9.22 Review

9.22. –  O ke kumu, o ka māna, ho‘opuka ‘ia

While Adam investigates the murder of an undercover FBI agent about to wed the daughter of a Yakuza leader, Noelani is held hostage and forced, along with her mentor Dr. Chu (Page Leong), to operate at gunpoint on a criminal, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, April 26 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated O ke kumu, o ka māna, ho‘opuka ‘ia to The Teacher, the Pupil – Let it come forth

The last couple of weeks I have tried to come up with the time to add my two cents. Unfortunately that is not going to happen in the near future. So, enjoy Cokie’s solo review for the episode. I think she did a great job.

We open with, yet again, another kidnapping of a team member. But this one does have a twist to it so it wasn’t the same old/same old. Of the new members they have added to the show, I think Noelani is my favorite. I was sad when Max left and still miss his quirkiness, but Noelani has made her own place on the team and is a respected member of their Ohana. But more about that case later.

We had two cases in this episode, with another small theme added in. I will address that first.

Junior. I am glad you are trying to save money on your dad’s birthday, but really… you can’t take your photo to Walgreens and have them retouch it? It doesn’t cost much and I am sure it would be better than having Tani remove spots with a computer program. You had the original photo that you scanned into a computer.  Come on, take it to a professional and have an enlargement made; not a computer-generated copy.  And then we get the angsty scene at the end where Tani even went out and bought him a frame for the picture. That was a cheap birthday gift… for Junior, at least. We have the set up for more angst with his sister.  I’m sorry, but I know the story and I’m done with it.

And the other case. Adam has a jilted bride in the office, complete with wedding dress and veil. Her groom didn’t show up on her wedding day. Since her father is head of the Yakuza AND since she found out her fiance has been lying to everyone and is actually a member of the FBI who has infiltrated Daddy’s fun little group, she is a tad bit concerned about his health. I think we all knew where this was going.

But… Steve shows up and listens to Tamiko’s story.  I love his expression when he hears who Daddy is. That cut of his eye over to Adam really says it all. Groom is dead.  Found in his car with a rat stuffed in his mouth. The immediate suspect is Yakuza Dad who denies any involvement. In fact, he gave the couple $5 million to disappear. I wonder if he ever told Tamiko she has all that money?

Adam has to go back to Tamiko and tell her that Groom is dead. I’m not sure of his name. One was Kevin but I don’t know if that was his real name or fake Yakuza name. Doesn’t really matter, he is already dead. One question. Adam drives up in a very expensive car. Whose money paid for that?

They learn of another lead in his death. Someone else he had put away has just gotten out of prison. Piece together that this guy figured out who set him up (Groom had infiltrated his business as well) and then killed him to make it look like the Yakuza did it. Yep, they were right and Steve found the guy on his boat with a hole in his forehead. They suspect Yakuza Daddy has another informant in the FBI and had the guy killed.

To tie up this case, Adam is back at Yakuza house and maybe we have a preview of his future. He tells Dad that they will be back to arrest him sometime. Dad predicts that Adam will be back and ready to work with him sometime soon.  Who knows? That would be a more interesting Adam. My only hope is that he doesn’t go back to the Yakuza undercover. Because that is a storyline I would not be interested in at all. If he goes back, it should be legit.

Now, let’s talk about poor Noelani.  She tries to help a friend who has been kidnapped. Her job is to go into the morgue and steal a heart valve from a cadaver. She does so and ends up kidnapped herself before we are cued to the credits.

We see her next when she is blindfolded and pushed into a room where her friend, another doctor is being kept. The doctor explains that she was kidnapped and will be forced to operate on this bad guy’s father who has a critical heart problem. (As an aside, all cases in this episode involved fathers).  Dr. Chu truly hated to involve Noelani, but knew she was someone who could be trusted and could easily get a heart valve. Noelani learns that she also will have to help Dr. Chu with the surgery.

Unfortunately, the heart valve is damaged and cannot be used. Noelani tells bad guy she would go back that night to get another one, but to expedite matters, bad guy shoots one of his own people so they will have a good valve. That is problem solving at its finest.

Surgery is all ready, but Noelani needs to go pee. Instead, she takes down the second bad guy and grabs his gun, rescues Dr. Chu and they make a run for it. But poor Noelani is in for a surprise when she learns her doctor friend and mentor is really working for the bad guys.  Actually, this is her new business venture… doctor to those who can’t go to regular doctors. Noelani was set up by the one person she admired most in life. Well, next to Steve. 🙂

During the surgery, Noelani and Dr. Chu have a nice little chat while the patient is waiting for a suture. Poor Dr. Chu had a malpractice suit and went bankrupt and this was the only job she could find…  I guess she didn’t check any clinics who might need doctors to keep patients alive… this was her only hope of survival. <insert sarcasm>

Unfortunately, after the surgery, bad guy plans to kill Noelani. Dr. Chu threatens to kill his father whose life she had just saved, but he shoots her instead. Then Dad starts blipping and beeping and it is up to Noelani, with Dr. Chu’s help, to save him once again.

And finally, the team learns, through Duke, that Noelani is missing. Grover tells Steve and they begin to search for her. Steve can tell she is being coerced and then learns she had left them a clue at the morgue… instead of swiping her badge, she signed in using Dr. Chu’s name. Ah, very smart, Noelani!

They manage to trace Dr. Chu’s phone, and suddenly we have Steve (and Junior) to the rescue. Bad guys are killed and Steve saves Noelani. She wants help for Dr. Chu.

And then cue the morgue. No matter how things went down, Noelani is heartbroken that her mentor is dead. She has a common bond with Steve who knows just how she feels and gives his heart and soul into the insight he has realized in the last couple of months. He couldn’t save Joe just like she couldn’t save Dr. Chu. That wasn’t their jobs.  But that scene was perfection. While he is still grieving Joe’s loss, he has made peace with it.

And we end with Steve’s arm around Noelani’s shoulder and her head against his chest. Lucky Duck.

Once again, I really can’t give a grade. Noelani’s storyline was an A with the ending an A++. The rest was eh… it was OK.

16 thoughts on “9.22 Review

  1. Sam; I hope everything is OK with you and you are just super busy with having fun. We will miss you until you return. (As an aside,
    Germany does have the best beer.)

    Now for Cokie:

    I guess I am just about done caring what happens to most of the “Ohana”. The new characters are likable enough but seem very one dimensional to me. I miss the good old days when Steve jumped off buildings and drove like a maniac. His character now seems to support the others in their personal woes and I would prefer that they had to support his instead. Why should he look longingly at Danny’s kids and not have the opportunity to have a family of his own? Of course I appreciate that AOL wanted some time off from his crazier schedule of the early days of the show so we now get less of him. But does that mean we can’t get some quality stories centered around him even if they have to stretch it out to more than one episode? I can do without all the “extra” relatives and friends who litter each episode.with stories I find boring. And even worse, there hasn’t been a real villain since Wo Fat.

    Sorry. Done bitchin!

    The end scene with Noelani was lovely. Didn’t Cath tell him not to blame himself about Joe’s death? Hopefully he believes it now.

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    1. I agree… these family members just need to stay far in the background. We have been introduced to them, that is enough. I long for a good Steve ep and hope we may have that this week, but we will see. Him playing second banana to Mary last week surely did nothing for me. That was about as idiotic as they come. And that is all of a review you will see from me on that episode!

      Liked by 5 people

      1. Yeah, that was a pretty lame story but the “real” fans lapped it up. It scares me to think that we have lot of returning faces who seem to be owed an episode without any thought given to how that character plays into the over all story. Where does Mary live, anyway? Is it so far she has to rent an illegal place to meet up with some guy? She has a kid at ? Girl Scout? camp but does she even have a job or can she just pickup and go wherever she wants whenever she wants Who supports this kid if she is just as unemployable as she has always been in the past?

        Still bitchin!

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        1. And… I assume she lives on the mainland. What SANE mom would send a 6 year old to camp for the first time and then take off for Hawaii? I was screaming at my TV about all the stupuduty.

          Liked by 5 people

          1. Can you imagine if Mary married Danny and they combined their awesome parenting skills to raise those three kids as only they can?
            Wait, can we write that script? Everyone gets to write one page and nobody (on penalty of an itchy rash) sees anyone else’s work until the “editor” strings it together into a “best evah ” story?

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            1. Makes me wonder why SuperDad Danny had nothing to say to Mary about leaving for Hawaii while her 6 year old is with the girl scouts for the very first time? I mean, this is the guy who ripped Steve a new one, disrespected Steve’s loved connection (the marquis) to his childhood and his father, just because Steve left his 13 year old daughter for a few minutes in a perfectly fine neighborhood because he went after the kid who stole the Marquis?

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      2. Amen! These days the episodes are just boring bla bla. Nothing of much interest in them.
        I am ok with little Steve if we get quality time, which we lately don’t get.
        No action, no real case that makes sense.
        This is not the Five-0 I love. I truly hope season ten will be much better.

        Liked by 4 people

        1. I wholeheartedly agree.
          Anyone raving how wonderful the episodes these days are and that they are among “the best ever” must be watching a different show or have really low standards.
          While I am glad that Alex has a lighter schedule these days, this and the fact that everyone needs to have his/her own storyline has 5-0 going all over the place. Confusing, not satisfying at all.
          Lately there are only a handful of good/great episodes per season, and that’s simply not enough.
          I will stick around until the end, but the joy is rapidly dwindling.

          Liked by 6 people

        2. I would hope for the same, but I fear those who make Show are bored and done with it. They’ll keep churning out this dreck cos it gets them all $$, but frankly my dears, none of em give a damn.


  2. Sam hope you are OK. And really miss having Alex a lot in there and others. And even Chi is getting less screen time. Love my McGrover there.
    But really season 9 is more miss than hit.
    Steve is like the big brother or uncle of the team not just boss and Commander.
    But still hope this will get renewed for season 10. If Blue Bloods and MacGyver are to keep Friday intact.

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  3. Great review, Cokie!
    And you’re right, the Junior/Tani photoshop storyline was BS. Stoopidoodlelity ridiculousnessnessness… mess mess mess… Why does he need to save money? He lives at Steve’s for God’s sake. And I am pretty sure he doesn’t need to pay some rent. That was desperately trying to construct some ReiRey togetherness. Ugh.
    And the Adam storyline? Where did that women suddenly came from? From the same box as the deaf guy some time ago? Yeah yeah, I know he has a past and knows people, but this makes no sense. These ‘after use disappearing’ characters lead to nowhere. Because I don’t think Adam will drink that whiskey. Although that would make him at least interesting.
    All of this is so boring.

    The Noelani storyline was interesting. Kimee and Alex knocked it out of the park and made this episode one to remember.
    It hurts seeing Steve comforting everyone, but he’s dealing with all his demons on his own. I would love a scene with Lou like we had in season 4. Lou is a great guy who doesn’t think Steve is alone and miserable just because he doesn’t hop in the sack with every (married) woman who isn’t climbing fast enough on a tree (as we say here…).

    The only ‘alone and miserable’ guy is Dannoying, someone should tell him something about projection. Steve has friends, all the people around that magic table are his friends, at Kamekona’s are his friends, they are there because of him, they have a life because of him. Steve has friends, Danny just happens to know Steve. But thank God Danny wasn’t in this episode, I’m afraid he was in the next one. Without purpose.

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  4. My whole memory of this episode was the end. Steve and Noelani were perfect. I envied her, wanted to take her place in Steve’s caring hug. Yes, I am that shallow.

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