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Our thanks go to Mamayorkie, who came up with a few interesting topics to discuss. The question for today’s discussion: Which character/(s) have proven to be the most ill conceived and unworthy of screen time?

Remember, play nice. 😉

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16 thoughts on “LD – Character discussion

  1. Charlie is one of my picks for most ill conceived ( No pun intended, really) characters who is also poorly written because there is no real meaningful dialog between him and his biological father, Danny. They would have done everyone a huge favor by just letting him be Stan’s son but then how would they have managed to malign Rachel’s character? And we might have seen if Danny is capable of being a good stepfather and loving a child that is not his biologically when he and Rachel remarry.

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  2. I forgot my number one pick. Mary McGarrett.

    Substance abuser, has an arrest record and is unemployable. And yet, the writers allowed her to adopt a baby. Top that.

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    1. Yes, Mary would also maybe be top of my list of ill conceived characters.
      The character of Steve’s sister could have had so much potential. It is really sad how it ended up, or rather started out.

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  3. As a non-English speaking person, I of course had to make sure that I understood the meaning of the word ill-conceived correct, so I looked it up and got this: “not carefully planned or considered”.
    And for me there are plenty of those characters on H50, but not all of them where necessarily unworthy of screen time.
    We mentioned Jerry in the first discussion and as I said then, for me his character might have been ill conceived, but he was not unworthy of screen time in the end. His stories gave colour to the show.
    Even Wo Fat was ill-conceived for me, but he deserved all his screen time. As I have said in the past, I would not have ended his time on the show if I was the creator of the show. In my opinion he, as a character, should just have been planned better for a more constructive longer run.
    The list of those ill-conceived ones for me can get long, but for the most part I was okay for the screen time they got.
    Lynn, who started out as a mature prospect for a girlfriend, changed into a giggling teenager who overacts around Steve.
    Then there is Ellie – what a good start for the character and then suddenly she was gone with no real explanation, like a few others …. (Charlie Fong & Dr Mindy Shaw for instance)
    So many characters and storylines had good potential, but by not planning them, they got lost ….

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    1. I am absolutely with you! Great observation.

      For me Charlie would definitely make the list. Cute kid, but he added nothing to the show and his scenes are boring (sorry kiddo, wishing you all the best, but….).
      Mary? Oh dear! You know what? I “wanted” to like her because her presence would give Steve somewhat of a family. But it didn’t work. Also, in Hawai’i family (O’hana) doesn’t have to be blood. Mary’s development to devoted mother is unbelievable. I din’t mind her in the aunt Deb episodes, but to be honest she was rather the by-product there, my focus was on the awesome Carol Burnett. Other than that I really don’t need to see her again.

      For me several characters are ill-conceived.
      Yes to all you mentioned. But what about the main cast?
      Adam’s journey is not what I had envisioned. And while I think IAD is a great actor and obviously a very nice guy, I am flabbergasted what his character is doing on the team. But wait, 5-0 hands out badges just like that…
      Let’s see what we will say about Quinn.

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  4. Ill-conceived and unworthy of screen-time doesn’t go hand in hand if you ask me.
    As FOYeur said, the development of Jerry wasn’t really believable but he helped the team more than once, became a valuable member of the task force and therefore he is/was screen-time worthy! The actor is great and added something different with Jerry’s oddities.

    On the other hand a character can be written a bit, well let’s say, suboptimal – but if on top of this the portrayal shows no commitment, doesn’t use the range you’ve got as an actor then I’m more happy without this character on my screen.

    So who’s ill-conceived? That’s difficult, because sometimes it is more the development of one character, like Adam, that is stupid and boring. Or Pua.

    Maybe Tani is ill-conceived with all her smugness, arrogance and disrespect. But the actress does well so unworthy of screen-time would go too far. Yet being honest, I would love to see a different Tani. Not the one disrespecting and mocking two SEALs, who have accomplished a lot more…

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  5. I’m with Leica in that ill-conceived and unworthy of screen time can be separated…

    And here’s my why.

    Danno. I don’t think he’s ill-conceived. He’s conceived just fine. I think he’s ill-acted, over-acted, and now often MIA. So he is unworthy of screen time.

    Conversely, Adam. He is ill-conceived. Is he good or bad? Stoopid or smart? Trustworthy or not? Brave or a pussy? Well, that depends on how they wrote him in the particular ep. It constantly varies. Ian does what he can with it, and in some eps, he’s quite worthy of screen time, but who the hell knows what Adam is really all about?

    This is an interesting question and I enjoyed reading y’alls various POVs.🥂

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    1. I don’t know if Dannoying is conceived just fine. He had some really really nasty lines. Like really nasty.
      But as an actor it is possible to tone down the nastiness, deliver with a twinkle in your eyes, show the audience that the character doesn’t mean it in such a harsh way.
      He could do it. But for whatever reasons he doesn’t.

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      1. Yeah, that’s really my POV too. Yes some of the lines are ugly…he’s meant to be a combative little guy, but I think that was also supposed to be FUNNY, not ugly, that this little teeny dude thinks he could look or sound scary.

        Which he can’t.🙄 Whenever Scott tries to act all powerful and bad ass, I just laugh. He’s a munchkin.

        But Scott, from the beginning, chose to ramp up the lines he was given to utter ugliness, utter meanness, intentionally hurting feelings out of spite, calling names like a third grade bully, hurting others on purpose. That was the actor’s choice and it makes the character ridiculous, unbelievable, and off-putting, all at the same time.

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    2. Just to be fair, the character of Danno was conceived and well written many years ago in the original series. It’s the reinvention which became mean, ugly and stupid. And I fear it’s not over yet.

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      1. Oh absolutely. Original Danno was an awesome and loyal side kick for Hair-Do McG.

        And I get the writers wanted a different, more buddy vibe.
        But instead they got a tiny man with a giant ego and a severe malignant-narcissism issue.

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  6. It has been fascinating to read everyone’s opinions on this subject. There are several characters that I find annoying but I guess that doesn’t mean they were ill-conceived. For the life of me, I cannot understand what use there is for keeping Hirsch around. And how did he become skilled enough to be a crime scene cleaner? It just may be my problem but I don’t find him funny enough to be comic relief.

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