10.02 Review


10.02  –  Kuipeia e ka makani apaa

Tani and Junior must plot an escape for themselves and several civilians after they become trapped inside a deadly tunnel collapse, while Five-0 investigates the cause and culprits of the cave-in. Also, Eddie uses his field experience and sniffs out a bomb that has been planted in McGarrett’s home.

CBS translated Kuipeia e ka makani apaa to Knocked flat by the wind; sudden disaster

So, another week, another show, another review. Honestly, this won’t take that long, because frankly, there isn’t that much to say about the latest episode of Hawaii Five-0. But we’ll see. Let’s just begin and see where it leads us.


McG comes home, finding his dog barking at the door. OK, before I go into that, let me say something about McG and the dog. Yes, we do love Eddie, and I am no exception to that. But why the heck does McG have a dog? Who is taking care of Eddie when McG and Junior pulling in long hours at work? Why isn’t he with them at HQ? I am sorry, but people who work full time should not have a dog. Is he left alone at home for hours on end? That is a question I think should be addressed on the show. Because, face it, McG does not have the time to properly care for Eddie. And leaving your dog at a dog sitter all day is not a solution. Don’t have time? Do not get a dog. Get a couple of cats instead. 😉

Anyway, back to the barking Eddie. I didn’t think for a minute that he sniffed out the bomb, no, I thought he knew someone had been in the garage. Someone who didn’t belong there. And that is what he was pointing out by barking. What I don’t get is how Steve knew that there was a bomb in said garage. That was just ridiculous.

And true to his character he would have checked the garage before alerting anyone. Bad guy could have still been there. This whole thing was so wrong! But hey, this is a TV show, yeah, yeah, how often have we heard that?

Bildschirmfoto 2019-10-06 um 14.57.42

What I loved about this was the interaction between Steve and Lou. “Who have you pissed off now?” “The list is long” LOL


Next, we see Junior and Tani on their way back home (or wherever they were going) after a morning of surfing. And yes, of course, Super-Tani is awesome at surfing. She is becoming a more unbelievable character than Kono ever was. And Kono was one I never believed her superpower badasserie. But Super-Tani is even worse. Big mouth, but so far not much to back it up. As you probably noticed, I don’t like her. Can’t stand her attitude, her whole being is getting on my nerves.

So, they are coming to the cave-in, and are helping the people getting out of there. But shortly after they are trapped in there too after an explosion causes the tunnel to be sealed off. Ups.

Let me start my next complaint about the researchers of the show. Don’t they have medical advisers? Ever heard of blast injuries? Junior, being so close to the blast would not walk around and be just fine like that after such a blast. But it got worse; we’re coming to that. 😉

And of course, we have the typical people in that little group. Raise your hand if you didn’t know that know-it-all-impatient-guy would use the jackhammer and make it worse for all involved. Mostly for himself. Served the jerk right, if you ask me.

Let’s stick with this location before we get to the other part of the story, which wasn’t another case, thank you very much. So far just one story in one episode. I approve. 😉

OK, yes, it was nice to see Eddie all dressed up getting to the rescue. But seriously, how stupid, STUPID was all this?! Why in the world didn’t they go down the ventilation shaft in the first place? I thought the ventilation was tiny holes in the wall for air to be blown in. Not this giant big ass shaft leading right into the tunnel. Oh, I hear you, turning it off would only give them 20 minutes of air. ROFL. Ever heard of getting a hose, pipe, tube down there to pump oxygen into the tunnel? Or even get tanks down there, so they can breathe. This whole rescue was ridiculous from the get go. I laughed out loud when I saw the ventilation shaft. So STUPID.

And one more thing, if you get people up with a rope, don’t you check the rope every time before you lower it again? How neglect was that?! Junior should sue the idiot responsible. Speaking of Junior, falling from that height… he would have broken bones, serious injuries… and not just a concussion. Ridiculous, or saying it with my favorite word of the review… STUPID.


Thankfully, everyone got out after they spent their time moving Styrofoam rocks from A to B. They looked really real.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-10-06 um 14.57.42

So, let’s talk a minute about the other part of the show. The plot behind the cave-in. Well, one word comes to mind. 😉

And of course, he got away, faking his death a second time. Or maybe not. Who cares? Oh, and one more thing, did we really need to kill all those Feds? A lot of dead people in this episode.

But there were parts I really enjoyed. Adam taking the lead and Dannoying traipsing uselessly behind. I do enjoy Adam. I mean, it’s ridiculous that he has all these skills, but I truly like that he is more a part of Five-0 and more invested in it than a certain brilliant detective. People not seeing that that person is on his way out, are just blind.

Speaking of blind, hey, PL, we are not blind. We see what you’re doing. Cath 2.0? Well, this can go two ways. Either, Steve sees what he is missing, or Cath is getting replaced. And this is difficult for me, because I really like Quinn. But I think they are doing her a disservice to make her so much like Lt. Catherine Rollins. She is like a twin. And that is not good. She should be her own person. That would be awesome. Not a replacement, a double, or clone, or whatever they are thinking. But I really do like her regardless of that.

So, after some traipsing through the jungle, all is well in the world and we see the whole team gathering at Steve’s. And yes, Eddie should get a steak for putting up with this stupidity they put him through.

On a side note. Steve looks awesome. And this concludes my review. I was well entertained, probably laughed more than they intended to make anyone laugh, but what the heck! 🙂

A little disclaimer, don’t take any of this too seriously. It’s just TV show. 😉

14 thoughts on “10.02 Review

  1. You’re right.. it’s just a TV show but other “just TV shows” don’t suffer from the same level of . What was it you said? Stupid .. yes that was the word! I was cringing at the rescue of Junior. No neck race? No backboard? No person trained in trauma, rescue or heck even first aid? At least McG wouldve had his SEAL training to rely on. Find another surfboard and strap him to it.
    I am wondering if the new big bad is the escaped guy.

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  2. I haven’t seen the ep yet…and apparently there is no reason to rush here😝…but my suspicions about why Quinn is so totally Cath-ish is, the repulsively misogynist PLenky doesn’t really know much about women, nor does he care to. So he can only write “broad” (purposeful double entendre) stereotypes… sad pathetic losers like Mary, evil bitches as he’s often represented poor Rachel, or beautiful highly skilled bad ass bitches like Kono/Taney and Cath/Quinn. He doesn’t know any other women. So basically he knows 3 women. And only hires them sparingly.🙄

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  3. Thanks for another review. Yes, to be taken not so seriously 😉

    The tunnel cave in was not a bad idea, the rescue operation…… what was your favorite word?? Oh yes – stupid!
    I’m sorry, they would NOT have run out of oxygen so soon with this huge ventilation hole right above them. Also (as used at the actual filming sets) they could’ve dropped some air hoses down there. Second – Tani’s idea to cut a part of the rotating fan wasn’t bad. But – couldn’t a service guy remove the whole thing and then they would have had easy access to send down a rescue basket??

    Other than the huge plot hole I was really entertained. I loved that once again the team was working one case (hint: dear writers, please continue this way!).

    Your observation about Danny was spot on 😉Adam has long taken his role. He’s polite, driven, focused, well-mannered, got connections, doesn’t doubt or question Steve…

    As for Quinn: her second episode and the second time I really enjoyed her! That said I am with you. I really wonder what PL’s intention is introducing a character so similar to Catherine! It can only go one way and I surely hope he chooses the right path!

    And can we talk about how awesome McG looked? Not that much of the “shoe polish” hair like in 10.01 😉. He was large and in charge, caring and making the right calls. Perfect!

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  4. The best quote of this episode was McGarrett’s: “It seems like a very slim window to create such an elaborate plan.” Translation: In 41 minutes, we are subjected to yet another absurdly complicated plot.

    This was the second show in a row where a cliffhanger [sic] from the previous show was resolved in record time. After a one minute “previously on,” McGarrett figured out within 45 seconds thanks to Eddie’s barking that something was amiss in the garage where dynamite was placed in the tool box, and called for the bomb squad.

    Considering Eddie was sitting around the house doing diddly-squat, why didn’t he break the doors down in super-SEAL McGarrett style and give the leg of the guy who planted the bomb a good chewing while that was happening?

    Very soon after this, it is suggested that the bomb was planted there somehow by Wes Cullen, the bland villain played by Rob Morrow in the previous show whose case was abandoned by the prosecuting attorney who didn’t feel there was enough evidence for a conviction. This was not pursued in S10E02 either, it’s something for a future episode, I guess.

    Although mostly OK from a production point of view with some interesting special effects, S10E02 had several geographical stupidities which I’m sure will cause residents of Honolulu to howl with laughter, very much like happened with the old H50.

    For example, the “Kapahulu Tunnel” really exists, except it is used (one WWW site suggests it is >not< used) to get into Diamond Head Crater where there is a park. If you are coming home from surfing like Junior and Tani, you wouldn't take that route, because it is a dead end, duh!

    There are questions about the first explosion in relation to the arguing couple as well as other people that are supposedly in the tunnel as well. It looks like the ceiling totally collapses , so how can the two H50 lovebirds get in to investigate and help people?

    I agree with the comments about the ventilation in this tunnel. There is this huge vent on the ceiling to which we are oblivious for much of the show. As well, there is a tunnel that Eddie crawls through which would bring air in from the outside. Someone says "the fan [in the ceiling vent] was constantly filtering out carbon monoxide," but there is no carbon monoxide being generated because all of the cars in tunnel are out of order! And how can this fan (which we can see as people are hauled up the vent) "filter" out anything?

    More stupidity:

    — the FBI has brought Wilcox, the meth dealer whose "death" was a hoax, to Hawaii, TWO YEARS after they captured him in Nevada, and only now is he "dropping a dime" on various people like Mexican cartel bosses

    — Wilcox's wife is brought to Hawaii for "conjugal visit" purposes, and I guess while they are "doing it" he whispers details about the schedule for his medical treatments for cancer (for which he is transported to some hospital) to her and she passes these details along to his brother Mike who plots an escape with a couple of goons. The wife and brother Mike have major hot pants for each other and are in cahoots, she is sending him dirty pictures of herself as "text messages." Why did the FBI let her have a cel phone at all?

    — the prisoner transport van used to move Wilcox to the hospital is "borrowed" from the Department of Defense, but this FBI operation is a big secret. I think the only reason it is a DoD truck is so that McGarrett can contact Quinn, which of course appeals to her curiosity and gets her involved in the show. The way he is picking Quinn's brains for information about this van totally reminds me of the way that McG used to do the same with Catherine.

    — Danno and Adam meet the curious Quinn at the FBI "safe house" (not) from which Wilcox was extracted by his brother and his pals. Danno says that the room Wilcox was in is "soundproof." While there does seem to be soundproofing on the wall, the door to this room is a sliding Japanese-style door called a shoji which has windows that look like paper (I think they are not paper in the show, though, they seem kind of glossy). These shoji doors are notorious for NOT being "soundproof"!

    — Mike arranges for Mexican cartel boss Moreno that his brother jerked around to come to Hawaii and exact revenge, once it is revealed that the Mike and Wilcox's wife will be saying "hasta la vista." But how did this boss get to Honolulu? On a regular airline flight?

    — There are big questions about Eddie the multi-purpose dog — like whether a drug-sniffing dog (Eddie's original vocation) could also be a bomb-sniffing dog and/or a people-rescuing dog.

    — The way that people trapped in the tunnel started arguing about stuff and doing stupid things reminded me of an Irwin Allen disaster movie like The Poseidon Adventure.

    — the red-haired guy, a member of the brother's gang, who is shot during a firefight with FBI officers in the place where the wife was staying, presumably gives H50 information about the escape route that was planned, but how can H50 show up in the middle of the forest at the exact spot where another firefight then takes place? Of course, all the bad guys are knocked off except for Wilcox who, despite having cancer, escapes and manages to get at least 20 minutes ahead of his H50 pursuers. By the way, Wilcox was going to go to the Maldives with his wife. I hope she brought her passport (but she is knocked off)! Wilcox is MIA at the end of the show … presumably to be continued in a future show.

    — the "beers on the beach" finale was dumb, it could have been used to flesh out the crime of the week. I did like the line McG gave to Danno, who started bitching about a steak he wanted that was intended to reward Eddie. Danno was told to go and get himself a peanut butter sandwich!

    [Holy crap, I think I have done most of my review, LOL…]

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  5. The whole rescue through that giant hole, conveniently right above the victims, made this scene totally ridiculous. Why couldn´t they have had them get through one wall of rubble and the ventilation hole would have been there for rescue.
    Thank God for the curls to provide some relief from the story 🙂

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  6. When McEddie is the best thing about an episode, even with the eye rolls of Steve suddenly being able to understand “dog” as in woof woof, there’s a bomb behind that door, my beloved human, there are problems.

    Danny is becoming less relevant with every episode. I did pick up a slight Danny/Quinn vibe but unless she is a married woman that won’t go anywhere. She may be an eventual pair with Adam. He needs someone to protect him.

    No, Quinn is not a replacement for Cath. as Steve’s love interest. PL said in quotes she is not. He doesn’t lie in an article in which he is quoted directly. I discount any statements in which the words are simply the interviewer’s interpretation and reflect the interviewer’s own personal bias. We have seen a lot of that in the past. This is so he has deniability when he is challenged. And he has been correct. This script is the manifestation of the writers desire to play “gotcha” with the fans. Look at how they throw crumbs to the McDanno fans only to have them find out the crumbs are a mirage. It is a game. Not a funny or clever one, but a game nevertheless which many fans take to heart and agonize for hours to no purpose. . PL has said that Cath will be there to the end, whenever that is. So let them put Quinn in fatigues and let her do favors for McGarrett. As long as you see that their purpose is to stir up some controversy between various factions of this tiny fan base you can laugh at them as they are undoubtedly laughing at some of us. Happily the majority of the Friday night viewers have no idea that this fandom even exits and will never read these comments.

    I am not liking Quinn after this last episode. She has become Tani 2-0 which I feared. She is a pale cardboard copy of Cath . This is how they write the character and the actress does her best job and plays the scene as written. I wish they showed the character as more human and less of a machine because right now the character is soulless.

    I foresee her doing the ride-a-long with Steve when Danny is off elsewhere doing Danny things and Junior is hiding in the broom closet with Tani. Maybe they will even have carguments. and if they do, will some “fans” accuse Steve of infidelity?

    I think a better addition to the cast would have been an IT person to replace Jerry. I am very disappointed. Quinn might have been great as the new IT person, not Tani 2-0. She could shine in her own right.


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    1. LOL! “Unless she is a married woman that won’t go anywhere.” 🤣😂🤣 Mama you killed me! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😝😘❤️


  7. I tend to watch without too many expectations so this was okay. As a dog person I love Eddie and have been employed full time and had a dog. It can work although I never put in the hours Steve does. The tunnel rescue had me shaking my head every time they showed the rope fraying. This wasn’t some “time running out” disaster that didn’t allow for rope inspection.
    I find Adam acting more like a cop than Danny amusing. Does D tell everyone that they “take years off his life”? For a cop, he sure can’t take surprises.
    As for Steve, he is evidently fluid in dog and I could use his help understanding my Nova. The show is developing a bad habit of doing quick fixes on cliffhangers from previous episodes. It hurts the continuity especially when they forget to come back to the subject to wrap it up properly. I found it entertaining for a Friday night.
    Oh…..now if Steve will just call me about a consult on Nova. Thanks for the review.

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  8. “They only have 20 minutes of oxygen, even with this big ass hole in the top”. I think it took me an hour to get my eyes to stop rolling.

    As gorgeous as Alex is this year, I am loving Adam more and more. He’s coming into his own now that they’ve stopped writing him moping over Kono. Danny was his usual annoying self and I’m really REALLY beginning to hate the Tani/Junior dynamic.

    I like Quinn. I like her a lot. The parallels between her and Cath are just so blatant, but I’m ready for a female that doesn’t make me want to put a fiat through my TV like Tani does.

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  9. Have any of the writers gone onto twitter to defend their ridiculous “science” about the oxygen running out? ROFLMAO at the big ass hole in the top.

    There is finally a show that drew more demo than H50. I am not shocked to find out it is Professional Wrestling.

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  10. 8/10 Five 0 is back. And really bigger and badder than ever. Love Quinn but do not compare her to Catherine however
    Do not mind Tani and Junior. One of the very few on this board
    Really missed McGrover! More interactions with Steve and Lou. Love them both. They get each other. Not mean spirited. And really wished Five 0 writers saw this!
    Eddie the one true hero. And really deserved the steak!

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  11. I think my Five-0 standards have sunk low enough that I just don’t expect more anymore. I found this episode pretty enjoyable, as long as I didn’t dig below the surface. Yes, the story was chock-full of holes–nobody would have suffocated with that huge hole in the roof (how conveeeeenient that they were trapped precisely there, huh?), and poor Junior should have compressed vertebrae and broken legs at the very least! But I dunno… I was okay with it. In fact, just when I was getting ready to scoff that Steve understood “dog” and figured out that there was a bomb in his garage, the sunlight hit his eyelashes and I didn’t care about the plot. Tani doesn’t bother me that much, as long as she doesn’t break Junior’s heart. And thank goodness, Dannoying isn’t getting away with saying so many nasty things to people–his co-workers are finally sassing him back! (Woo-hoo! Long may that continue, till the day he leaves for Jersey!) I’m glad there have been 2 shows with single cases of the week. Long may that continue, too. And though I agree with Grace that Mr. Lenkov seems to believe there are only 3 types of women, I think Katrina Law is doing a pretty good job of keeping Quinn believable (in 5-0 terms, mind you, which isn’t believable at all, but we’re going with willing suspension of disbelief because it’s comforting). Alex looks lovely, I’m liking the longer hair, and the dye job doesn’t bug me too much. I would be happy to see him lose the greying scruff, but that apparently isn’t going to happen, so I can live with it. I like episodes with Eddie in them, even when he has ESP. Is it great art? Nope. But I didn’t fast-forward through any scenes. And hey, that’s two weeks in a row where I’ve watched the episode before the next one aired! 😉

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