Sunset On The Beach 2019


Earlier this week, the SOTB 2019 was held on Waikiki Beach. Oddly enough, as far as I heard, the stars didn’t sit through the screening. I am sure they had their reasons.

I am sure the private screening on Friday with Alex’s episode 10.07 was the much more interesting event anyway. 😉 (Check out Instagram for some very cool pictures and videos from the event)

Here are a few pictures and interview snippets. All credit goes to Hawaiian News Now. Link to the orginal site at the end.

 “I’m very happy, I’m very excited, the second season is really great, and I think it’s cool because there’s a bit of a shorthand between us and the audience now. They understand who these characters are, they understand the dynamics,” Hernandez said. 

“Hawaii Five-0” is also celebrating a big milestone: This will be the show’s 10th season.

“It’s amazing to me, it’s amazing,” said Alex O’Loughlin, of “Hawaii Five-0.” “It’s been 10 years. I’ve never been on anything for 10 years.”

Both Hernandez and O’Loughlin talked about how grateful they are to work in Hawaii, and thanked the community for their support.

“Thank you so much for everything,” O’Loughlin said. “Thank you for blessing us into your lives and into your homes.”

„I think they like their jobs, I think they’re challenged, we don’t do the same thing,” Lenkov said. “I don’t think there’s any boredom in that, especially when you’re working here. I think there’s a challenge especially of working outdoors.”

A Sunset on the Beach premiere has become a tradition for the show, and features its stars, producers and directors meeting with fans on the red carpet.

The event also featured a special performance by Train.

Filming for both “Hawaii Five-0” and “Magnum P.I.” began earlier this summer.

Both shows will premiere on Sept. 27 on CBS

4 thoughts on “Sunset On The Beach 2019

  1. Thank you Sam for putting together all these lovely treats of another great SOTB.
    Looks like the cast and crew had a great time. Most of them made the effort to join the event.
    This is “just” a TV show and we have often voiced criticism. Yet in a world of bad news daily I am still enjoying my weekly dose of paradise and McG.
    It’s great to listen to Alex’ interviews, hearing him express how grateful he is for 5-0. This show has changed his life, he calls O’ahu home now, said “I never want to leave”.
    We saw lots of other goodies from his two private events: the screening of “his” episode in the amazing setting of Hawaii Theater and on Saturday night the “Mahalo SX” party at the cool Sky Waikiki bar. There are lots of posts online and those who saw them will probably agree that the most touching moment was Beulah performing a “Haka” for Alex on stage. Ohana.
    Three nights in a row with a seemingly happy and content Alex, surrounded by the people he loves and who care about him. It looks like he’s in a really good place now, which gives me hope that he will carry this positive energy into S10.

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  2. Some people I know and who had been lucky enough to attend SOTB the last years always told me that the stars never sat through the screening of the episode. I think it is absolutely understandable esp. for Alex. After a whole day on set, having to work the other day, then the screening of his episode with a bunch of friends and guests, the SeasonX party and the birthday of his SEAL buddie Jim, you can say he was busy, but busy in a very good way.
    It is so wonderful to hear and read what people, even filmmakers have to say about his episode. To say I am excited would be an understatement. All I’ve read is that Alex and Beulah did magic in a kind of mini movie. Actor, writer, director and producer all in one. Wow!
    I’ve read that he produced the first episode of the season too, but I don’t know if it’s true.

    So wonderful to see him on the red carpet and being his always funny, patient, altruistic, humble and grateful self. It never feels as if he sees it just as his duty to be there, no, it is him giving something back to the fans. He always said it is not about him but the amazing, hard working crew behind the camera.

    And who hasn’t seen it yet, I highly recommend to watch the HAKA Beulah did for Alex at the screening event. So awesome. That is a true bromance between these two men.

    And the little video of Alex celebrating Jim’s birthday from the trident adventure guys is not that bad either… 😉

    Thanks for putting it all together, Sam. So many happy, grateful people in these pics!

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  3. Love the pictures there. BTW glad that the Five 0 seems really great for their fans. And really a lot of shows need to take note. The fans make the show regardless of critics or what have you. And Five 0 seems to return the favor. Keep on being grateful as more shows need to do that. Knowing that fans love it when a show like Five 0 gives them something in return. Going all out. Peter L knows the fans indeed. Even at times he may write or produce one bad episode of Five 0 every once in awhile. But he goes all out for the fans.
    Thanks Sam and to the Five 0 fans, happy 10th anniversary! BTW will have to DVR the premiere as one of my nephews is getting married and that is him and his soon to be bride in the avatar there. Take care and peace!


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