need to take things at face value without trying to analyze everything to death.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Oh NO Mike, now I am devastated.
    You found the other anomalies (like the timeline) as well. I was sure you would not.

    In the past you’ve had such harsh criticism for the stand alone Steve centred episodes, so I am actually quite amazed that you gave this one such a good review. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  18. It was a really awsome episodes and a great work of Alex in all his different roles. I have enjoyed every single minute. I think one reason for this is Alex new job as a producer. He now has more influence on his character and the show as a whole. One sign may be that the story was continued in 10.8. Steve was deeply hurt (emotionally) and he still deals with it in 10.8. Not the typical going back to normal as we often had before…
    But there is one thing bothering me: When he is in Mexico it is obviously the Day of the Dead, 1st November, a big festival which was nice to watch and is also symbolic for what will follow. But we all know where Steve was on Halloween, 31st October, don’t we?


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