Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 9.25

Season Finale

I loved this episode, it was exciting. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time (alright, nearly the whole time) because I so wanted them to get Aaron. Jerry was awesome! He really earned his place in this Elite Task Force. Can’t say that about everybody.

The moment in Steve’s office with Frank was wonderful. I thought Joe would want to get buried under his tree, but this was okay. The conversation between Steve and Frank made me tear up. Sniff.

Now let’s have a final look at Steve! Hope you enjoy. ~leiCa

Four beers a day reduces your risk of giving a shit.

Longboard is on board again. But the Aloha will always be there.

Just accepted a zillion cookies. Call him Don Oreolone.

This map is sealed.

Saw a couple holding hands while they were sharing one shave ice.
Hopes that some day he will meet someone who’ll hate them with him.

Didn’t get much sleep. But did get a few hours of anxiety in.

Waved to a woman who he thought waved at him. Yet she waved at someone else. To get out of this embarrassing situation he kept his hand up until a cab pulled up and drove him to the airport. He is now in Bulgaria starting a new life.

Plaid in the upper league.

He can sneeze with his eyes open.

Why do we order round pizza in square boxes and eat them as triangles?

The sun sinks down into the sea. Why can’t Danny be his sun?

“Welcome to the Ninja Club. I am disappointed to see so many of you.”

He knows when to duck… face.

Perfection detection.

Your face when you hear the word ‘untruth’ as an euphemism to upgrade behavior.

Even the right decisions can rob your sleep.

-The killer awoke before dawn, he put his boots on.
He took a face from the ancient gallery.
And he walked on down the hall.
This is the end, beautiful friend…-
(The Doors)

More Alexpressions

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The End?

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The first scene made me dannoyed, more than dannoyed. Good grief, can Steve do anything right? Any freaking thing? Now he’s responsible for his long legs too. Ugh. Sunshine should be so relaxed from all his days off he should be able to run a little bit faster. Then, at least, he would put a little bit energy in something different than yelling, bitching, insulting, mocking. Ugh.

And what was his problem with Steve trying to stop the plane? D did something like that years ago, too. But, oh yeah, it’s okay when Dannoying does it. Steve can’t do anything right. Steve has done so much, achieved so much, outsmarted so many; this behavior of D is highly insulting. He never trusted Steve.

And all the ‘whataboutisms’ in the world won’t change the fact that Danny lied to Steve.

The final ending was overhyped. I am pretty sure Steve survives, and I really hope Jerry does too. I’m having a hard time seeing him jumping in front of Steve. But who knows.

I am hoping for a ricochet, lol.

All in all, as I said an overhyped cliffhanger with a slightly OOC Steve. I am pretty sure that he knows what a lefthanded handshake means… But maybe he thought she wouldn’t do something with her little boy at her side… Or maybe he relied on his friend who was walking right behind her…

And of course the ricochet won’t happen – Danchel will happen.

♥♥♥Thanks to all of you who took the time to comment on the LpS posts throughout S9. The pic(k)s and captions are not done in a minute, so thank you, you’ve been my motivation. ~leiCa

18 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve!

  1. Love every picture and I realise how hard you work the pictures and the comments which are always perfect.
    I haven’t watched the episode yet, in Spain we’re in season 9 episode 21, but I’ve watched the ‘untruth scene’ and I can’t stand Danny so I think he deserves a woman who was telling him ‘untruth’ things about his son.
    I hope Jerry will be ok, now that I like more his character.
    I also hope next season will bring back Katherine and will take away Tany or at least a big change in her character.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. I am so with you and the Tani character. They never addressed her betrayal, not once, we even don’t know if Steve knows about it. They are just ignoring it, an easy way out for TPTB and a dissatisfying way out for the audience.

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  2. leiCa, your wit and sarcasm never ceases to amaze me. I love these. Here’s a thought… you don’t really need a hiatus, do you? No? Didn’t think so. Maybe sometime this summer you can use some of your pics that ended up on the cutting room floor and give us a treat. OR, do a “best of” series. 😁 and stop giving me that dirty look!

    Liked by 5 people

  3. Well, it’s probably NOT a good thing that I more look forward to, and more enjoy, your (Pic)k Steves than I do actual Show, but there it is.😁

    And while I love all these pics and caps…he looked particularly fabulous in this ep and you caught him so particularly perfectly…I gotta say, the “waved to a woman, raised his hand, caught a cab, hiding out in Bulgaria” one is just in a frikkin perfection class all by itself!🤣😂🤣😂😁

    We gotta wait til next season for more of these?☹️

    Thanks for the laughs, the sighs, and the daydreams, babe.❤️

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  4. Favorite because it has deeper meaning: “Your face when you hear the word ‘untruth’ as an euphemism to upgrade behavior.”

    That was a very immature way for Danno to explain the fact that he had been deceptive.
    An untruth is still a lie, “A rose by any other name” …………..and Danny still smells like a liar.

    All your captions are excellent choices. I also hope you will continue

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Yep, it was a lie, and not a ‘white’ one, there was no reason for it. All the whataboutisms concerning this behavior are from the ancient box of rethoric.


      1. It’s time for the PTB to give closure to that toxic McDanno work “bromance”, and acknowledge that it is now as far from the meaning of “Ohana” as one can get. Stop “beating a dead horse” and let the fandom “move on”.. It’s over. We do not need to see the corpse.

        Let Danchel happen soon.


  5. leiCa your pic(k)s are perfect again. I laughed (shaved ice and taxi), I drooled (perfection), I was disgusted by a certain someone (untruth), and I was stopped in my tracks (Even the right decisions can rob your sleep.)<<<< There's A LOT of Truth in those 8 words. Thank you again for all your work. I hope we won't have to wait until S10 for more pic(k)s😉

    On a side note I'm positive Steve going to survive, BUT if the writers give Steve another one of D's organs I will probably throw something at my TV.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I am pretty sure Steve’s organs will be perfectly intact.
      But I am very close to throwing something at my TV a lot of times… but then there are those wonderful actors like Chi, Beulah, Jorge, Eddie, Dennis, Alex who make me smile. (Yes, Meaghan is great too, sadly the character Tani doesn’t make me smile.)


  6. Thank you once more for all the wonderful Steve pics. I particularly liked “perfection detection”. I am holding on to the hope that Steve isn’t shot or only wounded. Did I see the little boy dart forward right before she fired or am I mistaken? Jerry has really grown on me this year and I do not wanted him hurt.

    More and more I fail to see what skills Danny brings to the team. He complains about everything and seems to resent any physical activity that the job requires. I wish they would write him out but I can see why the actor enjoys picking up a paycheck for so little effort.

    LeiCa, you have made this season brighter with your work. Thanks.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. “…but I can see why the actor enjoys picking up a paycheck for so little effort.” This is so true!

      I saw the mother pushing the little boy aside, to the right… Hm, am I wrong?
      Maybe the bullet will ricochet from Jerry’s badge, lol. Hope dies last.


      1. I finally rewatched the episode and noticed the woman shoved the boy off to the right. Since PL posted a photo recently of his connection on the phone with Alex’s name and the comment that he was talking to one of the show’s writers, I assume Steve isn’t dying. I don’t think Alex would write for the show if he was done with it. At least that is my belief and I am sticking with it.

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  7. See you all in the summer. Steve of course if he dies, so does the show. But really need to make Alex a producer of the show. If he has been in there and notices now of how the show has been ran after he directed two episodes. Just a thought.
    Feel bad for the boy. He will have emotional issues. Both of his parents evil. Steve I wished would adopt him.
    Jerry I hope will not die. But Jorge’s contract is up after the ninth season. He has had most character development in his character of course next to Steve.
    8/10! Happy Summer. Ohana!


  8. My top three: the shave ice, sun and taxi. Hilarious! I am sorry I missed this post in May, only now came around and noticed. I do hope you continue these with new season Steve 😀


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