Let’s discuss


Welcome to our first “Discussion-Post”.

You probably ask yourself what that is. Well, since Hawaii Five-0 reached its tenth season, which is an amazing accomplishment, we thought it would be cool to celebrate this with a very active blog.

We plan to enjoy H50’s maybe last season to the fullest with reviews for every episode. And with lively discussions for various topics.

You will find a new post for the discussion every week / every other week, depending on demand, at the top of the home page. When a new discussion starts, the old post will take its place on the blog according to the publication date, like every other post. Meaning, you will find it further down the page. 😉

If you have a topic that you think people would enjoy to talk about, please drop us an email either under Mostlyfive0(at)gmail.com or use the contact form.

So, what should the first discussion be about? Most of you probably know by now who will leave Five-0 next season. After publishing a season 10 cast picture without Jerry, it’s pretty clear that he will leave.

He will not be killed, don’t worry about that. I’m pretty sure the dramatic cliffhanger from last season (sarcasm out) will be resolved in under two minutes.

So, what are your thoughts about Jerry leaving?

Honestly, I don’t care either way. I wish the actor all the very best, but I am not sad seeing Jerry go. I never liked him much, simply because he was not believable, in my eyes. His transition from hiding in his mother’s basement, from someone who was too scared to even use the phone, from someone a twelve year-old had to explain computers to, to the tech specialist and know-it-all-guy was just stupid. I never could take him seriously. Always rolling my eyes at what he added to the show. The CHARACTER, not the actor.

When taking part in the discussion, please remember, the same rules apply to this as to any other comment section on this blog.

Be kind to each other.

Respect the other’s person opinion.

No name calling.

No bashing real people.

Show characters are fair game. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Let’s discuss

  1. Hi Sam
    Glad to see you are continuing with your Hawaii Five-0 discussions here.
    As for Jerry. I doubt that he was the first character or the last one on the show that started out in one way and ended up going in a totally different direction as the show somehow ”needed” him. Even Steve started out with some “MacGyver” gimmicks, which for the most part all faded away by the end of Season 1. If I recall correctly, I vaguely remember reading something about Masi Oka saying that he started out with Max as one type of character and that most of that also faded away. He remained odd, but nowhere near the “savant” which they introduced us to in the second episode. And I guess the list can go on …. Sang Min, Adam, Lori. I know character develop and that is a great thing, but some just ended up being kind of weird at stages.
    If you forget about how Jerry started out, he ended up being a very nice character with a lot more real believable use that some other characters on the show. I also liked the way Jorge portrayed him.
    As for receiving a badge – that just seems to be the shows way of fixing a character as permanent cast. Somehow the show (writers) struggles to have people outside Five-0, playing a meaningful permanent role.
    I like/liked Jerry, maybe because I like a good conspiracy story and also stories that tie in with history – and he was the shows vehicle for that type of plot.
    I will miss his character more that most others who left.
    Looking forward to seeing what topics might pop up here to discuss.

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    1. Thank you. We took a time of absence, but hopefully we will be back full time. 🙂
      Yes, in the end Jerry was a very likable character. I just didn’t like his development. That was not believable.
      But show isn’t really good with developing characters. 😉

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  2. I’m thrilled to know we will have future discussions. I think I will miss Jerry and I would not have said that when he was first introduced. I agree that his transformation from basement dweller to tech genius was far fetched but when they put him in the field it was in an assignment that made sense.
    I have no idea how this season will go but I hope we will be entertained. Thanks for keeping the site going.

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  3. I agree about Jerry’s character. I have nothing against the actor, but he was never believable. He is Chin’s age, lived forever in mom’s basement until she sold the house, bounced around for comic effect, didnt use phones and was afraid of everything. Suddenly, he is solving cases. I am glad he was able to get over his fears, but this was so over the top, it wasnt funny. I wish Jorge well in his new marriage and hope to see him again sometime. But not necessarily as Jerry.

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  4. Glad to see you back.

    I am not really looking forward to Season 10 so maybe if I say that upfront I will also hopefully have to revise that opinion and be pleasantly surprised by brilliant writing and riveting story lines. But what I really hope is that any new casting done for this season does not turn into an affront for how women are portrayed on the show. We are not cheaters, we are not evil, we are not stupid. We are smart, brave and hard working. We are just trying to field all the curve balls that life throws us with as much hope and grace as we can. Why can’t the show realize that and embrace it?

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    1. Well said, Mama. I’m sorry that I’m not excited about this season, but I do hold a little hope alive that, if it is the last season, the writers and producers will do a much better job than they have been doing. The ton of lather/rinse/repeat SLs has gotten on my last nerve.

      Also if this is it, I do hope we get some decent amount of Cath. She’s an original character on Show, and a fan favorite …and yes I know, also a fan least favorite, but most of those aren’t nice people, so who cares?

      I do enjoy our discussions here, so THAT’s what I’m most looking forward to.

      Thank you, to Sam and Cokie!😘😘

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  5. I mostly lurk here, and rarely comment, but this is my absolute favorite 5-0 blog, and I really appreciate all the hard work that goes into creating it. I am hoping that this will be 5-0’s last season, mostly because it really does seem that Alex has gotten to the phone-it-in stage. (Nothing against Alex–his “phone-it-in” is way better than many people’s total-devotion mode, but when I saw him at the Paley event earlier this year, it really seemed that he wanted to tie up the show and move on with his life, and bless him, he’s earned that!)

    I am looking forward to the discussions here–you are such a truly nice bunch of people, and I happen to agree with most of you on most subjects, so I expect to enjoy it a lot. I’m one of those who don’t have high expectations for the show, but I still have hopes. And no matter what, I will enjoy all of your reactions to it, and LeiCa’s gorgeous Alex-pics, and the community you have built. 🙂

    I hope very much that we get Cath back before the final episode (and, though I fully expect the endgame to be Steve + Cath 4EVA, I also expect that to happen with no lead-in whatsoever!). But I’m not going to hold my breath for her to show up till 3/4 of the way through the season, at the very earliest. Most of all, I hope that Danny and Rachel move away to enjoy a fabulous, loving rest of their lives, far away from Hawaii. 😉

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  6. Hi Sam,
    welcome back! 🙂
    I am very glad that you decided to return to the blog and actively post here again. This show sure has its ups and down, the quality is definitely dwindling by now. But I’m forever grateful for it – after all it brought so many of us together, it helped create friendships spanning across the ocean, gave us so many things to avidly discuss about…

    Speaking of discussions – I love that you came up with the idea of such regular posts. It would be great if people from all sides could come together in a respectful manner and share thoughts, ideas, wishes… One can hope, right? 🙂

    I have to admit that Jerry has grown to me. But does that mean I support him being a member of an elite task force? No.
    I can’t simply wipe my memory, forget the many scenes where we were presented with an insecure adult living in “Hotel Mama”, being afraid of all things technical, then someone who had magically advanced into a tech geek. I liked his input here and there, he added some fun. I often felt sorry for him – he wanted to be up there in the “top league” so much. They gave him a badge, but he still lives the underground office life.
    I guess Jerry’s often rather small appearances and other possible projects for Jorge opening up might be the reason for his exit. Plus Jorge got married recently and who knows what the two have planned for the near future. I’m wishing them all the best!

    We already know that another cast member will be added, so possibly even more split storylines (and that’s what pretty much annoys me the most these days!) for us to watch. With Scott now probably missing up to 7 episodes and Alex definitely being on a lighter schedule too, I see no hope for that situation to resolve. The various (often new) writers (do they ever talk to each other and watch old episodes – hello continuity??) have to work with what they got. After the last two seasons I have the feeling it’s getting more and more complicated to juggle cast availability and halfway credible and continuous storylines.
    And PL teasing yet another LI for Steve sure doesn’t help to settle the mood. Been there, done that. Next…

    But, that is for another post to discuss 🙂

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  7. Glad you’re back! I too think this will be the last season. Hope they tie up all lost storylines & hope to see Steve & Cath go off into the sunset together & happy. Thank you both for all your hard work & dedication.

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  8. Welcome back!
    As far as Jerry leaving, I can’t say I’ll miss him. Like others, I didn’t really believe the transformation from basement dweller to tech guy, but the history buff in me really enjoyed the history episodes we got with him. He was kind of a mixed bag for me.
    All in all I’m really looking forward to S10 and more discussion posts!

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  9. Really liked Jerry. I am in the minority. But really Jorge Garcia just recently gotten married and new other projects there. But hope the door is opened for him, Kono, Chin, and Max to return. At least they did not or were not killed
    But really hope that season 10 will be the best. As you hope all seasons are like that. Only the 1-3 are considered the best IMHO. Season 4-5 were the worsts. Season 6-8 Were a mixed bags of good and bad. Season 9 I give in all a 9 and a half.
    Miss Chin a lot but Daniel has been thriving it seems working behind the scenes and in front of the camera. As well as Grace P. With her show A Little Million Things!
    Still glad they made Duke, Kamoneka and his cousin full time as well as warming up to the M.E. there. Kind of like a mini-Max or a female version, wonder if she and Max are related huh?
    But really they are pretty bad at developing characters.
    That and a good story line and good acting are what makes a show to be very successful. Often overlooked but need of that of likable people.


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