15 thoughts on “LD – Guest-Wishlist

  1. Five of the guest actors I would like to see return play characters that are “dead’, so they can only come back as memories/flashbacks.
    1. Governor Jameson
    2. Aunt Deb
    3. Joe White
    4. Wo Fat
    3. Freddie

    Three of the actors whose characters are still alive and I wish were on the show full time and expect to see again are:

    1. Catherine Rolins
    2. Harry Langford
    3. The little blond girl from the Girl scout camping trip who could actually act

    For a crossover, which I usually do not like, I would choose:
    Leroy Jethro Gibbs. NCIS

    I just realized that the show kills most of the real talent in favor of “clown cameos” who seem to have parts written for them which have little reason to exist. I name no names.

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      1. Sunny: I get so frustrated when I see the great talents that they either kill off or use so sparingly that the actors see no reason to wait around for an occasional call back. Instead we get somebody’s pals who just want to spend a week in Hawaii with stupid stories plugged into the main crime for a reason which escapes me. And the “true fans” celebrate this!

        Plus there is no reason to write certain characters as if they are incompetent jerks or obnoxious loudmouths. Danny was not like this in the beginning. Kono was written as kick ass but also professional and respectful of the citizens she was supposed to protect. So was Cath.

        Unfortunately snide remarks and asinine comments seem to be how the writers see Tani and Tani 2-0 (Quinn), whom I do not trust. And this is a shame because neither of the actresses behave this way in real life so what comes across on the screen is what is in the script.

        The “true fans ” seem to think this behavior of Tani and Quinn is wonderful so I guess in their world obnoxious and disrespectful must be their norm. Pity them. They are still mentally mean twelve year old girls hiding behind their computers. I wonder how they will react once they realize that Quinn is Danny’s REPLACEMENT as a ride-a-long partner?

        Off my soap box. For now


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        1. Mamayorkie, I completely agree with both of your lists and love this 🎅

          I would also like to see
          younger John McGarrett, that man did a great job.
          Doris, NOT DEAD! But having a REAL conversation with her son.

          I’ d like to see a 5-0/ Magnum crossover. They are on the SAME island you would think they would run into each other sometime.😉

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        2. Mama, once again you hit the nail on the head!
          Couldn’t have put it any better.

          And yes, I am too waiting for the fandom meltdown when some superfans realize that Quinn is taking Danny’s place. Fine by me 🙂

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  2. Okay, as long as we’re fantasizing, how about Jacob Vargas (Guillermo from Moonlight) in a guest role? A lovely Moonlight nod, and not too outlandish. I mean, we can show him sunbathing so everyone knows he’s not a vampire. 😉 (And since I have a teensy little crush on Jacob, it would be a win-win for me!

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  3. It’s way past time for Cath to return. In actuality, not just by proxy as Quinn. Unfortunately they’ve killed off all the others I’d love for McG to see again. So they’d have to have him ill with a blazing fever hallucinating his besties and family visiting with him for me to see my faves.

    I’m kinda pissed they keep killing off his besties and family…like, writers, go buy some imagination for yourselves so you can stop with this same plot/ different dead loved one Very Special Episode theme. 🙄

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  4. How about some real veterans with special needs , helping the team. For a cross over magnum and MCG doing some seal action. I agree no more snarky characters. More little kids who can act So wish woo fat could somehow come back and tie up some lose ends.. Mostly someone who cares for steve and sticks around and doesnt die or leave .,


  5. Sorry it has taken so long for me to weigh in… very busy week last week. I loved Alex interacting with Joseph (Jason Dohring). Also,

    I really hope to see Nahali again interacting with Steve. In a good episode… not something silly.

    Of course, Joe White is on my list. Maybe in a hallucination episode. 😁 Jameson would be another good one. I also like the guy who plays young McGarrett and the young Steve.


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