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OK, people, I think the time has come to talk about the elephant in the room. Danny.

What is your take on where they are going with the character? Have been going for quite a few years.

Personally, I think the character had potential in the very beginning. But his behavior and his constant negativity and calling Steve names got old really quickly. I didn’t like that, and I failed to see the great detective in him. I think they failed to portray him like one.

And in later years he just got nastier and nastier. In 3.15, Hookman, he was called “a nasty human being”. And not by one of the bad guys. I think that hits the nail on the head. That is what Danny has become to me, a nasty human being. A person I wouldn’t want to spend any amount of time with.

And quite frankly, I think the show benefits greatly from his absence. It feels more rounded, smoother and way more relaxed.

So, what is your take on the character? Please remember, this discussion is about the character. At a later point this season we will have discussion posts about various actors. But please remember to separate the actor from the character.

34 thoughts on “LD – D-Lightful

  1. I tried to respond on my desktop and lost the whole post. I will attempt on my phone which is a lot slower.
    I believe that the show has wasted what could have been a great character and partnership. I liked Danny in the beginning but as the show has progressed he has turned bitter and nasty. I am at a loss as to why the show could not have two people who were opposites, disagree on how to do the job but still respect each other. Other writers have done that on other shows but here they go for the lowest possible behavior.

    I would not want a friend like Danny in my life. His insults are very personal and he acts as if Steve doesn’t have a brain in his head. He doesn’t respect Steve’s service and abilities.

    I also don’t think he is a good cop. He acts afraid of the job. How did he make detective? Just what did he think being on an elite task force entailed? Perhaps he is better suited for traffic control.

    They seem to think Danny’s behavior is okay because it shows how deeply he cares about Steve but I believe they have only made him look jealous of Steve and desperate to cut him down. I will end my rant here. Thanks for letting me vent.

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    1. You are very welcome. That is what these LD posts are for. Venting about the bad stuff, but also praise the good. Unfortunately, I don’t see much or any good in Danny. One doesn’t even notice when he is not in an episode. I mean, not in a bad way that someone was missing. 😉

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  2. It is hard to separate actor and character, even if we say we do or even try to.
    I can kind of guarantee that those who like Danny, are fans of Scott and those who dislike Danny’s behaviour are not big supporters of Scott. Not always, but most of the time.

    What I mean is that, if you like the actor you tend to forgive the character his flaws and you find excuses to live with or make the behavior into “endearing” qualities.

    I have seen some H50 “ fans”, who do not like Alex who say the same about Steve – That he treats Danny badly etc . When I see those comments, I just wonder if I am are watching the same show as them. I guess it is in the eye of the beholder …….

    Alex said on a few occasions in interviews, that scripts are written, but that it is the actor who builds the character (or that is how I interpret his word) After all, the actor can deliver written words and shape it in the way he/she wish to do. Same words, but how you say it makes a difference of how it comes across.

    And I guess on top of that, fans see and hear what they want to see and hear, because of preferences and views as I mentioned above.

    Hope my comment did not infringe to much upon your request to keep actor and character separate. And hopefully it will not incite others to do so. If so, please delete it.

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    1. No, that is perfectly fine, and well said.
      Yes, we do forgive more easily if we like something. But honestly, if something was bad and not worth watching , I wouldn’t care if my favorite actor was in it. Still wouldn’t waste my time on it.
      What I mean with separating the actor from the character is that no bashing the actor behind a character you might despise.
      And also, yes, I think that an actor can save a badly written character, but here that is not the case. I don’t think the actor has it in him.
      But my complain is mostly with the writers creating such a nasty character that is supposed to be a best friend. I don’t know what kind of friends they have, but I would prefer not to have one like Danny.

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  3. These are such great observations. Thank you fellow travellers on the h50 ride.

    How can the writers craft awesome stories for a character who is MIA so often? They can if that character is not supposed to be integral to the overall story. An example is Joe White. In this particular case, having an important character either absent for an episode or only appearing partially in many others makes the writers job very difficult. They don’t make a reference to the “where’s Danny” question any more because the casual viewer no longer notices. Why point it out?

    Danno has become irrelevant. His character has been slowly fading since season 3. Each year he becomes a little fainter and now he is transparent.

    My own view is that the writers have deliberately made the character a little nastier each season because I think they would prefer writing for someone they can count on to actually be there for continuity and Danno is not that guy.

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  4. I dislike Danny very much. I used to like this character in the first two seasons. Afterwards in a very few episodes I could stand him.
    For me it’s happening the same with Tani.
    They think they’re the best in whatever they do when I think they have so much to learn. They don’t respect people, they are not good cops.
    Danny is not a good cop neither a good friend.

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  5. I agree with all the other comments. I think the writers could have done a better job of writing Danno. In the original series I don’t remember the character being nasty, more supportive of his pardner. I believe if a character can make you laugh, cry, love them or hate them or even scare you, they are portrayed by a good actor. Maybe Scott is a better actor then we think if he can affect fans/non fans so much, I don’t know. I haven’t seen much of his other roles so can’t judge.

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    1. In the original series Danni wasn’t McGarrett’s partner, he was a subordinate. He would have no business being snarky to Jack Lord’s character. I liked the original Danni.

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  6. Danny started out to be kind of a good but troubled guy with a chip on his shoulder and a snarky, “Jersey” attitude. He was a bit (okay, a lot) brusque and argumentative, but you could see the nice guy kinda shining through the cranky exterior. As time went on, we saw less and less of the nice guy on the inside, and Danny’s personality changed in a negative way. I think that’s partially because of the writing and partially because the actor just wasn’t invested enough in the character to put in the work to make him three-dimensional. Danny went from snarky and kinda sassy to bitter and, frankly, nasty–especially to Steve. For a while, the writers skated past this issue by doing lots of “bromance” stuff (and what I thought of as flagrant gay-baiting), giving them deliberate “I love you, man” sorts of lines and showing the guys putting their arms around each other, etc. But they dropped even that quite some time ago. There really is no “McDanno” relationship left, unless you want to call squabbling and nasty comments a relationship. But I think the McDanno fans, who invested so heavily in that artificial slash relationship, have clung to the “Steve + Danny 4EVA” image long past its actual end. I think the Liver debacle was the last gasp of trying to show that Danny was truly devoted to Steve, willing to sacrifice for him. But they ruined that by making Danny seem angry and resentful rather than warm and caring. I think it’s a shame to have wasted such an important character–which could have been a great homage to the original show’s portrayal of a loyal subordinate who supported his boss through thick and thin–by giving Danny such a terrible personality.

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  7. Well, y’all are forcing me to think. To think about why the negative reaction to Danno. Ugh!😄

    See, I had a permanent visceral disgust with Danno by about 30 minutes into the pilot. It has never gone away. McG was humorous in a sly clever way. But also kind. Chin was just so good and sincere. Kono tried too hard to be a badass, but I still liked her cos she was in a dude’s world and they didn’t intimidate her one bit.

    Danno? He just wasn’t nice. He seemed humorless…and even now the only time he has a sense of humor is when someone else fails and he can ridicule them. He takes himself ever so seriously. He cares about his own feelings, but not others’. I remember a horrible interchange with McG in his office a few seasons ago where Danno eviscerates Doris’s character…that’s his mother! You just don’t do that! I was at least pleased that McG was insulted by his meanness. But Danno is usually ugly to McG, who finally started getting irked with MeanDanno a few seasons ago. Yay, SuperSeal!

    I know his fans say he’s a good loving guy. I don’t see it. Yes he loves his kids. Sometimes he loves Rachel. He claims to love McG but I don’t see that. But he does love his own self! He loves his jokes and his snark and his rants and raves. Danno is a Danno fan! Which is good. Cos it means I don’t have to be one.

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  8. Oh, I could write a book, but everyone here has said it so well. In the first couple of seasons, I kept saying I liked Danny. And the reason was because I honestly thought Steve liked him and considered him a friend. And I think he did… as was written in the scripts. Sam would complain and I would remind her that he was Steve’s friend. But when the nastiness, disguised as poorly written humor, kept getting overbearing, I finally could stand it no more. Someone up above mentioned how he spoke of Doris. He actually told Steve, who he KNEW was still reeling from all of his mother’s deception, that she had faked her death to get away from her family. I don’t care what you were talking about, no friend would even say that in jest. After that, I had no use for him.

    Now, given the fact he is missing a lot of eps, he is no more than a poorly written recurring guest star that no one knows what to do with. People claim he is a loving father, but I dont see that at all
    He was creepy with Grace and her friends and doesnt really know what to do with Charlie. Steve had to redo Charlie’s bedroom and lie to the boy that his father had done it all because he loved him.

    And I won’t even start on the inappropriate relationships. Sleaze comes to mind.

    So, to sum it up, what y’all said. I totally agree.

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  9. It’s no secret that I never liked Danny. Right from the beginning I found him terribly It’s no It’s no secret that I never liked Danny. Right from the beginning I found him terribly annoying, obnoxious and full of himself without backing it up. The character had no dimensions. He needed development to get three-dimensional. But I had hope that he would show this development, that he would change. He didn’t. It got worse.

    Dannoying the ‘friend’:

    You don’t know people, just ways to kill people.
    Your mother had to fake her death to get away from your father.
    Your father’s car is a piece of junk.
    It’s your fault. Everything is your fault.
    You wouldn’t have donated your liver for me.”

    Dannoying the ‘detective’:

    “Don’t do that.
    Don’t do this.
    Your fault, your fault, your fault.
    Not my fault. Never my fault.
    We can’t do this, we’re going to die.
    I don’t want to make that jump. Don’t care if I’m endangering the team. It’s about my fear.
    I’m too old for the thing called the internet.
    Hey, let’s follow some gangsters with a bus full of people.
    Sudden development of claustrophobia.
    Have no idea where I am on the island. Don’t do street signs.
    You need back up, back up, back up, oh let me go there all alone and touch some Sarin.
    I’ve got no idea what to do instead, but your way is wrong.”

    Dannoying the Cockatoo Combover:

    “Ghetto Vin Diesel
    Razor accident?”

    Dannoying the Father:

    Doesn’t do sports so his friend had to train with his daughter.

    Threw away the instruction how to build Charlie’s new bed, had his friend doing this for him.

    Couldn’t do the redo of Charlie’s room, had his friend doing this for him. Said friend was so nice to tell the little boy that his father did all this because he loves him.

    Dannoying the man:

    Sleeps with a married woman without protection.
    Sleeps with a victim of abuse while investigating her husband.

    Dannoying the ‘pet lover’:

    Come here, stranger, you can have him.
    Take him to a pound.
    I predict 😉 : He throws a ball for Eddie right in front of a dog on a leash so that Eddie will run there. And boom, ouch.
    (*Seriously, if some friend would have done something so stupid with my dog, the friendship would be over.*)

    ~Something nice?
    ~Let me quote some detective: “I’ve got nothing”.

    A few weeks ago in our Wishes for Season 10 discussion I said a thing or two about acting. If you’re interested go there. I believe wholeheartedly that an actor makes a difference in a big way.
    Sometimes Chi’s Lou has to say the lines they normally would write for Dannoying. But the way he does it is so different, with a twinkle in his eyes. Chi talks fine. (See what I did here? 😉 )

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    1. There are a lot of great posts up here, but this “summary about Detective Danny Williams” takes a top spot, leiCa.

      I tried, I really tried to like him. Up until season 3 there were quite a few episodes where I thought his part was ok, I was often entertained or didn’t mind him. I always appreciated Danny liking Cath (until the idiot blew up the surprise and told the rest of the team that Steve was going to propose).
      I am at a loss why the character is written the way he is. Is that what PL wants? It that his idea of Bromance?
      I am sorry, but a forced “I love you” or “Buddy” once in a while does not make for an actual friendship, let alone more…
      I said it a litte while back here when commenting on another LD post: Steve and Danny are work partners, nothing more. They never spend any time outside of work anymore, and only did so over the past few seasons if it was work or restaurant related. I am so glad at least that disaster ist over!
      When are they doing fun stuff together, you know like surfing, hiking, grab a bear, shoot some pool…? Nothing…
      I kinda feel sorry for the McD’s – their fantasy was fueled by the writers/PL, but is never was and never will be.

      I would actually like some hardcore Danny fans to come forward here and share an open discussion: Why do you love Danny and what makes him so special? Are you able to understand any of our issues and what’s your take on what we call his “nastiness”? Do you still call that “friendly banter”? Then I have to ask you if you would like to be treated that way by your friends…

      I feel like the writers have given up as the actor is not much there anymore and they juggle around his schedule as much as possible, by now making him more like a guest actor. He’s usually only standing/sitting around, hardly doing any action scenes anymore. Hmm…. elite task force anyone?

      It seems Steve has had enough, too. He is finally putting Danny in his place. Good for him.

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    2. This is pretty much spot on! It’s the careless lines that get thrown out there, that are so nasty and below the belt, that I seriously question why anyone thinks this character is amazing. I get it, they are SC fans and you get to see him onscreen every 3.25 weeks, but this character is extremely unlikeable.

      The rallying cry is that Scott gets 5 episodes off per year (except, like last year he got 6 off) but the fact of the matter is that he’s off more than that. Fans think he’s not being used well enough when he’s there, and maybe that’s true – or more likely, he’s scheduled lightly in the filming schedule prior to and after his weeks off. He’s “missing” much more than just 5 episodes. I personally love it, because he’s just not an enjoyable character for me. I’m annoyed at it also, because the prolapsing appearances and disapperances in the pre/post D-Light-ful episodes affect the flow of an episode. That’s on TPTB and the actor – for letting that schedule affect the character so majorly. Now, we are left with a main character that rarely exists, and when he does he is either as effectual as a potted plant, or spouting annoying and degrading things to the other main character. FUN! NOT.

      I always wonder what the casual, non-social media viewer thinks. You know, the other 5.999,988 viewers other than the same 12 people who post on the tag. The majority. Do they wonder why he isn’t around or do they just not care?

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  10. Okay, is it just me or does tonight’s episode confirm most of our feelings? I really wanted to punch Danny out. Forgive me my rant but they have not made this character any more likable.

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    1. He was such a putz, to use his word. The way he acted made me so mad. And of course, in the end, he is oh-so-smug, thinking “his” plan worked. He makes me sick.

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  11. Holy crap. I expected bad, but this was…
    Well, I have no words. He is downright awful (there, one word at least…)
    Poor Steve being treated like a child, poor Eddie having to pay the price.

    I am at a loss why the writers think anyone would enjoy the way D behaves. If he was my friend, I would’ve long told him farewell.

    Dear fans of him: I really want to know if you honestly still think he’s the oh so wonderful BFF? Do you really support the constant negativity and nastiness? Do you seriously label their relationship a good friendship?

    Oh boy. This person is driving me away from 5-0 more and more, which makes me sad. I cheer for every episode he is not in. He has become unbearable. Period.

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    1. Sunny:

      Yes they will still support his bad behavior because they have painted themselves into a corner by defending him all these years while going to great pains to spew hatred towards an actress they have never meet and who doesn’t know they are alive.

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  12. Danny is a narcissist. He exhibits all the trails of one which is why dealing with this character is so difficult. This is why he behaves so cruelly to McG , (and likely others) who instills the respect to which Danny feels he alone is entitled. Danny can’t seem to understand, like most narcissists, why he doesn’t have it.

    Sadly, a narcissist doesn’t even know he/she is a narcissist.

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