10.01 Review


10.01 Ua ʻeha ka ʻili i ka maka o ka ihe

A new ally helps McGarrett and Five-0 when mob bosses on the island are being targeted by an assassin. Also, Five-0 says goodbye to one of their own, on the 10th season premiere of HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Sept. 27 at its new time (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Katrina Law joins the cast as Quinn Liu. Rob Morrow guest stars.

CBS translated Ua ʻeha ka ʻili i ka maka o ka ihe to The skin has been hurt by the point of the spear

Welcome to our first review of the new season. Ten years in, we think it’s time to take off the gloves. This year we will be all in; reviewing and not sparing anyone from praise and/or criticism. You don’t like what you read? Well, too bad.

We will even use the hashtag and all. So, come on over to discuss the latest episodes and join in on the fun. This year, just one rule. No bashing of real people. That’s it.

Although, you can share your opinion(s) about actors as well, but please remember, the actors are people, too. They surely have their reasons for what they do. If you’re not happy with what the one or other does, that is perfectly fine, and you can voice your displeasure. But we are all adults, and I am sure we can do it in a civilized manner. There is enough hate in the world already, we don’t need it here… and we won’t tolerate it.

Let’s get into it, but please remember, this is our first review after a long hiatus, so don’t expect a masterpiece. 😉

I got my first good laugh not even a minute into the show. I thought the oh so emotional and dramatic cliffhanger from last season (for all the dense people, yes, this was sarcasm) would be solved in the first two minutes. Oh boy, was I wrong. It didn’t even take two seconds.

Nah, it was at least 2.3 seconds. I’m glad I didn’t angst over who was shot all summer long.


Jerry is in Kuikini Medical Center. King’s Medical or Queen’s Medical must be old news. I checked and Kuikini is actually a real medical center on Oahu. Good to know for research.

What happened with the woman, with the boy? What kind of cheating out of the situation was that? And I don’t mean during the shooting, but later. At least a couple of words about that would have been nice.

That’s my question, too. I mean, I assume the woman is in prison. Which means, this poor little boy has lost both of his twisted and vindictive parents, so maybe he is better off, but really? Could we have just a small amount of closure?

But despite the quick fix, I really liked Jerry’s reason. Because, to be honest, Jerry hasn’t lived yet. And it is great how they wrote him out of the show. Still leaving the door open though. I wish Jorge Garcia all the best and hope he has a great and happy life. He was, in my eyes, a badly conceived character, but he surely wasn’t a waste of screen time. I wasn’t a fan of his character, but Garcia filled the character with life and did a really good job with the material he was given. The character development was never plausible to me, but the final product was a likeable character none the less.

That is very true. While his character didn’t ring true for me because one does not go from scared hermit to computer genius in that short period of time, he was a very likeable character… most of the time. He made me smile on occasion and on others, I just wanted to ask what in the world he was thinking.

Wow, HE looks hot. I’m sure we all know who we’re talking about. Loved the hair, except it was too dark. But finally not this super short haircut.

Hmm… HE… whoever could you be talking about? You love the hair. Can you be talking about the former pompadour cut that now looks like a skinhead? No, not that one? Oh, you mean Steve, right? Yes, that hair was quite nice. I love the length. It is too dark. I still don’t get the logic in them dying his hair, especially that dark. In one scene, it looked like it had shoe polish in it. Just let him be natural. He is breathtaking.


So, he’s on a date! Good for him! She actually seems nice, but we all know it won’t be going anywhere. We will probably not even see her again. Sigh.

And can someone tell me what kind of idiot calls his best friend on a date? Twice? That was just disgusting, just like this: “I can’t let you do your thing. Your thing is awkward, and it makes people uncomfortable, and you mess things up.” Three insults in one sentence. A new kind of record? 


OK, let’s be honest, Steve seems a bit out of his element on a first date. Danny didn’t help one bit. Two phone calls? All because Steve didn’t stop what he was doing, DURING HIS DATE, to text back? And yes, I hated the insults you listed above, but what really made me mad was his comment, “Don’t make this awkward for me.” In every situation, he seems to only think of himself. He is quite the busybody and a jerk to his so-called best friend.

I liked Steve’s reaction to it. Finally, not taking all his crap.

Finally. And he and Brooke agreed on that matter. 


And I loved Steve’s comment when Danny complained that Steve was ‘off’ his game…”how about next time you get in the game?” Appropriate, I believe.

Of course Steve’s and Junior’s dates are cut short by an assassination at the opera house. Tani and Junior are directly involved, while Steve gets to the crime scene a little later. Still dressed in cool black. 😉

Yes. Even with cool black shoes. Did you check them out while Steve was hanging on the side of the building? Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make me smile.


Here we get our first action sequence. And of course, the killer gets away. Seems like Five-0 has some of the worst shooters on the police force.

Seriously? Could any one of them hit the side of a barn?

Anyway, the killer gets away, naturally not without Dannoying blaming Steve for it. (Is there an emoji for shaking your head?)

So, back at the office we hear about a woman who ID-ed the suspect. Of course, they want to talk to her.

Meanwhile, Grover talks to the owner of the car the killer used to get away. If you have watched H50 more than once, you knew right away that this was the one behind the crime.

Yes, totally. And this was also a scenario they have used before. Remember when Kono was such a green rookie and she talked to the car’s owner and he was also behind the crime?


By the way, I really like that we only had to deal with just one storyline. I hope we will see this more often.

Me, too. The show flowed so much better without all the back and forth and unnecessary bla-bla.

Catching up with the woman they learn it is Quinn Liu, a member of the Military Police. My question here was how did they know she was telling the truth? They never even checked any credentials or anything like that. Guess all that happened off screen. 😉

Come on, just how many times have they EVER checked credentials or backgrounds, etc. And how many times have they been burned? Let’s see… Jenna Kaye comes to mind. The art insurance appraiser is another who walked off a plane and was welcomed with open arms. Oh, I forgot, she gave them her business card, so all was good…  Well, so far, Quinn seems legit. It is weird seeing her here since I watched her as a really bad-ass on Arrow. She has toned down just a bit.

Also, in this scene, they were on the road to Diamond Head. I love that road and hope to see it again. It was so cool seeing it after actually having been there.  And let’s talk deja vu once again. Only this time, Steve and Danny both had their weapons trained on the new girl rather than on each other like the first episode. But I loved that Steve still has no patience. “I’m gonna shoot her, Danny.” Makes me smile.

Let’s talk about the new member for a moment. I like her, and think she will be a good addition to the team. Finally, another person who knows what she is doing. She is a highly trained person, I’m more than ok with her getting a badge. I think she fits well into the team, and she will be a good work partner for Steve.

I liked her, too.

On a side note, she kinda is like Cath 2.0 – let’s wait and see how that will come along.

In that uniform with her hair in a bun, she was very “Cath like”. Only not as good, in my eyes.

I must say, I was kind of surprised that the killer killed himself. That was unexpected.

I agree. Sort of made all that pain he went through having a bullet extracted sort of unnecessary.


Thanks to the new girl we got a few more action scenes.

Yes, I just hope they don’t let her be the hero in every one of them.

And please no more ridiculous monster trucks.

Here are some more random thoughts:

Adam is meeting with all these crime bosses… he still has close ties with the Yakuza thanks to his new friend’s father. He just can’t seem to stay away, can he? I keep wondering how long it will be before he dips his toes in the Yakuza waters? It wouldn’t surprise me at all.

I am still waiting for him to be the bad guy. Although, in this episode I liked him, and honestly, he looked more capable than some of the others. Just saying.


Here’s a question I had.  First Ranger killed himself. Second wanted to shoot any and everyone. We learn that the real estate guy is behind it all. Is he the one who dosed them with the drug that did whatever it did to them? Or will we be looking for another culprit as well? I find it hard to believe that the DA couldn’t get any charges to stick with this guy. Seemed to me that it was more than circumstantial evidence. But if the story had been all tied up, there wouldn’t be any reason to continue working with Quinn.

Oh, you still think they need a reason to get anyone on the team? 😉


Another thing about the real estate guy. His wife and daughter were driving his car and a bomb went off. Haven’t they used that storyline before, too? Maybe in Doris?

Loved the comment in the car when Quinn asked if Steve couldn’t go any faster. His look and reply that no one had ever complained about that before was really cute. Much more fun than a cargument.

The carguments are sooo not funny. Haven’t been in a very long time. It was fun in the first couple of episodes, but got nasty really fast.

That was a pretty red truck. Hope we see it more in coming episodes. Of course Quinn has a fancy bike. Cath has a Vette and this one has a motorcycle.

I also like the new truck, and the bike, too. 🙂


 Danny is still complaining about the “date” and has texted Brooke to learn if Steve really screwed up. Imagine that Brooke and Steve conspired against Danny and froze him out. How could they possibly do that? Loved that they “can, did and have cut him out”. For that reason, I really hope he enjoys the second date.

Jerry’s book choice was a bit random. But I loved the way Steve immediately jumped in and praised him for it. Steve always rallies behind his friends and is there with encouragement in what they do. And… if Jerry’s book idea fails, he can always write fan fiction, right?

And the ending… I don’t want the Champ box to be blown up. Well, I don’t want the house blown up either, but that Champ box goes back to the very beginning and Steve still has it because it was his dad’s. It needs to stay right where it is.


As far as premiere’s go, I liked it. It felt like catching up with old friends after a long absence and I enjoyed the time.

Yes, despite the huge plot holes, I was very well entertained and enjoyed the episode. It clearly was one of the better premiers. I hope they can continue like this.

38 thoughts on “10.01 Review

  1. Well, the show started out sort of OK, but soon degenerated into the usual stupidity :


    The guy who is local boss of the triads (Chinese Mafia) has a Japanese name … WHAT?!?

    Adam, 1) son of a businessman who was connected to the yakuza and 2) now is a cop working for Five-Zero, goes to talk to the local yakuza about who knocked off Sato … WHAT?!?

    A killer escapes in a monster truck, a move right up there with “The Claw” … STUPID!

    The bad guy for the show funded a hospital study which trained killers (like the guy in the sentence above) under the influence of psilocybin … RIDICULOUS LAST-MINUTE REVELATION!


    More stuff:

    Jerry got shot, doesn’t die, but leaves H50 at end of the show. I have no particular feelings about this. Most of the time, Jerry was primarily called upon to hack into databases and do other geeky stuff. He was front and center in only a few episodes.

    McGarrett’s hair has a disturbing red tinge, but then so did Jack Lord’s occasionally as Classic H50 went on through the years. On the other hand, Danno’s hairdo is hideous.

    The new woman is a harsh bitch … I love her!


    Read all about it here:



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  2. Liked it much better than I expected. But every year we get a great episode followed by poor ones without any consistency. Praying that this year is going to be different. I love the show enough to not give rave reviews to crap so I will call it like I see it.

    My first thought was for the child. Then I wanted to know if the mother was knocked down and cuffed by Danny or even killed. But because of my concern for her son, I did not want him to witness her death. They could have made that part clear. Not all of us watch by freezing every frame. Therefore, this must be deliberate if they are going to weave this into a future story. Will the boy wind up living with Steve and Cath if mommy and daddy are in jail and will he be referred to as a “broken toy”? Stay tuned.

    And I am OK with Quinn for now. I just hope they don’t turn her into another version of when Tani does her obnoxious act. Meghan has perfect comedic timing. Let her shine by writing that for her.

    Poor Steve. I don’t think we will see that young woman on this date again but I do think we will see a series of awful dates sprinkled into some episodes—-until Cath returns for their happily ever after. ( probably last episode series finale)

    Does the fact that Danny drives Charlie to school every day mean that he is now living with Rachel? Obviously he wasn’t interested in the beautiful pre-school teacher for himself. (where is Amber anyway?) I don’t understand why Steve puts up with Danny’s interference or why the writers made him look awkward and inexperienced on the date. He is forty, been around and does not need Danny’s help.

    I like Adam, just not as a member of the task force so I hope he turns bad and gives us the great villain we deserve since we lost Wo Fat.

    Yay for the champ box. I never was satisfied with what the contents meant.

    But the real elephant in the room is not Steve’s impossibly dark hair but Danny’s new ‘doo”.
    Perhaps he’s trying to fit in with Grace’s High School crowd as the cool Daddy?

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  3. I thought the episode was fine. Nothing spectacular, just a basic H50 ep, meaning there was some fun and/or funny stuff, some cool stunts, some dannoying moments (pretty much all Danno moments are dannoying but him insisting on being the focal point of McG’s date was just super stoopid), some confusing plot twisty stuff that I gave up trying to keep up with a few seasons ago, some eye-rollingly ridiculous or “that’s not how physics or chemistry or gravity works” moments that we all just let slide now, a few great McG shots, scenes, lines and/or expressions (speaking of…I hope Leica continues her Alexpressions this season!!!!😘), a case ending I never remember cos I gave up on the plot 20 minutes in, and then an ohana ending that is always best when McG is front and center. Which he definitely was here, so yay!

    I can’t say I was royally entertained or even slightly invested in the story, but I enjoyed Alex’s screen time and performance as always. And believe it or not Adam is my next favorite character when he’s not having a sniveling cry-baby episode, so I enjoyed him here. New girl is good, and yay! 2 actual females on the damn team! Hasn’t been 2 since Cath left, right? Lenkov’s misogyny may be melting ever so slightly?🙄

    I liked Alex’s hair ok, tho the beard and head colors don’t match up. But I dye my hair and so let him dye his. Equal rights and all. Alex seemed to enjoy the ep, and I loved his confused moment in the car when Quinn criticized him for driving too slow!🤣 I hope she rides with him now.😉

    And lovely to be all back together ladies, and Mr.Mike, if you come back to join us!❤️

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  4. Hey hope season 10 is a blast. Staring off right!
    BTW notice A.O.L. is an EP there?! Really finally long overdue
    Give it 9/10. And really Steve 2.0 is Katrina Law’s character. She is not afraid to speak her mind. And that asking Steve to go faster. Now that is something you do not hear very often but he had to appreciate it.
    Steve and the date nice lady but will not last long. Want Catherine back despite the fact she hurt him when she turned him down for proposal and always wants something out of him. But hey that is her life. Both of them need to have a heart to heart when they are not fighting the bad guys.
    Will miss Jerry. But at least he will leave the door open there. Jorge Garcia just recently gotten married and his new bride is based somewhere else.
    Had to DVR the episode over my nephew getting married. But did not disappoint. Have a great season for 10th. God bless you all on the boards as it takes a lot of time and effort to do blogs like those. Very and eternally grateful. Thank you for all of the fans to Mostly Five 0 and everybody!

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    1. I got my second viewing when I returned home and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I feel silly that I didn’t recognize Quinn but she has been in two of the holiday Hallmark movies I have seen. I like her and yes Cokie, she is a lot like Cath 2.0. As for the resident irritation on the team, it doesn’t matter if Steve has a second date or not. I love the fact he told Mr. Self-centered that he was silenced. Not that Danny will listen. I expected to hear Eddie barking in the background while that bomb was being planted. Thanks so much for the review, it is good to have you back.

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  5. So glad ya’ll are back!
    I apologize if i end up with two similar posts as after I logged in it appeared my entire post disappeared.
    I felt the same as most of ya’ll about things; although, I have to admit, I didn’t even think about what happened to the woman and her son. I did wonder how Jerry got so far away from Steve after the altercation, so perhaps thought Steve had reacted immediately to her (his gun was holstered though). I was very glad they had a lighthearted conclusion for Jerry, but I don’t know why I ever fathomed they would write something so serious as a character’s death.

    Very confused about Steve’s behavior as he was overly concerned about a pretty healed up Jerry while on a date?! I thought maybe he would say he was distracted thinking about a good friend who had been put in danger because of him, but even that would not be fitting so long after the incident. I am glad he and his date decided to “break up” with Danny as Steve put it later, but I do wish we could see someone explain civility to Danny. As well, Steve needs to point out to Danny (although he is too good of a friend to be so mean) that Danny has nowhere to stand on giving dating advice – unless it is how to use a hero-complex to make moves on vulnerable women (or girls, in his most recent relationship).

    I don’t know if it was the new, looser hairstyle and the different kicks while showing up at the crime scene, but I got a much more laid back vibe from Steve (not on the job as he was as in charge as ever with pursuing the bad guys). I feel like Alex has started putting a bit of himself into Steve’s outside work persona. Maybe he is moving Steve into a “ready to retire” mode or something for the end of the season.
    I also like Quinn so far as I find her abilities believable, so she is on par with Steve in the work department – just like Cath was. I am frequently not a fan of “badass” female characters on crime shows because they come across as forced and not believable. Tani is a police academy dropout, so where is she supposed to have gotten skills. (back to Kono, she was a fresh cadet graduate, but somehow also a sniper).
    Anyway, I think my last observation (besides the terrible hairdo mentioned by multiple posters) was the awkward final scene. I assume they gave Jorge most of the dialogue as it was his farewell, but I do not think that scene would have progressed as it did in a real situation. There were several pauses waiting for him to say more during which I think someone (Steve, probably) would have announced, “Well Jerry we will definitely miss you…” And then there could have been some silly banter about a conspiracy book etc. Instead, they tried to create drama that wasn’t natural. It reminded me of the scene during what I think was the party to celebrate Jerry getting the badge. He had a rather fake emotional speech in that one too. Maybe I’m being too harsh, but I thought it was poorly written.
    I look forward to the next episode. The cliffhanger was done well; although i shouldn’t have been surprised since I had already read the preview for the episode that referenced the bomb threat.

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  6. Thanks for the review you two.
    Always entertaining to read your thoughts and the comments here.

    Just my two cents about the hair colouring.
    I also like Alex’s natural hair colour and also would rather have him au- natural. But that is not always very practical.
    Alex have Stunt doubles and Stand-in actors, and they all need to look as close as possible to one other, to make the stunts look believable. And hair is a big part of it. Same length and style and colour is needed. Always easier to colour hair the same colour and to go darker than to go lighter and have patches of grey. And I think Paul’s hair colour is naturally darker than Alex’s. In my opinion that would be one of the main reasons for the colouring of Alex’s hair.
    I could be wrong though.

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    1. This is an interesting point about matching the hair of the actor to the stunt man. In the Classic H50 episode The Reunion (http://fiveohomepage.com/5-0log3.htm#56) there was something like this as well (from my review):

      Jack Lord’s hair has kind of a reddish tinge in this show, and in several shots, he is filmed in soft-focus. When McGarrett and Danno are thrown back by the explosion in front of Llacuna’s house, it is obvious that it is two stunt men. James MacArthur’s stunt man’s hair is totally different than MacArthur’s curly locks and “Lord’s” hair is very red, in comparison with a shot shortly after the explosion when he is examining the damage in Llacuna’s place.

      See this too: https://twitter.com/fiveohomepage/status/1178055474098274304


  7. I liked this episode. I’m liking Steve’s hair and as far as the new color Foyeur’s idea makes perfect sense.
    Loved the chase scence. >”how about next time you get in the game?” < Perfect! It has only taken 10 seasons but Steve's finally getting fed up with Mr. Do Nothing Then Criticize What Everyone Else Did.
    I like Quinn, at least she is a believable badass, she just looks A LOT like Cath. And Steve's face when she complained about how slow he was driving was GREAT! Let's see, she's a badass who likes driving fast and the first time she and Steve met they were holding each other at gunpoint while wanting to see credentials….. I think Steve found his new partner!!
    As far as the Monster truck, was it kinda stupid, yes. Did my inner Redneck enjoy it? Absolutely!!
    “can, did and have cut him out”. Maybe Steve will like having Danny out of his dates and will continue the breakup in other areas of his life. (Wishful thinking, I know)
    I was glad to see the Champ box again just not with a bomb in it… maybe it's the same guys who tried to blow up 5-0 a couple seasons ago since those guys apparently just dis appeared…

    Thanks for the review Sam and Cokie!!

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  8. I find it interesting that nobody on the task force addressed Danny’s hairdo. I would have expected Steve to be bent over laughing, Lou staring with his mouth open, Tani and Junior making fun of him inside their locked offices and Adam asking him if there is any problem he would like to talk about he’s always available. But no, they maintained total silence.

    While it is nice to see Alex’s name listed as producer, why would anyone suppose it will give him power to effect any changes that PL doesn’t approve of in the first place? It’s an honor, just that.

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    1. I do remember the ribbing Steve took once he ditched the wig and had the short hair cut after the flashback to BUDs training in the Freddie episode. But maybe they aren’t allowed to tease Danny or the actor.

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        1. Indeed. He takes himself ever so seriously. I’m not sure anyone has yet explained to him this show isn’t MacBeth…or even MickBeth. It’s got even more holes than Moonlight did…

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      1. i was going to mention Steve/Alex took a ribbing both times he has cut his hair. I feel like Alex might be one to call it out about himself cause I don’t think he takes himself too seriously. I’m surprised though Danny didn’t mention something about Steve covering his grey…


      1. It looks silly. Like the last gasp of an aging dude who wants to think he’s still in his 20s. When he’s obviously not.

        He also no longer has much of a role in any scene except to say a couple of rude snarky things then go hang out at Craft services table in the shade with a young woman holding an umbrella over his precious head.

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        1. I also think it makes him look older. It emphasizes all the wrinkles on his face.
          It is sad what has been done with the role. He didn’t have to be Dannoying but someone (or multiple someones) has allowed him to turn into this.

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          1. THIS, right there!

            I even liked Danny in the early seasons. He was always loud, different. But that was OK. Over time his character turned more and more nasty the former friendly banter developed into often unjustified rants.
            I know a part of the fandom still “loves” him and defends him fiercely. They say it’s his way of showing his worry, showing how much he cares. Seriously? Treating Steve like a kid and scolding him at every opportunity – that is supposed to be a sign of friendship? These ppl have a weird definition of the word friend, let alone BFF. Just because the writers make them both occasionally use the word “Buddy” and McG has to proclaim that he “loves Danno” once in a while doesn’t mean Steve really cares for his partner more than any other member of his Ohana. Let’s look at this from an objective point of view:
            Starting at S4 the actor decided to amend his contract. He takes at least 5 episodes off (I think even 7 in S9), several other ones are very D light. There are only 1-2 per season that actually focus on him. The writers have to create SLs that work around his absence. Does that mean they had to turn him into a “ranting friend”? Absolutely not!
            See, you have to “live” a friendship, just throwing out an occasional “I love you” doesn’t make for best friends and donating a part of your liver doesn’t either! If someone (even a stranger) is in danger of dying within hours and you are the perfect match, you don’t hesitate, right…? But of course it HAD to be Danny. Sorry, forced SL.

            Before some ppl (who undoubtedly read here :)) jump at me, let’s think about it:
            Do we EVER see Danny and Steve do something fun together in their spare time, like friends do – you know hang out, sports, an excursion…?? No, we haven’t in a looong time. We do see Steve and Danny shop for Danny’s ex-MIL (another favor McG does for him), we see Steve visiting Danny at home when he recuperates after he got shot, we see him checking in on D and R after the storm and so on and so on.
            It’s never the other way round. It was always work (or restaurant) related. Danny might hallucinate about them sitting together at the beach when they are old. But obviously it’s not that important to him, as he never asks Steve for some quality one-on-one outside of 5-0.
            Well, actually the writers/PL don’t go that path. So what does that tell us?
            Steve and Danny are work partners, but it takes way more to be best friends, definitely not constantly criticizing your “friend”. Lots of his fans fantasize about the time they spend together off-screen but this is not they way the writers have portrayed that relationship over the past few seasons.
            By now Steve spends WAY more time with anyone else of his Ohana.

            I have no clue why the writers chose to follow that direction. The character of Danny has not much presence on screen anymore and he has been pushed into the background. Even in the episodes where he’s there he’s mostly been reduced to a character on the side, as we see everyone else more than him (he hardly does action scenes anymore as well). This doesn’t bode well for a member of an elite task force.
            Again, I used to like him, but that was a long time ago.
            The actor also doesn’t seem to put his heart into the show (anymore), so that makes it even harder for me to find his character believable.
            I was surprised how much I liked Quinn, despite her actually being like Cath 2.0. She quickly took Danny’s seat in his car and I wonder if she will also take over even more of Danny’s screen time.

            Overall a very enjoyable episode despite some plot holes.
            Thank you very much Sam and Cokie for the review!

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      2. He has definitely sported something similar. I think you’re right that it is more obvious this year. Maybe last year it had grown out more by the time he started filming.


  9. Lenkov said the new character would change the dynamics of the team (or something like that – unlike some others I don’t memorize everything he says word for word). Between 10.01, and seeing a lot of the BTS photos, it seems to me like Steve and Quinn are sharing a lot of screen time together. I don’t for a minute think she’s a love interest – that’s just a tired old line PL trots out every time a woman gets within 5 feet of McG – but I do think we are looking at a season of new pairings. I wonder what is going to happen when others figure this out too….

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  10. I am re-thinking the Quinn character. She’s like the person who gets dressed and puts on every piece of jewelry she owns and accents that with several scarves. She just tries too hard to be the new female McGarrett without any of his humanity. The character has been written as a cardboard cartoon. And since I have been praying for more female characters on the show, I am so disappointed in what the writers gave us.


  11. I was just a few minutes into the show and mumbling cockatoo combover’s self centered assholeyness made all my vacation vibes go POOF!
    It is beyond me (actually 2I&B) that there are still people out there who find this kind of behaviour charming, funny or whatever.
    CC Dannoying is the last person on earth to give advice regarding relationsships. (Seriously as if someone like McG would need help in this departement.)
    And his contribution to this Elite Task Force? Uhm, blaming Steve, doing nothing, disrespecting his boss in front of a stranger – being all in all totally irrelevant.

    The jury is out on Quinn.

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