LD – Your choice of change


Here is our next question for our discussion “forum”: What one thing would you have changed in the first nine years of H50? How would that have impacted how the story progressed?

OK, ONE thing is really hard to do, so we expand that to THREE things. 😉

Here are my three I would have changed.


One, McGarrett senior to kill in the first few minutes of the pilot was such a shock; and I would have loved to see more interaction between father and son. I think the story would work just the same with McG senior still alive. It would have been the same for Steve to find out who had TRIED to kill his dad.


Second, I wish Freddie didn’t have to die. He would have been an awesome friend to see from time to time. And Steve wouldn’t carry so much guilt around.


And third, I would have Steve propose to Catherine in Season four when they were in such a good place, as Catherine put it. She didn’t have to work with the task force, just being there, having a happy, loving relationship with Steve. And that would have spared the fandom a lot of drama.

If I had to pick just one, I would go with Catherine. Always!

29 thoughts on “LD – Your choice of change

  1. In third place:

    I understand that John’s death was a loss for Steve, especially after he supposedly lost his mother with the car bomb, but I stopped being a fan of his when the show reveled that after he sent his kids away, he seldom maintained contact. Joe had the responsibility of taking care of Steve and Doris had to raise Mary. Yet he had plenty of time to stay in contact with Ellie, as we learned at his funeral. Besides, I think John always knew Doris was alive.

    So, as my third choice for what I would have changed was making Governor Jameson corrupt and killing her. She could have been a role model for those of us young girls watching who haven’t grown up yet.

    2. In second place:

    Total agreement on Freddie. He was more than just a friend. Steve has lots of friends but this character was a brother, born of fire, not a shared mother. I would have loved to see him call upon him when he needed someone to talk to who would just listen and not judge. The McDanno friendship the show has tried to sell us for nine years is nothing like that.

    3. In first place: McRoll

    Yes, they should have had Steve propose and marry Cath during the 4th season. She did not have to be regular cast but he could have had a family and we didn’t have to always see her except to know that she existed like Lou’s wife and he was happy. When her schedule permitted she could return for select episodes like a holiday or the birth of their child. And while I believe that McRoll is PL’s ultimate endgame, I wish he would just get on with me and end the ride.

    So, I agree with two out of three of your choices. But John? No.

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  2. Totally agree with all of Sam’s ONE choices 😁, but do have one more.

    And, this is petty, I know. Steve is an awesome team leader and is capable of so much more than we normally see on screen. I wish he had been blessed with a team who learned from him, fought alongside him and didnt stop to argue and joke during the tough times. There are plenty of times to discuss options when bullets , or bombs, or fists arent flying. I think you could still have camaraderie with a more “adult” team in tense situations.

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  3. Oh boy – thinky thoughts!

    #1) Pretty obvious – I wish they had just kept McRoll together – she could have stayed in the Navy, appeared every now and then, just as she does now – and there could have been so many ways that they could’ve just kept doing what they are doing right now but with Steve at least having some stability in his personal life. They suck at showing him navigating through his personal (non-team related) personal life anyways, Bless their hearts for continuing to try, despite not bothering with any sort of follow through. Since it looks like they don’t want to make an attempt at dedicating any real time towards it, I wish they had just established them as together, and then given us some snippets every now and then.

    2) I actually did used to like the Steve-Danny interaction. In the beginning – when they were getting to know how to work with one another, and fighting about how their two different styles could blend. IN THE BEGINNING. That all should have ended around the end of season 2 – OK I’ll even go so far to say season 3. But for the love of all things holy – 10 years later the arguing is simply grating on my nerves. It’s INSIPID. Why anyone thinks “dysfunctional relationship” is anything to praise is beyond me. I wish they had written them as having a working relationship that involves actually solving crimes by DISCUSSING and hashing out theories instead of a lot of insults and arm waving. They took something that was amusing and interesting and absolutely BEAT US OVER THE HEAD with it to the point that I fast forward through the bullshit scenes. It’s not funny anymore, it’s torture.

    3) WoFat/Champ Box/Doris/ John McGarrett – yeah. I’m lumping all of this in together. Why? Because – this was the ultimate F@#$-up of the show. They started out SO AWESOMELY, with this great mystery unfolding over time, seeing Steve learning the truth at the same time we were. What the hell happened? None of it ended up making ANY SENSE!!!!!! It’s like they sold the idea of the show without having any idea of how it was all supposed to fit together – and I’m giving a lot of credit here, because if THIS was the way it was supposed to go, someone should be fired. They did a bait-and-switch, I thought the show was going to be Hill Street Blues and instead I got Cop Rock. It’s a cartoon now.

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    1. Oh, I clearly don’t follow directions.

      If I had to pick just one –

      I’d pick #3. Yes I’m sure this will shock many. But the thing I am most disappointed about it that the show has decided to go for the lowest hanging fruit. It really could have been so much better.

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      1. Totally totally agree. They took the best story, with the most drama and feels, and effed it up (or effed it down) to the level of the Keystone Cops. That was a clinal act for which Lenky oughta been locked outta Hawaii.

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    2. Kimphin, I totally agree . These awesome storylines had so much potential but they were allowed to either fizzle our with no spark, or die a slow, painful, non-sensical death.

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  4. There is one character who should have stuck around — Charlie Fong, the forensics dude (real name Che Fong, just like in Classic H50 — see http://fiveohomepage.com/images/charliefong.jpg from S03E21). I dunno if there was some official reason for his departure from the show. One WWW site says “They phased his character out to make room for Eric [Dannoying’s nephew]. Either that or the actor was just too busy to keep reappearing.”

    I also wish they never had useless limited-appearance characters like McGarrett’s sister, Dannoying’s mother/father/etc.

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  5. 1# If I wrote the show, Mary would have been a totally different person. Maybe a rebel journalist, or someone with knowledge about crime matters, who could have worked with (or against) the team at stages. A full-blown female character as part of Steve’s life, popping into the crime stories from time to time. SO many stories there, where they could have work with or against each other to solve crimes in Hawaii. Someone who is not Five-0, but still part of the Ohana – Steve’s real Ohana.
    2# (More or less the same as what Kimpin1 said) The story of Wo Fat, Doris and Shelburne and the clues in the Champbox, should have been thought out and set up better. A story, or many stories, that could have gone one more productively with side stories over the many seasons.

    3# I would have killed off, or moved away Danny for good, once the actor decided on less time on the show at the end of Season 3. His absence at times, placed a lot of strain on the flow of the stories in the show and production schedules. He was part of the main due and you can’t have great stories where the one partner is not in it full time. It is like a marriage where the one partner cheats every now and then, and then expects it all to still work out well.

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    1. OH! Why didn’t I think of kicking off Danny? Perfect. And yes, I am saying for years that the actor’s schedule is hurting the show. They should have written him out long ago.
      The Mary we have on the show is a horrible character. Can’t stand her and always hoped for a better written person. But in the script of the pilot she’s even worse. Just ugh.

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    2. I do wish we got to see the original plan for Mary. I know it was totally ditched after James MacArthur died, so it had some connection to whatever character he was supposed to play.

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  6. I miss Wo Fat! He was the best “big bad”. I think what was said about Katherine & Steve getting married & the character just appearing occasionally like Lou’s wife would have worked better, or Katherine just staying in the Navy & appearing occasionally would have worked too. I wish Steve had a supportive work partner, maybe Lou? There are too many characters in the show now.
    If I had to pick one thing, it would be Steve & Katherine staying together in whatever form. If I had a second choice, Wo Fat should still be around to be the big bad. Danny should move to Jersey with Rachel.

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  7. Sam, I love alllllll your choices. All we ever see is a McG who lost, lost, lost and yet who is still a brave, confident, good, loving person, who I guess went to one grief class but even that got cut. 🙄 That’s irritating. Let something good happen to the guy and let Alex act something that isn’t loss. Plus, losing his team, his bestie, his dad, his Aunt Carol Burnett, his girlfriend, and I fear his mom upcoming, that’s just lazy-ass writing! And this isn’t even a complete list of friends and colleagues who have died…Uncle Joe being prominent, but other fellow SEALs all drop like flies upon reaching Hawaii.

    McDaddy is played by a great actor. It would have been fun to see their interaction and, their coming together again after a long time sulking about each other. Freddie was a great character and even if he had died, it woulda been cool to see more of him in flashbacks. One ep, McG lost a whole team, then another ep, another of his teams were individually stalked and killed. And the awkward return, and then the even more awkward departure, of Cath, was just criminally dysfunctional writing. All the writers should have been fired.

    Jaysus, writers! Can you come up with NOTHING else for his adventures? Fan fiction beats
    the hell outta Show’s actual trashy plots. Fan fiction has some very cool rescues and discoveries and background stories. Shame on pro writers having so much less imagination and talent than folks who have day jobs and type at home on weekends just for the love of McG.

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  8. Hi, interesting idea you have presented. Everyone has expressed some very good thoughts on the show. I agree with many so here are how my ideas play out.
    First and foremost I would have kept Steve and Cath’s relationship strong and intact. She would not have had to leave the Navy if the actress wished a flexible schedule. Or she could have left the service and worked as a civilian contractor which would have allowed her to help 5-0 at times. There was no reason to make Steve’s life so sad with all the loss he has experienced.
    Second they could have made a backstory showing John had been in touch with Steve more. Maybe his job didn’t allow him as much time to visit Steve as a certain other person can take vacations to tend to personal matters.
    Third, I miss Wo Fat. As others have stated, that whole storyline just fell apart with a fizzle. I can hope that the Champbox story will still get some play but not holding my breath.
    So that is three wishes but I can’t help adding that I wish Danny had been written better.

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  9. 1. A different show-runner. I wish HF-O had been the brainchild of someone else, who would have developed the show believably, and with care. I imagine them now just coasting to the end of its run, recycling old plots. Even before Lenkov built his empire, he didn’t seem to have time for this show.
    2. Danny should be gone. Why does Scott still retain second lead billing while being absent so much? I’d like Danny more if the producers had let him grow and change, like Steve did. He started out as a rigid, one-track-mind, military man with no rapport with kids, and became a loving, caring quasi-uncle, who wants to protect and care for everyone.
    I also am tired of all the bickering. No, Peter Lenkov, not everyone loves it!!
    3. I thought Steve and Catherine were perfect for each other , until the writers ruined their relationship. First, there was an episode where Steve denied Catherine was his girlfriend when she clearly was, IMO. Secondly, in the episode where Catherine was working with a former boyfriend who gets killed, she and Steve are still dating. Poor Steve is trying not to be jealous when they are working together, and is left standing around like a third wheel. I know it’s plausible that she would mourn a former love interest, but the episode seemed awkward to me.
    If the writers had let Steve and Catherine’s relationship develop organically, the marriage proposal would have seemed natural.

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  10. So having read all the comments… I agree with so much of it so I ‘m going off on a tangent with a couple of mine
    1. Steve and Catherine would be happy together. There’s no reason McG couldn’t be in a happy relationship. It would not diminish the plot in any way. I agree she wouldn’t need to be front and center or part of 5-0.
    2. CONTINUITY and dropped plot points ! why can’t they accomplish this? This upcoming ep is a good example.. Eddie is a DEA DRUG sniffing dog, yet McG instantly knows there’s a bomb in his garage? Does he speak Labrador Retriever now? SO many examples of flawed continuity. and then the EP gets pissy on twitter when he’s called out about it. HELLO…we’re not blooming idiots. I still want to know why PapaMcG and WoFat were hanging in Gov. Jamison’s office in the 2.1 premiere. Think I’ll ever find out?
    3. Big OVER THE TOP stunts that add nothing to the story. Just write good stories and we wouldn’t need stunts to hide the flaws.

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    1. I’m holding out hope that there is something earlier in the episode to explain McG speaking Labrador, because that scene was just… a lot of WTF????

      And because I am like a dog with a bone about things (and because I work for a municipality and we have 4 K-9 teams and I am interested in it) I researched trained dogs. Basically, you don’t train a dog to be both narcotics and bomb/explosives. Why? because it causes problems with illegal search issues at trial. It’s not illegal to have gunpoweder, or even dynamite in your posession. The dog doesn’t know that he’s not supposed to signal in certain situations (i.e. a traffic stop) and if the car is searched and registered guns are found, that is an illegal search. There are dual trained dogs, but the dual training is in Patrol/Search and EITHER narcotics OR explosives. Not both. Geek out….


  11. Wow! After reading Sam’s choices and all the comments I have A LOT of top threes. 😉

    I do wish we would have been able to see more of Steve wrestling with PTSD, other than him sleeping in the living room. The delete scene at the end of 4.15 was so good and would have opened up a great SL.

    Of course my #1 is McRoll!!!

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    1. I have a strong suspicion that dealing with the aftermath of Steve’s PTSD may become a reality this season, especially if S10 is the end. And from the interviews AOL gave at SOTB this year, it looked to me that he might be willing to continue in the role if there was continued flexibility for him as an artist. But I don’t think that the final decision will be his. That remains in the hands of the network.

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      1. I agree with Mama. It seems like this may be the year that McG finally cracks? It explains why he seems to look disheveled, although that generally isn’t a PTSD indicator, but this show it would be. I have to admit – it’s too late for me to care.


  12. I love all the choices above. My top choice is always McRoll, but rather than rehash things that have already been discussed, I’m going to throw out a few of my own. First, I wish Danny and Rachel hadn’t deceived her husband, so Charlie wouldn’t have been born. I’m not fond of Danny as a character, but that whole thing made both Danny and Rachel look dishonest and unworthy of respect, and it honestly didn’t add one thing to the story. Charlie is one of those useless, throwaway characters that so plague the show. Second, I wish they had made Lauren German’s character interesting. That woman can act her @$$ off. She was fab in Chicago Fire, right after she left 5-0. Her character could have added so much interest to the show–not as a mooning, lovesick idiot, but as a true “frienemy” type of adversary to Steve, working with/for the Governor to try to bring 5-0 into line, but also achieving a sort of grudging mutual respect for McGarrett. Once again, as written, her character should never have happened, and that’s a shame. Last, Kamekona should have stayed an edgy, somewhat lawless character who worked in cooperation with 5-0 sometimes, but he should NEVER have been turned into a buffoon. He nearly made me hate shrimp, and that’s saying a lot! 😉

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