Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 9.23 or

The Multiple Faces of Alex O’Loughlin

As the heading says. Because that was again the saving grace. Oh, and Eddie. There was Eddie. And a Mr. Pickles mention. Woohoo. leiCa

It’s stupid work that’s always destroying his work/life balance.

When you are realizing that this is your closest compatible organ donor.

Gorgeous hair is the best revenge.

When you’re looking too good to stay at home.

Hit or hug. Every sibling’s problem.

Yes, Steve, why was 6 afraid of 7? Kids know.

Because 7 8 9.

Just needed some peas and quiet. Quiet didn’t happen.

Two more points why even the hidden trident beats the spear.

Poseid off. One finger away from Poseid on.

The one reason to change your mind about the Adult Onesie.

Bonus the First

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Bonus The Second

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—Alex O’Loughlin—
“It’s hard to bring humanity to a flawless dude […].
Captain America is a dream, so our job is to bring truth to these characters.”

Don’t worry, Alex. Your portrayal makes him real.

Steve cares where ‘others’ mock. Junior, Eddie, Mr. Pickles and leiCa appreciate that.

Junior saves lives where ‘others’ mock. Saved girl and leiCa appreciate that.

That’s all I am gonna say about someone’s behavior.

Friday’s episode will be great. I just know it. For so many reasons, one would be that in the last seasons episodes #24 have been way better than the season finales. I don’t see them break this tradition. leiCa

(I don’t think there will be a review for this episode, so enjoy…)


22 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve!

  1. Pictures are lovely- favorite is “When you are realizing that this is your closest compatible organ donor” because that says it all about the way Mary’s character is written. My guess is that Season 10 (hopefully) has Steve getting custody of Joannie when Mary finds her orange jumpsuit and winds up in jail. for –you name it ’cause she has probably done it.

    Episode was saved only by McGarrett’s magic face.

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    1. Didn’t help that they put Mary in really ugly clothes. Sorry, but what was that?
      And I didn’t get any sisterly love vibes from her towards Steve, just mocking like Dannoying and Tani. Ugh! I am so done with Steve taking it all.

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        1. What? You weren’t totally blown away by the great “pastry caper” ? Careful or you won’t be admitted into the Super Fans/True Fans club. (all eight of them and their sock puppets)

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  2. Well done once more. You caught so many great faces of Steve. The episode was “light” Steve but I enjoyed seeing him be funny. Of course he got to be tough when they took down the neighbors.
    I did enjoy seeing Eddie and Junior work. It was sad the others did nothing but stand around watching the girl almost fall. Doesn’t anyone have a rope in their trunk? Steve was always pulling things out of the Camaro’s trunk in past seasons. I don’t carry a rope but then my car is not a police vehicle.
    Loved your choices as usual and I am afraid of 7 as well.

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  3. As usual, love your pi(c)ks of Steve’s faces, leiCa and your witticism about them.

    “Two more points why even the hidden trident beats the spear.”
    I guess from now on Steve will always have a permanent ‘boo-boo’ that needs to be covered with a bandaid on that middle finger. And the fact that they do not bother to cover the two dots (points) AND that it looks even more visible these days, tells us that he wants it to be seen and that he likes to show his marriage commitment on his ring finger loud and clear to the world!
    On the other hand I still do not understand why Steve can’t have more tattoos and with that, have the new trident and that it could be explained as a Steve tattoo.

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    1. What difference does it make if Steve has a tattoo on his finger? Why should it even be a part of the show? And a bandaid is ridiculous like the people who cover it up are embarrassed about it. Makes no sense to me.

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      1. I kind of think that the team would have some comments if Steve got a new tattoo, just like they had comments about a shorter hairstyle in the past – just for the fun of it.
        The show covers most of Alex’s tattoos in any case and I can understand that all his tattoos does not have to be visible for all his role, because Alex and Steve (or any of his other characters) are not the same person.
        Do not really think it is about embarrassement about it. They just maybe think it does not fit into the show for some reason.

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        1. I just shook my head about TPTB covering the trident! It would fit Steve very well, he could have done it to remember his SEAL days or even better to remember Joe, the guy who formed him into one of the best SEALs. Could have been an awesome scene with Steve sharing some memories or just remembering his past. Preferably with Junior. Alex would have rocked it (again).
          But maybe in Season X.

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          1. Maybe they want to introduce the trident as a tribute to Joe at a later date.and there was no time before the season finale to work it in.

            Or, maybe the tattoo became irritated and he just needed a bandage.

            Personally, I would love to see McGarrett return with a massive back tattoo and watch Tani try to get a look at it. She could be very funny.

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