10.03 Review


10.03  –  E uhi ana ka wa I hala I na mea I hala

Five-0 investigates when a plan that mysteriously crashed into the Pacific in the ‘80s is found, but with a recently murdered scuba diver inside. Also, as McGarrett and Quinn zero in on who planted the bomb in his garage, and he formally asks her to join Five-0, she is arrested for money laundering.

CBS translated E uhi ana ka wa I hala I na mea I hala to Passing time obscures the past

To be honest, although I enjoyed the episode, I am not quite sure what to make of it. For that reason and because I am really busy this week, this will be a short review.

There are some questions that make no sense to me. First of all, why would Steve, or Quinn, or anyone really, think that Wes Cullen was responsible for the bomb in Steve’s garage? Why would he even bother? Frankly, neither Steve nor Quinn know much about anything concerning his crimes. They have no proof of any wrongdoing. It’s not like they are just minutes from a breakthrough in the case against him.


Why go through all that trouble planting a bomb? No, that wasn’t him, if you ask me. Simply because it makes no sense for him to waste time on it.

You know, I am not much of a fan of the plot “kill the cop that investigates me”. That is just stupid. As if there weren’t then others to continue with the work. And they would probably be pretty pissed off losing a friend like that. So, that whole concept is just stupid and only draws attention to the bad guy. It’s a cheap plot device, one I think is stupid. As you can see, still one of my favorite words. 😉

Next rather stupid plot is the planted money on Quinn.


BUT, as I said I really enjoyed watching this part of the show. I really like Steve and Quinn working together. Very relaxed and natural. Keep that up.


Relaxed. I think that is the perfect description for this episode. The other part with the rest of the team had a lot of blabla, sometimes bordering on boring, but it was OK to watch.

I even had a couple of good laughs. “You look different, Jerry. … Ha, you shaved your beard.” Funny.

Honestly, I love that they don’t even mention a missing detective any longer. He certainly doesn’t leave a hole behind. As most of the times, the episodes without him are smoother and just flow better.

So, this episode had a nice flow.

No, not thinking too much about the plot holes and some of the stupid. Don’t have time for it this week.

What are your thoughts about the latest episode? Who do you think the bad guy behind all this is?


18 thoughts on “10.03 Review

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    I was well entertained and liked the episode overall, despite the plot holes.
    Yes, didn’t miss a certain someone one bit.

    I am still puzzled about Quinn‘s past. Steve made her the offer to join 5-0 very fast. Did he dig out more info about her? Is he able to fully trust her after this short amount of time? But – I like her and I am curious if we will find out why PL/the writers chose to make her so similar to Cath.

    I think we might see more of Cullen. Not for one second did I think he perished in that blast. Time will tell. PL talked about a new Big bad, maybe it‘s him?

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  2. I was thinking of giving it 2/4 stars, but the things that annoyed me were:

    – the ridiculous tailing in McGarrett’s huge, obvious red truck; they even drive through a red light and there isn’t the usual cliché of someone almost running into them!

    – Quinn and McG spy on bad guys from some building quite close to the baddies; they are not seen and when McG’s phone rings, no one hears it

    – Tani’s totally obnoxious attitude towards the conspiracy geek in the blue-lit room

    – utterly stupid conversation between McGarrett and Quinn when the truck’s tire is slashed (see my review below, LOL)

    – little evidence of “show, don’t tell”; there was an interminable amount of spoken exposition

    Season 10 seems to be not getting off to a very good start; season 9 overall was not that bad, though it kind of petered out at the end…


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    1. Totally agree the red truck is not a viable surveillance mobile. Maybe McG can take over driving Quinn’s car.😉

      I figured the baddies would hear Quinn’s camera noise…that was as loud as the phones!

      And yes the “show don’t tell” quotient was criminally breached.

      But I like McQuinn. So much more fun, and enjoyable, than McDannoying.

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      1. GNP: Wasn’t it odd that Quinn was so noisy and the criminals never came out to check what was going on? They were aware of their presence since they gave them a flat tire. Crazy behavior even for H50 where every bad guy automatically comes out guns blazing. Maybe they weren’t supposed to hurt them because Quinn still had to infiltrate H50? Could planting the money in her home been just a ruse so McG would blame Cullen and make him trust her? Cullen said Steve didn’t understand what was going on. That may prove to be very true.

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        1. Yeah PLoser probably has some vague actual story arc in his head. But don’t you fret, Mama, he’ll forget it, or be distracted by some guest star he wants to play with and golf with for a bit, so he’ll wander off in a totally opposite direction with said guest star, who will then drop out cos he’ll get a better job, so then PLoser will try another switcheroo by season’s end, so that none of it makes any sense, at all, by the finale. 🙄

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          1. Quinn’s hire was just too easy. McG made Junior- a trained Navy S.E.A.L- wait for a badge. Jerry had to work with the team a long time before he got a badge. Adam was married to a team member and they knew him well before he got a badge. Lou was SWAT Captain so I can see why he got a badge. Jenna Kaye never got a badge. I am not sure about Lori Weston but she was the Governor’s hire, anyway. Cath got a badge because McG knew and trusted her forever from the Navy (and his bedroom).

            Sorry- I do not trust Quinn. She may turn out worse than Greer.


  3. Well love Season 10 and Quinn fitting right on in. But wonder if Steve got her off at the end.
    Steve first blue, then white, then red he is a truck guy
    Tani was obnoxious there indeed to that poor geek guy.
    But really miss Lou and my McGrover. Well no Danny! But it makes it out for an entertaining episode.


  4. I am not aboard the Quinn train. I find her a bit unpolished, just like Tani. I think Steve acted rashly in hiring someone he hardly knows and I would not put it past the writers to make Quinn subversive. Perhaps she works for the new big bad? I did not buy her explanation of why she was speaking Kurdish on the phone.

    The show has a history of taking female characters and showing them in a very poor light. There was CIA Jenna Kaye who saved Danny’s life and then betrayed McG and delivered him to Wo Fat. There was the Governor who was a smart lady and a family friend to Steve’s father and she betrayed McG to Wo Fat. There was CIA Greer who was an old girlfriend who betrayed McG and caused Joe White and a team of Navy seals to die. McG only escaped because Cath shot Greer before Greer shot him. FBI Abby, was originally a plant trying to take down the task force. Had she and Chin stayed in Hawaii, I have no doubt she would have done something horrible because………………..she’s a woman. This is the most anti-Eve writing staff I have ever seen.

    So would this show recycle old and overused plot again? Sure they would!

    So, I am watching her and not trusting her and I don’t believe for one moment the superficial similarities to Cath are just a coincidence. The writers must think it’s funny to see the fandom engage in needless bickering. I wish they would not.

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  5. I dont think Cullen is dead but I think he isnt the main bad guy either. Not sure where they plan to go with this storyline. As for Quinn, I like her but not sure I totally trust her. Something is up. Hope she isnt another one who sells Steve out. Time will tell.

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  6. I enjoyed the show. I like McQuinno. She’s chill with McG, stands her ground but is totally civil, and she’s got that never-stop focus that McG has. She’s definitely more suited to him as a partner than Dannoying, and she’s a vast relief from that same nasty disagreeable big-headed…but otherwise small…twit.

    I paid little to no attention to the magic table gang and whatever their case was, cos 😴😴😴. Just alotta blah-blah around the magic table by people whose characters could be shot and killed next week and I wouldn’t care. The cast has gotten too big. It’s like everybody crowds around that table to get in their own 2 lines then they have to move to make room for the next one to say theirs. It booooring. The magic table isn’t magical anymore and they mostly talk around it instead of using it anyway.

    But McG is a ridiculously shiny red truck with a decent new partner made the ep for me.

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  7. I don’t for one minute trust Quinn , and really why even have her there , she is just a Cath doppelganger , and they could have just had her do the part. Yes way to many characters , already so let’s add another. i think Steve knows more about Quinn then we do. Also I agree Cullen is not dead and working for someone higher up. I say it for the hundredth time Steve needs someone he can count on that won’t betray him I don’t care who it is. Would be nice to have a feel good episode one in a while .

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  8. After Mamayorkie’s essay on PL’s habit of making all the women on the show be betrayers, I’m starting to wonder if maybe Quinn will turn out to be the “big bad.” It fits PL’s style–set Steve up to have a new person to begin to feel comfortable with and have fun with, maybe start to trust… and then BLAM, they are evil. (Especially women, that misogynist…) Which would be kind of a shame, because I kinda like her take-no-#%^ attitude.

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  9. I like Quinn but I don’t trust her. I mean, McG offered her jerky and she turned it down. HUGE red flag.😉 Overall I enjoyed the episode.

    As far as the bad guy behind it all, maybe PL is finally getting back to whoever tried to blow up 5-0 a couple of years ago.

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  10. I would like to see Quinn working with Adam more. I hope that if Quinn does work out for H50, that Catherine can come back, marry Steve and have a baby with him while Quinn continues doing the hard physical fighting that goes on as a member of the H50 team. That’s what I was thinking.

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  11. Hi, I have watched this twice and still am not sure how I feel about it. I did enjoy Steve and Quinn working together, Steve was relaxed and Quinn could banter and not become nasty. I know there will probably be some issues with her coming up in future episodes so we will see. I like the actress. I just don’t know if Cullen was killed, I like Rob and would love to see him again. It would be refreshing to have a well-thought out bad guy for once. We have been lacking that since Wo Fat. Thanks for the review, I am so glad to see these weekly.

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