Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 9.18

It’s nice to see a fun and carefree Steve once in a while. And Alex’s various Alexpressions have been extra excellent in this episode. His V.o.E. are still in full force. The play is in him, not in the words! That’s acting.

This episode made it extra hard to pick a pic. I snapped so many different Alexpressions. Here are a few. Enjoy! ~leiCa

Always standing tall to catch the rainbow.

Too short. Someone’s pants.

Your car keys have traveled more distance than your car.

Behold! The field in which I grew my fucks. Lay thine eyes upon it and thou shall see that it is barren.

He’s even happy when it rains. Because if he’s not happy when it rains, it still rains.

Knowing you have the next day off is more relieving than the actual day off.

Champagne induced musings: You’ve got only one hand that can do everything, whereas the other one just hangs around, too stupid to use a pen, only there to wash the useful hand while you just stand there and watch. And if you lose your left hand the right hand is left. Burp.

Wish you were beer.

Hrmph. = *human reaction mode phenomenon* Often seen when dannoyed.

Cufflinks engravings idea: Official drink arm. – Reserve drink arm.

Eyebrow roof appreciation pic(k).

She’s us.

Saves her from drowning in his eyes.


Someone’s Dapper. And his name isn’t even Dan.

I really enjoyed the moments with Steve being quiet and handsome. That was so well done! This. Actor. Doesn’t. Need. Dialogue. Because acting is everything but words.

And Mandy has a pretty good taste in men. I would like to see her again. Maybe she should get a dangerous stalker and Steve’s going to save her? She could write a book about that. I would read it! (hint hint!)

The COTW? Well don’t send Junior and Tani undercover again. Really don’t. Patience is the trick, rookies! And why is Tani always so smug? Hm? She made a mistake. Again.

Oh, and btw, Steve is no ‘Ex’ Navy SEAL. Am I the only one who was annoyed by this?

Furthermore I am not in the slightest interested in what happens in Danny’s life. No. Not.

After all he’s done in the last years I am already annoyed before he opens his mouth. I’ve reached a point of pre-dannoyance I think.

Sam and Cokie want me to say Hello! The two (actually four, never forget the furry ones) are on vacation. Again, if I might add. So please consider this post as a review, of sorts. I am no Cokie and I am no Sam, but feel free to add your thoughts about the episode (the last one is still open for discussion too). 

20 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve!

  1. First:

    Thank you for the lovely pictures. I am partial to #7 Champagne musings.


    My best to our two charming bears whose Aunties still haven’t posted pictures of them with the TV actors whose characters are based on their exploits. Just sayin.


    Alex lite. It makes me wonder if the whole purpose of Danny’s Mother-in-Law’s visit was simply to move Danny and Rachel closer to their re-marriage and then out the exit door. I am good with this.

    Concerning Rachel:

    Whatever sins she may or may not have committed must be dealt with only by Danny. If he forgives her because he loves her and wants to put his family back together again, then good for him. If Rachel forgives Danny for breaking up her marriage to Stan (yeah, you read that right) then who am I to complain? After all, he knew she was married and probably unhappy so she was the more vulnerable of the two, making him the more culpable party. Besides Danny has always shown a partiality for sleeping with other men’s wives- Melissa/Amber and, of course, the battered married woman he had sex with as a “thank you” for his help. Come to think of it, the only woman he had a relationship with who wasn’t married was Gaby and he refused to commit. so she left. I don’t know-maybe if she had been married……………?

    I really like Tani when she is being silly because the actress is great at comedy. it appears they may be trying to downplay her early abrasiveness because it didn’t sit well with many viewers. This new Tani is enjoyable so if this is how the writers decide to write the character, I am pleased. Junior was amazing in his fight scene- reminded me of McGarrett.

    So, my take is that overall the episode was “meh”, Joan Collins is still beautiful and her visit was a plot device to help Danny and Rachel reconcile.

    Apparently we are getting 25 episodes this season.

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    1. You’re right, Mama, McBear promised telling us about his Hawaiian adventures in June. June! But we’re like elephants. We wont forget! Hey you! Aunties! Read this! And I don’t want to see a picture of freaking DOVES!!! (That is another story Mama….)

      And you are totally right again re: Danny and his love affairs. Seems like he is a very insecure man. Maybe that’s the reason he feels the need to insult others, belittle them, is never really charming or friendly. And maybe that’s the reason he didn’t say anything towards Amanda. She is a strong, successful woman…
      Steve on the other hand is confident, he is at peace with himself, rests in his self-confidence and he stands up for himself because he “can handle himself”.

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  2. Hi LeiCa love all your photo’s

    The episode loved Alex in his suite, Loved Joan Collins and if Danny and Rachel get back together and get married I hope Peter bring back Amanda for it.
    Loved all the scene with Steve and Amanda he was just going with the flow and having fun.
    I think Scott will be back for season 10 if we get one

    The rest of the episode if Steve not involved with the crime of the week or in charge of the team then I am not interested in it I find it very boring.

    We are getting 25 episode and they have started filming 9.24 this week

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  3. I almost spewed my drink.
    The pants are too short…. yep, that and other things 🙂
    Fun episode, so much to observe, shake my head about, enjoy the goodness that is McG (sadly not enough of him)…
    Loved Amanda – can we have that witty woman back please? 🙂

    You picked some great shots, the captions are spot on – thank you!

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  4. Thanks for all the great photos and captions. I loved everything Steve did in this episode. He is such a hoot !! Gorgeously hot, also. I’m not a
    Danno fan, but I’m glad Steve stood up for him with Amanda.
    It was great to see Joan Collins. If Danny and Rachel remarry on the show, it would be nice if they brought Amanda back.

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  5. Champagne musings are FABULOUS!!!!!!!!🥳

    Dapper should be made by CBS into a poster. He’s soooooo pretty.❤️

    LeiCa, your wit has no end. These are always awesome, funny, witty, and gorgeous. Far more entertaining than the Show. Even so, I do thank the tv gods for sending us…you…this ep to work with! 😊

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  6. You captured so many perfect pics for this posting. My favorites are Hrmph, the raised eyebrows and saving her from drowning in his eyes. I so agree to all of them. But then again the others were wonderful as well.

    As for the episode, I enjoyed watching Steve irritate Danny. He is so darn cute when he decides to push Danny’s buttons. A review that I know I should not have read said Steve didn’t stand up for Danny enough and Danny had been praising Steve to Amanda. I had to laugh and stopped reading when I reached that. Did Danny not indicate that Steve couldn’t read anything more than a cereal box or did I hear that wrong? Does not sound like Danny stands up for Steve at times. He was maybe nicer this episode than usual.

    I do hope that our foursome is having a wonderful visit. I worried about the weather when Sam arrived. I am hoping that their travels are safe and they are having a blast.

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    1. Moonjat:

      As for Steve not sticking up enough for Danny, well, we know something (on the cutting room floor ?) must have been said to Amanda so she could use Steve’s phone to trick Danny into meeting her. It’s believable because it is evident Steve wants Danchel to happen. So I think Steve is a very good friend who only wants Danny to be happy. And if that means fixing things with his former MIL so Rachel is on board with a reconciliation, then the only important stuff remaining is what Rachel decides to wear to the wedding–long, short, cocktail dress, dinner suit, cream, pink, (red) etc. and whether Charlie is too young to be the Best Man.

      This should all be settled by 925.

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    2. Steve should have stood up for Danny? LOL! Isn’t Danny man enough? Obviously not. He is the one who belittles others, embarrasses them in front of others. And it was not the first time he said Steve can’t read. This time it was the cereal box the other time I think it was a t-shirt.

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      1. Danny always belittles people who have skills that he lacks. He loved making fun of Max who was so much smarter than Danny. The review I read is a McDanno lover who was also highly insulted that the writers in 9:11 had Catherine comfort Steve when he felt grief with Joe’s death. She was angry because that was supposed to be Danny’s job. She is falling off the reality cliff.

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        1. Oh yes, I’ll never forget Danny’s “should I call Ripley’s?” comment to Max. Steve can handle himself, but Max for sure was someone who hadn’t an easy time as a kid.
          I can’t remember Danny comforting Steve ever, so the only reason he was in #11 was to make (the remaining 😉 ) McDannos happy, stupid playing house comments and tell us in his ultimate wisdom that hay is for horses.
          But that’s water down the bridge, now he is on his way to ride into the sunset with Rachel and I am ok with that, especially if the sunset’s not in Hawaii.

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            1. I have no objection to a “one and done” visit to attend the McRoll wedding. Maybe he could do something cute like lose the rings (which will have all kinds of hidden meanings to the McDanno fans.)

              Come to think of it, maybe he should just send a pair of candlesticks.

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  7. Thank you for the eye candy pictures and spot on captions. Even though this episode was Steve light, in both less time on screen as well as being lighthearted when he was, I enjoyed it because when he was on screen I was drawn in because of his hotness. God that man is gorgeous! I love seeing Alex working with all different kinds of material so we can revel in his awesomeness. I could just watch him recite the alphabet and do away with the case of the week most of the time.

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    1. *All kinds of material!* That’s it. He rocks them all like no one else!
      Fun, drama, action, emotion, rage, being ferocious, cold as ice, caring…. And everything is well balanced, not over the top or overacted. What is the worst. Overacting is the worst. It’s a forced attempt to fool the heart and never works.

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  8. It just occurred to me that Danny may follow Amanda to England to take over her security detail (or start a security firm with her as his first client) . it allows Rachel to re-marry someone no longer a cop, satisfies his need to retire from H50 and replaces his failed Restaurant dream.

    Probably wrong but if not, I demand jelly beans. (licorice please)

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  9. Sorry I have been MIA. I love all of these, particularly Hrmph. She’s Us, and Drowning. So perfect and such beautiful pics. On a side note, the boys are having a wild time this week. We just left Nashville and they are all tuckered out.

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