Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 10.03

A really good episode! It is official, I love Quinn. Love that she was honored to work with Steve. It was about time someone showed this kind of respect. ~leiCa

The look on your face when someone mentions your dog.

He was on a low carb diet for a while, but he lost two inches of his smile.

Two points for not covering the trident.

Welcome to our blog: Fantastic breasts and where to find them.

Maybe the chirping birds in the morning aren’t really happy. Maybe there is just one annoying ‘early chirper’ and they are just screaming at him “STFU”?

Don’t go into the woods alone, they said… You never know what’s hiding in the bushes, they said… Idiots. All of them.

Always fascinating how many feelings fit in one day.

Pro tip: If you’re day dreaming about this and your boss comes in it’s important to look incredibly busy and active beca tuuweouwo kcnnaonmmsl jjjkalakkkkklala wwertt jsakah dk ajdhga ndei kus jkd ahhdiiiidhdlaneneucnew qwet.

Considers brushing his teeth with children’s toothpaste just to taste carelessness.

The Nostrils of Determination. Long time no see.

Describe your life with one word: “Phew”.

I could have watched McQuinn doing their thing the whole episode, the second storyline was a little bit too much of blabla for my liking. But Chi McBride’s facial expressions saved the day. Hilarious!

Steve in the car with Quinn Lui felt so different, more relaxed (I was more relaxed, that’s for sure!), two adults with a constructive discussion and some lighthearted banter. The look on Steve’s face was a different one, the tone of his voice was different, all in all it was a joy to see and enjoy a Steve that didn’t need to defend himself constantly.

I am looking forward to much more McQuinno and I am pretty sure Quinno will ride shotgun with Steve a lot in this season! LeiCa appreciates.

15 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve!

  1. Omg, leiCa, just THINK if Caan could act as well as the Quinn actress can, and if he hadn’t doubled down on being Dannoying! How much better Show woulda been! Quinn is a great partner for McG. They are funny and snarky and they both stand their ground, yet they’re well-mannered and professional! They are actually fun to watch! I did not wince once! Keep the McQuinn, lose the Danno.

    And I’m having a hard time pic(k)ing my favorites this week. I love the dog-contemplation face…sweet! But they’re all so good! Low carb smile loss, fantastic breasts, the Nostrils of Determination, the typing when you’re daydreaming McG and your boss dguyscbi vufdgh ifddd…

    These were allll just awesome!❤️

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      1. Oh no, girl, it is not just you. Them puppies are proud and out loud. They enter the room about 15 seconds before Quinn does.😂


  2. I love all of these, especially the one in the jungle. That pic is as luscious as the foliage he is hiding in. I do want to confirm that I have never daydr dnfjfdjfne fkdnfrkrke ekrjr3ieodhfkde about Steve.


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  3. I loved this episode only because of the camaraderie between Steve and Quinn, I’d be happy if they worked together all the time! Your choice of pictures are great and I love your captions! Thank you! I love Alex’s new hair style, he has such beautiful hair, (love the curls coming back), anyone else think he’s aiming more towards Jack Lord’s original Steve McGarrett hairstyle, just a little? I just love it! I hope he keeps it!

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    1. I prefer his hair a little bit shorter, but then, it doesn’t matter with this man. He could wear a horror mask on top of his head and I wouldn’t mind. 😉
      And no to the original Steve’s hairstyle. I am pretty sure (and I hope it stays this way) that Alex’s Steve’s hair moves when it’s windy. Or when he is jumping from buildings. His hair is ALIVE. I like that on a man. Don’t like it when hair looks like some hairpiece that has its own host body.


      1. I think Jack Lord was plastic. Every hair in place, down to the little curl. No expressions… maybe he was the model for Ken, Barbie’s boyfriend. Anatomically unsure of himself. 🙄

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  4. Hi……so sorry I am late to the party but I was out in the woods, searching. Sigh, I must have been in the wrong woods.
    Loved all the pictures and captions. It is good that I am retired so I can daydream without fear of a boss walking in. Thank you for the great work.

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