LD – Spoilers, yes or no?


With the highly anticipated 10.07 just hours away, it’s time to talk about spoilers.

Do you want them, or do you like to be surprised?

Well, honestly, I am ambivalent about them. On one hand, I am perfectly fine with general spoilers. For example, like Doris will be in the episode.

But I don’t want to know what will happen in detail. Yes, I do know about the leaked pages, but truly hope they were leaked on purpose. As a red herring.

I never watch the sneak peeks, and I try to avoid the promos as much as possible. I like to be surprised. I guess it also depends on the mood; sometimes I like them better than not. 😉

It’s very difficult to give the viewers enough so that they want to watch, without spoiling the fun. Unfortunately, CBS is very bad in finding that balance. 😉

So, how do you handle spoilers? Do you seek them out, or are you mad when you stumble upon them by mistake?

17 thoughts on “LD – Spoilers, yes or no?

  1. Normally I am trying to avoid most of the sneak peeks, and I don’t watch them.
    With this episode, I must confess, it is a totally different thing. I couldn’t help and watched them. Several times, I must add. Because I am weak weak weak. But I am sure it doesn’t take anything away from the episode. Because awesomeness happens.
    When it comes to the ‘sites’, I really don’t get it. Absofreakinglutely don’t. Why do you go the extra mile and rob yourself of the fun? Either way you’re disappointed, if it will become true and you can’t be surprised or if it will be a red herring and you wanted it to be true. I have no interest in these sites and I don’t want to stumble across anything sites-related.

    ~So, thank you for this short distraction, I am writing at my Luke-Sequel right now and it is a sex scene. And I am going totally crazy here because body parts. So many body parts… and most of them are overrated if you ask me.
    Over and out. Back to Luke.~

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  2. I don’t think it’s CBS as a whole that is bad at secrets.. it’s H50. Or maybe I just haven’t followed other shows as closely. For example, the recent shocker on NCIS New Orleans. I had no idea that was coming and I do follow that actor and the lead on SM.
    PL likes to toot his own horn and that leads to ruining what he sees as “big moments”
    In answer to your question I’m so used to spoilers on this show, they don’t bother me. Sometimes it’s mental protection for what is to come…I can get those eyerolls out of my system ahead of time! I don’t follow any other shows enough to get spoiled.. and I like that. I could read the “sides” for other shows but choose not too.

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    1. I think CBS only puts out a few teaser scenes but I doubt the choice of what to show comes from an intern running their site. So someone in authority has to pass on what is released. And to that end, the question becomes why give away so much that we are able to guess where an episode is going. My answer, which is noting more than an unsubstantiated opinion based on nothing but my own feelings is that PL wants us to be talking about this with each other and seeing how crazy some of the “twits” can become when something is found in print (sides) that stirs controversy. Does anyone really believe that the writers sit around worry what the McDannos, the abC’s and the McRolls are saying to each other, about each other and and which faction is reporting the other to the boss? I know that the “true fans” think that by giving every how an A+ rating will give them leverage and that PL will write his story according to their wishes. He won’t. He has his own long term plan, has known where the story is going from the beginning and will end that story on his own terms. Someone who cares about the show will be honest when discussing what we are being asked to watch and be constructive in our criticism. That is not being disloyal. That is being responsible.

      Maybe the real cause of some of the abundance of show spoiler comes from those TV sites who are sometimes biased in how they report information with their own personal slant. People read them and think they must have inside information, Unless it is an interview with PL in which he goes on the record with his comments then anything else has the same value for me as those people in the fandom who make absurd and vulgar statements about the actors pretending that they “know” something the rest of us do not.

      So, I do like some spoilers but I think a few screen shots instead of three (or more) 60 second videos might keep some of the episodes from becoming just a longer version of what we already saw on line.


  3. Can somebody help me with the thing of sides which are available to some fans. Who ‘leak’ them and why do shows allow it to be leaked? Or is it a norm that it should be available to “fortunate”fans on all shows?
    Apart from a few times, I have never in the past had online friends with access to them who are willing to share. But then again I do not have many online friends with who I communicate regularly either.
    At the moment I do have someone who have access to them, and I have found that it causes too many eyerolls for me – and normally other that with Deb, they irritate me even more when I see them in episodes.
    For 10:07 I stayed away from them.

    I have seen many times that Peter uses the spoilers to stir interest. He uses McRoll and gay baiting a lot in this regard. Especially with his editing IG stories while he is working on episode.
    I found his baiting a bit less this season. But it is also early days I guess. We are only on episode 7.
    If the show was really interesting to follow with great stories, I guess that spoilers would be more of a problem for me. Unfortunately H50 stories and arcs as Alex call them, are not that interesting. So spoilers do not really bother me.
    The thing is with different people sharing stuff, like Peter and the studio and journalist and fans on set – On its own they mean nothing, but if you put them all together they give away a lot. Sometimes the whole episode…..

    (oops, that was a lot of rambling)

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    1. The sides are a subscription service meant for actors looking for roles,usually a small part. It’s the dialog for those roles which sometimes includes tidbits of other parts of the show. Someone figured out that you can subscribe and get access to those documents. Word got around.

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      1. Thanks Deb
        That makes sense.
        Although I would have thought that special plot points where actors are already cast and no extras need, would not float around like that?


  4. Hey your board your rules. But just love the board nonetheless as really think that it is in the board that as really love the show. And really spoilers or not will love the show. But still it is your board and your rules no matter what. We may not always agree as we can agree to disagree!

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  5. I am usually out of touch so unless it shows up here or Intense Study I don’t hear many spoilers. I do read a couple sites, mainly for pictures but don’t read many comments. As such I see the clips if CBS releases them but that doesn’t ruin the show for me. I will confess that I am an impatient person who often cheats and reads the last page of a book. However, I then enjoy reading the whole book to see how they got to the final. So my opinion is probably worthless.

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  6. I just saw the 10.7 episode last night. I’m glad I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I’m sorry that the story bothered me. Alex studied drama & probably likes to show a deeper range of what he can do as an actor then H50 usually provides him with in the script. It was a better episode than we got the week before by far.


  7. Spoilers? I don’t like them and try to avoid them.

    However, when I get something sensational sent to me regarding H50, I cannot turn away. I am always happy to post these somewhere, just to piss people off, LOL.

    You can see the ones for the last show (which I received about 4 months ago when the show was being produced): http://www.fiveohomepage.com/2010-season10/spoilers/ And they proved to be accurate!

    When I did this, I got some nasty comments from some of my mortal arch-enemies. I guess certain spoilers are worse than others to some people…

    The CBS Press releases which appear around here are spoilers, strictly speaking! These are hard to avoid, though, as is the advance publicity from you-know-who on places like Twitter, Instagram, etc..

    I remember when I was watching shows like “24” years ago, I would not know what was coming, because I didn’t have access to TV Guide and similar publications and I don’t think the Internet had a lot of advance publicity about the show either. I would prefer that is the way it is with H50 these days.

    More recently I have binge-watched TV seasons from the library. Some shows on DVD are annoying, though. When you select an episode, you will see this still-shot where you can do stuff like activate extra features, select the audio, etc. Sometimes they will have spoilers in this area, like telling you what is to come. I recall The Sopranos on DVD did this. I would look away and just hit the remote button which means “start the show.”


    1. Those persons you refer to as “arch enemies” have always had access to these sides/spoilers but usually only shared them with an anointed few. You chose to share with anyone who wanted to go through the trouble of searching it out with warnings they were spoilers. . That is what bothered them so much. They could no longer feel ————– s p e c i a l.

      (please do it again if the opportunity arises!)


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    1. Oh, I’ve seen that! My eyeroll was very very loud. This is so ridiculous..
      But I LOVE the way Alex delivers Steve’s lines. You see very well what Alex is thinking about this, and that Steve has to convince HIMSELF of what he’s telling his friend. (Hubby after watching the epiCsode: ‘It’s pretty clear that Mr. O doesn’t think too much of Danny.’

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