Let’s pic(k) Steve! …and review

Ashampoo_Snap_2019.10.21_13h55m11s_019_Filme - TV

Episode 10.04

Please enjoy leiCa’s pictures and review. It says what needed to be said. …Sam

There won’t be captions for this episode. Just some snaps for you to enjoy I fortunately decided to snap while watching the first time. There’s been no second time to do more. This was a pain. First: why do they think it’s fun to write Steve so out of character? We all know he speaks Korean. And he speaks Mandarin too, H50 writers. I’m telling you in case you want to forget that too. You needed to do so because you wanted to show us why Quinn is a valuable asset for the team? Then care to explain why there’s Dannoying?

Second: Steve’s insecurity around women is ridiculous. He’s a grown ass Navy SEAL for crying out loud. And drop dead gorgeous. Remember the times he didn’t even notice all the women falling for him? Someone like him just needs to stand around and have an effect. That’s it. Where are all the people from his past? He grew up on this island! Where are the Jenny Feldmans? He for sure does not need a buzzing, annoying mosquito to play matchmaker. A divorced matchmaker who would be a reason for women to run away from Steve, because who wants to deal with such an asshole your lover considers a friend? Telling all the others about Steve dating? What a putz. Like he told everyone that Steve wanted to propose. D should get a life. Steve was right. He’s projecting. Danny doesn’t really have friends, Steve has friends and Danny happens to know them. I always said be aware of men who need combovers, they are trying to hold their hair hostage… and failing. They’ve got no self-assurance, just an ego that needs to be fed.

Dannoying should mind his own business, go away and look for another abuse victim or married woman to sleep with. Without protection that is, because the world desperately needs more combover assholes.

And now, as a dog lover, if a friend would have done something like cockatoo combover in the dog park with my dog I would have kicked his lights out and the friendship would be over. Dannoying knows nothing about humans and nothing about dogs. Yet he is full of ‘I know it all – not my fault’ shit. I’ll type it really slowly for all D lovers to understand. You. Don’t. Throw. A. Ball. For. Your. Dog. To. Catch. Right. In. Front. Of. Another. Dog. Especially not when you don’t know that dog. Especially not when the other dog is on a leash. Every idiot knows that. Well, obviously not every idiot. So, it’s not the Mastiff’s or Eddie’s fault. (And it had to be a Mastiff, right? To serve every stupid cliché that’s out there, right? Ugh.)  Dannoying is simply unbearable, the most awful, supposed to be likeable, character I’ve ever seen on a TV show.

I just couldn’t watch a second time and that’s a shame because Steve had hilarious faces, even Eddie had more facial expressions than someone else and the stunts were great. Enjoyed Tani getting her ass kicked. It’s about time the same happens to someone else. I volunteer. I’ve got some inches on him, so no problem. And the team won’t notice if Dannoying is in the hospital for some months. He’s irrelevant for the job. He doesn’t even speak Korean, or Mandarin, or Pashto. He was busy sleeping with abuse victims while Steve learned all this and was fighting the Taliban.

Vent done. Now enjoy some ‘heart of the show and reason my significant other still watches’ pic(k)s. ~leiCa

Ashampoo_Snap_2019.10.21_13h50m46s_009_Filme - TV

Ashampoo_Snap_2019.10.21_14h12m06s_038_Filme - TV

Ashampoo_Snap_2019.10.21_14h13m29s_042_Filme - TV

Ashampoo_Snap_2019.10.21_13h58m03s_026_Filme - TV

Ashampoo_Snap_2019.10.21_13h59m03s_030_Filme - TV

Ashampoo_Snap_2019.10.21_14h30m07s_075_Filme - TV

Ashampoo_Snap_2019.10.21_14h17m08s_050_Filme - TV

Ashampoo_Snap_2019.10.21_14h26m21s_065_Filme - TV


Ashampoo_Snap_2019.10.21_14h32m49s_082_Filme - TV
Now Eddie has Mr. Pickles an enormous favor to ask.

Ashampoo_Snap_2019.10.21_13h59m47s_032_Filme - TV

Dannoying has a yeoman’s attitude.

Steve has charisma.

Good Bye. Until next time. Looking forward to the next episode.

21 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve! …and review

  1. LeiCa, so glad you did the review for me. 🙂 This was one of the worst episodes in a long while for me. I even stopped watching after just ten minutes. I couldn’t stand it any longer. Yes, I did finish it later, but like you can’t bring myself to watch it again. Just no.
    The Blabla part of the show was so darn boring. And please do not bring out the idiotic hacker ever again. Just no, again.
    I was laughing out loud seeing the 10th-grader. Are you freaking kidding me? She looks like 30, not like a 15/16 year-old kid. Ridiculous.
    And thankfully I don’t even have to mention the brilliant detective. You said it all perfectly.
    Although I must say, Steve should have called Eddie back so that he wouldn’t get into that fight. That was kinda stupid not to pay attention, and stupid not to tell his ‘friend’ to stop throwing the ball like an idiot.

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  2. This season’s recurring theme is to apparently find Steve a girlfriend. It isn’t funny and D, with his perfect track record, really should have no say whatsoever. My only hope is that they finally conclude that Steve does not want or need a woman other than the one who has his heart. At least, I hope that is the end game.

    As for poor Eddie, just keep him away from D. The man is a toxic menace to animals. And people, but that is another topic.

    Great job, leiCa. You captured my thoughts! The only scene I enjoyed was Steve and Eddie in the truck. The dog is a better actor than Steve’s usual sidekick.

    One question… what happened to the big finale last week when Quinn was arrested? Did everyone forget all about it?

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  3. Let me get the positives out there right away. I don’t know if it was the stunt doubles who actually did the fight scene between Yumi, Tani and Quinn but the choreography was superb. It reminded me of the actress Michelle Yeoh who could realistically be another Wo Fat. I also like Tani’s and Yumi’s blouses. And Adam’s shirt. And the place they went to have drinks.

    And I didn’t hate Quinn but I still don’t trust her. My theory is based on absolutely nothing but a feeling I had when she interviewed Yumi about a possible sex assault. It made me wonder if the reason Quinn was demoted was because she witnessed it happening to someone else in the army, may have tried unsuccessfully to report it and then got her own justice for the victim along with a demotion.

    As an animal lover, I would never take the leash off my pet in a dog park or anywhere there are animals I don’t know. this was nothing short of animal abuse. Of course Eddie would chase the ball. That’s the game he plays with his human. And to aim the ball at a Mastiff? His owner looked like she would barely be able to hold him back. This poor animal likely thought he was being attacked by a charging Eddie. And luckier still that the poor woman and Steve didn’t wind up in the ER for stitches. Danny is an idiot. No wonder Rachel had reservations about him as a father.

    Let’s address why Danny would want to pretend to help Steve by finding him dates. What he was really doing was trying to humiliate Steve, of whom he is jealous, by setting him up for rejection. He wanted to see him crash and burn. It didn’t seem to me the Vet was all that anxious to accept a date and since it was apparent even to her that Steve was going to ask, the writers might have allowed him to ask privately in case she was going to refuse instead of in front of a crowd. I am just surprised some of the other patients didn’t press cards with their phone numbers in his hand as he left. This guy should be shaking the bushes in front of his house to see how many women are hiding there with trays of lasagna and apple pies.

    So, now we see that Steve is no loner smooth dog but just ……………what? Suddenly unable to get dates? — suddenly awkward around women? Whoever was responsible for this nonsense
    should watch the Steve McGarrett that the fans know. He doesn’t need Danny’s help, either as a “friend” or a partner.

    I am patiently waiting for Danny’s upcoming emotional episode. I hope it ends with a one way ticket back to New Jersey paid for by McGarrett.

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      1. You must watch. I think he is leaving.
        Wait, I may have said something lie that before–once or twice.
        Eventually I must be correct. Why not this episode?
        Or, it could just be Grace getting acne and Danny freaking out.
        I am hoping for a Danny Sayonara.
        It will be an emotional episode for all the McDanno fans too.

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        1. Ohhhh, Mama, don’t get my hopes up! I truly don’t believe he’ll ever leave. He gets MILLIONS of dollars for being actually absent most of the time. That’s a ridiculously sweet deal. He’ll ride that out til cancellation! Who wouldn’t? That’s gotta grate on Alex’s nerves at least a little. And in any case, TinyPrancer is totally not worth what he’s making.🙄

          And while I find it ridiculous that Show thinks he’s worth even a plugged nickel, I’d rather they pay him to stay away than require him to be on every ep as an actual co-star.

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    1. The thing about dog parks is that the dogs can run free and socialize. (This wasn’t a dog park, btw. You don’t do yoga in a dog park.) But you don’t do what D did. You’re right, the Mastiff maybe thought he was attacked by Eddie, because this is not the way dogs ‘greet’ each other. They are calm, sniff sniff, and then they see if they match. If not they depart. Another thing is in this case that maybe the Mastiff loved the ball and wanted it too, that can end in a fight.
      And you’re right, it absolutely felt like Danny enjoys humiliating Steve. I didn’t see any caring smile, or happy smile at all. He was enjoying himself too much for this. Maybe it’s not how the writers planned it, but it turned out as Danny being a self-centered, boastful person.

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    2. I really love this – I hope it ends with a one way ticket back to New Jersey paid for by McGarrett.
      D is so boring, on the show and in real life. Love the episodes he is Not in – when he is in an episode he does Nothing
      Mc Garrett and his hair this season has me drooling….
      I am liking the women kicking some ass, don’t totally trust Quinn just yet. And what is up with Tani and Junior? The spark is there, time to act on it.

      Thanks for this great website, especially the pics of Mc Garrett

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  4. Season 10 is off to a great start. And really can’t wait for Max’s return next week
    But really McGarrett and Catherine need to belong together IMHO.
    Even though she has hurt him in the past
    Please no more Aaron Wright. Had enough of him. Wearing out his welcome there
    Eddie poor dog went through a lot and he and Steve got banned from the park really
    Tani and Quinn will both have gal power something the show lacks all together
    But now will make up for it
    All in all love Lou and continue to do so. But also please use more Duke!

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  5. Great photos as usual, you make such perfect selections. I feel exactly the way everyone does about D. He is a waste of screen time. I’m not sure if that was an official dog park or just a park. I only saw the one other dog. The other women didn’t have any or am I wrong? I only viewed it once. Dog parks are fenced in to allow the dogs to run free. People who frequent them know that aggressive dogs are not allowed. Danny should never be allowed near Eddie again. Thanks for all your work.

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    1. No, I don’t think it was a dog park. The yoga lady didn’t have a dog, and even IF she had one, you don’t do yoga, you watch your dog.
      And the Mastiff wasn’t aggressive, he reacted to Eddie charging him. Either he thought he would attack or he wanted the ball too. My dog wouldn’t care about the ball but she doesn’t like dogs rushing towards her. They have to do it the civilized way, calm, saying hello by butt sniffing and then wait for her Majesty to be amused.

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  6. I just watched this shit.

    Stupid, stupider, stupidest.

    Quite honestly, leiCa said exactly what I think about the ep. McG was OOC, Dannoying was an asshole, the writers have apparently never seen the show they’re writing for, and clearly none of em are very clever writers. Also PLoser sux.

    My revu? 👎🏽
    Bury this POS.

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  7. Your review was the best part of this episode leiCa!😉
    I think if someone wants to write for the show they should actually have to WATCH the show.
    But that’s just me.

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      1. Tbh, I originally would’ve thought the actors might want to maintain the integrity of their characters too, to say no, my dude wouldn’t do or say that. But frankly my dear, by S5, I realized nobody, NOBODY, on that set gives a damn.


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