10.06 Review


10.06  –  A ‘ohe pau ka ‘ike I ka hālau ho’okahi

McGarrett and the team investigate when a deadly hit-and-run involves a driverless car carrying heroin, and what could be a new means for delivering drugs. Also, Tani and Quinn are stuck with a pair of YouTubers (comedy duo Tom Allen and John Parr) who are brought on a ride-along with Five-0, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Nov. 1 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated A ‘ohe pau ka ‘ike I ka hālau ho’okahi to All knowledge is not learned in just one school

I didn’t expect anything from this episode. Well, that is not true, I expected it to be awful. Maybe that is the reason why I wasn’t disappointed at all. I actually enjoyed the episode.

Whaaaat? Let me explain. I didn’t watch this episode as a fan of the show who has seen every episode since the premiere. No, I watched it as one of the six-million-plus viewers who turn in every week.

And that gave me a new angle and a very different perspective. That new angle made it possible to enjoy the first and second storyline of this episode.

Let’s go into detail about it. We have the usual intro into the show, this time a little chase with HPD after a car. And we quickly learn that it was a driver-less car. OK, whatever.

So, over to HQ after the intro, honestly, when the two YouTubers came in, I thought, oh no, this can’t be good. But I kept an open mind. And was pleasantly surprised when they showed a lot of respect. And that throughout the episode.


Were they over the top? Yeah, probably. But, in my eyes, they gave a great performance by portraying the idiotic YouTuber and Influencer scene. And they were never moronic like I remember the three men with Pauly Shore were. That was what I feared we would get. We didn’t.


AND they knew who the murderer was right away. OK, fine, I knew that too, but that is beyond the point. I think they were very watchable. I never cringed by what they did. I liked their interaction with Tani and Quinn, too.

Duke giving his opinion about them with just one eyeroll was hilarious. But again, I enjoyed watching them. Loved their notes.


I also enjoyed the whole A story, or was it the B one? Whatever the case, it was good. And again, look at it from a different perspective. If you couldn’t stand the two “shadows”, just ignore them. The case was really about what people can become.

That woman was hated by everyone. Because she was a nasty person. Or was she? Maybe she wasn’t just an old, lonely woman. Did any of them ever tried to look behind her nastiness? I bet they never did know anything about her. About her life’s story. Why she was how she was. How she became such a person.

Shouldn’t we all look beyond one’s façade? Try to see the person behind the behavior? Give it a try once in a while, you will be surprised.

Anyway, that murder was quickly solved, and with the help of the two tag-alongs.


Did we need this storyline? Did we need the two guys? No, we certainly didn’t. But it didn’t hurt either. I do question the sound mind of the governor though, to pick these two to make a recruiting video for HPD. What kind of people does she/he (or whoever the governor is these days) want to recruit?

So, let’s move on to the second storyline. The driver-less car, or whatever the heck this was about. To be honest, I found the murder of the old lady more interesting than this. Yes, I know, Steve was in this part. But the story was just not interesting.

So, let’s forget about the story, and focus on Steve and other important stuff. OK, fine, let’s focus on Steve. He looked mighty fine. 😉

Well, that’s pretty much it about this part. Didn’t hurt to watch, but couldn’t hold my interest at all.

Cargument. Well. I am fairly certain that the writer never watched an episode of this show before, and for certain didn’t take a look into the character bible. If they have something like that, which they should. Anyway, since when is Steve always thinking the worst will happen? That is Danny, who always, always thinks the worst will happen.

Thankfully, Steve explained the difference between being prepared and fearing the worst.

But again, these carguments are lame, and a waste of screen time, in my eyes. Not a fan of them, never was, never will be.

That said, I must say, Dannoying wasn’t as annoying as he usually is. So, I don’t even have much to complain about him either. Maybe that is because he was in this ep maybe for five minutes? And disappeared then completely? Not complaining about that either.


So, as a casual viewer, I enjoyed the episode. Couldn’t tell you what the car stuff was all about though. 😉

As a fan I will say that I missed Steve, but I always want more of him because he makes the episode. Hell, he makes the show. But we can’t have him all the time.

I liked how Tani and Quinn handled the two tag-alongs.

One question; why is Adam constantly out of breath? Every time he joins the conversation he sounds like he just ran a 5K.

Do I need another episode like this again? No, surely not. But I have seen way, WAY worse on this show. I found this one even better than last week’s episode.


So, let me know how totally wrong it is to like this episode. Believe me, I have gotten two ears-full already. But as always, I have my own opinion, and I don’t care if I am the only one with it.

23 thoughts on “10.06 Review

  1. I hated every second the YouTube/Instagram stoners were on the screen. I kept saying, “Who wrote this garbage?” and “How could actors actually act this garbage?” so I think we have a major agree to disagree, LOL. One thing I do agree on — Dannoying was very restrained in this show compared to most previous ones.

    The driverless car thing was equally stupid. These guys supposedly had lots of cars — someone says “these drug dealers got a warehouse full of these puppies.” Cars are not cheap, and I suspect neither is the fancy equipment that is installed in them so they can drive driverless. Yet these entrepreneurs are using these cars for $400 drug transactions? This is really not a viable business plan, especially when one of your cars gets cornered by the cops and another flies off a cliff and blows up!

    Julia, the geeky girl, was suspected of giving the code for the driverless cars to the bad guys, but it turns out it was really her father — “these dealers … strong-armed him into it.” So did the father (who was never established as a geeky type) just download the code and give it to the bad guys? It seems highly unlikely to me that he would have been involved in programming the cars. Even downloading the info might have been taxing. When I told a friend of mine about this plot line, she said, “If that guy [the father] is a lush or doper, he probably can’t operate a microwave, let alone program a driverless car”!

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  2. So, I gave an earful? 🙄 No, I didnt. I said why *I* didnt enjoy those two buffoons. The main reason is that I am totally afraid my sweet grandson will turn into something like that. He lives and breathes you tube. Those characters just annoyed me but I love their notes and pics in their notebooks. They were respectful but were just over the top.

    I think they could have done a really interesting show with a driverless car. But the story they went with seemed chock full of holes.

    Cargument… eh. So out of character. But nice Steve screen time. 😁. I dont mind being shallow. Steve makes the show for me.

    And the previews. My only hope is that this is the main storyline and isnt cut with a cutsie, silly story back home.

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  3. I agree, SHOW is much more enjoyable when you don’t care, or go into it expecting nothing. The writers don’t seem to care about quality, so why should i? Athlo that doesn’t mean I won’t make fun of the stupidity.

    Danny’s barely in the episode. Ergo: good epi.

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  4. I didn’t like the annoying youtubers. The driverless car story could have been better. I think this was just a “fluff” episode before next week’s episode which I hope will be great. The other one Alex wrote was great, I recall. Does Adam look thinner to you? He seems as thin as Alex in the episode, maybe even thinner. Alex looked especially great, but I wish they would have him shave as the chin hair doesn’t match the hair on his head. Maybe the stunt double could have some grey instead of having Alex dye his hair?


  5. I found myself cringing and eye rolling at the youtubers.. mostly at the stupidity of it all….guess I’m not a millennial.. or even young anymore. LOL Still VERY undecided about Quinn but I had to agree with her in this ep. they were annoying as hell. Why do I have the awful feeling that we will see them again??
    I hadn’t thought of the financial viability aspect of the drug delivering cars. Good point! Seems like Danny was only there for the cargument because he was conspicuously absent in the take down scene. Too bad we missed him looking terrified while holding a gun.
    I agree with fixing the mismatched hair/scruff. Shouldn’t the stunt double adjust to the star and not the other way around?

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    1. 🤣😂🤣 “Too bad we missed him looking terrified while holding a gun.” OMG Deb, that should be your pinned tweet!😂🤣😂🤣😂🥳

      Good to know he was hardly there too.

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  6. I felt this one was boring. Someone please explain to me why those YouTube dudes were shadowing 5-0 when their purpose was to make a recruitment video for HPD? Shouldn’t they be shadowing Duke or some other officer and not task force members? Or is 5-0 looking to recruit off the internet?

    I was pleased that we had minimal Danny. I can get into that although it was interesting that they didn’t have him in the takedown.

    That is about all I have to say about the episode. Thanks for giving us a different perspective. On to next week.

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    1. Good point about why are the “dudes” making a video about HPD but working with H50?

      H50 would have their finger on the pulse of major crimes that HPD deals with, so they can get access to stuff other than jaywalking tickets and so forth … and maybe the idea is, if you work hard at HPD you could be eventually appointed to work for H50. After all, look at some of the miscreants who make up (and have made up) the “team”!

      There are still issues, though. Tani tells the duo, “the governor hired you [guys] to make a recruitment video for the HPD,” but you have to wonder, how did this happen? This is a video which is presumably going to be SERIOUS, and you would expect that there would be ads for this in newspapers, etc., when they were hiring. Yet, they chose these two idiots to make the video using their cel phones — why, to appeal to young people? I think the Governor was smoking crack when she (presumably it is still a “she”) hired them.

      The domain name that is heard at the end of the show where you can sign up with HPD — http://www.JoinHonoluluPD.org — is real, by the way.

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    2. As they said they were with HPD the day before. Hence Duke’s reaction to encounter them again after he thought he was through with them.
      I thought it was logical for them to follow 50 since HPD very often works with them. Don’t think it’s strange at all.


  7. I thought the writing was juvenile. It was as though the writers were trying so hard to write “funny” they wrote stupid instead— probably by accident.

    I no longer have expectations of being wowed and entertained. I just have expectations of how to measure dumb, dumber and dumbest. And some of you are so right. When you refuse to take the show seriously it becomes almost bearable. At least I wasn’t furious as I was last week for E1005, so that is an improvement for me.

    Still not feeling Quinn as a character. Pairing her with Tani is like opening a box of cookies and finding only two left–both of them broken.

    Does anyone know if this was the episode filming the week of SOTB?

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  8. Mama, you are so right. I have no words for how awful this was.
    The second SL had potential, but it was completely overshadowed by the overwhelming part of dumb and dumber. I don’t care if they might have been in character. I DO NOT want to watch this crap on a crime show. What a useless filler, what a waste of time. Are we supposed to believe the Governor would hire such douchebags for a recruitment video? I’m sorry, that’s just so wrong. Maybe I’m too old for this stuff, but I wasn’t the only one in our home ready to yell at the screen.
    I heard the guys are real life comedians/YouTubers, so I guess PL thought bringing them on might be a great idea. NOT.

    Oh, and has Scott amended his contract again to exclude him from action scenes? Where was he? Not that I would care (Deb, you take the crown with your observation 🙂 !!) but his absence was… awkward.

    My interest is dwindling rapidly. I’m sure 10.07 will be great, the kind of episode I long for. By now we have a handful of top episodes per season, the rest…… That’s just not enough anymore.

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  9. I wonder if his contract is paid by the day rate now and not per episode? This is not the first time he has disappeared for the big take down scene and it could be because those scenes take more time to get set up, choreograph and be satisfactory to the director. It’s almost as though the writers have a limited amount of time to use Danny, work out a few minor scenes for the character and then wave goodbye to the plane. They have even stopped trying to explain his absence. It cannot be easy for them to work on a script when they are not sure where to use him, but I can’t fault the actor for negotiating a contract which gives him that kind of flexibility. If the PTB are saying OK to that then they must have a reason.

    I think there are many McDanno fans who are counting on Alex to have written an awesome McDanno episode where Danny helps save Steve’s Mom. I wonder? If Steve has any hope of success he does not need a whiny naysayer to get in his way. Steve already knows he can count on Junior.

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    1. As far as I read, Steve’s going solo. And I like the sound of that.
      And sorry, but I can criticize an actor for not showing the tiniest bit of commitment. I pity the writers. It is not easy for them.

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      1. I don’t criticize him because, whatever his terms/demands were , the PTB were willing to meet them in order for him to stay. That is on them. They could have said no.

        So I am wondering just what their game is for allowing this character’s non appearances to impact the show. He works what seems like a short and specific schedule while other actors have been hired at smaller salaries to pick up the slack. Steve and Junior are a more appealing paring. Even Quinn, (whom I still have reservations about) can ride with Steve by providing backup without being Dannoying and almost getting him killed by challenging his every order. Even Adam fills in the holes Danny leaves. Now they have proof that Danny can return to Jersey and not be missed.

        That’s why I think either the show is ending after S10 and he goes out with it, or it continues but his contract negotiations are over because this character has become more a a minus than a plus. I believe Alex would like to stay but CBS will decide what happens.

        The McDanno fans are unhappy with the lack of Danny and especially how he is being written. That may be the writer’s revenge.

        It would have been nice if he showed up at SOTB this year for them. Maybe it fell on his day off. Do I care if the MCDanno fans are unhappy? NO.

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  10. Okay, I see what happened, Sam. You can’t fool me. You wanted some free time, because birthday and all that, so you got a ghostwriter.
    But damn, it didn’t work. Pfft! That was not you. So obvious.

    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

    The Good:
    Steve looked extra awesome.
    The idea of the Drug Dealer Storyline was interesting. Shame that there wasn’t time to flesh it out more.
    The notes of Dumb and Dumber.
    D recognizing that he should talk to people.
    Someone’s disappearing act.
    That we are very close to episode 7 now.
    The Bad:
    D knowing nothing about McG.
    Yo man. Don’t dig QuiNi.
    And oy. You can’t inhale enough Pakalolo to find this funny.
    The Ugly:
    The shirts of Dumb and Dumber.
    The CGI.

    So all in all

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  11. I finally watched the ep this morning. As usual, I enjoyed the McG part, ignored the pointless Dannoying blah-blahs as much as possible, and thus didn’t even notice when he wasn’t there…apparently at the take down. Huh! The Bill and Ted Annoying Adventures part I also rather ignored. To the extent I’m not really sure who was murdered and why. Meh.

    I liked the cars attacking the assholes. I liked that a clever girl made that happen. ☺️

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    1. LOL! You opened with sorta quotes from the stoner dudes, “like, excruciatingly bad, dude!” That was so on point!🤣

      Not my fave ep but I liked it a little better than you because McG JUST LOOKED SOOOOO GOOD!

      That’s now how I measure eps. 😉


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