10.01 Press Release and Promo Pics


Ua ʻeha ka ʻili i ka maka o ka ihe

A new ally helps McGarrett and Five-0 when mob bosses on the island are being targeted by an assassin. Also, Five-0 says goodbye to one of their own, on the 10th season premiere of HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Sept. 27 at its new time (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Katrina Law joins the cast as Quinn Liu. Rob Morrow guest stars.
(“Ua ʻeha ka ʻili i ka maka o ka ihe” is Hawaiian for “The skin has been hurt by the point of the spear.”)

Alex O’Loughlin (Steve McGarrett)
Scott Caan (Danny “Danno” Williams)
Ian Anthony Dale (Adam Noshimuri)
Meaghan Rath (Tani Rey)
Jorge Garcia (Jerry Ortega)
Beulah Koale (Junior Reigns)
Chi McBride (Captain Lou Grover)
Katrina Law (Quinn Liu)
Taylor Wily (Kamekona)
Dennis Chun (Sgt. Duke Lukela)
Kimee Balmilero (Dr. Noelani Cunha)
Sonny Saito (Masuda)

Katie Wee (Brooke)
Paul S.W. Lee (Dr. Paulson)
Eddie Anderson (SWAT Commander)
Rob Morrow (Cullen)
Roland Nip (Zhang)
Wes Zane (Yakuza Leader)
Hank Holliday (Mayor)
Grace Lee (TV Anchor)
Dennis Takeshita (Yakuza Leader #2)
Lehua Kalima (Singer #1)
Ryan Souza (Singer #2)

STORY BY: Peter M. Lenkov
TELEPLAY BY: David Wolkove & Matt Wheeler
DIRECTED BY: Duane Clark

Thanks to CBS and SpoilerTV

26 thoughts on “10.01 Press Release and Promo Pics

  1. Can’t wait a month but wish it would come sooner. And if that person who is leaving will be fatally shot or leave the show and come on back as a recurring guest. Steve lives spoiler alert of course! 10th Season can’t hardly wait. Happy Summertime there Five 0 Fans!

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  2. I am hoping that no one was shot because for a child to witness his mother attempt murder is unthinkable. But if someone was shot then it may be that Jerry.is leaving. Who knows, when the show has become so convoluted with extra characters used as duct tape patches when regular cast is not available. .

    I like Rob Morrow and it will be interesting to see what character he “patches.” As for “Tani 2-0, (Quinn) I have some reservations about adding a “tough” character whose introduction is used solely to provide conflict with McG as they go head to head or is it toe to toe? Anyone else remember how Jenna Kaye and Lori Weston were introduced? Sound familiar? Two thirds through the initial appearance Steve will reach into his desk and whip out a badge for Tani 2-0. But I am going to reserve judgment until I see her. Still I am underwhelmed with the new addition especially when they could have added a mature actress as they did on Magnum to replace the hole they created when they killed the Governor. I just hope they don’t try to pair the new character with Junior or Adam. (or maybe she’ll try to break up Danny and Rachel! If that sounds dumb, then I respectfully remind you that this is H50 where all things are possible.)

    I am not as excited about this new season as I have been in the past so if it ends with S10, I am OK with that. AOL will go on to bigger and better things.

    My wishes for the new season are very few:

    A McRoll wedding followed by Mcroll babies ASAP so the abC’s can grieve and stop whining about “missed opportunities”. . Move on and accept the closure you have been demanding from the EP.

    Let Danny and Rachel move with their children far away from Hawaii and please let that be early in the season so the McDannos can also grieve the loss of a ship that never existed, stop whining and leave the rest of us in peace.

    Don’t kill Doris. Like her or hate her, she is his mother and he loves her. and he has lost almost everyone who matters.

    Let Steve partner with someone who is not petty and mean.

    PS: We have heard nothing further from Lt Commander McBear and Cap’t. Lou. My theory is that they have runaway from home and are on an undercover assignment and their Aunties haven’t a clue where they have gone–because it is classified and writing a note with your paws is hard.

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  3. Looks like it might be an interesting episode… but looks can be deceiving, I’m gonna hold off trying to guess.😉 Looking forward to S10!

    My hopes for S10:
    MCROLL and baby McRoll
    Writers remembering that Steve is a Bad Ass SEAL
    Danny + Jersey
    Writing like 5.07
    Finally getting some answers to the “forgotten” SL. (Who tried to blow up 5-0, What happened to Nahele, etc)

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  4. My hopes for S10:

    They are definitely different from the others:
    >Danny and Steve forever because Rachel appears in the office and is the one who takes the bullet because she deserves it for the way she has
    treated Danny over the years and her will leaves the kids to Danny with her wishes for Steve as their Legal Guardian if anything ever happens
    to Danny
    >Tani and Junior get married – come on – it’s obvious. Look at the future scenes we have been shown in the flash-forwards and their relationship
    they are working towards.Anything else is just wrong. They are made for each other.
    >I like Adam but he is miserable without Kono and I just don’t think he is cut out to be 5-0 and that makes me sad because I think if he gave
    himself a real chance at another try, he could be really good at it. His first assignment was a mistake on Steve;s part – he should have let him
    assimilate more into the team before he shoved him back into the Yakuza underbelly of crime/drama.
    >Jerry is an asset because let’s face it – somebody has to work the computers and he’s all they have in that capacity
    >The new girl is just the latest McGarrett foil, give her a chance and she will give Scott the freedom to take a few episodes off (he’ll use them as
    Danny to ‘visit Grace at college’ but we know he does other projects and still stay 5-0) so he can stay with the show
    >We find out what happened to Nahele and who tried to blow up 5-0..
    >We never, *ever* see Catherine again. Come on – she treated Steve like an afterthought too may times. He deserves so much better than that.
    Even if he doesn’t end up with Danny, there are so many other fish in the ocean that surround Hawaii… She is definitely not good enough for
    him.She is but bottom feeder – not even worth being a minnow…
    >The writers remembering that Steve is a BadAss Seal – that we can all agree on, even if he is an older one, that by no means is affected by his
    .age. Seriously – look at the guy. He is just as battle-ready shape as he was in Season 1. I mean, wow! He just gets better with age…
    >Doris stays gone, but stays in touch with Steve, as long as she doesn’t interfere with his life and screw it up anymore. I am all for him having a
    Mother, not a spy who loves him but has no respect for him and his feelings and emotions. Ditto for Mary and her feelings. I would like to see
    more of her, too – and baby Joan – even though I still can’t believe *anybody* thought she was fit to be a mother based on her backstory – but
    that is a plot hole the writers are responsible for and we have to live with and accept.
    >The writers really need to learn to respect the show Bible – what they air from the start of the show in episodes should be paid more attention to
    with respect to the characters and their origin stories. But that is most likely a pipe dream this late in the series… Highlander spoiled their
    >In the promo pics, I don’t see Danny – just Quinn, Steve, and Jerry. I hope that doesn’t mean Danny was the one shot – but if it does, I hope they
    don’t kill him. That would be a tragedy. He is Steve’s confidant and his best friend, no matter what anyone here thinks of his methods. He has
    *always* been there for Steve, whether to listen, rescue, or just to talk sense into him when others just couldn’t because no one else will call
    him on his crazy SEAL methods like Danny can. He makes Steve think twice like nobody else. Maybe he’s harsh sometimes, but whether we
    like it or not, sometimes Steve needs that, and that’s what Danny does. You guys may not like his methods, but he is effective, and he is loyal
    like nobody else ever has been. He went to Korea, not just the one time with everybody else, but also when Catherine abandoned him – and
    he always seems to know when Steve is in trouble before anyone else even knows they need to worry. That is a connection and a bond Steve
    can’t afford to lose and one he has never had with *anyone* else. He is also the only one Steve told about the radiation poisoning – and what
    happened to *that* story line? That is *not* something that just goes away. I hope that is not the ending to S10 – Steve ending up with cancer
    as a result of his heroics because of that bomb and having to leave 5-0 to fight it. That would suck. I want the ending they showed us – Danny
    and Steve as old men on Steve’s beach talking about Danny’s granddaughter becoming a cop …

    Sorry – didn’t mean to write a novella:))


    1. Isn’t it nice to come on a site like this and not have anyone attack you for your views? But I expect you already knew how the fans who post here adhere to the site owner’s rules for civilized behavior.

      It is totally OK to believe that something called McDanno actually exists anywhere but in Fan Fic or that Cath will never come back.even though the EP says she will or that Rachel dies. (a bit harsh, maybe? I never have seen anyone here wish Danny dead including some ho dislike the character intensely. But to each his/her own.

      Now, about Santa Claus………sit down, I have something to tell you.

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      1. I love Santa Claus! I know McDanno – hey, a girl can dream… Ho Ho Holy Crap I need a drink..Ha! I guess that was a bit harsh for Rachel. She has been a lot better lately, but she didn’t tell Danny about the car(though neither did Grace, but I guess they did run out of time) and I think it just seems like he’s been left out of so much of his own kids’ lives because of her neurotic belief that as a cop, he can’t live a long life. Cops die of old age all the time. Hasn’t she heard of Xanax or Valium? Try a psychiatrist and get over it, already. But H50 is a drama, so I guess they need some in the script.

        As for Catherine – I still think Steve can do better. Maybe not Danny – I’ll give you that, but she is not good enough. She doesn’t care more about him than she does about herself. I don’t think she would ever take a bullet for him. Danny wold – in a heartbeat. That’s what I mean about loyalty and the bond they share and the friendship. He doesn’t have that with Catherine or anyone else. And he should. She was Navy and she was 5-0, so you can’t say she doesn’t understand what being a true partner means when it comes to back-up and not leaving a man behind. Being a sex partner or a girlfriend is not enough for a marriage to succeed – and Steve deserves better. She lies, betrays, and leaves. Doris, Jr.

        I don’t know – maybe if he has Danny on the job and Catherine at home – but I still don’t think Catherine is good enough for Steve to marry or to give him kids – unless she just has them and then leaves. She’s good at that. He’d make a great father, I don’t believe for a second that she would make a good mother or that she would stick around. She’s another Doris as far as I am concerned. They have way too much in common for me. Sorry.


        1. You are more than welcome to love McD and hate on Cath but I just need to give you my perspective on the situation. . .
          So let’s talk about Cath and the “abandoning” “she lied” “she left him to be beheaded” or whatever your rationalization is. Let’s look at it from her viewpoint. We’ve been led to believe they’ve been friends for many, perhaps as much as 20 years…at some point in time developing into a sexual relationship. She never had expectations of him …this person that wouldn’t even call her his girlfriend ,let alone acknowledge his feelings for her. She helped him..and Five -0, and Kono and Adam and whoever else asked, usually at the risk of her own career. Also she put her life on the line by going to North Korea with McG to bring back Freddie’s remains.
          She left the Navy, was told by McG “they were good” when she took the job with Billy and then when Billy died, Yeah, McG was there for her but still no declaration of feelings, no commitment, just more favors asked. He WILLINGLY went to Afghanistan to help her find the boy. Yes he was captured and tortured by the Taliban and nearly beheaded. Ask yourself this.. WHO called Danny/Joe White to send the SEAL team?? Maybe CATH?? hmmm who’d a thought it.. SHE did exactly what he told her to and HE was well aware of the risks.. and then at last VIA PHONE from 5000 miles away.. he tells her he loves her. Chickensh*t.
          Yes SHOW told us he was going to propose but who told Cath? (apparently that was Lynn’s function..2 yrs later) Did McG give her even the slightest hint? that’d be a NO. Who really can blame a girl for looking out for herself? No sign of a commitment from your long term “friend”? Hell yes, I’ve had enough and going to live my life. YES she lied about her plans after Kono’s wedding. She has since told him why and he apparently accepted her explanation. Yet still she turned to him and he to her when they needed help. And they will continue to help each other this way until PL is good and ready to put them together.
          It takes two to tango and it’s not all on Cath. Just my opinion. Thanks.

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          1. You can choose yourself and still love someone. She didn’t try to change him to suit her needs.

            However, Danny, apparently (because he says it ALL THE TIME) doesn’t like much about Steve and tries to constantly change him.

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          2. Thank you for pointing out everything I have been wanting to say about Steve’s neglect in the relationship. I love the man, but he needed to step up at some point. I do also believe they will continue to help each other.


  5. I am really looking forward to S10.
    My expectations are down to zero if it comes to certain aspects on this show, but that doesn’t mean I can’t hope. S8 and 9 have been overall disappointing. Yes, there were a few good episodes, a handful of great ones even. But the WOW factor we experienced in earlier seasons is gone.
    Despite cutting down his schedule as well, I sure hope the stories will be focused around Steve and we see Alex working his on-screen magic as much as possible. McG was the one coming back to Hawai’i in the first place and it was HIS story that started it all.

    I do not care if someone else (who will probably miss by now even up to 7 episodes and have many light ones) is still there, or will leave, or will get back together with Rachel. It’s clear as day that the writers at least want to get them closer again, so where does that say McDanno? Right, nowhere…

    And let me get to a certain someone, who some people in the fandom (and obviously a new commentator here) don’t like, to put it mildly.
    I am DONE and we are way past the “but she lied”. You surely mean “the storyline Mr. Lenkov created for the character he invented”… and so on, right? 😉

    If done right, I would’ve been ok with Cath’s farewell in 4.21 and opening the door for a new relationship for Steve. BUT – PL obviously didn’t WANT that and he/the writers went a different route. Cath was/is the true love of Steve’s life, you don’t find that again that easy, and surely not on a TV show 10 seasons in.
    So why don’t you sit back and enjoy the ride? Time will tell and PL has a masterplan. It might not be a McRoll endgame, but it definitely isn’t McDanno.

    So here’s to good and catching SL’s, continuity of those SL’s put on the shelf, good COTWs and NO split SLs all over the place, action, BAMF McG and yes, hopefully that HEA for him 🤙🏼

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    1. Oh, McRoll is still and always will be endgame. When PL knows that the show is ending he will put that couple back together for their HEA..

      So I am strong in my belief as to how all this will end because to paraphrase a great commercial for Ferrari ” “Because Mr. Ferrari WANTS it that way” you can read that as because Mr.Lenkov wants it that way..

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      1. One scott fan apparently said scott himself said that the danny/Rachel thing will be teased until the last episode. Not sure that really happened, but that’s sure what PL has heavily implied (practically flat out saying it) is going to be the case with cath and Steve too. Danny and McG are law enforcement partners – that will remain until Scott finally decides he wants all 24 episodes off. But the romantic ending of the show is already written, it seems.

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        1. Guys – it was a *wish* list – not a *I want this to happen or I won’t watch the show anymore* list. I have been watching since episode one and will continue to do so until the very end. I don’t truly believe McDanno will ever happen on-screen – again – it’s a *wish* list. I don’t like Catherine, but that’s just my opinion. As for the lying and betrayal I mentioned, I was referring to when she kept Doris’ secret from him. I do think he genuinely loves her, I just don’t think he trusts her anymore – not like he did before that. And you are right about him stringing her along for so many years, and that *is* on him – but she didn’t call him on it either. Does that make it right? Nope.

          Don’t like Rachel either for much the same reasons, but again – it was a *wish* list and they are my reasons, my opinions – not anybody else’s and I have been reading this blog for several seasons (awesome reviews and discussion, by the way) and have posted a few times, so not a newbie. I expected your reactions, but again – *my* wish list. Relax – H5-0 will always have me as a viewer as long as there is a Steve, and most definitely I am happiest if there is a Steve and Danny-centered episode.

          If there is a McRoll and a Danny/Rachel ride off into the sunset ending to the series – well, for me there is always fanfic. Luckily we have a whole ton of talented writers that can fix anything:)))

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        2. The abC’s and McDannos show their desperation with their hateful words.. Apparently the EP is still driving the train, has the GPS plugged in and knows where he wants to go. It’s time for them to just “move on” and ” enjoy the ride”, stop crying about “missed opportunities” and accept “closure’. Did I miss any? .

          They seem to adore a character who chose to accept sex as a “thank you ” from a battered and abused woman whose cuts and bruises were still visible and was incapable of giving informed consent. She offered her body in gratitude and the sleeze took it. He should have been
          investigated by Internal affairs and fired. This is your hero?

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          1. Out of respect for the rules of this list, I am not going to respond to your unnecessarily inflammatory post any farther than this message.


            1. Inflammatory? Did you not see Danny’s memory scene? CBS must have gotten an earful. Perhaps you have never seen bruises on an abused woman and the utter helplessness that is endured. I posted earlier that as a very young girl with my first paying job I worked with such woman. She tried to kill herself. All the editors had to do was cut that one scene and the Danny lovers could have called him a hero. As it was most McDanno fans were upset that this was what was shown.

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              1. As a Professor of Deviant Sociology, I can attest to the fact that abuse survivors have many coping methods to begin their road to recovery. Hers, perhaps, was to turn to her rescuer, a man she felt safe with, for an intimate encounter where she would not be subject to verbal or physical abuse but would instead boost her self-esteem and help her feel cherished and worthy of affection. Two people can walk the same path but neither will have the same journey. This was not our choice to judge and might not have been our choice if we had been in her situation – it was her way of validating her self-worth. And we see, years later, that she certainly didn’t regret it, so obviously it helped her. For her – and I emphasize *for her* it was the right choice. One scene cannot hope to help us see the whole situation, but 6 years of study can help me help you understand that the choice was hers. Danny is very good at reading people and as a cop would have worked quite a few times with abuse survivors. Not to mention that they probably discussed her motivations – we have no way of knowing. I choose to believe the discussion happened and he went in to the encounter with both eyes wide open, they both did. I don’t believe he could have done anything less. Flashbacks simply don’t give us enough information to make a judgement that he practically raped an abuse survivor. Based on other flashbacks of the way he tried to protect his partner Grace, the way he is with his kids, the way he deals with Rachel even when discussing things like keeping charlie’s existence from him – he is gentle with women, period. He is gentle with victims, compassionate – it’s ludicrous to think he would have taken advantage of this woman just to get laid.


                1. I cannot judge how others ( men and women) might handle the situation with any variables. I can only judge what was put in front of us in this episode. It’s called the four corners. And that is what the writers chose to show. .

                  You love Danny. you hate Cath, Doris and Rachel. I get that.

                  This conversation is going nowhere,

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  6. I believe we are saying goodbye to some characters this year, for better or worse. Call me a cynic, but the show is struggling for originality in its waning years. People watch it because it’s on, not because it’s compelling. I’m all out of wishes for season 10. Good luck to Katrina.

    LOL-ing at the people who just LOVE the Quinn character already. This is why you lack credibility, people.

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  7. it’s been struggling for originality since about s3 IMO. I have continued to watch and probably still will, albeit late due to the un-handy new timeslot. The McG we get today is not the McG that drew me in at the beginning. I wish we could get back to that person but seems like the writers and perhaps Alex himself have headed in a different direction.
    I agree we will be losing some characters. I think Jerry will be first to go. Not because he was killed but maybe the close call convinces him this isn’t the life for him.
    As far as people that LOVE every new actor/actress that appears ..loudly proclaiming them their favorite.. Yeah, well.. whatever floats your boat ….

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  8. Sigh. I must admit I have no excitement for the coming season. Plots are not clever, too many actors clog the screen, and way too little Alex now. And I get it, he’s rich and tired. So I’m happy for him. But there’s great tv these days. H50 ain’t it.

    This past season I began watching Show after it aired and got reviewed. So I knew when an ep deserved to be skipped. I’ll do the same this year.

    And as always, the comments and convo here are usually more fun and meaningful than the dialogue on Show. So I’m looking forward to chatting with Sam, Cokie, and all y’all. About Show or whatever meandering topic we wander along.

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