LD – Wishes for season 10


Season ten is almost here, time to think about what the wishes for it are.

After being pretty disappointed with season nine, I have high hopes for season ten. Here are my wishes for the next season. This is not what I think will happen, but hope to see at least some of it.

One crime at a time. No split storylines. That’s mostly a bad move and makes for bad episodes.

More crime driven stories, less personal stuff from supporting characters.

Great action. Which I think will not be as good as in previous years due to the new timeslot so early in the evening.

I hope to see Catherine again. So far, episodes with her were always great. I just think she is a great character, and the team Steve/Catherine is just awesome.

But if she’s not in this season, oh well, so be it. I am totally McRoll, but I am not the show runner, so saying if she’s not in I won’t watch is just not my thing. Personally, I think that is kinda childish. It doesn’t go my way, so I won’t watch? Yeah, then don’t, but stop bugging everyone about it. You know, I love McRoll, but I won’t stop watching just because they are not happening at the moment. I am not one giving up on something because I don’t like one part of it. If I were, I would have given up on H50 after a couple of episodes because I really can’t stand Danny. But he’s part of it, so I will live with it; complaining about it loudly, too. 😉 Anyway, I hope to see her this season.

And I hope to see SEALSteve again. Just love him.

What are your wishes for the coming season?

19 thoughts on “LD – Wishes for season 10

  1. Well… wishes. I have a few but I could pretty much say ‘ditto’ to your list. I love the crime drama aspect of the show and prefer that to all the cutsie shows they do with the supporting characters. We have met family members; I dont need to see them repeatedly. I also am not crazy for all the hype the show gives to famous guest stars. Their roles dont seem to be all that great and I can do without most of them.

    Everyone on here knows I love Steve and Cath together, and I hope to have at least some mentions of her throughout the year. And I truly hope she shows up.

    I will be totally honest in saying that shows without Danny in them are more adult, more driven, and have better dialogues. The character and whininess has definitely run his course for me.

    And on a more shallow note, show me lots of Steve views. Eddie would be really nice, too. I love Grover and Steve together and also Junior and Steve together. An episode with those guys would be perfect for me.

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  2. Well first and foremost, I want to see some McRoll. They are my 2 favorites and that’s just my deal. But I am very glad there’s another woman on the damn show, finally! Still very male centric but with 2 now…and fingers-crossed Cath to boot…Show could finally get near representing the 21st century. And to add, I’d love to see McG’s sister Mary and niece Joany, too. The writers involve Tani’s family, Junior’s, Grover’s and teeny tiny troll-doll Danno’s family…let’s follow the freakin Leading Man’s family, Show!

    But, sadly, my prediction veers significantly from my hopes. I’m guessing Show is very much more of the same old same old and I’ll just 😴😴😴.


  3. I have to agree with the comments that have been made here.

    Since I think that this it the end, it would be nice if the writers made an effort to tie up some loose story lines. Mind you, I am not expecting them to be able to tie them ALL up -too many and too little time. But radiation poisoning may be a good place to start.

    I hope that the episode that AOL wrote and directed does not have Doris dying in her son’s arms. Somehow I can’t see Alex writing that kind of scene since he is so close to his own Mom that it seems out of character for him to do it. Joe White’s death was written by someone else. And for the same reason I don’t think it would have been Alex’s choice.

    I would be happy to see Danny leave Hawaii with Rachel and her kids but not before Stan knocks him on his butt—- the same butt he was thinking with when he and a married Rachel had an affair and forgot how babies are made.

    And I am sick of all the “personal” stories we have to endure so that the ever expanding cast has something to do when some members of the cast would rather be elsewhere. I am bored to tears with any Charlie or Grace stories, care nothing for Grover’s extended family, and wish they would tone down Tani’s nastiness and just let Meghan do comedy where she excels. Let Adam be bad since there is no hope for a Kodam reunion and Ian is a great actor who can do justice to the role. And hopefully the new character Quinn will not be just a plug to fill in for Tani when Meghan leaves. Supposedly she has a “secret”. But then, if she does, let it be something great like she’s the first openly gay member of the team.

    I want and fully expect a McRoll HEA if this is the end. Michelle’s career has really taken off so I think she will squeeze this in any way she can. I would like to see a flash forward to their happy life together with Steve changing diapers. How lovely to finally see him happy with a partner, Cath, who lifts him up and doesn’t constantly try to tear him down.

    Further, when the show ends, I think we will see AOL doing guest roles on Magnum and perhaps a little writing and directing too.

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  4. I have been thinking on this topic since it was posted. My greatest wish is that there is thoughtful, smart writing. I want less over the top storylines and more intelligent crime drama. Yes, tie up loose ends if possible, don’t kill Doris. Hasn’t Steve lost enough in his life?
    I do want Catherine to return, it is the romantic in me. And I don’t want her shoehorned in during the final episode as it ends. I want smart, capable Steve and not out of character Steve who buries money in his backyard. Beyond that I guess I will accept what I get and grumble to myself when the writers blow up a story that had potential.

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  5. I know I’m wishing for the moon, but I want some smart, decent writing. I want to see lots of Steve/Alex, and none of Grover’s family. Most of all though, when they do a meaningful episode that affects the HF-O universe, (like the death of Joe White, and the following episode) make it all about that , without disrupting the flow with some useless side story. I don’t give a crap if some secondary character was not needed in the episode.
    I’d really like this season to be the last, but it probably won’t be. It seems like Alex has some desires for his future, and I’d love to see him fulfill them.

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  6. I am also assuming that this is the final season. So my biggest wish is that Catherine comes back into Steve’s life before the season is over, to give a semblance of continuity to the McRoll endgame, which I truly believe Lenkov intends. Also, I would love it if Danny and Rachel declared their undying love and shipped the kids and themselves back to Jersey early on. (Not expecting this, sadly, but hey–a girl can dream!) I would love lots of SEAL Steve, especially in combination with Junior. I like Grover, but he’s kinda overbearing, and Junior and Steve have a nice mentor-mentee relationship that I like. I would love to have Eddie become an every-episode recurring character, because I love Alex with Eddie.

    Ummmm… I could do without ever seeing Mary again. I wish I could love her, but I just don’t. I would prefer for Kamekona to be very sparingly used, unless he’s exposing his (much more interesting) criminal past rather than being “comic” relief, which I don’t find comic in the slightest. And if I never see Flippa again, it will be too soon. I agree that it would be wonderful to ditch the multiple-cases-per-episode thing, and the family-drama storylines. Some serious crimes, but not too gross to look at, would be good for me. I kinda like the suggestion that Adam goes bad and gets a nice juicy arc and then dies in a blaze of glory, or inglory, whatever. Hey, maybe it’ll be revealed that he was working undercover and he was a secret good guy all along. But he should definitely die.

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  7. I wholeheartedly agree with you.
    “Smart writing” is the key. One can hope, but I’m afraid the spilt SLs and focus on guest stars/smaller roles will become more and more what we have to deal with. By now it is a big cast and the writers have to squeeze everyone in. One actor taking a lot of time off and the other lead seems to have a reduced schedule, too.
    To me Five-0 is the Steve McGarrett show. He returned to the island to solve his father’s murder and stayed, formed the task force. While I am OK with the fact that all characters develop and grow, I really don’t want to see the story of each and everyone to an overdone extent.
    See, I love Junior. But do I want to watch his dad’s story? Heck no! Grover’s brother? Oh boy! Tani’s brother? Please no!
    Speaking of Tani – way over the top, big ego, loud. Who made her boss? Why does she think the’s superior to Junior, am man who might not have had police training before meeting the team, but who could probably handle himself better out there in tough situations? He’s a SEAL and she often treats him like a kid. Oh, I forgot – the superfans think that’s cute 😦
    I was pleased that they brought in the locals. I don’t mind seeing them occasionally. I actually adore Noelani, have a soft spot for the others, as long as we don’t have to endure them (especially Kamekona and Flippa) in comic like scenes. They both are capable of more as we have seen.

    I am so bothered by the lack of continuity. Five-0 has had various writers over the years and it often feels like the have no clue what happened before.

    I have a few wishes for S10 and I hope that at least a couple will come true as I also believe this might be the last season. Why? The ratings declined, the new, early time slot won’t help one bit, the split team SL’s are annoying, Steve still not getting his HEA…

    I want McJunior, McGrover, McEddie and McHarry. Yes, HotHarry would be great. But what I want first and foremost is Steve large and in charge, SEAL Steve and HAPPY Steve.

    How much longer does PL want to wait? Steve is not getting younger, the show might come to an end.
    In retrospect I have no damn clue why he sent Cath away. The haters say because of personal issues with MB. Both sides have confirmed however that it was a 2 year only contract for Michelle from the get go and PL wanted to “test their love”. But why, oh why did he bring her back then, only to send her away again? That’s when all hell broke lose. Ever since there has been no winner in this. The fandom has gotten ugly, Steve’s heart was broken and while he seemed ok and “dated” again, he never really moved on. Ellie, Lynn, Alicia, the agent in 9.06, now a date in the premier… Next. Of course he is not supposed to live like a monk, but either close the door for Cath forever or bring her back for good already.

    Most of us would’ve been ok had Steve found a nice girl after a proper farewell to Cath. But PL kept that door open and pushed it further open, teased her return, the friendship, the Ohana feeling… Why?
    He loves to play with us. He’s got a masterplan. For the longest time I thought it would be McRoll. I still hope Cath comes back because Steve wants her to, because he realizes he made a huge mistake not telling his girl much earlier that he loves her.
    I am so done with the “but she lied”. I’m sure the abCs mean “the storyline Mr. Lenkov invented for the character he created”…
    Of course she had good reason to do what she did (had to do) and I am so hoping the PL will explain that rather soon. There might not be much time anymore. If he chooses to pull a “Harm and Mac” on us, I’m gonna be so miffed. After all he was the one who always fueled our hopes…

    I am open for what S10 brings. My hopes are high, my expectations low.

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        1. You know, I thought I would miss Chin way more but weirdedly (is that a word?) I don’t although I liked him so much. But Beulah’s Junior is such a well crafted and portrayed character, it’s impossible to not like him.
          I always liked Kono and I miss her from day one, her heart, her empathy, her respect (not her wonderwoman-ness, what they are doing with every female character… ugh ugh ugh. Women can be tough without beating a big Yakuza guy in silk stockings… I mean the women – not the Yakuza guy. Please no Yakuza guys in silk stockings show, thank you.)


  8. First and foremost I want to see SuperSEAL. He could be Manly(!!!)-MacGuyvering his way through the case/jungle/woods/episode. I want a Steve all on his highly trained own, the LT.Cmdr., the Naval Intelligence Officer, the strategist, the Taliban fighter, the smart human being. No need for anybody else in this episode. Hey, it would be great for Alex, no need to learn lines, just him and his zillion Alexpressions telling the story. But, okay, IF TPTB want us hearing his smooth voice, here’s the solution. EDDIE! Tada!

    They can’t do this all season long, I get it, so pair Steve up with Junior or Lou.

    Further, I want Steve to get some loving. So hello Quinn! (Although I am pretty disappointed, I wish it would be someone who has nothing to do with the military, law inforcement or three letter agencies. But of course she has secrets, maybe will be lying and for sure is again a Wonder-woman out of a comic book. Bleeeech. I like some comics, well actually someone special. So when I want to see/read a comic the protagonist shouldn’t wear pants but a sailor blouse and love his hammock. Kch Kch Kch!)

    Bored to death by: secondary family members; will they won’t they (get together, drink a glass of whiskey); characters being there yet being totally irrelevant; split storylines.

    Annoyed by disrespectful, traitorous, smug and cocky Tani.

    What else to say? Oh yes. I. Am. Dannoyed. TIAB!
    I want good acting! It helps and changes the vibes!

    Allow me a small excursus about this:

    It’s not the first time I said this. Acting and writing are two sides of the same coin. I’m pretty sure every actor, every good actor would agree. But I would go even further. Maybe the acting is even more important, great acting always elevates the material, the script, the writing; great acting builds extra layers, it makes the character you’re playing multidimensional and it creates different personalities. Good acting is like using punctuation in the right way. Eat, Grandma! Eat Grandma! See? Difference.
    Sam once told me about one of the “Remington Steele” writers who said if you write shit it for a TV show it doesn’t matter if you have great actors who make the best out of it. Otherwise you have just a shitty scene.
    I think it was Robert de Niro who said he could play a schnitzel if they want him to. So let’s have actor A and actor B playing a schnitzel.
    Actor A makes you not only see a schnitzel, he makes you smell the schnitzel, he makes you know about the delicious crispy, crunchy, crusty coating. You can not only ‘feel’ the taste of the perfectly seasoned coating on the outside but the wonderful tender flesh inside too. You taste the dip of cranberry sauce on top of it spiced by a little squeeze of lemon. All this makes you crave for more schnitzel, crave for more of this perfection.

    Actor B makes you a vegetarian.
    That’s it.
    All in all I am really looking forward to Season X. Looks good so far, love it that Max is coming back for Halloween and of course I am sure AOL’s episode will be a special one.

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  9. Oh, I totally forgot to add my biggest BIGGEST wish for the upcoming season(s).
    I want Steve to have a chance to pour his heart out. I want him to find someone he finally talks to about all the horror he endured, all his losses, all the torture and all the desperation; about his nightmares and sadness.
    Sadly, knowing the show, I don’t think that Quinn will be used in such a way. Au contraire, I’m sure it will be Steve being there for Quinn, supporting her and helping her. Like always.
    Remember Lou crying about the loss of his murderous friend and the murdered wife in the arms of Renee? Steve has no one to come home to, to talk to, to just break down emotionally and not be SuperSEAL.
    So I am rooting for Grover. Grover knows. Grover understands. And he offered his help before. Because, as I said, he knows.

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